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All those characteristics they say killers have, lack of social skills, a fascination with death, a deep-seated feeling of rejection from the world, Tyler had them all. You wouldn't know it just by looking, but deep down, Tyler had the ingredients of that killer cocktail: Angry, Young, and Man.
— Ani narrating

Angry, Young and Man is the fourth episode of third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirtieth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Tyler Down as the main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.


After Tyler admits he still has a gun, the group keeps tabs on him at school. But their worry deepens after learning that he had a motive to kill Bryce.


This episode focuses on Tyler and his gun. We find out that Tyler kept the gun not for murder, but rather because he planned on using it to kill himself. In the end, Tyler couldn’t pull the trigger. He decides instead to try and get closure from Monty. Tyler demands an apology, but Monty tells him to get over it and that nothing happens without Bryce saying so.

Tyler believes that Bryce is to blame, since Monty does whatever Bryce asks. He goes to look for Bryce and finds him in a motel room, watching porn and smoking. He pulls a gun on Bryce, but Bryce talks him down and explains that Monty went rogue a few months back. Tyler doesn't really believe him. Bryce tells Tyler he might as well just shoot him, Tyler would be a hero because everyone he’s hurt already wants him dead and he can’t start over. Tyler hesitates and decides not to shoot Bryce.

Meanwhile, Clay has been worried about the fact that not turning Tyler into the police means that Clay himself could be responsible for Bryce's murder, assuming Tyler did it. He, Ani, Justin, Jessica, and the rest of the gang agree to keep an even closer eye on Tyler now that the gun is around. When Clay sees a brown paper bag in Tyler’s backpack, he freaks out. Tyler can tell that Clay is slowly stopping to trust him and he gets worried.

In a flashback, we see Jessica and Tyler at the Crestmont movie theater, where Jess works. Tyler would stay here so Jessica could watch him during her "shift", but he would creep her out with intense stares so Alex would normally come to take over her shift.

One day, during Jessica’s shift, she has a club meeting with her new club, Hands Off Our Bodies. The club's goal is to break apart the toxic culture at Liberty High School. The club also supports survivors of sexual assault. Tyler joins as an ally of the club, although he doesn't tell others about his history with sexual assault.

Clay goes over to Tyler’s house to look for the gun. While looking, Clay finds photos of Bryce’s dead body on Tyler’s laptop. Tyler quickly explains that it’s not what it looks like. Tyler just found Bryce in the river that way, and placed an anonymous call to the police. The reason why he was at the river in the first place was that Tyler wanted to end his life. Then, when he saw Bryce’s dead body, he realized he didn't want to die. He wanted to live, and he wanted to get better. Tyler thanks Clay for giving him a chance to do that.

Tyler shows Clay what was actually in his backpack - a camera, just like the one from Rear Window, a film that Tyler, Ani, and Clay saw together. Tyler remembered that Clay thought that the camera in the movie was really cool.

In another flashback, the episode focuses on Clay and Ani and their relationship. Clay gave Ani his old bike so she doesn't have to walk home at night, which she loved so much she cried.

At the end of the episode, Justin insists that he will get rid of Tyler’s gun. Instead of throwing it away, he uses it to threaten Seth, his former stepdad, after giving money to leave him alone. Seth tells him that if he shoots, it will be all over.

We find out later that Bryce wasn't shot, but he was beaten to death. The police start looking for a murder weapon, which they think is in the river where Bryce’s body was found. The river happens to be where Tony and Clay threw out Tyler’s other guns.

The police also found vials of an unknown liquid in Bryce's car. Upon learning this information, Alex starts freaking out.



Opening intro shows Tyler's gun in an evidence bag as the fourth piece of evidence

  • Object: Tyler's gun.
  • Explanation: After the events of Spring Fling, Tyler kept a gun without telling the group as he believed he might need it. Clay dismissed it at first because he didn't see a motive but Zach Dempsey told the group that he told Tyler that Bryce knew about Tyler's attempted school shooting and could tell the police. Later on, Tyler expressed urgency in wanting to get rid of the gun after Bryce's death, this became suspicious along with the fact that a blog that updated the cops findings in Bryce's murder case had published an article stating that medical examiners had found a gunshot wound in Bryce's head. They all believed that Tyler had killed him.



