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This trial going forward, it affects the whole town. We all have to think about it all over again, how Hannah lived, and how she died. And how it changed all our lives. You hurt, worse, you feel, powerless. And I know some people don't want us to talk about what happened. But if we don't talk about it, it's never going to change. So it's important for everyone to understand how it all happened, the whole story; you know. 'Cause things at Liberty are as bad as they've ever been. And I don't wanna be afraid anymore. I don't wanna be afraid.
— Tyler Down during his testimony in Court[src]

Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District is the trial, in the second season, that started five months after Hannah Baker committed suicide. The trials purpose was to decide whether or not Liberty High School—part of the Evergreen County School District—was responsible for/guilty of failing to be able to help Hannah Baker, thus leading to her commit suicide.


The Bakers tried to fight for Hannah by holding the school responsible for her suicide, with Dennis Vasquez as their lawyer trying to prove the school was responsible. Liberty High was represented by Sonya Struhl, a smart and ambitious litigator, who tried to prove the school was not responsible. The trial lasted two weeks, with the chosen people on both sides testifying, and finally, the Bakers' and the school get a decision from the jury. The second season unfolds with different narratives who illustrate Hannah's story from the testifiers' point of view, providing a diverse perspective of Hannah as well as other characters involved.

The Bakers believed that Liberty High School (part of Evergreen County School District) was responsible for failing to see the signs that their daughter, Hannah Baker, needed help. Liberty High School believed that they were not responsible for her suicide as they did all they could to help her.

Throughout the trial, Sonya Struhl fought for Liberty High School and tried to push the narrative that Liberty High were not responsible, while Dennis Vasquez fought for Hannah Baker, Olivia Baker and Andrew Baker by trying to push the narrative that Liberty High ignored the signs that Hannah needed help and should be held responsible for leading her to her suicide.

Overall 15 Characters (excluding Sarah Carlin) were called to testify for either the Bakers' or Liberty High.



The Bakers'[]

Liberty High[]


  • Sonya Struhl (Liberty High)
  • Dennis Vasquez (The Bakers')

Presiding Judge[]


  • Hannah Baker (Through Olivia Baker, Andrew Baker, and Dennis Vasquez)


  • Liberty High School (The Evergreen County School District)

Before the Trial[]

Before the trial went ahead, Clay Jensen got into a relationship with Skye Miller. They rode back into town on her motorbike and he went with her, to get his tattoo of a semi colon at Hot Ink, but fainted half way through and they left. When Clay got home, his mother, Lainie Jensen, told him that although the Bakers were offered a settlement, they rejected the districts final offer, inducing the trial to commence the next day. She explained that they were up against the date of the trial and they rejected the settlement last minute. After Clay asked her if he would testify about Bryce, to his disappointment, she told him that he was not on either witness list. As he became more upset about it being let go, she told him that they needed to know the name of the girl on the ninth tape. However Clay re-affirms that she should be the one to come forward as a victim. Before they finished their conversation, Clay told her that he hadn't thought about Hannah in months. However after he went to his bedroom, he looked out of his window and saw a hallucination of her standing outside of his house; beginning his hallucinations of Hannah.

Andrew and Olivia Baker separated, and he moved on with the woman he had an affair with. Olivia spent time fighting to know why her daughter committed suicide while she grieved. Signs were graffitied outside of her house demanding she leave town. She went to target practice to get her anger out while focusing on a board of evidence she had found. The board contained post it notes of names and places, a map of the town, research papers, a paper of names (reasons she killed herself) that Hannah wrote down, lists and questions. With drawing pins and strings to keep everything in place.

Alex Standall began slowly recovering from his attempted suicide, dealing with memory loss and losing the physical ability to do the normal things he used to from the damage to the nerve cells in his head. Himself and Jessica Davis made a pact that when they came back she would say she didn't remember what happened to her and he would say he didn't remember what happened to him if anyone asked about what happened.

During the Trial[]

Tyler Down[]

Tyler testified that life at Liberty High had gotten worse since Hannah killed herself and about taking pictures of Hannah without her consent, he told court that Hannah liked having her picture taken but when an up-skirt picture went around the school "it told a story about her that wasn't true". However, he ended up failing the Bakers' after telling the details of one night where he stalked Hannah, saw her with a boy (Clay Jensen) and followed her home. He watched her take pictures of herself to send as a sext to someone. Unfortunately, remembering the situation made him upset at her instead and Sonya came to the conclusion that Hannah had actually opened herself up for reactions and should be held responsible for what followed. And he inadvertently added to Liberty High's side.

