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Blue Spot Liquor is a store featured in the first season of 13 Reasons Why. Wally owns the store.


Hannah Baker is at the local liquor store purchasing a candy when she runs into Bryce Walker. He offers to buy her the candy bar. As he's handing Hannah the candy, he reaches over and grabs her ass. He smugly says that Alex Standall appropriately gave her the title of "best ass." Hannah doesn't move as Bryce leaves. Once she's sure that he's gone she quickly leaves the liquor store and starts crying outside.[1]

In a flashback, we see that Sheri Holland ran over a stop sign and refused to call the police, Hannah's phone was dead, so she went to find a working phone. It took her a few minutes, but she found Blue Spot Liquor. She asked the person at the counter to use his phone, interrupting his video game session in the process. She called 911 and told the police the stop sign was knocked down and the police told her they had already responded to a call about the accident. Hannah asked who called and they said they couldn't give out details. We later find this out to be Clay Jensen, who was the first person to see the fatal crash that the stop sign not being visible caused. And Hannah comments "I wish I'd found it faster.".

Colliding with this flashback, in the present day, we see Clay Jensen, come into the Blue Spot Liquor Store and ask the same person if Hannah came in, he describes her and the employee remembers and confirms, but can't remember what the 911 call was about. Clay leaves the store.[2]



Former Customers[]


  • Wally (owner and proprietor)
  • Unnamed clerk


Season 1[]




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