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What? They think that these are gonna save someones' life? 'Suicide's not an option' . Yeah, you know what? Clearly it is an option, you know? Why don't they put up a poster that says 'Don't be a fucking dick to people'?
— to Clay about the anti-suicide posters, put up after Hannah's suicide, in "Tape 2, Side A"

Alexander "Alex" Dean Standall is one of the main characters in 13 Reasons Why. Alex is a student at Liberty High School. He is the younger brother of Peter Standall, the son of Carolyn and Bill Standall, the former best friend of Hannah Baker, the boyfriend of Charlie St. George, the ex-boyfriend of Jessica Davis, the ex-lover of Winston Williams, a former member of Liberty High's jazz band and a member of F.M.L. and The Group. He is portrayed by Miles Heizer.

In the first season, Alex moves to Evergreen County and makes friends with Hannah and Jessica and later, ends up becoming friends with the "popular" crowd in school. Wanting to fit in with the crowd he contributes to a "hot or not" list as a revenge for his breakup with Jessica, which leads to Hannah facing sexual harrassment. Throughout the season, he also feels guilty about his actions and goes as far as to attempt suicide.

In the second season, Alex is slowly recovering from his injuries and goes back to school together with Jessica. He has lost an entire month of memories. That was the time he spent listening to Hannah's tapes and discovered something that made him so tremendously guilty that he decided to kill himself. Throughout the season, he tries to piece together fragments of his past as it will help him uncover his role in Hannah's story.

In the third season, Alex, along with his friends, helps Tyler Down recover after Tyler's attempt at a school shooting. His relationship with Jessica becomes rocky after she broke up with him and went back to Justin. Throughout the season, Alex keeps spiraling as he has his own huge secrets that he tries to keep hidden until they get uncovered by new girl Ani Achola and Clay Jensen as they play detective in a murder case of one of their classmates.

In the fourth season, Alex has to deal with the aftermath of Bryce's murder while discovering a new side to his sexuality through relationships with Winston Williams and Charlie St. George. Alex is eventually able to move on with his life with the sheriff closing the investigation into Bryce's murder for good and Winston giving up due to his love for Alex after finally learning the truth.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

Alex and Jessica began dating after being friends for a while but broke up because she refused to have sex with him. To get back at her, he created a "Hot List" where he awarded Hannah with "Best Ass" and Jessica with "Worst Ass." This worsens the relationship between Hannah and Jessica because Jessica, in turn, blames her breakup with Alex on Hannah.

Alex attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. This is revealed when the principal of Liberty High tells Mr. Porter that Alex shot himself in the head the night before and remains in critical condition at the hospital.[1]

Season 2

Despite the second season's cliffhanger, Alex is alive. Because he put a bullet through his head, he now has trouble using one of his arms and needs a cane to support him while walking. Unfortunately, he can't remember what happened before he shot himself, which means he doesn't remember what happened on the tapes, he seems to have been roughly told what each or some subjects did. He spends most of this season trying to remember because he's sure that he's forgotten something important. He even gets Clay to give him the tapes again so that he can re-listen to what he did to Hannah, but clay declines most of the time.[2]
Alex begins having flashbacks after certain events and motions trigger his memory of the night he shot himself. After replaying a video game he was playing before shooting himself, Alex finally remembers he was at Bryce’s party the night Hannah was raped, in Bryce’s pool house with Montgomery playing the exact same video game. They heard Bryce rape Hannah outside but Montgomery watched as Bryce raped Hannah and Alex was too distracted with video games. While Alex wasn’t aware of what was happening outside, Montgomery witnessed the whole act but did not tell Alex. Alex was so guilt-ridden that he shot himself for realizing too late that his friend was raped and could have saved her.
Alex and Jessica officially get back together in "Bye", however when they go to the Spring Fling, Jessica is implied to have cheated on Alex by sleeping with Justin after reconnecting with him.

Season 3

In the third season, Alex helped Tyler recover and cover up his attempted school shooting, along with the rest of the group. When Jessica broke up with him and went back to Justin, Alex became insecure and tried to build up muscles. A jock, Luke Holliday, encouraged him to try using steroids to get started up.

Alex bought his steroids from Bryce, who gave him discount. They did cocaine together and Bryce took Alex to a prostitute. Alex also joined Bryce when he went to break in and mess up his Dad's house. A kid appeared in the room and they realized they broke into the wrong house, and Bryce threatened him. This upset Alex, who told Bryce he's a horrible person and doesn't ever want to see him again.[3]

Alex was one of the few non-athletes who joined the fight during the Homecoming game. After the game, Jessica called him up to join her to meet up with Bryce. They found Bryce heavily injured at the pier. After Bryce gave Jessica the tape and they wanted to leave, Bryce begged them to help him. When Alex helped him up, Bryce started accusing Jessica of setting him up and threatened Zach, which angered Alex. Alex told Bryce "You hurt everyone I've ever loved" and pushed him in the water so he drowned.

Alex and Jessica hid this from everyone else, but eventually innocent people were arrested for Bryce's murder and Alex planned to commit suicide and leave a confession note. Jessica confessed to Ani what happened, and the group blamed the deceased Monty for the murder to protect Alex.[4]

Season 4

A month after the events of season 3, Alex, Clay, Jessica, Ani, Tyler, Tony, and Charlie gathered for the first time since Bryce's murder case to welcome Justin home from rehab. Zach’s now been drinking heavily, showing up to the party drunk. After the party, the mood shifted as they discussed the guns upon Tyler’s leave. Doubt spread over the group, the question being, could they trust Tyler?

As Alex grew close to Zach Dempsey, following his suicide attempt and rehabilitation, trying to understand why his best friend had begun acting so reckless and weird lately, Alex agreed to walk on the ledge of building rooftops with him. When Alex almost fell from the roof, Zach caught him and while laughing, Alex took the chance and tried to kiss him. Zach immediately rejected Alex, explaining he was not into guys. After a little bit of awkwardness, Zach swore to Alex that he would always stay by his side, and their friendship grew even stronger.[5]

When Winston moved to Liberty High, after spending some time together, despite Alex initially insisting he was not gay, Alex and Winston began dating and eventually ended up kissing in a bowling alley and then going to the Valentine's Day dance together. The two were also spotted by Ani and Clay making out onto the school’s field. They departed during the senior camping trip, shortly after learning about Winston's romantic past with Monty and the real intentions that led him to move to Liberty High.[6]

At the “Find Your Drink” party, Alex was approached by Charlie St. George and the two automatically bonded watching “It's a Wonderful Life” and eating marijuana cookies made by Charlie.[7]

During the school's active shooter drill, Alex experienced a panic attack resulting from his traumatic brain injury, but Charlie was able to keep him calm, revealing he even googled how to handle traumatic brain injury symptoms in the past, so he'd know how to care for him in a hypothetical future. Charlie came near him and gave him a long kiss on the lips. However, their kiss was cut short when they are interrupted by the arrival of Tony.[8]

Due to his struggles in the past, Alex was initially hesitant to date Charlie. Alex's attempts to push Charlie away failed and they eventually reunited after the school’s riot, where Charlie was wounded, but recovered. They started dating properly and were accepted into each other's families. Charlie and Alex even went to the school’s prom together, overcoming Alex's diffidence, where they were crowned royalties. After winning prom king and king, Alex even confessed his feelings for Charlie, soon realizing Charlie really made him happy.[9]

At Monet, Alex revealed the truth about Bryce’s murder to Winston. Winston chooses not to do anything with the information, stating that while he'd loved Monty, he also loved and still loves Alex too much to ruin his life.[10]

Alex finally accepted himself and was happy to be alive. He decided to go to UC Berkeley after graduation.

Alex's Mistake (Reason #3)

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Alex is Hannah's third reason for why she committed suicide.

Shortly after becoming friends with Hannah and Jessica, Alex eventually drifted away and made a new group of friends, though he still remained friendly with Hannah. Alex eventually started dating Jessica, and because of this, both of them drifted away from Hannah as they wanted to hang out on their own

However, Jessica and Alex eventually hit a bump in their relationship when Jessica refused to have sex with Alex, which upset him and he then decided to break up with her, though Jessica remained oblivious to the reason why. Eventually, at school one day, Bryce and some of the other jocks created a "hot or not" list, and Alex decided to contribute and thus nominated Jessica with the worst ass and Hannah with the best ass in order to "piss" Jessica off due to her refusal to have sex with him during their relationship. This action ultimately led to Jessica confronting Hannah at Monet's because she thought Hannah made Alex break up with her, she insulted and slapped Hannah and it completely ruined their friendship. Alex's contribution to the list also led to Hannah being sexually harassed by Bryce and numerous others at school, all the while boosting his own popularity.


[Alex] can be a pain in the ass, but he's a good person.
— Jessica about Alex[src]

Alex is a sarcastic, kind, compassionate but insecure, cynical and sometimes violent person who is willing to accept responsibility for his actions.

In the beginning, Alex is the new kid struggling to socialize and adjust in Liberty. He has a great sense of humor, an interest towards music and problems with math. He is insecure and strives for approval from people around him. Alex is somewhat selfish as he deliberately helped make a list in order to get revenge against Jessica for refusing to have sex with him, and in the process destroys Hannah's friendship with Jessica and completely humiliates her and leads her to be sexually harassed by the jocks in the school. He even appears to enjoy the popularity he received as a result of making the list and becoming liked by the more popular crowd. When Hannah is alive, Alex appears to show little remorse for what he did to her and never attempts to rectify the situation between her and Jessica, nor does he apologize for the humiliation he caused her, even though he does apologize to Jessica.

After Hannah's suicide, however, Alex is shown to be well aware that his actions are indeed part of what led to her suicide and is shown to be completely devastated over her death and hates himself for destroying his friendship with Hannah, her friendship with Jessica and his relationship with Jessica. Unlike a majority of the others on Hannah's list, Alex shows genuine remorse and is willing, to tell the truth about his actions and claims that Hannah was his friend and that they should not lie about her. While he helps to intimidate Clay once along with Zach and Justin, Alex tells the others on the list to leave Clay alone numerous times and does not agree with plans to silence him and claims that he and the others deserve what is coming to them. He is also disgusted at the group's willingness to hide the tapes and lie about their actions and to also suggest hiding behind Bryce in order to escape punishment for their actions and he claims that the one thing that is worse than being a rapist is hiding behind one. Despite his remorse, Alex still does not choose to expose the truth of Hannah's death to the public and maintains his loyalty to the others on Hannah's list possibly due to being afraid of reprisals by them.

As a result of Hannah's death, Alex is shown to be filled with complete rage and urge to self-destruct as seen when he gets into a brutal fight with Montgomery and is shown to now be suicidal himself as he nearly drowns himself in Bryce's pool and later shoots himself in the head as a result of his immense guilt.

After surviving his suicide attempt, Alex shows more signs of insecurity as he deals with disability resulted from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Frustrated and depressed, he blames everyone for not being there for him and being overprotective and harsh, but gradually grows out of the insecurities and admits to his wrongs. He learns to accept help from his parents and friends, and also grows fiercely protective of his friends, resulting to some extremely reckless and dangerous behavior. He also offers compassion and help to people around him more often than not, despite their differences.

Throughout the show, Alex's insecurities, that come from his guilt and not being traditionally masculine, have been a big part of his personality, as is his compassion, sense of humor, temper and seeking accountability. After wrestling his guilt, depression, frustration and his struggles with disability, sexuality and relationships, Alex appears to be satisfied and happy with himself by the end.

Physical Appearance

Alex is of average height, skinny and around 5 ft 10". His features consist of bleached blond hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes, and long eyelashes. He also wears a gold septum ring. His sense of style is very similar to Clay's, and he is often seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some sort of jacket. He also wears a lot of flannels. In the second season, Alex is recovering from an unsuccessful suicide attempt. He moves with a crutch, and his natural auburn hair has grown back. He also has a scar on his head after the surgery and isn't wearing his septum ring. He also has a tattoo of the head of an alien just below his elbow which is seen in "The Second Polaroid".

Alex's Attempted Suicide

Alex is shown to have a history of bullying and depression, and possibly being suicidal for a long time. In "The Little Girl", Justin says he used to defend him when the Liberty kids called Alex homophobic slurs because of his 'gay' hair. In "The Third Polaroid", flashbacks to before Alex's suicide attempt showed him taking MDMA with a group of his friends, including Hannah, Clay, and Jeff. When they were coming down the next morning, Hannah asked what they believed was a rhetorical question if any of them ever just wanted to die, and Alex replied, "Every second of every day." This seemed to have been shrugged off as part of the depression caused by a drop in serotonin after taking MDMA and wasn't taken seriously. In "Nobody's Clean", Alex confesses to Clay and Ani that nothing in his life felt right even before he shot himself, and later he tells Clay that he has run out of ways to hurt himself.

A few weeks after Hannah Baker's suicide, Alex attempts suicide because he feels guilty and his new friends have only made him miserable. (In the second season, it is revealed that he was a witness to Hannah's rape which played a major role in intensifying his guilt.) He takes his father's gun, who is an officer, and tries to put a bullet through his brain. The bullet ricochets and bounces through his head, to the ceiling and dents the wall. He is taken to the hospital, announced with a "gunshot wound to the head". We are not aware of who is in the ambulance being treated, but it is later revealed to be him. There are a few signs that point to Alex wanting to die.