Courtney Crimsen[]

Courtney testified that the school did nothing about a non-consensual picture that was taken of her and Hannah kissing by Tyler. Sonya tried to pull together a conclusion that Hannah might have been a lesbian and liked Courtney romantically, and when the picture was spread around school, Hannah spread rumors to put the suspicion onto Courtney. Courtney, refusing to allow Hannah to be painted that way, forced herself to come out as a lesbian on the stand to defend her. She told Sonya that she was the one with the crush. It's revealed that after she kissed Hannah, Hannah told Courtney that it didn't have to mean anything, Courtney became visibly upset and told Hannah it does mean something to her, Hannah worked out what she meant and in a kind and caring manner, she kissed Courtney. That was actually what Tyler had captured in the second photo: Hannah giving Courtney a good first kiss to remember. Courtney told the courtroom that Hannah was being a good friend and was there for her, and "Liberty should have been there for her".

Jessica Davis[]

Jessica testified that there was a culture of things happening to girls and the school never cares, even when they're made aware of it happening, using Hannah's bullying experience as an example. She brought in evidence of one of her threats and testified that she received them from someone unknown (she later found out it was Bryce's girlfriend trying to get her not to talk). She told the story of how her, Hannah and Alex broke apart as a trio because of Alex and Jessica's newfound romantic relationship. And then about the hot or not list and that it ended her and Hannah's friendship. After being grilled by Sonya, specifically Sonya asking "How do you know?" she had flashbacks of both telling the police she was raped as they had also asked her "How do you know?" and flashbacks of Bryce raping her. She lied and told the court that there was no other reason that her and Hannah's friendship ended other than Hannah's jealousy, inadvertently adding to Liberty High's side..

Kevin Porter[]

Kevin testified that when Hannah came to him for help, she never used the word "rape" and she didn't want to talk a lot about it and left his office before he could do something further. However, in looking back, he told Dennis that he let Hannah go and could have personally pushed past policy and done more, but Liberty High's policies need to change with how counselors can help students. And, when prompted by Dennis to name the student he believed was Hannah's rapist, he calls out Bryce Walker as her attacker on the stand. Evidently, shocking the courtroom, and contributing to Bryce Walker's trial.

Clay Jensen[]

When prompted by Dennis, Clay testified about his friendship with Hannah, and when prompted by Sonya, Clay testified that he and Hannah spent a night doing drugs together (to his parents surprise). While coming down from her high, Hannah described being suicidal. Sonya asked him why he didn't do anything or say anything to anyone about what she said. In response, Clay lashed out and tried to get her bullying to be brought back up, but failed and inadvertently contributed for Liberty High.

Olivia Baker[]

Olivia testified that the school didn't inform her of all the bullying happening to Hannah or the things going around school, when prompted by Sonya, she admitted that she herself never saw signs of mental illness from Hannah and never took her to a therapist, although she saw a therapist during stressful periods. Sonya came to the conclusion that if her own mother couldn't see the signs and didn't think she needed a therapist, how could she expect the school to?

Andrew Baker[]

Andrew testified about Hannah finding out about his affair and her being angry with him. After Olivia also testified, Sonya came to the conclusion that her parents could not see anything mentally going on with her, and so they can't hold the school responsible for the same thing. If they held the school responsible, then they should also hold themselves responsible.

Zach Dempsey[]

Zach testified that he and Hannah were in a secret romantic relationship and that they lost their virginity to each other, to Clay's disappointment, and everyone's shock.

Chlöe Rice[]

Chlöe was subpoenaed due to being a victim to the rape culture in the school, as she could testify to a pattern of behavior of boys in the school, that the school was ignoring/unaware of. She was called to testify by The Bakers' about what happened in the Polaroid, however, Bryce was in the courtroom during her testimony, and while looking Bryce in his eyes she became scared and couldn't admit that she was being raped by Bryce in the photo on the stand. She changed her testimony and lied and said that she remembered what happened and consented to having sex with Bryce in the photo.

