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    Alien Killer Robots is an obscure comic book series which Clay Jensen is an avid fan of. Clay's favorite character in the series is Percy.

Story and Characters[]

The story is set in the year 2161, when the earth is heavily polluted. Invaders from a planet of Rykon 7, Andromeda Galaxy Percy, a captain who leads an army to fight off the invaders.

Percy is the protagonist who's biggest personality trait is to save anyone. Astrid is a self sufficient healer who believes the best in anyone. Zymorg is a sentient robot known as a Rykonian, who is known to have a manufacturing flaw. He is part of Percy's squad who does not necessarily follows Percy's orders.


Alien Killer Robots is first mentioned in the second season where Sheri Holland was reading an issue of the comic book while watching over Justin Foley who is rehabilitating from drug addiction. She commented that the way the robots are drawn are "kinda sexy". Justin is later seen reading it and commenting that they're addictive.

In the third season,  mentions of Alien Killer Robots are more widespread as Clay and Ani often discuss over their favorite characters and planning on making costumes. Clay mentions that the reason he likes AKR is because it lets you escape into another world, away from all the things you have to do and become someone else.

The fourth season depicted a dream sequence involving Alien Killer Robots in the episode "Acceptance/Rejection" when Clay is Percy, Ani as Astrid and Bryce as Zymorg. In the dream, Percy and Astrid help a wounded soldier who Percy sent out to battle.



  • In Clay's Instagram account (clayjensen0713), the first post is a picture of a stack of the comic series.
  • Both Clay and Ani's favorite issue of the series is issue #85.
  • While a social worker asked Justin about him and Clay both like robots, Justin replied that the comic series is awesome.
  • While Justin was living in Clay's bedroom in Season 2, he was wearing a t-shirt of Alien Killer Robots that likely belonged to Clay.
  • According to Clay, there is a spin off series titled "Turtlebots", which is catered to younger kids and the creators has disavowed it.
  • Clay's email address, percyakr2161@gmail.com, is another reference of the series.
  • In the fourth season, Clay left behind Percy's symbol at the places he vandalized while dissociating.


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