Alisha Ilhaan Bø (Alisha Boe) (b. March 6, 1997) is a Norwegian-Somali actress. She portrays Jessica Davis in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


Boe is a Norwegian-Somali actress born in Oslo, Norway. She is currently known for being in 13 Reasons Why, Days of Our Lives playing Daphne becoming a recurring character, and Ray Donovan playing Janet for four episodes.

She made her acting debut in 2008, when she landed a role of Child Lisa in a horror film, Amusement. A year later she appeared in the film, He's On My Mind, as Laci and in 2012 in Paranormal Activity 4 as Tara. In 2014, she guest-starred in two shows, in January as Tracy McCoy in Modern Family, and in July, as Brynn Hendry in two episodes of the thriller show Extant.

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  • Boe, along with Tommy Dorfman and Selena Gomez got a tattoo of a semi-colon for 13 Reasons Why and Project Semi-Colon[1].
  • Boe, Brandon Flynn, Dorfman and Navarro are all very good friends, and are the ones who seem to hang out with each other the most in the cast.
  • It was stated in an interview for Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why that Boe along with Flynn, were robbed and didn't know about it, but they laughed it off. Christian Navarro was also in this interview.[2]
  • She watches Rick and Morty, she watches the show to decompress, mentioning that she really liked "Pickle Rick".
  • She was grateful for the chance to explore Jessica’s recovery in the second season.[3]

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That was a very, very hard day. Um, funny story, though. While we were- [interrupted by Brian Yorkey laughing, then joins in] -While we were filming, I'm, like, naked and then I'm not. And then I'm running out of the dressing room and I'm like "Ah!". And then all the sirens are going off, the alarms are going off and.. We're filming in a live mall and there's people there, and this woman and her daughter come up to me while we're filming, and there's like-- There's cameras around us. And she goes, "Are you okay? Like, do you want me to call--?" [Audience laughs]- No the first thing she says is, "Do you want me to call the police?" And I'm like-- And I'm like-- [grunts, chuckles], No. And I walk away and then people are like, "We're filming." And her expression was just priceless, like, she was so genuinely concerned.
[Elaine Welteroth: At least you knew your performance was convincing.]
Yeah, yeah!
— Alisha on the scene where Jessica has a flashback in the mall[4][src]

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Last season, you saw her struggle with her body. She felt like a prisoner in her own body. And this year, she takes her power back, and she discovers her sexuality, and it's all in the road of recovery, of claiming your body back
— Alisha about Jessica reclaiming her power[src]

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