Marcus Cole[]

Marcus testified for the school about him and Hannah meeting at Rosie's diner and lied about what happened between him and Hannah. Instead of telling the truth about him sexually harassing her as a dare to impress his friends, he told the court that she was only being nice to him because she wanted to get to Bryce and when he turned her down she became violent with him. Sonya then came to the conclusion that Hannah agreed to go on a date with Marcus to use it as an opportunity to get a date with Bryce.

Tony Padilla[]

Liberty High called Tony to testify. Tony testified that Hannah blamed the students and held them responsible, Sonya came to the conclusion that Hannah never blamed the school herself, instead just the students. That conclusion, however, was torn apart after Dennis went deep into Tony's past and then asked him if Hannah ever left instructions or told him who she blamed. Tony admits that when Hannah left the tapes there were no written or verbal instructions towards him and they did not talk, he had actually assumed that she blamed them, he didn't actually know specifically why she left them for him.

Bryce Walker[]

Bryce is served with a subpoena by the school. Bryce testified for the school and lied about his relationship with Hannah. He testified that he and Hannah were secretly having consensual sex before her death, and that night in the hot tub, she consented too. However Dennis seemed to create doubt about his testimony when Dennis asked Bryce specifically how he knew that Hannah wanted to have sex with him in his hot tub. Although Bryce stated that she gave off a vibe that she wanted to have sex, Dennis created more doubt due to the fact that Bryce never stated that Hannah said yes, and it was more so that he thought she wanted to have sex.

Ryan Shaver[]

Ryan was called to testify for The Bakers'. Sonya asked him about Hannah's poems, he talked about a poem that Hannah wrote about Justin Foley after the damage he did to her reputation, and also about the poem Hannah wrote about being suicidal. He told the court that students mocked the poem that was published by Ryan but without her consent. And that it was read by almost everyone in the school, including teachers but no one tried to figure out who the author was. Prompted by Dennis, he told the court that Hannah was lonely and made some bad decisions, one of them was continuing to text Justin Foley.

Justin Foley[]

Justin testified that he believed that Bryce lied on the stand about his relationship with Hannah as he had always bragged about who he had sex with but never bragged to him or anyone about him and Hannah. He also testified that he saw Bryce about to rape Jessica, that he tried to pull him off of her but Bryce pushed him out of the room. He sat outside the door and heard him rape her, and then heard her start to wake up as Bryce continued. He was not sure if the jury believed him because Sonya made him look untrustworthy after she brought up his drug use.

After the trial[]

After the trial ended and the jury came to a verdict, they all came outside shocked. Bryce was arrested on rape charges after Justin's testimony but Justin was also arrested being an accessory to rape as he testified that he didn't call the police and let it happen. Clay told his mother that Justin was arrested and Lainie told him that Justin knew about the consequences.

At Bryce's trial for Jessica's rape, Bryce's parents, Jessica's parents, Lainie, the Judge and the Walkers' lawyer was present. Jessica gave a speech about the whole event leading up to her rape, including her rape. Unfortunately the Judge Franklin Purdy told the court that he did not want to do more damage and sentenced Bryce to three months probation, much to Lainie Jensen's anger.

Lainie attended Justin Foley's court session as his lawyer and asked for Justin to be released. However the Judge refused it because Amber Foley could not be found and he needed to be with at least one parental guardian.

Olivia and Andrew Baker began planning a funeral for her and put their store up for sale. People then attended Hannah's funeral. Clay gave his speech and finally stopped hallucinating Hannah, they then had a wake at Monet's. Justin told Clay that his parents were thinking of adopting him, Justin told him that he would like to be adopted by them. Olivia found a list of "Reasons Why Not" that Hannah typed out on her computer, printed it out and contemplated giving it to Clay. She decided to give it to him after she heard his speech.

Tyler came back from his programme, evidently happier and healthier, but that came to a disturbing stop after Monty became aware he was back, he walked into the boys restroom with his friends and Monty himself violently assaulted him and then grabbed a mop and forcibly penetrated him, anally, with the end of it. Monty and his friends then left him on the floor bleeding. He did not tell anyone that Monty assaulted and raped him but instead began planning and gathering guns.