  • In "Tape 2, Side A", Alex takes down posters that say 'Suicide's not an option'. Later on, he is at Bryce's house, he becomes overwhelmed and throws himself carelessly and hopelessly into the pool. He sinks further into the water, hoping to drown himself.
  • In "Tape 2, Side A", Alex gets drunk at a party and jumps into the pool while having a breakdown, but later pulls himself up.
  • In "Tape 3, Side A", When driving Clay, Justin, and Zach, Ales doesn't slow down when they tell him to, going 100mph, causing them to get pulled over by the police (his father).
  • In "Tape 5, Side A", Justin asks Alex what they're going to do about Clay, they argue and Justin tells him that whatever Alex does will affect Justin too. Alex asks "So if I kill myself, you die too?".
  • In "Tape 7, Side A", Alex starts to feel incredibly lonely and becomes suicidal.

Alex wants to attempt suicide for a third time in the third season, after the murder of Bryce Walker. He asks Tyler Down for a gun and writes a confession note in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

In the fourth season, he's completely over his suicidal tendencies, as he tells Winston that he regrets the decision hugely in "College Tour". He also tells his friends that he's happy to be alive in "Graduation".


Hannah Baker

Hannah was Alex's former best friend. They formed a friendship along with Jessica shortly after they moved to Evergreen. Their friendship ended after Alex started dating Jessica and put their names on a list rating girl's body parts, which made him the third reason Hannah killed herself.


Alex, Hannah and Jessica at school, in "Tape 1, Side B".

Hannah first noticed Alex as he was stalking her and Jessica at Monet's. Jess offered that they can go ask Alex who he was checking out and also be his friend. They walked up to his table and makes him pass a 'test' before becoming friends. They talked about various problems of them and used 'FML Forever' as a code to indicate that they needed to talk. They started using the code after Justin Foley took an upskirt photo of Hannah and Bryce sent it to the whole school and Alex comforted Hannah saying that she didn't have to talk about it if she didn't want to.

Alex and Hannah kissing in a flashback in "The Drunk Slut".

Jessica said that they were the kind of friends where seeing one of them meant seeing three of them, which means they were always together. They went to Jessica's house to play 'Never Have I Ever'. At one point, Alex said that he has never kissed his best friend and the three of them kissed one another. However, Alex and Jessica's kiss was more heated and Hannah got a bit insecure. Alex started dating Jessica, which caused the trio (consisting of Hannah, Jessica, and Alex) to drift apart because of Alex and Jessica wanting to hang out on their own. This left Hannah to feel outcasted and left out.

Alex and Jessica talking to Hannah at The Crestmont in their first date, in "The Drunk Slut".

In their first date, Jessica told Alex to wait three minutes before going in so Hannah doesn't understand they're together. Alex was sure that Hannah wasn't onto him, so he didn't listen to Jessica and Hannah came to know that they were dating. When he came to but popcorn during the break, Hannah tried to express that she was hurt and felt abandoned, but Alex grew mad at her and lied to Jess that Hannah was jealous and they should 'lay low' from her. Hannah and Alex went from being best friends to distant acquaintances. After he and Jessica broke up, Alex came to the Crestmont alone. Hannah asked him if there was no Jessica tonight, and he said that there wasn't. Understanding that he was in a bad state, Clay and Hannah did not pursue the subject any further.


Hannah and Alex at the Winter Formal in "Tape 3, Side A".

After he and Jessica broke up, he contibuted to a list that labelled girls body parts as best or worst. He labelled Jessica as having the worst ass and Hannah as having the best ass—this, later on, was a thing that contributed to Hannah being sexually harrassed. Jessica assumed that Alex broke up with her because of Hannah making him, so she confronted Hannah and ultimately slapped her across her face. Their friendship then ended and Hannah felt more alone. Hannah went to confront Alex about the list, but ended up humiliating herself. Hannah believed that she lost Jessica and became a target of constant objectification and sexual harrassment because of Alex. They shortly interacted at the Winter Formal. Alex was the second choice on her Dollar Valentine's survey, but she told Sheri that Alex is not nice.


Alex, Hannah, Clay and Sheri the morning after they did drugs, in "The Third Polaroid."

In the second season, he is shown in a flashback, discouraging Zach from asking out Hannah because 'Hannah Baker is a lot to handle'. It was revealed that at a party before summer, Alex and Hannah with Clay, Jeff Atkins, Sheri Holland and Jeff's girlfriend, did drugs. The next morning, Hannah started saying depressing things and Jeff told them that it was just 'Molly talking', and Alex reminded them that her name was Hannah. When Hannah asked the group if they ever want to die, Alex expressed that he always did. Afterwards, on the night of Hannah's rape, Alex was playing games with Monty, they started to hear a girl moaning. Monty went to check through the window and told Alex that it was just Bryce having sex with "some chick" in his hot tub, Alex believed him and told him that it "Must be a desperate slut at this hour". As Alex didn't check himself, he was unaware that what he was actually hearing was Hannah grunting in pain because she was being raped by Bryce in Bryce's hot tub.[11]


Alex placing the box of Hannah's Tapes for burying in "Graduation".

Alex was Hannah's third reason as to why she killed herself. Alex was completely distraught and saddened by Hannah's death and felt and still feels immense guilt and regret for what he did to her. He also feels guilty for not being able to do anything to stop Bryce raping Hannah, although he wasn't aware. He goes as far as attempting to kill himself due to his part in her suicide and knowing that he could have stopped her rape if he knew.[12] He even claims that his friendship with Hannah and Jessica is the one good thing he ever had and hates himself for sacrificing it in order to make a rapist (Bryce) like him. He's also the first one among the group after Hannah's death to own up to his mistakes and to encourage others to take responsibility too. He attended Hannah's funeral with Jessica[13] and took part in burying Hannah's tapes.[14] He and Jessica continued using the acronym 'FML Forever' that Hannah introduced.

Jessica Davis

Jessica is Alex's best friend and ex-girlfriend. They formed a deep bond throughout the series. They dated twice and have been friends in between.

Their interactions in the first two seasons are written in chronological order- from before Hannah's death to after Hannah's death.


Jessica, Hannah and Alex at School, in "Tape 1, Side B".

In the first season, Alex and Jessica become friends when Hannah and Jessica decide that he could be in their group, after making him take a test and getting a "good enough" from Hannah. Monet's become their "office" and they would go there when they have anything to talk about, for example, Alex's problems in Math, Jess's Dad being deployed again, and the photo of Hannah that was sent around. The motto of their friendship becomes "F.M.L. Forever". Jess perceives Alex as weird most of the time, especially when he reveals he is going through the drinks section on Monet's menu. Alex tells Jess he is "a searcher", she tells him that him calling himself "a searcher" is also weird.


Alex and Jessica kissing in flashback during a game of 'Never Have I Ever' in "The Drunk Slut".

They also go to Jess's house together and play 'Never Have I Ever', where Alex says that he's never kissed his best friend and Hannah, Alex and Jess end up kissing each other. However, Alex and Jess found out that they were attracted to each other. This group didn't stay so stuck together for long. On the tapes, Hannah says Alex stopped coming first, finding some other friends and trading up and then, a little later, Jess.


Hannah sees Jess and Alex holding hands at lunch, in "Tape 1, Side B".

However, when Clay confronts Jess in Present Day, she says that Hannah was the first one to stop coming. On the tapes, Hannah says that they all went their separate ways, but, in a flashback, during lunch in school one day she sees Alex and Jess laughing and holding hands realizing that they are spending time together without her. Hannah is working at The Crestmont on a Wednesday, which Jess wasn't expecting. While talking to Hannah, Jess is joined by Alex (in the second season, while Jessica is under oath on the witness stand, Jessica saw Hannah working from afar and told Alex that she will go and get a ticket and he will wait a while and then come and get a ticket after she is gone, but he didn't and joined Jessica instead of coming after, "...but of course he didn't wait, he didn't get what it would feel like for a girl" Jessica states.) Hannah realizes that they are on a date.


Jessica and Alex on their first date, in "The Drunk Slut".

Hannah charges Alex after allowing Jessica in for free. In the middle of the movie, Alex went out for popcorn and has an argument with Hannah. To save face, he lies to Jessica and says that Hannah is jealous and they should 'lay low'. Later, we learn that Jessica and Alex are fighting although we don't know what it's about. We later understand that it's about Alex breaking up with Jessica because she refused to have sex with him.


Alex telling Jessica he loves her, in "Tape 3, Side A".

A few weeks later, Alex contributes to a list, that labels girls as having the best or worst body parts. Jessica is listed as having the worst ass by Alex and Hannah is listed as having the best by him. Jessica and Hannah meet at Monet's one last time. Hannah is unaware of her suspicions. Jessica confronts Hannah about the list that was made, with Alex's contributions. Jessica thinks it meant that Alex and Hannah had got together and that she was the reason for their break up and the contribution being made. Alex reveals to Clay in Present Day that the contribution was supposed to make Jessica mad but not at Hannah, he felt a lot of guilt about breaking up a friendship that he didn't mean to. Hannah tries to tell the truth but Jessica was so convinced that she sees it as lying and manipulation. The list destroys both Jessica and Hannah's relationship and Jessica and Alex's relationship. Jess refuses to speak to Alex although, he keeps trying. He tells her at the Winter Formal that he loves her after she tells him not to say it. He tells Clay that he will hang out around Jessica and piss her off until she loves him back again.


Alex and Jessica talking to Justin at the Gym, in "Tape 4, Side B".

After Hannah's suicide, they are seen hanging out again. Even though they were still having disagreements, It's shown that Alex still loves her, and Jessica still cares for him a lot. After he gets beaten up by Monty, Jess is shown to be really upset. She also expresses her concerns to Justin, who gets mad. In the middle of a meeting, Alex gets a bad stomach ache. Jessica gets worked up and helps him sit down. She tries to comfort him, much to Justin's annoyance. She also defends him to Justin, saying, that Alex might be a pain in the ass at times, but he's a decent person who has never lied to her.


Alex standing behind Jessica while she demands answers from Justin, in "Tape 6, Side B".

The night Justin becomes homeless, he goes to Alex's house to take shelter. A drunk Jess calls Justin. Realizing Jess is at Bryce's house, Alex and Justin go to pick her up. There, they find Jess playing poker with Zach, Bryce, Monty and some other guys. Jessica enthusiastically tells Alex to join, but Alex says that he hates poker. Jess doesn't listen and makes him sit in her own seat, sitting on Bryce's lap herself. Jess and Justin end up fighting. Zach tries to stop Justin but Alex tells Justin to tell her the truth, which he does. The next day, Alex tells the group at Monet's that Jess now knows that she was raped.


Alex and Jessica holding hands in the hallways of Liberty, in "The First Polaroid".

By the beginning of the second season, Alex and Jessica have reconciled their once damaged friendship and have supported each other over the five months they were away. When Alex's father tells him it's finally time for him to go back to school, he calls Jess as they had a pact that they'd go back to school together and asks if she's worried about having to see Bryce again. The next day, Jessica and Alex enters the school together, earning looks and whispers from the students. They jokingly argue about who the students are talking about and point out how differently they are affected by their trauma- Jessica is pretty and sad because all her scars are inside, and Alex has got a cane and a scar. Later, Alex asks Zach and Jess about her suicide note, only to learn that talking about suicide is now banned at school. He starts to lose his temper as Bryce welcomes them back, but Jessica stops him and says that it's gonna be a good day.


Alex and Jessica talking about the threatening messages she received, in "Two Girls Kissing".

Jessica tells Alex that she received a threat. They dish on who could be the one sending threats. Jess thinks it's Bryce or Chlöe, but Alex debunks both of the theories. Jess gets mad when he suggests she should tell the truth and tells him how she feels about her rape, but storms off when Alex still doesn't understand. She also changes her hair before going to court, which Alex does not like. Jessica sarcastically tells him that she'd noted it. After Alex receives a threatening note and Clay is run off the road, Alex and Clay talk about Bryce with her. At her testimony, when she's asked who contributed her and Hannah's name in the list, she looks at Alex and answers after he nods in approval. After her testimony, Alex sticks around and asks her how he can help, but Jessica tells him to leave.


Jessica comforting Alex about Hannah in "The Second Polaroid".

After Justin comes back in town and Chlöe invites her to Bryce's party, Jess skips school with Alex. They go to The Crestmont, but Alex starts getting flashbacks of Hannah and starts feeling guilty. Jess comforts him. They also go to see Olivia Baker and talk to her about their recovery and Hannah's case. They go to the docks afterwards. Jessica helps Alex to get in the water. They end up kissing, but Jessica freaks out and pushes him off. Alex starts apologizing but she tells him it's not his fault. She also tells him about Justin being back in town. They sit on a bench at the beach and talk about how Jessica feels after her rape. Later, Alex tells Zach that he couldn't feel anything physically during the kiss because of his paralysis, but he had hoped that kissing a real girl would change this.


Alex and Jessica at the beach, in "The Second Polaroid".

After Justin comes to see Jess at school, Alex isn't happy about it but he doesn't say anything at that moment either. Later, he tells Zach "Fuck Justin for coming back for Jessica. And fuck Jessica, too!". After the tapes are leaked, he tells Jess about it and proposes to skip school again. He goes to Clay's house to confront him but finds Justin instead. Justin and Alex talk about how Justin is still in love with Jess. After Clay comes home, he and Justin criticize him for hurting her.


Alex apologizing to Jessica, in "The Third Polaroid".

On Alex's birthday, Jessica, Clay and Zach put a 'Happy Birthday Alex' poster up in the hallway. Alex becomes very happy and thanks him, but Bryce and Scott come and subtly make fun of him, which angers Alex and he lashes out, calling Bryce a 'fucking rapist'. Jess gets mad at him and leaves. Later, Alex comes to know that Jessica hasn't invited Tyler to the Birthday Party even though she was supposed to. At the arcade, Zach notices Jess and waves at her, and Alex gets up. He apologizes to Jess for the morning with a teddy bear and jokes about its cuteness after Jess tells him he didn't need to get her anything. Alex gets mad at Jess when she kicks Tyler out, and later has a full-on breakdown about his attempted suicide. Jessica gets cross at this and calls him out for leaving her behind, alone, when he was the only one she could trust. Alex understands and apologizes.


