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Collaborative Wiki Building (CWB) Project is a wiki project devoted to the maintenance of wiki pages and files about the TV series. As you all know, 13 Reasons Why Wiki is a collaborative wiki, so we need the whole community to participate and expand this wiki because we have a great potential to grow considerably. Below is work that needs to be done, have at it!

Pages that need expanding

  • Characters:
    • Expand the "Throughout the Series" section for all the character pages. Now that there is a second and third season, many of the characters need their summaries updated in that section. Write in simple present tense.
    • Add categories to character pages if they haven't been updated. Consult the wiki's categorization guide to help you when categorising the pages.
  • Episodes: Revise and Expand the "Plot" section of the episode pages. Many have information, but we need people to expand the summaries. Write in simple present tense. Refer to Tape 1, Side A for an example of how to write a plot summary.
  • Book: All pages related to the book (i.e. characters and plot summary of book) need to be expanded. If you have read the book, your help would benefit the wiki a lot!

Completed pages

Once you think you've finished editing a page, you can add the page to this section. Don't forget to sign it with four tildes (~~~~) so we know who helped!



Below are a list of episodes that need screencaps. Due to the new numbering system, the previous episode images needed to be deleted and reuploaded with incremental numbers. Thus, we require your help in uploading screencaps for episodes.

NOTE: This page is manually edited, if you see an episode page that needs images but is not listed here please add it or notify an admin. However, if it is under the wrong section, just add it to the right header or notify an admin and they'll do it. Before adding images to episodes, please read our Image Policy.

Season 1

Season 3