The school had their Spring Fling, Clay was comforted by his friends as he cried as his and Hannah's song "The Night We Met" came on. Later, Jessica cheated on Alex with Justin, being able to finally have sex after her rape. Tyler attempted a massacre with a school shooting, he had finally had enough and was determined to kill everyone in the school, including himself. Tyler sent a warning to Mackenzie, who told Cyrus, and Cyrus told the rest of the gang. Clay asked Tony to help him and Clay himself attempted to stop him and convince him not to, he was succesful in doing this and asked Tony to drive him away. Clay took the gun away from him and Jessica and Justin ran out and joined him, Justin asked him "What do we do now?".


all quotes come from "The First Polaroid"

The truth is everyone's still hurting, some more than others.
— Tyler Down[src]

This trial going forward, it affects the whole town. We all have to think about it all over again, how Hannah lived, and how she died. And how it changed all our lives.
— Tyler on Hannah's trial, while testifying[src]

You hurt, worse, you feel, powerless. And I know some people don't want us to talk about what happened. But if we don't talk about it, it's never going to change. So it's important for everyone to understand how it all happened, the whole story; you know. Cause things at Liberty are as bad as they've ever been. And I don't wanna be afraid anymore. I don't wanna be afraid.
— Tyler about Hannah's story and Liberty High at his testimony[src]

Tyler: "People tell lies about you and other people believe them. And it gets to the point where...the lies might as well be the truth."
Dennis: "And did people tell lies about Hannah Baker?"
Tyler: "...Yes, they did. All the time... And, another girl I know [Jess]. She had something happen to her. She had to leave school for a while. While she was gone, the story got totally twisted."
―  Tyler on the bullying of Students at Liberty High, Jessica's rape and the allegations that got twisted by Bryce about him sexually assaulting her[src]

all quotes come from "Two Girls Kissing"

When you're the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself.
— Courtney Crimsen[src]

No it's not possible because it was the other way around. I liked her. I was the one with the crush.
— Courtney while being questioned during the trial.[src]

What's the truth? What's true? I think we each have our own truth.
— Courtney[src]

We all have things we keep hidden, sometimes keeping secrets is how you survive, because, in high school, one rumor, one picture, one incident can define you, forever.
— Courtney[src]

When rumors spread, you can fight them or ignore them, but they never really go away. When you're the target, you do anything you can to protect yourself. Sometimes you hide. Sometimes you fight back. Anything you have to do. Because the thing is, in high school, everyone's watching you all the time. You have to be careful.
— Courtney[src]

all quotes come from "The Drunk Slut"

That the truth didn't matter. That's just what they do to girls at our school. I mean, I found these just this morning in my math class. They take one photo and it defines you. And then it becomes your job to prove everyone wrong. This is what they did to Hannah and now they are doing it to me.
— Jessica Davis, showing the court the pictures with "A Drunk Slut" written on them.[src]

I don't blame Hannah for anything. That's how it is for girls. People judge you by the way you look, the things they hear about you. They put a label on you. I just feel like boys get to define themselves. They get to choose their identity and they can hide behind it. Well, most boys. I think some know what it's like to be afraid. To feel like the world gave you a certain label that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Most boys don't know what it's like, but, every single girl does. So, we just start expecting them to put a label on us. And we just do it to ourselves.
— Jessica[src]

But even when things get really tough... All it takes is just one friend to get you through it. If you're lucky you find more than one. You find friends who see through the labels.
— Jessica[src]

all quotes come from "The Second Polaroid"

My whole life, my father told me, people at school would judge me. People will assume they know who I am, just by looking at me. And that the deck is stacked against me. When you're faced with that, when you're without power, on the outside, you have tough choices.
— Marcus[src]

It's easy to hide, to, give in to the pain. Like Hannah did, she started to believe that she was less than. To believe that a life of privilege and position, was only for other people. But the truth is, privilege is a trap all its own.
— Marcus[src]

And we do ourselves no favors by keeping our heads down. By hiding. You have to find a way to hold your head up.
— Marcus[src]

But, Dad, like, what if they ask things that they didn't ask before? Like, what if they ask me to, you know, name names?... Some of the other kids, they called out, friends of mine.
— Marcus[src]

You have to find a way to belong in this world, you have to find a way to be strong.
— Marcus[src]

When you feel left out when you feel like this high school world is against you. It can be vulnerable and frightening. I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way. Which is why I signed up for Dollar Valentines, which is why I invited Hannah out.
— Marcus[src]

all quotes come from "The Third Polaroid"