Alex comforting Jessica in court, in "Bryce and Chloe".

After Bryce lies in Court, Alex tells the group that they can't tell Jess because she'd be hurt but Clay insists on telling her, as they need Chlöe. After Jessica talks Chlöe into testifying and Chlöe lies in Court, Alex reaches out for Jessica's hand and Jessica holds it. After the Polaroids are stolen and the group find that Monty does not have them, Clay and Alex along with the others go to visit her and convince her to report Bryce. Alex assures her that they all believe her and will stand by her, and whenever she is ready, everyone else is too. He also jokes that he told Clay not to be cheesy, which he did not listen to. Jessica smiles with tears in her eyes and agrees.


Jessica hugging Alex in "The Box of Polaroids".

Everyone escorts her to the Police Station and wait outside. After Jessica comes out, Alex tells her that he's really proud of her. She smiles and hugs him tightly. Later, they wait at Monet's together for the verdict. Alex keeps making noises with his spoon, but Jessica grabs his spoon and throws it away, holding his hand herself. They stare at each other and wait. At the time of the verdict, they are seen sitting side by side. They attend Hannah's funeral together as they were both best friends of Hannah. Jessica reaches out for Alex's hand at the funeral.


Jessica and Alex holding hands in Hannah's funeral, in "Bye".

They go to Monet's afterwards and talk about Hannah. Alex tells her that he felt that Jessica and Hannah were fearless and he was intimidated the first time he talked to them. They make their relationship official. Jessica says that Hannah would be happy to see them happy. The next day, they go to the Spring Fling together as a couple. They dance and kiss, and later join the group hug when Clay breaks down in the dance floor. However, she cheats on Alex with Justin afterwards.


Alex and Jessica kissing at Monet's, in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

In the third season, Jessica and the others meet up at Monet's, where she tells Justin that whatever happened between them the other night was a one-time thing that will never happen again, making it clear that she's not interested in continuing an affair with him and is staying with Alex. Justin keeps apologizing, which makes Jessica mad and she threatens to cut him. Alex comes up and asks why she is cutting him, to which Jessica awkwardly replies that Justin is evil. She says that Alex looks really cute and kisses him in front of Justin. Later, they both are seen when Clay makes plans to watch Tyler and they agree to carry out his plans.


Alex and Jessica talking in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad".

Jessica starts to talk about misogyny and rape culture in student council meetings, and starts to be vocal against male sports. Alex is supportive towards her. After Jessica wins the election, Alex is very happy and he and Clay are the first ones to congratulate her. Jessica goes to see Bryce after the election, and tells Bryce that she knows Alex cares about her and treats her very well. However, Ani sees Alex and Jessica awkwardly kissing at the hallway and after Alex is out of earshot, Ani points out that there wasn't a lot of passion in their kiss. Jessica informs Ani that they are having awful sex and she thinks it's her fault and feels bad for Alex because he tries hard. Ani teaches her how to masturbate. Jessica figures out that she's attracted to Justin and kisses Justin a few days later, cheating on Alex the second time. When they have sex, Jessica isn't enjoying it and tells Alex that it isn't working for her and it isn't fair towards him. Alex tells Jessica that she isn't draggin him along and he loves her. In reply, Jessica tells him that she doesn't want to hurt him. Alex suggests that she should take a break, but she tells him that she need their relationship to be done because sex and being in a relationship are not working for her. Feeling hurt, Alex politely tells her to go. Lying next to him, Jessica wipes tears from her eyes.


Jessica and Alex talking at The Crestmont in "Angry, Young and Man".

Jessica tells Alex that she doesn't want to watch Tyler because he creeps her out, so Alex decides to watch him instead and tells her that he misses her. Jessica seems annoyed, but Alex insists that they could still be friends. Justin enters the Crestmont. Realizing that Jessica and Justin are seeing each other, Alex gets mad and starts asking questions. Jessica and Justin both lie but Alex isn't sold. Jessica looks hurt as he leaves. Later, Jessica goes to the Monet's to see Justin, but finds Alex asking her to sit with him. He jokingly asks if they can be the kind of friends who drink coffee, to which Jessica agrees. However, the conversation gets heated as Alex asks her why she chose Justin over him. When Jessica replies that she is attracted to Justin and he makes her feel safe, Alex bursts out, asking how a guy who let his best friend rape her makes her feel safe. He also accidentally spills beverage on her and apologizes, but Justin quickly comes and helps her clean up. Alex leaves with a rising temper.


Alex telling Jessica that he loves her, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

At Homecoming, Alex jumps in to fight after Dean grabs Jessica. After the game, she calls Alex to come to meet Bryce at the Navy Pier with her after multiple failed attempts to call Justin. Arriving at the pier, they find a heavily injured Bryce due to being beaten up by Zach. Bryce gives her an apology tape and begs her and Alex to help him. Jessica tells Alex not to help him as he can get Zach in trouble. Alex refuses to listen to her and goes back to help. Bryce starts threatening Zach and Jessica, which angers Alex and reminds him that Bryce has hurt everyone he's ever loved. It ends up with him pushing Bryce into the water, causing him to drown. Jessica and Alex both helplessly watch him drown. When dropping Jessica off at her house, Alex tells Jessica he loves her. Jessica responds by saying he can't ever say that again and they have to stay apart.


Jessica telling Alex that the cops took Clay in, in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

The day they come to school after the murder, Jessica approaches Alex and tells him that cops took Clay in. Alex does not show much concern, which disgusts Jessica and she storms off. Zach asks Alex what's up as they broke up months ago, to which Alex replies that they went from "we can be friends" to "don't fucking touch me". After it is announced that Bryce's dead body has been found, Alex reaches out to Jessica, asking how she's doing. She gets mad and tells him that everyone is looking at her like she did something. Alex insists that she didn't do anything, but she tells him not to say anything and walks away.


Jessica and Alex at class in "Angry, Young and Man".

Alex seems upset at Jessica at class over Justin. She sadly asks him that how long he is gonna be mad at her for. Alex replies he'd be mad at her for as long time as he was in love with her. When the gang meets up at the library to discuss Tyler and Jessica suspects him, Alex gets mad at her. Later, Alex tells Jess and Justin that the police are searching the lockers. After it is revealed that he's using steroids, Alex confesses to Ani and Clay that he's insecure of his body as Jessica has left him for a 'muscular' guy. In the meantime, Justin tells Jessica that Alex is using steroids.


Alex and Jessica fighting at class in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen".

After Ani tells Alex that Jessica told him that she was with Justin at the homecoming night, Alex gets mad at her since she's providing an alibi for Justin instead of him. He yells at her in front of the whole class, exposing her and Justin's relationship. Jessica tells him that she's afraid of him, it's the Steroids that have changed him and leaves the class. The next day, Alex apologizes to her for his behavior. He also gets into a fight with Justin over Justin's drug addiction and Jessica. Alex asks Justin if Jessica knows about his addiction. Justin accuses him of trying to cause problems between Jessica and him, but Alex replies that he's been dealing with Justin ruining her life for two years and that she deserves to know the truth.


Jessica and Alex hugging in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

After Clay gets arrested, Ani suspects Jessica is hiding something. Unbeknownst to Alex, Jessica finally confesses her and Alex's involvements in the murder. Ani, Justin, Jessica and the others make a plan to frame Monty. Tyler tells the group that Alex asked him for a gun, suspecting that he's about to attempt suicide again. After putting the plan into action, they send Clay to fill Alex in. Alex comes to the room with Clay but doesn't enter. Seeing him, Jessica gets up and runs for a hug. Alex hugs her back. Jessica looks peaceful finally being able to reach him. Alex looks at Justin and the others over her shoulder, showing that he's finally coming to accept Jessica and Justin's relationship. Later, they both hear to Bryce's tape together.


Jessica and Alex confirming their friendship, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

Jessica joins the Standalls for Thanksgiving dinner to show support for their newly mended friendship. There, Alex and Jessica sit holding hands firmly for a prayer and smile at each other. Later, they go to Monet's together to celebrate Tyler's recovery. Jessica and Alex attend the photo exhibition together. After everyone sat down again, Jessica notices Alex is still at the exhibition and goes to check on him. There she sees him looking at a photo of Justin and Jessica's. Jessica tells him that she will always love him and that he is the best friend she'd ever had. Alex apologizes to her for everything but she told him not to. With tears in his eyes, Alex asks how they are gonna live with this, expressing his guilt about the murder and the cover-up. Jessica tells him that they are survivors. They shake hands saying "FML forever", and smile at each other.

It always has been you and me.
— Alex to Jessica about how they always have been there for each other[src]


Alex, Jessica and Zach looking at the graffiti in "College Tour".

At the beginning of the fourth season, Alex has stopped talking to her but they are still hanging out. They attend Justin's Welcome Back party together and later, discusses about Tyler and the murder cover-up. At their first day of second semester, Jessica asks Clay what Alex said about Tyler (as Alex's dad is the Deputy) but gets distracted before Clay could answer. At the morning of the college tour, Alex and Jessica start to freak out as the whole school find out a graffiti saying "MONTY WAS FRAMED". Alex swears in a low voice and asks her if she has any guess of who did it. Jessica replies that she has no clue. Zach comes up and laughs it off. Jessica and Alex are pissed but convinced that Zach wouldn't do something like this. Alex suspects it is Estela, but Jessica tells her that she joined HO and she knows what her brother was like. Alex insists that he was still her brother. They walk out of there together, looking tense.


Jessica asking Alex to the Love is Love Dance, in "Valentine's Day".

At Valentines's Day, Jessica comes up to Alex at lunch and asks him out for the Love is Love Dance. Alex rejects her offer outright and sarcastically apologizes. Jessica pleads him to go at least as friends, but Alex calls her out for only speaking to him when she needs something. Jessica reminds him that he was the one who stopped talking to her. She also accuses Alex of completely 'dropping' her after Thanksgiving. Alex denies this and explains her that she reminds him of the murder and he freaks out, and that's why he stopped talking to her. Jessica understands this but insists that not talking to her is not the solution, and Alex agrees. However, he still doesn't agree to go to the Dance with her. Surprised, Jessica asks him if he already had a date, earning another snarky comment from him for undermining him. Alex asks her why she wants to go so bad, and she replies that it's because she's the President. He suggests she should go alone, but Jessica says that having their lives back is no good if they can't live. Alex agrees with this. Together, they sit silently for a while.


Jessica and Alex talking about the email, in "Senior Camping Trip".

At the Camping Trip, Jessica approaches Alex to talk about the e-mail of the previous day that said they should comce clean about the murder. Alex says that Clay told him that his e-mail was hacked. Jessica doesn't buy this and tells him that they have to take control of this. Alex doesn't seem fond of this idea, as he thinks that that is exactly what the e-mail sender wants- to make them look crazy or guilty. Jessica reminds him that someone wants a confession and it needs to be made sure that they don't get it. After this conversation, they walk off to the woods together. The next day, they partner up for the treasure hunt and listen to the instructions together.


Alex and Jessica walking through the woods for the treasure hunt, in "Senior Camping Trip".

They hear Clay scream in the woods. Jessica tells Alex that Diego promised her that they wouldn't mess with Clay. Alex is frustrated that she believes everything Diego tells her despite knowing that he was close with Monty. She tells him that she's got him under her hook, but Alex isn't convinced. Jessica insists that she knows what she's doing and asks if Alex only wanted to partner with her to criticize her. Alex denies it. Jessica asks him then why he wasn't with his 'new best friend'. Alex rudely says that she doesn't care. Right then, Jessica gets a lot of maggots in her hand and starts screaming. Alex throws up and leaves despite she tells him not to. Later that night, Zach tells Jessica, Justin and Charlie about Alex and Winston. Jessica looks shocked at this new information that Alex is attracted to guys. At the campfire, she looks tense when Alex gets up to confess something, but later looks relieved as it is just a joke.


Clay, Alex, Tony and Jessica at Monet's, in "House Party"

Alex, Jessica, Clay and Tony meet up at Monet's after the Find Your Drink Party gets cancelled. Jessica points out the group is not as close as it used to be. When the school goes into lockdown, Alex texts Jessica but she does not reply. In Jessica's college interview, she talks about how two of her friends (Hannah and Alex) looked at their world one day and thought that nothing was ever gonna change, and took decisions in that one terrible moment that changed their lives forever, possibly referring to Hannah's suicide and Alex's decision to kill Bryce or Alex's suicide attempt. Later, a picture of Justin, Alex and Jessica are shown in Jessica's room.


Alex and Jessica talking at Monet's, in "Acceptance/Rejection".

Jessica meets up with Alex at Monet's and tells him what Clay told her about the parents' meeting and that both of their parents were there. Alex gets tensed and tells her about what he heard when Sheriff Diaz told his dad that he wanted to reopen the case. Jessica starts to freak out and asks him why he hasn't said anything earlier. Alex suggests that they should call a meeting, but Jessica tells him that she has pissed off everyone in her life so this is the only meeting she can call, as no one except Alex has patience with her anymore. Alex thoughtfully says that it always has been the two of them. He then asks her what they should do. She replies that she doesn't know. Later, they arrive to School together and watch Diego get arrested. After the students become united against the Principal and he threatens that there'll be consequences if they don't go back to class, Jessica tells him that they're not afraid and looks at Alex for support, but Alex backs off to find Zach.


Jessica and Ani greeting Alex, Charlie, Clay, Tony and Caleb, in "Prom".

After the Dean threatens to cancel Prom, the gang have a meeting where they agree to tell their parents the truth. When Alex, Charlie and Clay arrive to prom, Jessica compliments them and says that they should get married and they look adorable. Alex says that she and Ani look amazing and they are going to win Prom Queens, but Jessica lets him know that the Football team decides the Prom Royalty so she's not going to win. After a while, Jessica and Alex sit together at the table before Zach joins them.


