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Amara Josephine Achola is a recurring character in the third season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Nana Mensah.

Amara is the mother of Ani Achola. After she assigned as nurse for Nora Walker's father, she along with her daughter, move to the Chatham House.

Early Life

Amara and her daughter moved to the United Kingdom when Ani was only four years old. A decade later, they moved to America. Due to her job, she has to move a lot.

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Amara first appeared when Ani is washing something red out of her shirt, while her mom calls her name. Ani hid the shirt and went out to greet her mom, pretending like everything is okay.[1]

Ani asked any news about Bryce's disappearance and offered to help her mom, which annoyed Amara. Amara told her to focus on school, not to try to help out and to promise to stay away from Walkers' problems. A flashback showed Bryce entering the kitchen with wounds on face, which he got after being pushed down the stairs at his new school. Amara quickly got him a pack of ice and took care of his wounds.[2]

When Ani tried to sneak past her mom after coming home, Amara noticed and asked who dropped her off. Ani lied to her, saying it was Jessica Davis. Amara reminded her to stay out of Walker's business and that her job will never be Ani's job. She told Ani that a place in the country is not guaranteed and that everything a mother does, she does for her child. Ani promised that she won't lose her.[3]

Ani listened to Nora Walker talk with the police on the phone; Amara told to keep head down and let Nora grief. Nora then told Amara that they found blood on the ground and someone hurt her son. Amara sent Ani away.

Amara is seen giving Bryce's grandfather his medicine. When Nora entered the room, Amara wanted to leave but Nora asked her to stay. Nora told her father about Bryce's death; he got angry and blamed Nora. Amara tried to calm him down.[4]

Amara attended Bryce Walker's Funeral with Ani and Nora. After the funeral, everyone went to the Chatham house. Amara was seen asking Ani to refill the ice and telling Clay to "go and join the party".[5]

Amara was with Ani in the interrogation room when she got asked about the underwear found in Bryce's room. Amara told Sheriff Diaz that Ani's a good girl and she knows better than to get caught up in "school boy drama."[6]

She confronted Ani about a red-stained shirt she found and participating in the protest at the Homecoming Football Game. Amara told Ani that she knows the underwear found in Bryce's room is from her. She was angry at Ani for getting involved with her employers son, endangering their livelihood and presence in the United States.[7]

Ani told Amara that she can be a good friend and daughter at the same time, is going to help her friend and hopes that she'll have the same privilege someday. Amara didn't respond.[8]

Amara confronted Ani about being with a boy and a girl at Monet's last night. Ani told her that Jessica and Justin needed help with their history homework, but Amara assumed she was lying. She then told Ani that she needed to be at the police station again and that she had said not to get involved. She didn't appreciate Ani lying to the police and hanging out with Clay. Ani defended her involvement and Clay.

Clay went to the Chatham house where he had an awkward encounter with Amara. Clay tried to explain to her how important Ani is to him. Amara told him that Ani is stubborn and she knows that Ani offered to lie to the police for him but he didn't let her. Ani then came in and announced that she and Clay are dating. Amara reacted by saying "have you not learned? I know all this already."[9]

Season 4

In the fourth season, Amara moved to Oakland as she didn't have a job in Evergreen anymore after Harrison Chatham's death. Ani was supposed to go with her, but was invited by Jessica to move in her house. Amara was reluctant at first, so she made Jessica' dad agree on having a sundown curfew and giving her his contact details.[10]

At her new job, Amara fell and broke her leg. Ani left Evergreen to see and help her.


She's a very strict mother to Ani, always telling her to focus on studies and to stay out of trouble. She also seems to be very practical, presumably from her experience of being a single mother, immigrant and always moving for her job.

Physical Appearance

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Season 3

Season 4


Everything a mother does, she does for her child. If she loses her child, she loses everything.
— Amara to Ani[src]

Clay: "Your..your daughter is, uh...very important to me. I just.. I'd like to make sure you know that I would never do anything to hurt her. And she's very brave."
Amara Josephine: "Amorowat is a stubborn girl. She leads with her heart, sometimes even into danger."
Clay: "Yes, I'm afraid we both have that in common. (nervous laugh) But I...I would do anything to protect her. Not that she needs me to, obviously. The other way round "
Amara Josephine: " She offered to lie for you. To lie to the police, say you were with her"
Clay: "Uh..."
Amara Josephine: "I'm not asking. I know this. I heard it. But you would not let her. "
Clay: " No, I didn't want her to. "
Amara Josephine: " Would you like some tea, perhaps? While you wait. "
Clay: " Yeah, please. Thank you."
―  Clay talking to Ani's mum about Ani.
Ani: "Mum? This is Clay Jensen. We're dating."
Amara Josephine: "Amorowat, have you not learned? I know all this already."
―  Ani introducing Clay to her mum


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