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Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz's fight took place on a school day when Alex Standall was walking to school and Montgomery de la Cruz was driving and almost hit Alex, as a result Alex and Monty had started a fight with many students as spectators.[1]

It was called into a hearing by the Student Honor Board since the fight had taken place outside of school grounds, on the street by the tennis courts.  


Alex Standall was walking to school until Montgomery de la Cruz had almost run him over with his jeep, much to Monty's and Justin's amusement. Justin Foley was sitting in the passenger's seat. They both told Alex to calm down after Alex's angry outburst, but Alex persistently demanded Monty to leave the car and to fight. Monty told Alex not to start anything, but Alex pushed Monty down and then students gathered to watch and record the fight. Monty landed a punch on Alex while he pushed him down, which caused his lip to bleed. Clay Jensen walked along, while he listened to Hannah's tape, he then spotted the crowd, pushed through to see what was happening and started to watch. The fight was three minutes of Monty and Alex punching and pushing each other, until it ended with Monty continously punching Alex, who he had pinned down and couldn't get up, causing bleeding to occur on his face. Mr. Porter then came over and broke up the fight. Mr. Porter asked Monty what was happening and took them both into the school to deal with it. 


The Honor Board was granted the power to arbitrate the conflict between Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz. The emergency meeting of the Honor Board for that case had six acting members and was a full quorum (as stated by Marcus). Marcus Cole, acts as meeting president and Courtney Crimsen as recording secretary. Other members included Sheri Holland and Clay Jensen.

Despite Mr. Porter's claim of the Board's autonomy of decision, he and the vice principal were present during the meeting and voiced various concerns and warnings. The decision of three days of suspension was also ambiguously proclaimed by the Board yet enforced by the School with no obvious formal request or confirmation from either side.[1]




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Alex (almost run over by Monty): "The fuck?! Man, people are trying to walk here! (Monty and Justin laugh) Fuck is your problem?"
Monty: "Dude, Alex, chill. It's all good."
Alex: "Oh, it's all good? You think you can just run people over, like everyone else at the fucking school?"
Monty: "You're tripping, man."
Alex: "Okay. Get out of the car. (Monty and Alex stare at him) Get out of the car! I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! Get out! Get out!"
Justin: "Alex, calm the fuck down."
Alex: "You calm down! I am calm! Man, I'm so fucking calm."
Monty: "You don't want to do this."
Alex: "What, man, you think I'm scared of you?"
Monty: "You should be."
―  Alex, Monty and Justin before the fight[src]
Mr. Porter (after pulling Monty off of Alex): "What the hell is going on!?"
Monty: "He started it"
Mr. Porter: "Yeah? So what are you doing? "
Monty (smirking): "Finishing it? (some students laughing)"
Mr. Porter: "You think that's funny? Yeah? Come on, let's go. Everybody, go to class. Show's over. Go to class!"
―  Mr. Porter and Monty after the fight is finished[src]
Marcus (walking in): "Okay, so this emergency meeting of the Honor Board is called to order. Marcus Cole, presiding. Courtney Crimsen, recording secretary. All memebers present. Petitioners, please state your names. (silence) That's you guys."
Alex and Monty simultaneously: "Alex Standall, Montgomery de la Cruz."
Marcus: "So, Montgomery, this case seems pretty straightfoward, I mean, you were the one driving."
Monty: "So?"
Marcus: "So, the pedestrian has the right of way."
Courtney: "Yeah, that is the law."
Marcus: "And you were walking when he almost hit you?"
Alex: "Wasn't just me. Heroji Pratt, Jin-seo Yoon, Chase Parker. I don't know, they were all there."
Monty: "You were the one who acted like a fucking psycho"
Mr. Porter: "Hey. Watch the language."
―  Aftermath of the fight, school Honor Board decision[src]
Courtney: "And you were wreckless driving"
Marcus: "And you could've killed somebody. It's our job to protect the students of this school. (Alex laughs)"
Alex: "To protect the students at this school?"
Marcus: "Yes, Alex. That's what the Honor Board is for, to settle disputes among students, so they don't spill out into the hallways"
Alex: "Yeah, the Honor Broad, 'cause you're all so honorable."
Mr Porter: "Alex, this happened off-campus. So, the alternative is the police."
Alex: "Okay. Great, let's make a call then"
Courtney: "No one need to make a call. There's no crime. We can deal with it here."
Alex: "What, so anyone can get away with anything at this school and no one gives a fuck?"
Jane Childs: "Language, Alex, please."
―  Aftermath of the fight, school Honor Board decision [continued][src]
Courtney: "We're just saying that it was no one's fault. Okay? It just happened."
Monty: "It didn't just happen. I mean, maybe I was driving a little too fast, but Alex lost his shit."
Alex: "Yeah, see? I lost my shit. It's my fault."
Mr. Porter: "Goddamn it, hey! Watch your language!"
Alex: "I'm taking some fucking responsibility. Since you guys can't."
Courtney: "If Alex says it was his fault-"
Marcus: "Doesn't matter what Alex says."
Monty: "But it was his fault."
Marcus: "No it's your fault."
―  Aftermath of the fight, school Honor Board decision [continued][src]
Alex: "It's not his fault."
Clay: "Maybe it's all your faults, I mean did that ever occur to any of you?"
Marcus: "Okay. So, Montgomery, it is the decision of the Honor Board that you are to be suspended from Librty High School for three consecutive school days starting tomorrow"
Monty: "That's fucking bullshit."
Alex: "That is fucking bullshit"
Mr. Porter: "All right. That is enough, or you are both gone."
Marcus: "And, um, you Alex, you're going to be let off with a warning."
Monty: "Oh, come on!"
Alex: "What?"
Marcus: "With a warning this time."
―  Aftermath of the fight, school Honor Board decision [continued][src]
Alex (leaves): "Fucking hypocrites"
Mr Porter: "Alex."
―  Aftermath of the fight, school Honor Board decision [continued][src]




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