Zach, Alex and Jessica talking about Bryce, in "Prom".

Alex asks him about the Escort he brought to Prom. Jessica starts to criticize Zach for his decision to bring her to Prom, but Zach laughs it off and points out that Alex and Jessica are looking like they're attending a funeral instead of Prom. Jessica denies it, but Alex gets depressed and asks if they were ever gonna feel 'normally okay'. She replies that she hasn't felt normally okay in a 'long, long' time, but she's going to find ways to be happy. Alex sighs and replies that he doesn't see that happening for him. Jessica looks at him with concern. Alex says that Bryce should be here, alive. Jessica says that he'd be drunk and choosing his next victim, and would be making him feel 'poor and lame and not a man'. Alex says that he's not a man, which Jessica denies. Alex heatedly says that Bryce did not deserve to die. Zach intervenes and says that Bryce ruined their lives, so even though he didn't deserve to die, they deserve to live. He gets up to dance, leaving Alex and Jessica at the table.


Jessica crowning Alex in "Prom".

Jessica gets onstage to announce the Prom King and Queen. She seems really excited to find out who they are, and announces that Alex and Charlie won the Prom Royalty. When Alex reaches the stage with Charlie, he and Jessica are both astonished. Alex suspects that Jessica did something to make him win, but she denies it and reminds him that the football team decides the Prom Royalty. She asks them that who wants the crown and who wants the tiara. After putting the tiara on Charlie, she crowns Alex and they kiss each other on the cheek. She tells Alex that he deserves to be happy. Alex thanks her in reply before she gets down from the stage. Later, Jess smiles and watches from afar, and is happy for Alex when he and Charlie are having their dance as the Prom Royalty.


Jessica bringing Alex in to see Justin, in "Graduation".

Justin collapses at prom and is diagnosed with HIV, so Alex understands that Jessica is already in a lot of pain. When Winston Williams suspects that it was Jessica who killed Bryce, Alex confesses to him that it was he and he was alone, to protect her from further hurt. Alex and Charlie come to visit Charlie in the hospital. Jessica goes out to receive them and brings Alex in. She and Clay chuckle at Alex and Charlie's jokes about the Panda they brought for Justin that is named "Tiger". When Charlie and Alex comes back after convincing Zach to come see Justin, Alex goes and sits beside an exhausted Jessica.


Alex, Jessica and their friends before the burial of the tapes, in "Graduation".

They, along with the group, stay at the hospital during Justin's death. They also attend his funeral. After the funeral, Winston and Alex talk about the murder at Monet's. Winston asks Alex if Jessica was with him, but Alex stays silent. However, Winston realized the truth. At the Graduation ceremony, Alex listened to Jessica's speech and supported her. It is revealed that Jessica has gotten into the same college as Alex. Before the burial of the tapes. Clay and Jessica sit beside Alex as he places the box of tapes in the grave. They both take part in the burial, and are among the group when they are discussing that they'll always be there for each other if anyone needs any help.

Charlie St. George

Charlie is Alex's boyfriend. They started hanging out at the beginning of the fourth season and kissed after Charlie had helped Alex during a school shooting drill. Although Alex at first rejected Charlie, they eventually ended up in a romantic relationship and were crowned prom kings.


Charlie and Alex interacting for the first time, in "Nobody's Clean".

In the third season, Monty and Charlie are hanging out at the field, where Monty tells him that Alex was always crazy and has gone crazier since he tried to kill himself. Zach overhears this, walks over to them and tells Charlie not to get his 'psychological insights from Monty, as it is like getting his 'clothes from Wal-Mart'. When the cops search the lockers for steroids and takes Luke in, Charlie tells Alex about the search after he asks. At the end of the season, Charlie helps frame Monty for Bryce Walker's Murder to protect Alex.


Charlie and Alex talking in "Senior Camping Trip".

In the fourth season, Alex and Charlie are revealed to be hanging out with Tyler a lot, as Charlie points out in Justin's Welcome Back Party that they were spending almost every night at Tyler's together. On the camping trip, when Alex approaches Zach and Charlie's tent. Alex tells Charlie that Zach had told him he could bunk with them, which Charlie is fine with. Charlie asks Alex about Winston, implying that he knows they had a romantic relationship. Alex asks Charlie what he knows, to which Charlie tells him that all he knows is that Alex is a good person, and he's sorry if Alex feels bad.


Charlie finds Alex hiding in "House Party".

Charlie informs Alex that the House Party got cancelled, which Alex does not care for but asks what a "Find Your Drink Party' is. Charlie answers his question but says that he doesn't 'endorse traditions'. At the Find Your Drink Party, watching some old movies together. Charlie and Alex get high after eating some weed cookies Charlie made. They talk about how Charlie's learnt to make the cookies. Charlie reveals about his mother's death.


Charlie helps Alex during his panic attack, in "Thursday".

They're next seen together in a school lockdown drill under the table together with Tony Padilla. Alex begins to have a panic attack and Charlie tries to talk him through it, holding his hand. Shortly after, Alex starts insisting that he hears his dad and stands up. Charlie manages to get Alex back under the table, saying that his dad isn't out there and his mind is just making him think that because of his traumatic brain injury. After the lockdown is over, Charlie reveals to Alex that he looked up information about traumatic brain injuries to understand what Alex was going through, and kisses him. Alex tells him that it surprised him, but then kisses him back.


Charlie trying to talk to Alex at class, in "College Interview".

Charlie is shown to be following Alex constantly and believes they're a "thing" now, but Alex gets annoyed and tells him to stay away from him. Charlie later finds Alex at the pier, where he tells Alex that he's breaking his heart. Alex wonders why Charlie even likes him as he's not a good person, but Charlie tells him that he has an excellence taste. Before Alex leaves, he tells Charlie that they're never going to be together and as Charlie is not going to give up on him, he's going to walk away.

During The Student Riot, Zach questions Alex on why he's with him and not Charlie. As Alex runs outside, he finds Charlie unconscious on the ground and attempts to drag him away when a nearby car explodes.


Charlie and Alex talking the morning after they spent the night together, in "Prom".

About a week later, Charlie stayed the night at Alex's house. The next morning, they mention that they liked sleeping next to each other and that someday they can do more than just sleeping. Alex sneaks Charlie out of his bedroom so his parents don't find out. After they and their friends decide to start opening up to their parents, Alex invites Charlie over for dinner and introduces him to his family as his boyfriend. Charlie is happily greeted by Alex's family, especially his brother Peter as he's excited that Alex is dating a quarterback of the football team. Alex's mother talks to Alex and asks if Charlie makes him happy, which Alex confirms. His mother hugs him at this reply. Charlie also comes out to his dad as bisexual and mentions that he has a boyfriend.


Charlie's Promposal to Alex in "Prom".

In the next few days, Charlie attempts to ask Alex to prom. At first, Charlie puts on banners and waits for Alex with balloons and roses, but Alex ignores him. The second time Charlie asks Alex to prom, the whole class helped him by wearing a cardboard cut-out of Charlie's face and a sign that says "prom?". Unfortunately for Charlie, Alex thinks it's creepy and walks out of the classroom. The third time Charlie asks Alex to prom is in a small room, where Alex finds Charlie and a bunch of lights that say "prom?." Alex finally agrees to go to prom with him, on the condition that Charlie would stop with all his attempts.


Alex and Charlie kissing as Prom Royals, in "Prom".

Charlie, Alex and Clay arrive at prom in a limo, where they meet up with their friends. Charlie here tries to convince Alex to dance, but he refuses. Charlie and Alex are voted prom kings thanks to the football team, which many prom attendees are shocked and excited about. After they're crowned by Jessica, she tells Alex that he deserves to be happy. Alex thanks her. The crowd chants for them to kiss and cheer loudly when they do. Charlie and Alex have their dance as prom kings. Charlie asks Alex if he's still sad, to which Alex tells him that part of him will always be sad, but another part is happier than he's ever been before. They mention that they're in love with each other.


Alex and Charlie convince Zach to see Justin in the hospital, in "Graduation".

After Justin is transmitted to a hospital, Charlie and Alex are seen visiting him together. When Zach is drinking and won't visit Justin, Charlie and Alex find him, throw away his drink and convince him to see Justin. After Justin's funeral, they go to Monet's with Zach and Ani. Alex says that he's really happy to be alive and looks at Charlie. Charlie reaches out for Alex's hand, which Alex takes. He is also shown to be protective of Alex when Winston enters.


Charlie, Alex, Jessica and Tyler in "Graduation".

At graduation, Charlie sits with Alex's family. Tyler and Alex discuss coming to visit Estela and Charlie when they're away in college, and Alex expresses mild annoyance that he'd have to come to every football game. They're seen cuddling and are both last seen when burying Hannah Baker's tapes.

Zach Dempsey

Zach is Alex's best friend. Zach was Alex's first friend among the popular kids. They grew closer throughout the second season, when Zach helped Alex with the aftermath of his suicide attempt. They've shown to care a lot about each other. Alex once kissed Zach, but was rejected as Zach has no interest in guys.

A few months after moving to town and attending Liberty High, Alex befriended Zach. Alex later told Clay that his friendship with Zach is the reason he was hanging around the other guys and he can’t stop hanging out with them because it would be suspicious.

Throughout the season, Alex is often seen hanging around Zach and the other guys. Alex, Zach and Bryce participated in the school’s Halloween contest together as “Muff Divers”. At some point, Alex and Justin started fighting over the tapes and Zach ran over to separate them.


Alex, Zach and Bryce dressed up for Halloween in "Tape 2, Side B".

Before school, Alex, Zach, Marcus and Courtney talk about Clay’s suspension. When Ryan called Bryce a rapist and Zach told him to stop using that word, Alex asked Zach what other word he would use. Zach says that if the tapes come out, they’ll all suffer consequences, but Bryce probably wouldn’t go to prison. Alex then said that maybe they should find out what happens; Zach disagreed.

Alex, Zach, Ryan, Courtney, Tyler and Marcus met up at Monet’s to discuss what to do regarding the tapes. During the conversation, Zach agreed with Alex on telling the truth first. However, when the talked about protecting themselves and Alex said he was good to tell the truth, Zach disagreed. Alex accused Zach of protecting Bryce, which he denied. Further into the conversation, Alex described Zach as an entitled idiot who does cruel, stupid things but probably has a decent heart.

The day of Alex’ suicide attempt, Zach had been texting Alex all day. He asked him about his plans, the depositions and sent multiple texts asking him to call him. He finally got a text from Alex’s number, which told him to call. A man, presumably Alex’ dad answers the phone.

After Alex’s suicide attempt, Zach and Alex stayed friends and Zach starting helping him with P.T.


Alex and Zach in "The First Polaroid".

When Alex and Jessica returned to school for the first time in months, Zach ran up to them to say hi and to carry Alex’s backpack. Alex protested a bit but still let Zach carry it. Alex tried to ask Zach and Jessica about his suicide note, but Zach warned him that they are not allowed to talk about suicide anymore. When Zach saw Bryce, Scott and Monty walking up to them, Zach tried to leave quickly with Alex so the guys wouldn’t see them together. After the guys welcomed Alex back and left, Zach asked him if he’s okay. In class, Zach updated Alex on the rumors that Bryce spread about Jessica and suggested to lay low now that they’re back.

Alex was embarrassed by his dad bringing and picking him up from school, so he called Zach to ask for a ride. When getting called, Zach lied to his mom about it being Bryce who called, not wanting her to know that he’s friends with Alex.

The next day, Zach drove Alex to school. He helped Alex get out of the car and carried his bags. When seeing Bryce, Zach proposed to take the side entrance. Alex refused as it’s way further, so Zach offered to carry him. Alex didn’t allow him to as he thought it’d be embarrassing.


Zach and Alex in "Two Girls Kissing".

Zach and Alex went to the swimming pool for the PT session, where Alex used an underwater bike. When Alex was getting angry because he felt like he isn’t getting better, Zach tried to reassure him that he will get better. Alex started attacking Zach, saying that he doesn’t know what he’s going through and to hang out with his ‘rapist friends’. Zach got out of the pool and told Alex that, even though he doesn’t know what he’s going through, he knows what it’s like to feel like things are never gonna get better as he lost his dad last Summer. Alex apologized and asked Zach to help him out of the pool.

When Zach was sitting with Bryce and Monty during lunchtime, they teased him about Alex. They asked him if Alex needs his diaper changed and acted like Zach has a crush on him. Zach told them to shut up and said that he doesn’t even like Alex. As Alex watched, he began to wonder if Zach had been threatening the tape subjects because he’s still hanging around Bryce.

Zach confronted Bryce about not telling him about having to testify, to which Bryce told Zach that he didn’t want his ‘new best friend’ Alex to know. Zach told him that he and Alex aren’t like that and don’t talk about stuff that matters.


Zach helping Alex get to class in "The Second Polaroid".

Alex was having lunch when Zach sat at his table. Alex asked him if he doesn’t want to hang out with his jock friends, but Zach says he’d rather hang out with him. When Alex spilled orange juice and shortly remembered something from the night of Bryce’s party, Zach asked if he’s okay.

Zach helped Alex walk to class, carrying his backpack and helping him sit down. Jess asked them to ditch with her; Zach refused but agreed to lend Alex and Jessica his car. He didn’t allow Alex to drive.

Alex and Zach had another PT session in the swimming pool. They talked about Justin being back and about Alex’ kiss with Jessica. Alex told Zach about how he didn’t feel anything when they kissed; Zach reassured him that he will with the right girl.

