Baker's Drug Store is the small family run drug store owned by Hannah Baker's parents, Olivia and Andy Baker. They struggle with finances when the large corporate Walplex is built and they began losing customers. In the second season, the store is run by Olivia Baker only. The store's now on lease, because Olivia is moving to New York.

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In the first season, the store is mainly used in flashbacks to show Hannah's interactions with her parents before her suicide but it is also used in the present time as a way of showing the Baker Family struggle after the death of their daughter.

Many main characters that are in the tapes visit the Baker's Drug Store to offer condolences or to ask the family questions about Hannah and her life. Clay and Tony visit the store many times throughout the first season and Tony uses the shop as a way of finding and sharing information with the Baker Family about Hannah's suicide.

In the second season, the store got some new distributors so they could compete with Walplex price-wise. They also got a new pharmacist to replace Andy, who now works at Walplex. The store gets broken into and vandalized by Montgomery de la Cruz. At the end of the season, it is revealed that the store's on lease because Olivia is moving to New York.

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  • Hannah Baker
  • Alex Standall

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  • In Tape 6, Side B, it is seen that Hannah uses cassette tapes from her parent's store to record the tapes that drive the story.
  • Hannah steals the razor blades used to end her life from the store when taking the cassette tapes she recorded her story on.
  • Clay buys the same brand of nail polish that Hannah uses to write numbers on the tapes from the Bakers to create the final tape recording.

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