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  • The episode takes its title from Ani's narration.


I mean, what does a killer look like? I'm actually asking, because we had no idea. We thought Jessica had it in her, but, wanting Bryce dead and actually going through with it, are two very different things.
— Ani narrating

Well, terrible things happen every day. But we never really stop to notice, you know? If we spent a little bit more time watching and listening, you know, to our neighbors, to life around us, you know, maybe the bad things wouldn't happen so much.
— Tyler Down

Lainie: " Do the flowers make it seem like we're trying too hard?"
Matt: " A little, are we flower people? I feel like we're not flower people. We should just be us. "
―  Matt and Lainie preparing for the social worker home visit
Clay: "So, I stepped in front of him."
Ani: "In front of his gun?"
Clay: "And I asked him not to do it."
Ani: "Clay, that is insane."
Clay: "Yes, it was a really bad choice. That I think I'd make again. Exactly the same way."
Ani: "You're a madman."
Clay: "I get it, you think it was wrong."
Ani: "I think it was stupid. And brave. But it doesn't mean you have to be the hero all the time."
Clay: "It kind of does, though. Until we know he's okay."
Ani: "You've got to put on your own mask first. When a plane loses pressure and there's no oxygen, you've got to put on your own mask first."
―  Clay telling Ani about stopping Tyler from shooting up the school
We'd been there for Tyler's recovery. So. we'd seen first-hand the darkness Tyler had inside.
— Ani narrating

Tony: "Do you remember what was going in your head that night outside the gym?"
Tyler: "I don't."
Tony: "Do you remember the feeling? Before. I mean, what got you there. It's anger. It's hurt. It's...rage. Whatever, right? It's all up here, and it's not gonna go away. I know 'cause I got it too."
Tyler: "You do?"
Tony: "Of course I fucking do. And I'm telling you, you can let it run you, or you can...you can grab hold of it. You can own it. Channel it. You got all this shit inside your head that you can't, you can't say, right?"
Tyler: "Yeah, there's a lot of it."
Tony: "Show me."
―  Tony teaches Tyler how to channel his anger into boxing
Did we help Tyler escape the darkness, or was there never going to be an escape?
— Ani narrating

Tyler: "I guess I just, I feel like that's all I'll ever be now."
Dr. Singh: "How do you mean?"
Tyler: "Like maybe he was going to do something terrible, or hurt someone else...again. But maybe not, you know? And now we'll never know, and I just think that's kind of sad. Or maybe that just makes me weird or something."
Dr. Singh: "I think that makes you an empathetic person. You would've hoped he'd have the chance to change."
Tyler: "Well, no one thinks I can change."
Dr. Singh: "I think you can. I imagine your friends think you can, too."
Tyler: "I don't...I don't have any friends."
Dr. Singh: "Really? No one? I see you with friends."
―  Tyler at Therapy Thursday with Dr. Singh
You're right, I hurt people. I don't get to start over. 'Cause no one's gonna let me. So, go ahead. Shoot me.
— Bryce to Tyler

I thought I'd never be able to get away from who I was. Who I've been. From what hurt. So, I climbed the bridge, and I looked down, and I saw this, like, flash of purple, like a jacket. And somehow, I just knew. So, I went down below the bridge. And I saw it was him. Bryce. Dead. Cold, like, gray. Like, not a person. And I thought "That's it. He doesn't get to be anyone anymore. It's over for him." And I knew right then that I didn't want to be dead. I want to live, and keep getting better and be stronger, and that's that's why I want to give the gun away. Because I didn't need it anymore.
— Tyler to Clay



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"Keeping It In the Dark" Daya 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Clay tells Ani about what happened at the Spring Fling while at Monet's.
"Colossal" TR/ST The Destroyer (Part 1) Tyler sees Monty in the hallway; Jessica watches him.
"Sweetness Follows" R.E.M. Automatic for the People Clay and Ani meet up and hug.
"Never Coming Back (Trentemøller Remix)" A Place To Bury Strangers Re-Pinned Justin meets up with Seth; the police finds steroids at the crime scene; end credits.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
"Stand Up" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Tyler practices boxing with Tony for the first time.


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