Alex didn’t come to the swimming pool when he and Zach had another PT session. Zach found him in the locker room. Alex was upset as he felt like he’s broken forever and wanted to leave. As he was stumbling while trying to walk, Zach went to support him. This angered Alex even more; he started to fight Zach. Suddenly, Alex stopped as he realized he got a hard-on, which he hadn't managed to get since his suicide attempt. Zach awkwardly suggested that it was caused by the psychical contact.


Zach and Alex in the locker room in "The Smile at the End of the Dock".

For Alex’ birthday, Zach, Jessica and Clay made a happy birthday banner and put it up in the school’s hallway. Alex appreciated it, but the moment got ruined by Bryce and Scott who started teasing Alex. Alex yelled at Bryce, after which Zach told him that he shouldn’t do that. Alex called Zach out for choosing Bryce’s side and defending him by still hanging around him.

Zach attended Alex’ birthday party. When Tyler arrived, he and Jessica told him to leave as they think of him as a creep. Alex was upset with them for this. During the party, Zach received a call from his mom, asking him to come home. Zach lied to her about his whereabouts, which upset Alex. He asked Zach if lying is better than admitting that they’re friends. Zach left the party.

At night, Alex texted Zach that someone gave him a gun and he figured it out. Zach read them when he woke up and rushed over to his house, thinking he was considering shooting himself again. Alex was woken up by Zach and his mom and completely fine; he explained that he stopped texting because he got tired. Zach explained his worry, recalling what happened the last time he didn't respond to his texts.

Alex told Zach that he found out Monty is the one behind the threats the testifiers received, so they started looking for him. When Alex explained that he told the secretary that Monty was supposed to help him with PT to find out about his whereabouts, Zach replied that he helps with that. Alex told him that it was clearly a lie. They confronted Monty along with the other guys. When Alex agreed to come along with Monty to get the Polaroids, Zach didn’t like the idea.


Zach and Alex dancing in Alex' room in "Bye".

Alex and Zach played video games together the night before the Spring Fling dance. Alex told Zach that beat off multiple times that day, to which Zach told him that he didn’t need to know that. Alex told Zach that he thought he’d be happy for him, which Zach then confirmed. Alex then began to worry about dancing with Jessica the next day, afraid to fall over. Zach offered to help him learn how to dance with his handicap, so they danced in the room together.

In the third season, Zach helped Alex with lifting weights at the gym, as he wanted to get more muscular after Jessica left him for Justin. When Zach shortly left to get something, Luke told Alex that he knows a way to get started and to meet up later without telling Zach.


Zach and Alex in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

After a fight broke out at the Homecoming football game and Bryce broke Zach’s knee, Zach beat him up at the Navy Pier and left. Alex and Jessica found Bryce shortly after, and Bryce begged them for help. Alex agreed, but as he was helping Bryce up, Bryce starting threatening Zach. This angered Alex, so he told Bryce that he hurt everyone he ever loved, and pushed him into the water. Bryce drowned and Alex and Jessica didn’t tell anyone about it.

When Alex and Zach walked out of school, Alex offered Zach to carry his bag as he was on crutches and called it ironic, as the roles were now turned around. They then talked about how Alex’ relationship with Jessica changed and about their injuries from the Homecoming fight.

Alex and Zach studied together at the school library. They talked about the police looking at Clay regarding Bryce’s murder and Zach asked to work out together later that day. Alex refused as he now works out at the boxing gym. Zach was seemingly saddened by this.


Zach telling Alex that he killed Bryce in "And Then the Hurricane Hit".

Zach asked Alex to come over to the gym during class because he wanted to talk to him alone. He then tearfully told Alex that he killed Bryce and was going to the police because otherwise Clay will go to jail. Alex told to not say that and to let it play out, he and Clay will both get off. He also told that after what Bryce did to him, it wouldn’t be justice for him to go to jail.

After the group of friends found out that Alex killed Bryce, they covered it up and framed Monty for it as he was already deceased. Zach and Alex talked about it at the Outhouse. Zach also asked Alex about asking Tyler for a gun. Alex admitted that he wrote a confession, implying that he wanted to kill himself, shocking Zach. Alex apologized for not being able to tell him, to which Zach said that they should be the kind of friends who can tell each other anything.


Alex kissing Zach in "Winter Break".

As Zach and Alex left the school building, they talked about Clay’s fight with Diego and what he’s dealing with. Alex asked Zach what he’s dealing with as he doesn’t seem bothered by anything, but Zach said there’s nothing. Alex reminded him that they’d be the kind of friends who tell each other stuff and it matters to him.

Zach invited Alex to go do something, so they walked on the ledge of a rooftop together. Alex nearly fell, but Zach caught him. As they were standing on the roof, Alex kissed Zach. He immediately apologized. Zach explained to Alex that he’s not into guys but does care about him, no matter what. Alex wanted to leave, but Zach told him to stay as they’d hang out.

Before entering the bus to Sanderson University for a college tour, Zach and Alex discussed ditching the tour and go to the river. Alex didn’t think it was a good idea. He asked Clay to keep an eye on Zach. The next morning he heard from Zach that both he and Clay were arrested.

During the Senior Camping Trip, Alex and Zach went with a boat on the lake together after ditching the treasure hunt. They talked about being unhappy and Zach advised to be okay with being unhappy and to “fuck it all”. They drank on it. Suddenly, Alex fell overboard into the lake. Zach jumped in and pulled Alex out onto the shore.


Zach saving Alex from drowning in "Senior Camping Trip".

Zach approached Alex at school and asked him if he could stay over the next night. Alex told him that he wasn’t going to kiss him again, if that’s what he hoped for; Zach appreciated that they could joke about it. He then revealed that he needs a cover story for his mom when he goes to the Find Your Drink Party and a place to sleep it off. Zach told Alex that he’ll pick him up, and pointed out that it’s “hot” and that they can have “hot banter”. Alex questioned why they were even friends, to which Zach replied that he’s handsome, charming and saved him from drowning.

During a shooting drill at school, Zach and Winston hid in the photography room together. They talked about Alex; Winston asked Zach if he’s in love with him. Zach denied being in love, but said that he loves him as he’s a good person who never judges him. As their conversation continued, Winston realized that Zach must know who killed Bryce. Zach agreed to tell him and Diego at the pier, but when the time came, he didn’t tell them besides getting beaten by Diego for it.


Zach and alex at the Love is Love dance in "Valentine's Day"

When Clay and Jessica started a walkout to protest against the SRO’s, Zach felt like it wouldn’t accomplish anything and convinced Alex to protest their own way. They slammed the glasses of the school, breaking into the principal’s office. When Zach pointed out that it won’t be a problem if they get busted because his life is already ruined, Alex told him it’s not because football is the least thing about him. While they were destroying the office, the police arrived. Zach told Alex to get out and find Charlie.

During prom, Zach, Alex and Jessica talked about their involvement in Bryce’s murder. Alex felt like Bryce should’ve been alive, attending prom, but Zach told them that, even though Bryce didn’t deserve to die, they deserve to live. Later at prom, Alex and Charlie walked in on Zach trying to hook up with a drunk escort. They helped the woman and called Zach out for trying to hook up with someone who’s barely conscious.

When Justin was dying from HIV in the hospital, Alex and Charlie found Zach drinking at the pier and tried to convince him to see Justin. Alex reminded Zach of the night the kissed (which he called a disaster) when he nearly fell from the roof, but Zach pulled him back. He told Zach that he’ll never forget Zach keeping him safe and that he had needed it, and it’s now what Zach needs. Zach then said that the kiss was nice, which surprised Alex. Alex then told him that even though he doesn’t love Justin, he loves Zach and Zach loves Justin, which convinced Zach to visit Justin.


Zach and Alex breaking into the school in "Acceptance/Rejection".

After Justin’s funeral, Alex and Zach went to Monet’s with Ani and Charlie. Outside of Monet’s, Winston asked Alex why he killed Bryce. Alex explained that when Bryce started going on about ruining Zach’s life, he realized Bryce hurt everyone he ever loved and got a flash of rage.

At the end of the series, Alex and Zach both graduate from Liberty High. They are last seen together when burying Hannah’s tapes with their friends.

Clay Jensen

Clay is Alex's friend. They've been friends throughout the whole series.


Clay and Alex talking about Alex's tape in "Tape 2, Side A".

Alex comes into the reception desk at school with a doctors note, Clay asks how he is doing and Alex sarcastically asks Clay how he is doing. Clay becomes speechless and doesn't answer, Alex comments "Yeah" and walks away. Alex is in the playground visibly frustrated and Clay sits down to talk about his tape. Clay asks him if Hannah was telling the truth, Alex asks him "What do you think?" and Clay asks if he did what she said he did Alex asks him "Did you?". Later on, clay sees Alex ripping down posters and confronts him about it, asking what he is doing, Alex tells him that he is cleaning up: "What they think that these are gonna save someone's life? "Suicide's not an option?" Yeah you know what clearly it is an option! Why don't they put up a poster that says don't be a fucking dick to people?!". Clay then asks again about the tapes and Alex gives the same answer. Tyler Down interrupts them asking what they're talking about but Alex sends him away. Clay tells Alex that he doesn't believe that he would do something like that. Clay questions Alex's love for Jessica and Alex says that he loved Jessica and maybe still loves her. Alex stops him from talking more, telling him that they can't be talking about the tapes. Kevin Porter interrupts them asking to see Alex in his office.


Clay confronts Alex about his tape on the school playground in "Tape 2, Side A".

In a flashback, Clay and Hannah are working at The Crestmont, Hannah tells Clay that Alex is still inside although the credits ended already, Alex finally comes out and says goodnight to them. Hannah asks about Jessica but Alex doesn't respond, Clay asks if he is okay and Alex affirms. In the present, Alex and Clay are in the changing rooms and Alex asks Clay about his conversation with Tony. He tells him Mr. Porter is asking people questions and to not say anything about the tapes to him. Also telling him to not talk to Tony and to meet him at Monet's after school. Clay then remembers a time when Hannah came into the boys changing room and got mad at Alex. Alex and Clay meet in Monet's and discuss Alex's tape, what he did and the hot or not list. Later on, Clay is peer pressured into a drinking game by Justin and Bryce, competing with Alex, and wins.


Alex and Clay in a drinking competition with Bryce, Zach, Justin and Monty watching in "Tape 2, Side A".

Clay catches up with Alex in the hallway and tells Alex that he did some research on what Tyler did. But Alex cuts him off before going further telling him that he wants no part of it, and tells him to be careful about who he talks to. They see Bryce and Zach, Bryce invites them both to a party, Tony arrives and gets Clay out of it. After Clay gets revenge on two people on the tapes, Zach, Justin and Alex become scared that Clay will do something when he gets to their tapes and convince Clay to get in a car and they drive him around past the speed limit to scare him into not talking about the tapes. Alex pushes the speed limit further than he was asked to and start to scare Justin and Zach. Alex slows down after a cop car turns its siren and lights on and starts following them. Alex finally stops and asks Clay if he's ever been to jail before. Deputy Standall turns up and realizes that the person driving the car is his son. he lets him off with a warning and Justin and Zach seem happy and scare Clay into understanding that they now have a cop on their side if Clay tries to do anything. On the way to school, students are crowded round in a circle and Clay enters to see what is happening, Clay sees Alex in a fight with Monty, Mr. Porter breaks it up and sends the decision of what should happen to the Student Honor Board, which Clay is a part of. They argue over who's fault it was and Clay makes everyone silent when he tells them all that maybe it's all their faults, talking more about bullying culture. They make a decision that Monty will be suspended and Alex will be let off with a warning.


Clay and Alex sit down after talking about Jeff's death in "Tape 5, Side B".

In a flashback, Jeff Atkins got into a car crash and died, the next day, Clay and Alex talk about his death. Alex comments on how the school has already started putting up drunk driving posters. Clay tells him that Jeff was driving drunk and was being stupid. Alex asks him if he is sad and Clay says he is more pissed off. Alex tells him that he can be both, right now it's easier to be mad at him than sad. But someday he might feel worse if all he was today was just mad. Clay becomes confused and Alex explains that sometimes you judge people and sometimes you live to regret it. Clay tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about and Alex shrugs it off and says that he probably doesn't. Clay apologizes and Alex starts to walk off but Clay tells him that he doesn't have to leave, Alex walks back and sits down with him. In another flashback, to Jessica's party, Clay sees Alex and Alex tells him that he came to the party as part of a plan to hang around Jessica enough to annoy her into getting back together. Clay sees Hannah arrive and excuses himself to go outside.


Clay and Tony talk about whether or not to call Alex handicapped while arriving for court in "The Drunk Slut".

Their relationship becomes more stable in the second season and they become friends. Their first interaction is Alex asking why Clay didn't tell him the school "outlawed" him (banning him from talking about his suicide attempt), Clay tells him that he wasn't made aware of talk of suicide being banned in the school. Alex then asks him about his suicide note and what a specific line in it meant. Clay tells him what he thinks it means but Alex believes that there was something deeper to the line that led him to try and kill himself. Alex tells Clay that he wants to be ready if he gets called to testify in the trial and asks for the tapes, Clay refuses to give him the audio of the tapes and Alex becomes mad that everyone, especially Clay, is trying to protect him instead of giving him what he wants. Alex sees Bryce and Monty and asks Monty "What the fuck are you two looking at?!" while still angry, Bryce stops Monty from saying anything and they leave. Clay tells Alex to calm down but Alex retaliates and tells him that he needs to wake up to what is going on, telling him that he heard what happened to Courtney (she was forced to come out as a lesbian during her testimony) and he wants to be ready and not fail at helping Hannah and Jessica again.


Alex and Clay look at a threatening message Alex received in "The Drunk Slut".