Infinity. It's funny we have a word for that concept, but there's no way we can understand it.
— Clay on infinity[src]

Sonya: "Are you responsible, Clay? Are you responsible for Hannah's death?"
Clay: "Yes, I am. I let her down. But there are kids who did a lot worse, kids who you let skate, who did things you won't even talk about. And adults at Liberty don't-"
Sonya: "Request to strike that as non-responsive."
―  Clay, and Sonya

all quotes come from "The Box of Polaroids"

Bryce and I have been friends since the third grade. And friendship, it can be this really powerful thing. And friendship is complicated. You find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. Because friendship, you commit to it. No matter what. Being friends with him, it was about loyalty. But it was also about fear. The truth is Bryce was never my friend. Because he doesn't know what friendship is.
— Justin Foley[src]

There should be some things more important than friendship. Things you just won't do for a friend. I held onto my friendship with Bryce because I didn't think I had anything else. I thought Bryce was all I had. The thing we're all most afraid of is losing our friends, is being all alone.
— Justin Foley[src]

I don't know why that was more important to me than doing right by Hannah. Friendship, I guess. Being a man. Wanting him to think I was more than I was somehow. Maybe Bryce sent it around because he was jealous. Or maybe because he's just cruel. I don't know. I don't know why people send around photos like that.
— Justin Foley about showing the photo he took of Hannah to Bryce[src]

Dennis: "Did you think of calling the police or calling for help?"
Justin: "I did. But I was afraid."
Dennis: "Afraid of what?"
Justin: "I don't know. Afraid of losing my best friend. My girlfriend. My entire life. Which I guess I already lost. I'll regret this forever."
―  Dennis and Justin about Jessica's rape

Sonya: "Mr. Foley, isn't it true that you never saw Bryce assault anyone?"
Justin: "No, that's not true."
Sonya: "Isn't it true that you concocted this rape story to save yourself from the embarrassment of what really happened? Your girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend."
Justin: "No."
Sonya: "And isn't it true that you left town rather than face the truth?"
Justin: "No."
Sonya: "You didn't leave town?"
Justin: "I mean, I left town, but it was not to avoid any-"
Sonya: "And wasn't the heroin also a way to avoid the truth? And aren't you lying now?"
Justin: "No! No, I'm telling the truth, I- He raped her. I'm telling the truth."
―  Sonya and Justin

all quotes come from "The Chalk Machine"

Dennis: "So no one addressed the anonymous author's obvious cry for help or asked you who wrote it?"
Ryan: "Nope. No one took it seriously. But then again, they rarely do."
―  Ryan and Dennis

Nothing that's worth anything comes without pain. A work of art is only good if it arises from necessity, from need. And it can be political need or personal need or, ideally, both. Art should be confrontation. It should shock and scare you. And Hannah, she was an artist in need. And I think that's what happened. And she freaked people out.
— Ryan[src]

A soul in need needs a way to express it. Silence is never the answer. But when there's so much going on inside you. Society expects us to stay silent. And it's a dangerous thing when there's so much going on inside you, but no one to share it with.
— Ryan[src]

Hannah needed to reclaim her power. But, as is almost always the case in high school, we mock what we don't understand. That's what kids at Liberty did to Hannah.
— Ryan[src]

I was trying to be Hannah's friend. I needed a friend as much as she did. What she needed most was love. Human connection. Hannah was desperate for human connection, and I betrayed her. I guess I left her even more lonely than she was before. And I guess I know how she feels. When the diction starts. And it breaks my heart. What Hannah needed was a friend, and I wasn't that.
— Ryan[src]

Do you wanna know why Hannah wrote these poems? She was reaching out. She was desperate to be heard, to connect. And people took that lifeline and they twisted it. They took her own story away from her. And she fought to get it back. But in the end, the story they told was so loud that it's all that she could hear and she started to believe it and forgot who she was. It's easy to let that happen, to lose yourself. To believe that no one could ever know you, or love you. And that you're the only person that knows what you're going through. And you convince yourself it's going to get better. And then, it doesn't.
— Ryan[src]

