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  Alex's Birthday is an event that took place in the second season on March 15, 2018. His birthday party was celebrated at the arcade with his family and friends.[1]


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Alex was woken up with ballons from his mother. When he arrives in school, Jessica walks him in with Zach at one end, smiling, and saying "Wait, is today your Birthday?" Alex walks in the school and see the banner sign. Jessica says she


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Tyler: "Alex told me to come"
Jessica: "Tyler, he was just being nice. He doesn't want you here."
Tyler: "I wanna talk to Alex. Okay, look, I brought him something."
Zach: "What? "Oh happy birthday Alex, here's a photo book of you in a coma?" "
Tyler: "He told you about that?"
Zach: "Get out. Now."
―  Jessica and Zach confront Tyler as he arrives to the arcade[src]
Alex: "Wait, where's Tyler going?"
Zach: "Don't worry, we got rid of him"
Alex: "No, I told him to come"
Jessica: "Alex, look, I know he visited you a lot in the hospital but he's a fucking pervert"
Zach: "After what he did to Hannah-"
Clay: "What he did? Seriously? At least Tyler tried to help Hannah in court. That's more than you can say Zach, you helped turn her into Hannah the Slut."
Zach: "At least we didn't do drugs."
Jessica: "You guys, come on"
Clay: "What do you mean "come on", you didn't help either."
Jessica: "I tried!"
―  Clay arguing about who helped Hannah[src]
Zach: "From what you said today in court, you hurt her more than any of us did."
Clay: "They took all of that out of context"
Alex: "So you didn't let her down? How are you any different than us?"
―  Clay arguing about who helped Hannah [continued][src]
Zach (on the phone): "Hey, Mom. Yeah, no, I'm just out with the guys, I'll be home soon, yeah, no, I know, I know. Okay, yeah, I'm on my way, bye."
Alex: ""The guys"? You're "just out with the guys"?"
Zach: "I just told her that I'd go home and watch May"
Alex: "Home from what? Why'd you lie about where you are?"
Zach: "I wasn't sure exact-"
Alex: "Of course you should lie to her and everybody 'cause that's better than admitting that you're my friend?"
Zach: "She knows you're my friend"
Alex: "Does Bryce know where you are?"
Zach: "C'mon, man"
Alex: "Fuck you, Zach!"
―  Alex confronts Zach about lying to his Mom about being with him[src]
Carloyn: "Okay."
Alex: "Go home."
Zach: "Yeah I should. Um, thank you guys so much for having me."
Deputy Standall: "You don't have to go, Zach [Zach leaves]"
Alex: "I'm gonna go play some games"
―  Alex confronts Zach about lying to his Mom about being with him [continued][src]
Peter: "Alright, you guys, truth now. What the hell is going on? He's not all right. "
Clay: "I think he does pretty well most days."
Peter: "Bullshit, you said he made progress. He hasn't made any progress since the day I saw him last. That was a month ago."
Carolyn: "He's trying."
Deputy Standall: "Oh, he's really trying. "
―  Peter confronts the party about Alex's health.[src]



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