Alex receives a poster with a threatening note on it regarding his attempted suicide, and shows it to Jessica at break, Clay sits down next to them and Jessica asks about his bruises, Clay tells her that someone—in what looked like a black range rover—ran him off of the road while he was on his bike the night before, Alex thinks it's Bryce and Jessica becomes confused as they all know Clay isn't testifying, however Clay doesn't think that Bryce knows that information. Alex tells him that it might not matter if he's testifying as Alex isn't testifying either, Alex then shows Clay the threatening note he received. Clay states that they need to find a way to stop Bryce, Alex asks "How? I'm a cripple and you'll get grounded for life if you even speak to him". Alex looks over at Zach, Bryce and Monty across the lunch hall and wonders if it might be Zach, Jessica tells him that Zach has been the only one at that table to help Alex out with his recovery of his attempted suicide. Alex asks why Zach is still handing around Bryce and Clay suggests that he could be being protected by Bryce, as Bryce doesn't want the truth about what he did to Hannah and Jessica to come out. They both look at Jessica implying that she could call Bryce out by slipping in the fact that Bryce raped her during her testimony while talking about Hannah. Jessica tells them that the Bakers' lawyer told her that she's just supposed to talk about The List ending their friendship. Clay tells her that if she talks about it, it will become a part of the case. Jessica leaves for her first lesson after she tells them it's not that easy for her to say it and the truth doesn't always make things right. Alex begs Clay one more time for the tapes and tells him to stop protecting him, Clay tells Alex that Skye is in the hospital, Alex asks what happened and Clay tells Alex "I stopped protecting her". Alex then asks for a ride to court, Clay tries to say no but Alex stops him.


Alex and Clay talk about the tapes in "The Chalk Machine"

Clay takes Alex to court for Jessica's testimony. Jessica doesn't bring up Bryce in court as she cries after she has flashbacks and becomes too afraid. Clay confronts Alex about what Jessica said in court, asking him if he really kissed Hannah, Alex confirms and Clay walks out of the building. Clay then finally sends Alex all of the audios of the tapes to his phone, as he finds folders to do with court on his mother's computer. Clay and Alex talk about the tapes, Clay becomes cautious of Alex listening to his tape multiple times telling Alex that he did the same thing last time which slowly led to his attempt. Alex tells Clay that he still feels like he is missing something that led him there, something that isn't on the tapes. Clay notices a member of staff on the field using a machine that seems familiar, he asks Alex what the staff member is doing and what he is using and Alex tells him that they are chalking the field using a chalk machine. Before Clay leaves he tells Alex not to listen too hard. During Clay's testimony, he reveals that he, Hannah, Alex, Sheri, Jeff and his girlfriend once did drugs together as a group. Clay attends Alex's birthday party at the arcade. Tyler arrives at the party, invited by Alex himself, however Zach and Jess force him to leave. Alex becomes mad at them for making Tyler leave, Zach starts to explain with "After what he did to Hannah" but Clay cuts him off telling Zach that Tyler's testimony actually managed to help Hannah and the Bakers' in court and Zach's testimony helped people know her as "Hannah the Slut". Zach then tells Clay that he hurt Hannah and the Bakers' more than any of the rest of them did. Alex then asks him how he's any different to them, to which Clay doesn't answer. Later Alex becomes angry and has an outburst aimed at his family, Clay and Jessica, he makes his mother cry and makes Jessica mad, Jess scolds him for it and Alex realizes and apologizes to them.


Clay, Tony, Alex and Justin watch Bryce lie in his testimony in court in "Bryce and Chloe".

Alex comes over to Clay's house and finds Justin unconscious on his bed, with a needle in his arm, he realizes that Justin has overdosed and is choking and rolls him over so that he doesn't die. Clay later comes home and asks what happened, Alex explains and Clay becomes mad at Justin because he started getting clean but Alex tells Clay to leave Justin alone, Clay asks why he's defending Justin and Alex asks what he was thinking by publishing the tapes, Clay says that it's time for Hannah's truth to come out, Alex and Justin tell Clay that it had consequences to Jessica's recovery and Clay says it's time for her truth to come out too. Justin asks him what right he has in deciding what should come out and when. Clay apologizes and tells them that he needs help in trying to bring Bryce down and help Hannah's court case. After Bryce's testimony, the group become angry that Bryce not only lied about him and Hannah, but made out like they were in a secret relationship. Alex tells the group that they can't tell Jessica but Clay tells them they have to, because they need Chlöe to testify against Bryce, and they need Jessica to show Chlöe the Polaroid. After Justin's testimony, the Jury spend time making a decision, and Clay goes with Alex to Jessica's house for moral support to take her down to the police station so she can file a rape report against Bryce. During the Spring Fling dance, Alex joins in with hugging Clay after Clay hears his and Hannah's song—"The Night We Met"—come on.


Clay and Ani confront Alex about using steroids in the lunch hall in "Nobody's Clean".

Clay has a flashback of himself gathering their group plus Cyrus's crew in Monet's and explaining to the group what happened after he, Tyler, and Tony left the Spring Fling dance. Later on, we see a flashback of Clay, Tony and Justin escorting Tyler into school, Alex came out to meet them and Clay explained to Tyler that Alex will walk Tyler to his second lesson after they have their first lesson. A flashback shows Clay gathering the group at Monet's again to show them a schedule that he organized on a website, Alex comments that there is so much coordination built into it that his "Brian injury hurts". Clay and Ani find out from Justin that Alex was using drugs. Clay and Ani confront Alex about it, which makes Alex mad because it was through a breach of privacy. Clay asks Alex if he is okay and Alex hits back sarcastically asking if either of them are okay before saying "Fuck you guys!". Alex calms down and asks them not to tell his Dad—Deputy Standall—about it and reveals that he didn't buy from Bryce like they had assumed, Luke Holliday hooked him up with a guy to buy from. Ani asks why and he tells them that it was because of his body image. Ani tells him that she thinks he looks handsome, Alex humorously comments that she went for a skinny boy like Clay. Clay tells him that he will let the comment go because he's under stress.


Clay and Alex at the gym in "Nobody's Clean".

Later on, Clay and Ani go to the gym so Clay can workout with Alex to distract him while Ani gets Alex's phone to see who else he paid, they found out that he lied and he continuously paid Bryce and then the payment went further up, he also paid another person who they find out to be an escort named Melody Scott. They visit her and she tells them what happened between them. Ani and Clay confront Alex about it and Alex reveals that he broke into a house with Bryce and accidentally traumatized a child, Bryce thought it was his father's house and too late into the process realized it wasn't, Bryce tried to cut ties with him after seeing Bryce have no remorse for it and Bryce started charging Alex full price for drugs instead of the discount he was receiving.


Clay talking to Alex in the hallways as part of his and Ani's plan in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

Clay arrives in school and sees Justin and Alex fighting over Jessica. They start making it physical and he breaks them up. He then sees Mr. Porter and is in shock, Justin asks what he's doing at Liberty High since he was fired. Mr. Porter looks over at them and leaves, Clay is visibly concerned about why the police brought him in as Mr. Porter knew a lot about him and the group having listened to the tapes. Alex is the first person to be brought in to talk to Mr. Porter, he realizes that the police and Mr. Porter are asking questions about Clay to his friends to build a case against him. Alex defends Clay and calls out Mr. Porter. Clay asks Alex in class if Bryce ever dealt Oxy, Alex denies this and tells him that Bryce didn't sell it because he once asked him and he refused. Clay asks why he asked him and Alex said that he had a sprained hamstring from lifting, Bryce said it was too addictive to get hooked on for just numbing the pain. In the final episode, Clay and Ani hatch a plan to cover for Alex after Jessica tells Ani what really happened the night Bryce was killed. Clay catches up with Alex after school, he asks Alex where he is going and Alex says that he texted his Dad to pick him up, however Ani needs to stay at the police station with Alex's Dad to finish their plan, so he asks about him asking for a gun from Tyler. Alex says that he just needed to blow off some steam with target practice and his Dad wouldn't let him. He runs out of things to say and tells him that he believes Ani killed Bryce and he won't cover for her anymore. With the look Alex gives Clay, it is implied that Alex feels guilty and tells him what happened because he doesn't want anything to happen to Ani. Someone (seemingly Justin) then texts Ani, she asks Deputy Standall for water and he leaves for a few second to get it for her, while she is out of the room, she checks her phone and the text reads: "Homework done. Let me know when we can study.". After Ani tells Deputy Standall their cover story the police close the case. They all go back to Clay's house in his basement and listen to the tape Bryce gave to Jessica just before he died.

Tyler Down

Tyler is Alex's friend. Alex was one of Tyler's first friends; their friendship continued throughout the whole series. Alex often stood up for Tyler when others bullied or doubted him.


Tyler taking Alex off his hit list in "Tape 7, Side A".

Alex and Tyler were first seen interacting when Alex was talking to Clay about the tapes and Tyler asked what they’re doing. Alex lied and said that they’re talking about a project, but Tyler knew he wasn’t telling the truth as Alex and Clay only have gym class together. Alex told him that it’s creepy he knows that and to go away.

When Monty was bullying Tyler, Alex told him to leave Tyler alone. Tyler asked “I expect you’d like me to thank you?” but Alex said that he doesn’t want Tyler to ever talk to him again.

At the end of the season, Tyler was seen with photos of several students what seems like a hit list. He remembered Alex standing up for him and took him off the list.


Tyler and Alex in "The First Polaroid".

Tyler visited Alex at his house after he testified in court. He brought candy with him, because Alex’ mom had put him on a special diet after his suicide attempt. After the attempt, Tyler had often visited Alex at the hospital and bonded with Alex’ dad. Alex showed Tyler the place he shot himself and explained that he had lost his memory from what happened a month before the attempt. Tyler then revealed that he photographed Alex when he was in a coma because wanted to document him getting better.

Alex asked Tyler if he had copies of the tapes so he could listen to him, but Tyler didn’t have them. He then asked to see the photos of him at the hospital, which Tyler agreed to. When seeing the photos, Alex wondered how he could do that to himself. Tyler told him he didn’t do it himself, but everyone else at the school did.

Tyler came across Alex and his dad at the Baker’s store. Alex’ dad asked Tyler if he’s coming to Alex’ birthday party, but Tyler hadn’t been invited. Alex claimed that Jessica was supposed to invite him, but said that he should come. Upon arriving at the party, Zach and Jessica said that Alex didn’t want him here and sent Tyler away. Alex was upset at them for doing so.

After Tyler’s school shooting attempt, Alex was among the people who wanted to help Tyler by watching him. Alex, Tyler and Tony would often hang out and train at the boxing gym and Alex would encourage Tyler whenever he was training.


Tyler and Alex in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

Alex witnessed Monty threatening Tyler, so he confronted Monty in the boys’ restroom. He told Monty to leave Tyler alone or he’ll hurt him. Monty laughed it off and asked if they’re hooking up and that’s the reason he cares about Tyler. Alex then showed Monty his knife and said he’ll “open him up” if he ever speaks to Tyler again.

After it was announced that Bryce, who’s body was recently found, was shot in the head, Jessica suggested that Tyler may have done it. Alex asked her how she could say that and that Tyler is his friend and he’s doing well. However, when Tyler was grabbing something from his bag he still tried to see if it was a gun.

Alex waited for Tyler and school and said that he wanted to check up on him, and not because they told him to but because he wanted to. He told him he believes he didn’t kill Bryce.

Tyler and Alex walked into the boxing gym while discussing if Tony could’ve killed Bryce. Alex didn’t want to talk about it and told Tyler to get in the ring. Tyler asked him if he was supposed to do that with the injuries from his suicide attempt, but Alex said that he’ll be fine and they’ll keep it a secret as that’s what they do for each other. In the ring, Alex started punching Tyler while Tyler tried to say that it wasn’t a good idea to start fighting. Alex started getting angry and said hurtful things to Tyler, calling him a pussy and a freak. Tyler told him to stop and punched back, knocking Alex to the ground. Tyler immediately apologized and tried to help him up, but Alex told him he’s fine and to continue the fight.

It’s revealed that Tyler filmed a goodbye video before he tried to shoot up the school. In the video he thanked Alex for being the only person who was ever nice to him. Alex is the only person he personally addressed besides his parents.


Tyler showing Alex his pictures in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

Alex met up with Tyler in the photography room and asked if he’s okay as he just found out about Monty being arrested for raping him. He then asked if he still has a gun and said he wanted to know in case Monty’s friends would come after him. In reality, Alex wanted to use the gun to kill himself as he felt guilty for murdering guys and others being arrested for it. Tyler showed Alex the pictures he had taken of himself for the past months. The pictures showed the injuries Monty caused, the bruises fading and Tyler getting happier. Alex asked if talking to the police felt like a weight lifted off his shoulders, which Tyler confirmed. Tyler asked Alex if he’s okay, and Alex said he was.

When the group decided to frame Monty for Bryce’s murder to protect their friends, Tyler agreed to lie about his whereabouts and said that he’d do anything for Alex.

Tyler and Alex interacted significantly less this season. They're implied to have been hanging out a lot from their interactions with Winston and Charlie. They’re seen standing together or sitting next to each other on several occasions, but are only seen twice having a conversation.


Alex and Tyler in "Prom".

Tyler and Alex talked at the camping trip. Tyler asked Alex what had happened between him and Winston because he thought they liked each other. Alex firmly told him to drop it, but Tyler continued by saying that they’re both really good guys. Alex interrupted him and revealed that Winston was with Monty the night Bryce was murdered and only pretends to be their friend to find out who killed Bryce. Tyler asked if this meant they shouldn’t trust Winston, but Alex told him that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore and left Tyler alone.

During a shooter drill, which the students thought might be real, Tony found pictures of guns in Tyler’s back and wanted to show them to the dean. Alex defended Tyler, saying they don’t know if there’s an actual, if it’s Tyler and that it could ruin Tyler’s life.