Ryan: "I can't pretend to know what goes on in someone else's head. It's poetry. Most of the poets in our group write about dark and messed-up things."
Sonya: "So you had no idea that Hannah was crying out for help in her work, or so the prosecution would have us believe, but you expect the school to draw that conclusion?"
Ryan: "It's their job, isn't it? I mean, I'm sorry, but I'm not a licensed therapist or a teacher."
―  Ryan and Sonya

She wasn't happy. She was extremely upset and hurting. She wrote about Justin and other boys because she was lonely. It's not about them, it's about what they represented. What they did to her and what you're doing right now.
— Ryan to Sonya[src]

Hannah was so talented, but she didn't know it. It was just a dream. She wrote out of love, out of need. I couldn't see And I wanted to show her that the rush of people loving your work is just as good as love.
— Ryan[src]

all quotes come from "The Smile at the End of the Dock"

I try not to be a bully. I try not to be a victim. It's a tough line to walk. It's a tough school. It is especially tough on girls. It was for Hannah.
— Zach[src]

You fool yourself into thinking that by keeping things hidden, it makes it easier for you to get by. Even though you know you'd feel a lot better if you just came clean.
— Zach[src]

Hannah had nothing to be ashamed of. I made her feel like she did. Because I don't tell people things like I said. Hannah didn't tell me how she felt either. But now I guess I know. And I'll be ashamed for the rest of my life. And shame burns.
— Zach[src]

Dennis: "So this bullying that you just mentioned, do you feel pressure to join in when you see it happening?"
Zach: "Yes, sir."
Dennis: "What type of bullying do you see?"
Zach: "Well, sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it's not. Sometimes a kid gets roughed up.A lot of the times, though, it's just stuff that people say. Especially athletes."
Dennis: "So, what type of stuff do you say?"
Zach: "We brag about things that we do with girls, like sexually. Even when they're not true. And sometimes that can get around."
―  Zach and Dennis

Sonya: "Zach, isn't it true that Hannah also reached out to you to talk about her feelings?"
Zach: "Um, yes."
Sonya: "And did she write a note to you? A note that was not anonymous?"
Zach: "Yes. Yeah, she wrote me a letter explaining how sad she felt about everything. How she felt really alone a lot of the time."
Sonta: "So you told no one at Liberty High that Hannah wrote you a note telling you how alone she felt?"
Zach: "I didn't know how to."
―  Zach and Sonya

all quotes come from "The Little Girl"

So there's a limit to what we can do to protect them. And there are some things you just can't protect them from. I couldn't be there every time someone judged her or shamed her. I didn't always have the answers. I didn't always know all the right things to say. After everything that happened at Liberty High... Well, I think it was just too much for Hannah. After all that, it was just too much.
— Olivia Baker[src]

Sonya: "Mrs. Baker, you say that you didn't notice whether Hannah was in distress. But is there anything in your family history to suggest that Hannah may have had a predisposition to any mental health problems?"
Olivia: "There have been some issues with anxiety on my side of the family, but nothing serious, and Hannah never showed any signs."
Sonya: "And were any of these issues ever serious enough to require treatment?"
Olivia: "Well, yes, I've seen a therapist on and off over the years during stressful periods."
Sonya: "So you've received treatment from a mental health care professional, but you never thought that your daughter might require similar care?"
Olivia: "She was just a child and, again, she never showed any signs."
Sonya: "Did you or did you not take Hannah to see a therapist, Mrs. Baker?"
Olivia: "No, I never did."
―  Olivia Baker

all quotes come from "The Little Girl"

Seeing Hannah like that, it was surreal. The only thing that can bring a grown man to his knees. I felt privileged. Privileged that this fragile, little thing would trust me before she knew to trust anything else. And that I'd get to spend the rest of my life getting to know her.
— Andrew Baker about Hannah when she was born[src]

They said they had a zero-tolerance policy, that they took that kind of thing extremely seriously, and that she was in good hands. But then they just stood back and let everything happen. If the school had just stepped up and paid attention, then things never would've gone as bad as they did for her. And she'd still be that same happy, hopeful kid she always was.
— Andrew Baker about what the school had told him about how they handled bullying[src]

all quotes come from "Smile, Bitches"

I've always been rough around the edges. Or at least that's what people think. Maybe it's what I want them to think. But Hannah, she saw right through all that. She was the kind of friend who challenged me, whether I liked it or not.
— Tony Padilla[src]

