Amarowat Anysia "Ani" Achola[1] is a main character in the third season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Grace Saif.

Early Life Edit

Ani was born in the Republic of Kenya, but moved with her mother to England, United Kingdom when she was four years old. She states that she frequently changed schools prior to the start of the season and is now a new student at Liberty High.

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Season 3 Edit

Her mother works for the Walker family as a nurse for Bryce's grandfather, who slowly dying. She has a friendship and romantic relationship with Clay Jensen, who is one of her peers and a prime suspect in Bryce Walker's death. She also has a secret friendship and sexual relationship with Bryce as well prior to his death. Throughout the series, she plays detective along with Clay and tries to figure out what person killed Bryce. Ani goes through each of the characters motives and actions, while narrating the story to Deputy Standall in an interrogation room.

Ani is introduced to us as the new girl in this season. We learn that she has moved around a lot and has attended many different schools. She joins Liberty High School, right after the spring fling. Clay is her tour guide on her first day, so they become friends due to her persistence although her true feelings for Clay are unknown throughout the season.

Ani's mom also works for Bryce's family so she gets to know Bryce over those few months before he gets murdered. Ani and Bryce develop a friendship that also turns into a romantic relationship. They even start hooking up. Although Bryce has fallen in love with her, she doesn't orally reciprocate her feelings and continues to refer to her and her mother as the help. The night of homecoming game and of Bryce's death, Bryce gives her a kiss on the side of the field which Clay sees and becomes extremely upset. Bryce tells her at the football game to leave when the fighting starts, worried that she will get in trouble with her mom when the police arrive. Although she describes Clay as obsessed with her and wanting to be more than just friends to Deputy Standall, it is shown that she has mutual if not confusing feelings about Clay. They decide to starts dating officially at the end of Season 3.

Throughout the season, Ani befriends and protects people in Clay's group, like Jessica and Alex. She also reveals secrets between the friends during her quest to get the truth about Bryce's death. Ani tells Alex about Jessica and Justin the night of the spring fling which angers Alex. She narrates the whole season and tries to solve Bryce's murder, along with Clay's help at times while other times it seems as thou she believes he is guilty.

Bryce's grandfather dies at the end of the season, so it is unknown if she will stay in Evergreen since her mother, a home health care nurse, was only employed to take care of him.

Personality Edit

Ani is a very intelligent, observant, kind, caring and quick-witted young girl. Ani has a habit of stating very blunt and honest observations that sometimes gets under people's skin, but nonetheless, she has a habit of winning people over with her charm and wit. She's nosy and talkative of what others have told her however it is not shown that any of the characters pick up on these traits. She is also good at making first impressions due to her family moving around a lot and therefore having to change schools frequently. She spots the kids she wants to hang around and is assertive in introducing herself to make new friends quickly.

Because of her mother's strict personality, Ani often lies about her whereabouts in order to spend some free time pursuing her own hobbies and interests. However, this habit has made her into an unreliable narrator as she also lies to Clay and Jessica about her interactions with Bryce and to Deputy Standall during both of her interrogations.

She is also a surprisingly (almost suspicious at times) skilled investigator as seen when she is trying to find out the death of Bryce Walker while working alongside Clay for the most part. She states to several characters that she is an optimist who tries to see the best in everyone including Bryce, despite Clay warning her about him.

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Ani has a brown skin complexion with brown eyes and short curly hair.

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