Alex and Tyler were seen talking at graduation about how when they’re in college, they can drive to Evergreen together to see their boyfriend/girlfriend. This likely means that they’re either going to the same college or to colleges close to each other.

Winston Williams

Winston is Alex's ex-lover. They met at a party and reconnected when Winston transferred to Liberty High. They formed a friendship and not much later a romantic relationship. Alex broke up with him after discovering his connection to Monty, but Winston still loved him and didn't do anything after discovering that Alex killed Bryce.


Winston and Alex at the party in "Nobody's Clean".

Alex and Winston first met at a Hillcrest party after Monty beat Winston up and Bryce paid him to keep quiet. Winston told Alex that his friends are messed up, which Alex confirmed. He later told Clay and Ani that Alex was at the party.


Alex and Winston talking after the college tour in "College Tour".

Winston transferred to Liberty High to find out the truth about who murdered Bryce. Alex and Winston starting talking during a college tour at Sanderson University. They talked about Tyler and joked about the tour guide. After the tour, they spent some time together. Alex opened up about his suicide attempt. Winston got quiet, but then told Alex that he’s glad he’s alive. Alex apologized to Winston for not staying at the Hillcrest party after Monty beat him up to make sure he’s okay. Winston started to touch Alex’ hand, but Alex recoiled and told him he’s not gay.

Alex and Winston met up at the waterfront and continued to talk about Alex’ suicide attempt. Winston told Alex that it’s amazing where he is now and that having a good group of friends helps. Winston also told him that he’s happy he called as he doesn’t have a lot of friends at Liberty High.

Winston and Alex talked at school when Valentine’s Day was coming up. They talked about love and Alex thinking Valentine is a waste of time. Winston suggested hanging out later that day with just the two of them.


Winston and Alex kissing at the bowling alley in "Valentine's Day".

That night, they went bowling together. They ended up talking about the upcoming Valentine’s Dance, where Winston would photograph. Alex proposed to attend the dance to keep him company, besides thinking the dance is stupid. They agreed to go as friends. Alex then started kissing Winston, but pulled back and apologized. Winston told him that he has been waiting for him to do that all night. They continued making out.

The next night, at the Valentine’s Dance, Alex and Winston saw each other again. They made out in the hallway. Alex tried to say that he isn’t sure if he’s gay, but Winston told him that he’s Alex and that’s all he cares about. As they continued making out, Ani saw them and later told Clay about it.

During the senior camping trip, Winston and Alex shared a tent. Clay stared asking Alex about Winston. Alex denied that they’re dating and said it wasn’t his business, but Clay revealed that Ani had seen them. He warned Alex that Winston can alibi Monty and it’s not safe to be with him.


Alex breaking up with Winston in "Senior Camping Trip".

Upset, Alex packed his stuff and went to sleep in his dad’s tent instead. He told Winston he “can’t do it anymore” as he isn’t sure he’s into guys. Winston didn’t believe him and asked to tell what he did wrong, promising to fix it. Alex didn’t give an explanation.

During a school shooting drill, Winston was hiding with Zach and got high. He told Zach that his friends suck as they caused Alex to break up with him. He implied that Alex won’t even look at him anymore and hates him. Zach believed Winston lied to Alex, but Winston said that he cares about Alex and still loves him because he’s the kindest person he has ever met. He also asked Zach to, if he dies, tell Alex that he’s the first boy he ever truly loved.

At the end of the season, Alex admitted to Winston that he killed Bryce. Winston thought he was lying, but Alex told him he’s not. Alex also said that he was alone and to do what he wants with this information. Later, Winston asked him why he did it, if he’s sorry and if Jessica was with him. He then asked if he ever liked him. Alex said he did, Winston helped him figure stuff out for himself and he loved being with him. Winston told him he isn’t going to do anything because he still loves him. They hugged.

Justin Foley

Justin was Alex's frenemy. They used to be friends, but formed a dislike for each other after Hannah's death. They also respected and cared for each other, and helped each other on numerous occations.

Alex and Justin became friends shortly after Alex started attending Liberty High and hanging out with the jocks. According to Alex, Justin liked him around this time which made school not “completely suck”. However, their relationship became tense following the release of the tapes and having different opinions on what they should do. Alex still hung around him and the other guys, but was unhappy.


Alex and Justin hanging out with friends in "Tape 1, Side B".

Alex, Justin, Zach, Jessica, Marcus and Courtney met up to talk about what to do concerning Clay and the tapes. Alex and Justin disagreed with each other; Justin wanted to try and shut Clay up, while Alex defended Clay and thought they deserve punishment for what they did to Hannah. Alex had stomach pains, which seemingly annoyed Justin; he told Alex to see a doctor.

After the meeting, Justin asked Jessica if she was coming, but Jessica told him that she was still talking with Alex. Justin asked what they were talking about, to which Alex told him that Jessica told him that she misses him and he was a much better boyfriend than Justin. He then made fun of the way Justin smells. Justin told Alex “fuck you” and told him he’s a funny guy. After Alex left, Justin asked Jessica if she knows that he’s a liar. Jessica denied this.

At school, Justin stopped Alex as he wanted him to join them to talk about Clay, but Alex refused and said to leave Clay alone. Justin told him that he’s part of it and called him a “pussy”. Alex then claimed that it’s ironic to call him that considering Justin was too scared to stop Jessica from getting raped. In response, Justin pushed him and they started fighting, but Zach quickly stood between them. Justin told him that whatever happens to them, will also happen to Alex. Alex asked if he’d die too if he kills himself, and left.


Justin staying over at Alex' house in "Tape 6, Side A".

Justin was looking for a place to stay the night after getting into an argument at home. Zach and Jessica ignored him, so he showed up at Alex’ house and asked if he could sleep there, even if it’s in the garage. Alex asked his dad for permission to spend the night and let him in.

While at Alex’ house, Justin got called by Jessica and found out that she’s with Bryce. He asked Alex if they could drive to Bryce’s house. When they arrived and Jessica asked Justin why he cares if she hangs out with Bryce, Alex encouraged Justin to tell her.

Alex and Justin returned to Alex’ house after Justin had revealed to Jessica that she was raped. The next morning, Alex received a subpoena. Justin asked him if he isn’t freaked out, but Alex told him that he’s glad everything is coming out.

Following the events of the first season, Justin had run away and was gone for five months, but returned when Clay told him that Jessica wanted him to come back. Alex was upset about this, as he was just starting to get into a romantic relationship with Jessica and Justin was in the way of that.


Alex saving Justin from choking in "The Little Girl".

In a flashback, when Alex was smoking weed with Sheri, Hannah, Clay and Jeff, Jeff mentioned that Justin thinks Alex is a good guy, which he doesn’t think about a lot of people.

Alex went to Clay’s house to talk to Clay, where he found Justin unconscious on the bed. When realizing that Justin shot up and is choking on his puke, he started to freak out. He slapped Justin’s face to try and wake him up and to roll him over. Alex was struggling, but said that he didn’t want to let him die so he kept trying until he succeeded.


Justin and Alex shake hands in "The Box of Polaroids".

After saving Justin, Alex gave him water and told him that he could’ve died. Justin said that no one would care, to which Alex told him to not joke about that and Justin apologized. They talked about Alex’ hair; Justin told him that some guys said he looked gay but he had defended him. Alex sarcastically told him that it was super kind of him. Clay came home and was mad at Justin for using, but Alex told Clay to leave him alone. Alex and Justin both called Clay out for leaking the tapes.

Jessica and Justin reported Bryce to the police with the support of Alex and others. When Justin returned after giving his statement, Alex shook his hand.

In the third season, Alex and Justin still disliked each other. Jessica left Alex for Justin, which made him jealous and start to use steroids to become more muscular.


Justin and Alex arguing in "In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's on Your Side".

When there was a locker search at school, Alex warned Justin and Jessica. Justin was confused as to why Alex cared about a locker search and noticed him throw something away. He picked it up, found out they were steroids and showed them to Clay and Ani. Clay and Ani asked Alex about it, who was furious that Justin took the steroids and told Clay and Ani about it.

Upon finding out that Jessica had lied to Ani about being with Justin on Homecoming night, he screamed at her which caused students to find out about Justin and Jessica’s relationship. The next time Justin and Alex saw each other, they got into an argument. Justin told Alex to not mess things up just because he’s still in love with Jessica and that Jessica is scared of him. Justin also called Alex a ‘Roid Monster’, while Alex called Justin out for using drugs and asked her if he was going to let Jessica get raped again. This caused them to physically start fighting each other; Clay quickly stopped it.

Alex and Justin came across each other in the boys’ restroom. Alex told Justin that he needed to tell Jessica about his drug use. Justin questioned why it matters to him and if he just wanted a reason to be angry at him again. Alex told him that it matters to him because, even though he thinks of Justin as a “worthless piece of shit” who doesn’t deserve Jessica, he knows Jessica loves him and she deserves to know the truth.

Justin and Alex talking in the restroom in "Always Waiting for the Next Bad News".

He also told Justin that he has been dealing with Jessica being in love with him for two years already while he has been ruining her life. Alex’ words seemed to have an impact on Justin as he broke up with Jessica that same day because he felt like she deserved better than to deal with his problems. After it’s revealed that Alex was the one to murder Bryce and Jessica was involved, Justin helped with covering it up by framing Monty for it and being honest about where he was that night. At the end of the season, Alex appeared to accept Jessica and Justin’s relationship.

When Justin came home after spending a month in rehab, Alex was present at his Welcome Back Party to celebrate his return.


Alex visiting Justin in the hospital in "Graduation".

The rest of the season, Alex and Justin didn’t interact until the last episode. After Justin collapsed at prom and ended up in the hospital, Alex and Charlie visited him and brought him a giant panda. They also convinced Zach, who was scared of hospitals due to his father’s death, to see Justin.

After Justin’s death, Alex tried to give a speech at the funeral. He said that he believed Justin helped save his life and that, even though they didn’t like each other, he helped Alex when he needed it. He wasn’t able to finish his speech.

Bryce Walker

Bryce was Alex's former friend and enemy. Throughout the series, they had a complex and opportunistic relationship that ended with Alex killing Bryce.


Alex hanging out with Bryce and his friends in "[[Tape , Side A]]"

Alex started hanging out with Bryce and his friends, neglecting his friendship with Hannah. Alex contributed to a list that Bryce started, a list that rated and objectified female students.

Alex appeared to be quite unhappy in the group. At some point when he hung out with them, he threw himself in the pool from feeling miserable. He explained to Clay that he isn’t friends with Bryce, but started hanging around him for the other guys.[15]

During a group meeting, Alex pointed out that they’re worse than Bryce by hiding behind him. He mentioned he ruined the one good thing he had because he wanted Bryce to think he was like him.[16]


Bryce teasing Alex on his birthday in "[[The Thir Polaroid]]"

When Alex returned to school five months after he shot himself, Bryce welcomed him and Jessica back. This angered Alex, asking “Seriously? "Welcome back"?”. Jessica told him to stop before Alex could say more.[17] On Alex’ birthday, his friends put up a banner in the school’s hallway, wishing him a happy birthday. Bryce and Scott walked by and teased him about it, asking if he’s going to get a new cane and new friends. As they walked away, Alex loudly screamed “Fuck you, you fucking rapist!”. Bryce paused for a second, but then ignored it and kept walking.[18]


Bryce and Alex hanging out at the Chatham house in "[[Nobo 's Clean]]"

Alex turned to Bryce for steroids after being introduced to them by Luke. Bryce offered him a “friends and family discount”.

Alex hung out at Bryce’s house, where Alex did cocaine for the first time. Bryce expressed that he needs to get laid, which Alex agreed with but thought it wasn’t going to happen. Bryce informed Alex that there’s a way to make it happen and introduced Alex to a sex worker, Melody.

Bryce invited Alex to help break into his dad’s new house and mess it up. Alex was hesitant at first, but Bryce justified it by saying that it’s just like messing up his own place. They realized that they broke into the wrong house after a child entered the room. Bryce told the child “Speak and you die”, which angered Alex. After they got back to the car and drove away, Alex told Bryce that he’s a horrible person for scarring the kid for life. Bryce shrugged it off and stated that they’re all scarred for life and to check his head. Alex said that doesn’t want to see him ever again, to which Bryce informed Alex that this means he won’t get a discount anymore.[19]

Alex helping Bryce up in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Later on, Jessica arrived as Bryce had asked her to meet him by the dock so he could give her something, she brought Alex Standall for security. After Bryce gave Jessica a tape, they started to walk away. Bryce begged for them to help him up. Alex walked back and helped Bryce up. However, as Bryce stood up he threatened Zach and accused Jessica of setting him up. Alex told him that he wasn’t going to do anything and that Jessica didn't set him up, but Bryce continued accusing Jessica. Alex looked him in the eye and told him "You've hurt everyone I ever loved", Alex started to push him towards the railings and pushed him into the water. Bryce sunk underwater and drowned as he could not swim with his injuries.[20]


Alex' hallucination of Bryce pulling him down in "Senior Camping Trip"

During a camping trip, Alex fell off a boat into the river. While under water, he hallucinated Bryce pulling him down. After being pulled to shore by Zach, he had a conversation with his dad. He said he had felt like someone pulled him down and he couldn’t breathe or scream, just like Bryce must’ve felt when he died. He said he can’t keep the secret that he killed Bryce anymore, but his dad told him that he didn’t deserve to have his life thrown away.[21] Throughout the season, Alex appeared to think that he didn’t deserve things like going to college because of his actions.