I sometimes let my anger get the best of me. Or if I don't, it eats me up inside. When we act out of anger or fear, we can hurt people we don't mean to hurt. Even when you try to do the right thing it can get you into trouble.
— Tony Padilla[src]

High school can be messed up. People can get hurt. Hannah wanted people to know about that.
— Tony Padilla[src]

I can't explain how she was feeling or what exactly she was trying to say. But even if I can't say how she was feeling, I can still tell you the kind of person she was. I can tell you she was brave, and loyal and always tried to do the right thing, even when it wasn't easy. I try to do right by my friends, to be strong. To be true like Hannah. But sometimes a friendship can't take the truth. So I promised myself that the next time things get tough for me, the next time I find myself struggling or being tested I'm gonna think about the example she set for me and hope that I can find the strength to do the right thing.
— Tony Padilla[src]

Sonya: "Tony, why did Hannah want you to make sure that people listened to the tapes?"
Tony: "Uh to- So that they would understand."
Sonya: "Understand what?"
Tony: "What she was going through."
Sonya: "And what, to the best of your knowledge, was she going through?"
Tony: "Uh, she was in a lot of pain."
Sonya: "And so she wanted the recipients of those tapes to feel pain as well?"
Tony: "No, I don't think that's-"
Sonya: "She didn't want them to feel pain?"
Tony: "I guess so."
―  Sonya and Tony

Dennis: "Tony, when Hannah left the tapes at your door, did she say anything?"
Tony: "Uh, no. I didn't talk to her."
Dennis: "And what about a note? Did she leave any written instructions?"
Tony: "No, just the tapes."
Dennis: "So when you stated earlier that Hannah blamed the people she named on the tapes and wanted them to suffer, you were making an assumption, isn't that correct?"
Tony: "I don't think I was making an assumption that- Yes, I was. Yeah, I was making an assumption."
Dennis: "An assumption not based on your knowledge of Hannah or her intentions, isn't that correct?"
Tony: "Yes."
Dennis: "And isn't it true that there's no particular reason why Hannah chose you to receive those tapes?"
Tony: "Yes."
―  Dennis and Tony

all quotes come from "The Missing Page"

My name is Kevin Porter. I'm a guidance counselor at Liberty High School. I would say I help as many kids as I can. That's why I got into education. But I don't get to see every kid. I try to keep an eye out, but you have to count on kids to come to you. And not every kid who does come to you is able to ask for the help they need. Not every kid tells you the whole truth.
— Kevin Porter[src]

Sonya: "Therefore, you did everything that was required of you, and the truth is there was nothing more you could have done. Would you agree?"
Kevin: "No."
Sonya: "Let me rephrase that question"
Kevin: "I said, no. I could have done more. I could have stopped her from walking out that door."
Sonya: "Nothing further, Your Honor."
Kevin: "She didn't just leave. I let her go."
―  Kevin and Sonya about if he could have done more to help Hannah

I was just trying to do the... the right thing. I was following protocol. The protocol probably needs to change. But more importantly, Kevin Porter needs to change. Mrs. Baker, I didn't mean to let your daughter down. I'm sorry.
— Kevin Porter[src]

Not every kid who comes to you in pain can tell you where it hurts. I think we all wish it could've gone differently. We can have the best intentions and still fall short.
— Kevin Porter[src]

Some kids can't speak their truth. Some won't. To us, to their families. And some kids have secrets they believe they have to keep for their own survival. And we may think we know what they're going through, but each kid goes through it in their own way. They think that what's hurting can never be healed. So they don't tell us. They hide, they deflect. They try to become the person they think we want to see. They think that what's hurting can never be healed. So they don't tell us. They hide, they deflect. They try to become the person they think we want to see. When kids feel powerless, when they feel they have no avenue for understanding, they act out.
— Kevin Porter[src]

Hannah and I, we failed each other. If we had only tried harder, each of us, to reach out, to understand, to trust each other, to let ourselves help and be helped, it would have made all the difference. I can't go back and fix my mistake. I can't change the past. We have to trust each other. We have to ask for help.
— Kevin Porter[src]


  • Alex Standall did not testify because of his memory loss[1].
  • Sheri Holland was not called upon to testify by either side, presumably because her recent time in juvie would make her testimony unreliable.
  • Sheri and Alex are the only people on the tapes who didn't testify.



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