Amber Foley was a recurring character on 13 Reasons Why. She was the mother of Justin Foley and girlfriend of Seth Massey. She was portrayed by Jackie Geary.

Amber's negligent parenting had a profound effect on Justin. Her boyfriend, Seth, regularly abused Justin, both verbally and physically, prompting him to leave with Amber showing no immediate concern for her son's well-being or whereabouts.

In the fourth season, Amber passed away from a presumable drug overdose after returning to Evergreen.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Amber raised her son Justin alone and has been neglectful towards him. It is mentioned that she has had a lot of abusive, addicted boyfriends and has been a drug addict for most of her life. She once went to jail for drug possession, but was bailed out by Barry Walker.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Amber is first seen when Jessica went to her house to ask if Justin is there. Amber told her that she hasn't seen him for days and thought he was with her. Seth mentioned that Amber was worried sick.[1] Justin and Seth later got into an argument, and Amber told them that they are acting like kids. Justin told her that either he goes or Seth goes. Amber didn't send Seth away but got him a beer instead, so Justin left the house.[2] When Seth strangled Justin, Amber told him to stop because the neighbours would call the police. After he stopped, she walked out the room with him, leaving a crying Justin behind.[3]

In Season 2, Kevin Porter went to Amber's house because he's looking for Justin. Amber told him that Justin has run away and can take care of himself, and that he always has.[4] Later, Justin came home, and Amber seemed happy that he's back. She told Justin that she missed him and noticed his wounds from injecting heroin. She told him that she never wanted this life for him and that he doesn't deserve it. Justin asked why she's still with Seth, to which Amber replied that Seth loves her. Justin suggested that they could get away together and find a new place, but Amber told him she can't and asked him to promise that he will stay this time because she needs him there. Not long after that, Amber caught Justin taking more of Seth's money. Justin told her that he's leaving and that she should too. Amber warned him that Seth will kill her when he finds out. Justin then left some money for her and told her that he won't if he can't find her.[5] When Justin was in juvenile detention, Lainie Jensen and Dennis Vasquez searched for Amber for weeks because Justin had to be released into custody, but they couldn't find her. [6]

Amber returned to Evergreen and stayed at her old neighborhood. She started calling and texting Justin, who began to frequently visit her. According to Justin, she was in a bad state. She wanted money from him and didn't care about how he was doing.[7] In "College Interview", Deputy Standall confirmed that the police had found her body at the docks with the cause of death most likely being an overdose.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Amber is a drug addict with a passive personality and is usually too scared of Seth to defend Justin. She seldom shows to be passive and uncaring towards her son, although she did want to stop Seth from choking him but was intimidated to back away. While Amber may well have loved her son, her addiction coupled with her fear of being harmed caused her to turn the other way. Amber also had a revolving door of abusive boyfriends that she likely clung onto in order to get by.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Amber has long black / brown hair and green eyes. She is often seen in loose clothes.

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References[edit | edit source]

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