At prom, Alex, Jessica and Zach had a conversation about Bryce. Alex thought that Bryce should’ve been at prom and that he didn’t deserve to die.[22]

Alex revealed to Winston that he was the one who killed Bryce and said no one else was involved. He told Winston to do whatever he wants with this information, but Winston decided not do anything because he loved Alex. However, he did want to know why he did it and if he was sorry. Alex explained that at that moment he only saw anger in Bryce and no soul. He had then realized that Bryce ruined everyone he ever loved and got a flash of rage because of his TBI. He also declared that he’s more sorry than he can ever say.[23]

Montgomery de la Cruz

Monty was Alex's former friend and enemy. Despite all the bad blood between them, Alex expressed sorrow about what happened to him.


Alex and Monty playing video games at Bryce's pool house, in "Tape 2, Side A"

Alex and Montgomery had a slight friendship. Montgomery is shown pushing Alex into a drinking contest and later playing video games with him at Bryce's house, which Alex wins. However, he later nearly hits Alex with his car and laughs. After he and Alex get into a fight because of this, he blames Alex for it. He is suspended, while Alex is not. This appears to end any friendship they had. He and Alex are later both shown at the party at Bryce's house where Justin admits Bryce raped Jessica, though they do not interact. Later, Alex stops Montgomery from antagonizing Tyler and brings up his recently ended suspension, which Montgomery does not take kindly to.


Alex confronting Monty about Hannah's rape, in "Bryce and Chloe"

Alex and Monty are no longer friends. Monty even intimidates Alex away from testifying by sending him a target, a gun, and a bullet. It is also revealed that he and Alex played video games at Bryce's house the night Hannah was raped, and he saw it, but did nothing and told Alex it was nothing to worry about. Alex confronted him about this later, and he warned Alex to shut up, refusing to take responsibility for his actions. During the fight between the jocks and other boys, Alex hits Montgomery with his cane when he attacks Zach, and after Montgomery retaliates, Alex tells him he will go to jail. Alex later figures out Montgomery was the one intimidating them and is among the group that confronts him, even threatening him with a gun and going with him to get the polaroids. When Montgomery is revealed to not have the polaroids, he calls Alex's bluff on shooting him and escapes with the gun, leaving Alex stranded. Alex is presumably the one who told the police what Montgomery did, as his father asks Montgomery about the gun when he is questioned.


Alex threatening Monty with a knife, in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"

Bryce takes Monty and Alex to a Hillcrest party during the summer where Monty beats up Winston and Alex and Bryce pull Monty away. Alex makes sure if Bryce was okay to drive Monty home, and later tells Winston that Bryce and Monty are messed up and not his friends. In the football field, Monty makes fun of Alex's suicide attempt to Charlie and suspects that he's gay and has a thing for Tyler, before Zach intervenes. After witnessing his bullying of Tyler, Alex confronts Monty in the bathroom and threatens him with a knife to stay away from Tyler, which intimidates Monty despite his remarks about Alex running to his dad and having a relationship with Tyler. After Monty's death, Alex expresses sorrow, and learns that his friends framed Monty.

Alex frequently worries about the truth behind Monty's framing coming out, and he doesn't rule out the possibility of Estela trying to clear Monty's name because no matter how horrible Monty was as a person, he was still her brother. He is very surprised to learn about Winston and Monty's relationship, and hurt because he thinks that Winston was only hanging out with them to clear Monty's name. By the end of the season, he makes peace with it and thanks Winston when he says that he loved both Alex and Monty.

Carolyn Standall

Carolyn is Alex's mother. Despite some complications, she is supportive and appreciative of Alex.


Carolyn wishing Alex a happy birthday, in "The Third Polaroid"

After Alex's attempt, Carolyn is taking care of him. Alex asks Carolyn about the note he left before his suicide attempt. She doesn't want to give it to him at first, and he starts yelling at her. She gives him the note after Alex promises that he would talk to his psychiatrist about it. On Alex's birthday, Carolyn wakes him up, wishing him a happy birthday and giving him balloons and talks about his birthday party. At the party, Alex starts yelling that he should've succeeded in killing himself, which results in Carolyn crying and Bill comforting here. She also puts Alex on an organic whole-grain macrobiotic diet and gets angry at Alex for having candy in his room. She tells Bill that Alex is trying to be better.

In the dinner table, ALex asks Bill about Clay. Bill tells him that he can't discuss that, but Carolyn defends Alex by saying that it's understandable he's worried as Clay is a good friend. Carolyn is later seen having Thanksgiving dinner with Bill, Peter, Alex and Jessica.


Carolyn and Alex talking in "Prom"

Carolyn and Bill were eagerly waiting for Alex to open his college acceptance letter. When Alex reveals that he got accepted to Berkely, they loudly cheer and hug. Alex isn't too excited, so Carolyn tells him that it's okay to take a few moments to take it in..

Alex introduces his boyfriend, Charlie St. George, to the family. Everyone is accepting and welcoming. Alex tells Carolyn that he expected for it to be a bigger deal. Carolyn asks Alex if Charlie is good to him and makes him happy, which Alex confirms. Carolyn then hugs him and says that makes it a very big deal to her.

Carolyn attends Justin Foley's Funeral with Bill and Alex, and urges Bill to help Alex out when he gets choked up trying to give his speech. She also attends Alex's graduation along with her family. She and Bill tell Alex how proud they are and take pictures with him.


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Why don't they put up a poster that says 'Don't be a fucking dick to people'?
— Alex to Clay in Liberty Hallway[src]

I meant it to piss Jessica off. Because she wouldn't have sex with me.
— Alex revealing to Clay why he helped to make the list that humiliated both Jessica and Hannah.[src]

So not only did everyone think Hannah gave it up for me I took away her best friend. And who knows? If she had a friend, maybe...
— Alex expressing his regret over his actions.[src]

No, it's not. It's not okay. You want it to be okay because then you get off the hook, but you're losing your shit. You want to think whatever you did couldn't be why Hannah killed herself. But the truth is that I did, I killed Hannah Baker! And Justin killed Hannah Baker. And Jessica. And you. We all killed Hannah Baker.
— Alex to Clay.[src]

Do you wanna know what's worse than being a rapist? It's hiding behind one!
— Alex to the group, after Tyler suggests using Bryce as a scapegoat to minimize the damage on themselves.[src]

You want to get the story straight? We all know the story. Everything Hannah said on the tapes is true. You're gay. So what? Tyler, you're a stalker. Ryan, you're an arrogant asshole. Zach, you're just an entitled idiot who does cruel, stupid things even though you probably have a decent heart. And Sheri's a fucking coward who got a kid killed. (.....) No, Marcus. You'll do anything to keep up your perfect reputation. And, yeah, I'm a fucking weak, pathetic loser who ruined the one good thing that I ever had because I wanted a rapist to think I was just like him. Hannah was my friend. And we should tell the truth about her. Because I know that if I had still been friends with her if anyone of us had still been friends with her, she'd be alive today.
— Alex lashing out at the group after suggesting using Bryce as a scapegoat to escape punishment for their actions.[src]

Alex: "You look beautiful today."
Jessica: "So do you."
Alex: "I look damaged."
Jessica: "It's a good look on you. See everybody's checking you out."
Alex: "They're checking you out. You're pretty and sad. People love that."
Jessica: "You have a cane and a scar. All my scars are inside. "
Alex:: "We're definitely going to hell for joking about this."
Jessica: "Alex, my friend, we're in hell already, I plan to look like I'm enjoying it."
―  Alex and Jessica on why people are staring at them, after coming back to Liberty High for the first time.[src]
Alex: "I meant to ask you guys about my note."
Zach: "What note?"
Alex: "My suicide note. [takes it out]"
Zach: "Jesus, put that away!"
Alex: "It's not radioactive.
No, I know, it's just... we're not allowed to talk about suicide. Or you, or Hannah."
Jessica: "Says who?"
Zach: "Says the school. They made a rule, the day after you... after that day. And if you talk about it on campus, you get suspended."
Alex: "That's so fucked up."
Zach: "Yeah."
―  Zach, Alex and Jess on the new suicide-suspension rule at Liberty High.[src]
What does this mean 'I could've stopped it.' What does that mean? And how could I have stopped it?
— Alex to his Mom after reading his suicide note("Tape 7, Side A") for the first time.[src]

Can I just ask you one question? What is it about me that isn't good enough?
— Alex to Jessica after she broke up with him in "Nobody's Clean"

Ani: "I think you're very handsome. I think you're adorable."
Alex: "Yeah. Well, you're the one girl in this county who would go for a skinny, sad kid. And you went for Clay, so..."
Clay: "I'm gonna let that go because you're under stress."
―  Ani, Alex and Clay[src]
You've hurted everyone I've ever loved.
— Alex to Bryce before killing him in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Zach: "You asked Tyler for a gun today?"
Alex: "Yeah, I... I wrote a confession. And... I... I don't know."
Zach: "Jesus. Alex.."
Alex: "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you."
Alex: "I think we should be the kind of friends who can tell each other anything. I mean, maybe not about the hard-ons and the masturbation so much, but..."
―  Alex and Zach about Alex wanted to commit suicide again and their friendship[src]
Alex: "How are we going to live with this?"
Jessica: "We're survivors, you and me. F.M.L. Forever."
Alex: "F.M.L. Forever."
―  Alex and Jessica about living with knowing what they did[src]

Alex: "It must be kind of nice coming to a school where nobody knows your history. (...) Sometimes I wish that... I mean, I don't know."
Winston: "What? What do you wish?"
Alex: "There's just a lot of shit that I wish never happened."
Winston: "Like what?"
Alex: "Oh, like... I tried to kill myself."
Winston: "Oh, I... I'm sorry"
Alex: "Yeah, me too. Hugely."
―  Alex about regretting his suicide attempt[src]
Charlie: "Are you sad? Right now?"
Alex: "Some part of me will always be sad. And another part of me is happier than I've ever been before. I think... I think I'm in love with you."
Charlie: "I'm confident you are, because I know I'm in love with you."
―  Charlie and Alex confessing their love for each other[src]
Winston: "Can I ask you, why'd you do it?"
Alex: "Yeah. OK. Zach had hurt him pretty bad, he'd broken his leg, his arm. He begged me to help him up, so I did. And then he started on about how he was gonna ruin Zach's life, which he already had done. And he was just spewing all this shit. And I saw this... anger. I didn't see any soul or anything. I just didn't. And then I realized that he had ruined everyone I ever loved. And I got this... this flash of rage. Ever since my TBI, I get these flares, like, I go red. And then I pushed him off the dock."
Winston: "Are you sorry you did it?"
Alex: "More than I can ever say."
―  Alex about killing Bryce[src]


  • Alex's astrology sign is Pisces♓.
  • His birthdate is March 15th.
  • Alex favorite video game is Call of Duty.
  • He is good at video games and bowling.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • He is passionate about music. He was part of a jazz band in Season 1 before he quit due to his suicidal tendencies. After his attempt, musical instruments and band posters are still seen in his room even if he doesn't really play on-screen.
  • Alex made it his goal to try every beverage on the menu at Monet's, Jess called him weird because of it and he defended himself by saying he is "a searcher". He completed this in a flashback in "Nobody's Clean".
  • It's been said that Alex was taken off of Tyler Down's photographic hit list because Tyler remembered a time when Alex defended him. In the later seasons, Alex and Tyler become very good friends, to the point where Tyler includes Alex as the only one who has ever been nice to him in his suicide video.
  • According to a video posted on 13 Reasons Why's Instagram account his iPhone password is 1379.
  • He was 17 in the first season & half of the second season up to the seventh episode in the second season[24], when he turns 18. Since he's still a Junior, he might have been held back for one year at some point. In "Tape 1, Side B", Alex states (in a flashback) at Monet's that he was put in remedial math, implying he has problems with this subject.
  • According to an Instagram Story posted on 13 Reasons Whys' Instagram account, Alex's email is 'therealalexstandall@gmail.com'
  • The name of Alex's Instagram account is 'alex.standall'.
  • Despite being a witness in Hannah Baker's rape, Alex was not called upon to testify in Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District trial because of his memory loss[25].
  • Alex was the one who killed Bryce by throwing him into a river to drown after his legs were broken by Zach Dempsey. His father realized it was him from the fact that Alex drove his mother's minivan and because of his left-side limp as denoted by the footprints he left at the scene. Jessica was also in the crime scene with Alex, which made her a witness to Bryce's murder.
  • Alex' sexuality is never explicitly stated. It's more likely that he's choosing to stay unlabeled after figuring out that he is queer.
    • It's presumable that he's bisexual due to his former interest in Jessica and other women. There is also a scene in "College Interview" where Charlie meets up with Alex at the docks and tells him that he didn't tell Alex's mom that Alex likes boys, and then corrects himself saying "at least sometimes", implying that Alex also likes girls.
    • However, it's also possible that he's gay and didn't realize until later, as he asked Tony how he found out that he's gay (instead of how he found out he liked guys) and had previously gotten a hard-on from Zach that he wasn't able to get from a girl.
  • In "College Interview", Jess talks about two of her friends in her college interview, even though she does not mention any of their names. Actually, one of them is Alex and the other is Hannah.
  • Alex and Jessica are going to the same college.
  • In Jessica's Season 4 promotional poster, Alex wrote "You deserve to be happy". In the series, Jessica says this line to Alex after Alex and Charlie are voted Prom Kings in "Prom".
  • Hannah, Jessica and Alex used 'F.M.L. Forever' as an acronym of 'Fuck My Life' whenever they met up or had a tough topic to talk about. Even after Hannah's death, Alex and Jessica continued to use it as a reminder of Hannah and also a motto of their friendship.
  • Alex and Clay have/had the same therapist, Dr. Robert Ellman, mentioned in "The First Polaroid".
  • Alex is the second person in his family to go to college after his brother Peter. Deputy Standall mentions this in "Graduation" when discussing the love of family with Sheriff Diaz.


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