Ani: "Justin was as good as his word. He would defend Clay until the end. Which was going to get complicated"
Deputy Standall: "Or Clay would defend Justin. "
Ani: " Or Tyler Down. Or Jessica Davis. Or Zach Dempsey. As a fugitive, Clay had one weakness. He cared about other people."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall

And Then the Hurricane Hit is the twelfth episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirty-eighth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Ani Achola as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.

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The pressure of Clay’s arrest leads his friends to make risky decisions, and the full story of the brawl that erupted at homecoming emerges.

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Clay runs away, but first he talks to Ani who tells him not to. She even offers to be his alibi to the police, but Clay knows that this would implicate her and tells her no. Ani kisses Clay passionately before Clay leaves to try to hitchhike to leave the town. Clay calls Tyler to let him know he won't be at school and Tyler expresses his disappointment to Clay because there is something "really important" happening today.

Jessica apologizes at a school assembly, which students from Liberty High School and the Hillcrest High School football team attend. Jess gives a speech about standing up for survivors of sexual assault. Several students, including Jessica, Tyler, and Justin, stand up to say that they are a survivor. Justin says he was sexually abused by his mom's boyfriend when he was young and even worked as a sex worker when he was living on the streets, where sometimes guys would do things he didn't want to. Clay showed up at the assembly, per Tyler's request, but he gets arrested. The police question him about steroids and the texts he sent. Clay claims it's pure coincidence that Bryce died shorty after the texts.

In a flashback, Clay sees Bryce kissing Ani at the homecoming game, which he confronts Ani about. When the fight at the field breaks out, Clay goes after Bryce. In another flashback, Bryce talks to Chlöe, who admits she was pregnant with his baby and had an abortion. Bryce tries to comfort Chlöe until he finds out that Zach was the one who helped Chlöe with the whole thing. This is why Bryce attacks Zach during the fight at the homecoming game- he thinks that Zach stole Chlöe from him. He broke Zach's knee, ruining Zach's future. To get revenge, Zach finds Bryce at the docks later after the game (because Bryce was waiting to meet Jess). He beats Bryce up, threw his phone in the water and leaves him behind to freeze to death.

In present day, after Clay gets arrested, Zach confesses to Alex that he really is the one who killed Bryce, and won't let Clay take the fall for it. Alex seems suspicious of this, but Zach goes anyway to the police station to confess. Deputy Standall tells Zach that what he did is only assault and battery. The autopsy shows that Bryce died by drowning, not assault. Meanwhile, Tyler, with the support of Justin, Jessica, and Charlie (a jock who was present when Bryce confronted Montgomery over his assault) tells the police his story. Later, Montgomery is arrested.

In another flashback, Bryce is wounded on the dock after Zach beat him up (but he's alive) and sees someone approaching. We can't see who it is except that it's a man.

Ani confesses to Jess that she slept with Bryce, Jess's rapist, which is the worst thing she's ever done. Ani asks Jessica what the worst thing she has ever done is.

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  • Opening piece of evidence: H.O. paint bucket.

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Ani: "Justin was as good as his word. He would defend Clay until the end. Which was going to get complicated"
Deputy Standall: "Or Clay would defend Justin. "
Ani: " Or Tyler Down. Or Jessica Davis. Or Zach Dempsey. As a fugitive, Clay had one weakness. He cared about other people."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall

You're absolutely right that at times like these, people need to be held accountable for their mistakes. And after something traumatic happens, it's important to focus on healing. But the thing is, how is anybody supposed to heal if all we do is cover up the wounds and hope that they'll go away? We have to look at them and recognize them for what they are. We have to be honest about who actually got hurt and how. The protest I led was an attempt to try to draw attention to the rape culture in boys' sports and throughout our school. And yes, I admit that the way I went about it wasn't perfect. I'm sorry for how it all ended up. I really am. But making mistakes is part of being a survivor. At first, you think you're, like permanently broken. But then little by little, you start picking up the pieces and you start realizing what you're making is a mirror. And the more of those pieces that you put together, the more you start to see yourself. But maybe we can start picking up those pieces of that mirror together, and we can finally see the truth. If you think sexual assault doesn't affect your life, you're wrong. There are survivors all around us. People you care about who you never knew were suffering in silence. Let them know that you're there to listen. It's time for you to know the survivors in your life. To hear their stories and to know that their voice matters. My name is Jessica Davis, and I'm a survivor.
— Jessica's speech at the assembly
Clay Jensen! Clay Jensen, I have a warrant for your arrest for the murder of Bryce Walker. Turn around. Put your hands behind your back.
— Sheriff Diaz arresting Clay
We're letting them hang around. They think that they can play with us? They can't fucking play with us! Fucking Hillcrest, man. They want us to think that we're the losers. That they're gonna get this win just like they get every other fucking thing they want in this world. But they will not get it. We will not let that happen! Because this is how they do it. For the rest of your lives, this is what's gonna happen. They're gonna look at you, and they're gonna come at you. They will make you feel like you do not belong. They will make you feel like you can't have what they have. And they will keep leaving you out and they will keep pushing you down until you say, "Fuck this, I belong here." Some of you think I'm soft. Some of you think I'm a narc or I don't know, whatever. Honestly? I don't give a fuck. 'Cause I know who I am. Do you? Do you? Because winning at the cost of who you are, winning at the cost of becoming someone that you hate, means nothing. I would bleed for any single one of you. I would. I would lay down my life. No lie. Because that's a promise that I made. What will you do? One half left. Let's show 'em who we are.
— Zach's speech in the locker room

Casey: "My name is Casey Ford, and I'm a survivor."
Janelle: "My name is Janelle Martin, and I'm a survivor."
Maggie: "My name is Maggie Kim, and I'm a survivor."
Tyler: "My name is Tyler Down and I'm a survivor."
Lina: "My name is Lina Ochoa, and I'm a survivor."
Sarah: "My name is Sarah Stern. I'm a survivor."
Robby: "My name is Robby Corman and I'm a survivor."
Tanya: "My name is Tanya Brown. I'm a survivor."
Justin: "My name is Justin Foley and I'm a survivor."
Stephanie: "My name is Stephanie Rodriguez, and I am a goddamn survivor."
―  Survivors speaking up at the assembly
Bryce: "It's nice to see you happy. You've always had this spark. And I'm just glad that after everything I put you through, you still have it. Not that I could take anything away from you. I mean, you're one of the strongest people that I know."
Chlöe: "Bryce, you should know I was pregnant. It was yours. I had an abortion. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before."
Bryce: "Are you okay? I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone."
Chlöe: "I wasn't alone. I had Zach. He was with me. Through all of it."
―  Chlöe tells Bryce about her abortion
Deputy Standall: "So, we got about a dozen kids who could've done it."
Ani : "It's all about Homecoming night. Everyone was there. Everyone had their reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night, one of them would've followed through."
―  Ani to Deputy Standall in an interrogation room

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Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"Into The Fire" These New Puritans Inside The Rose Bryce sees someone arrive at the pier; Clay is in jail; Justin uses drugs; Tony drinks; Monty gets arrested; Tyler looks at pictures of Bryce's body.

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Song Artist Album Scene
"Our Hearts" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Clay says goodbye to Ani; they kiss.
"Stand Up" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Students stand up to reveal that they're sexual assault survivors during the assembly.
"Inside Your Mind" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Zach leaves Bryce at the pier; Zach meets up with Chloe.

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