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I'm trying to set things right, I'm trying to be better but this fucking world won't let me... Nobody believes I can change.
— to Jessica and Alex before Alex pushes him, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Bryce Walker (d. November 2, 2018) was one of the main characters and the main antagonist of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why". He is Nora and Barry Walker's son, Harrison Chatham's grandson, Chlöe Rice's ex-boyfriend, Hannah Baker, Jessica Davis, and Chlöe's rapist, and the twelfth subject of Hannah's tapes. He is portrayed by Justin Prentice.

Bryce was a senior at Liberty High School. He was the co-captain of the Liberty High's football and baseball team. He is Hannah Baker's twelfth reason for killing herself as he raped her one night at a party at his home in his hot tub.

He served as the main antagonist of the first season, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Montgomery de la Cruz) of the second season, and one of the main protagonists of the third season via flashbacks.

In the third season, he shows himself to start to transition into a better person before he dies. The Evergreen County PD confirmed that it was a homicide. It was revealed in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead" that he had both his legs broken and right arm dislocated by Zach Dempsey out of anger because Bryce crippled Zach, and then pushed into a river by Alex Standall after being helped up by him because, Alex realized that even though Bryce attempted to reform himself, he threatened Zach and he had already managed to hurt everyone he loves.

In the fourth season, Bryce, despite being dead is far from gone. Hallucinations of Bryce still haunt Jessica, Clay, and Alex throughout the season. Each time tormenting them in ways he hurt them when alive or by reminding them about covering up his murder.

In show's epic finale as they are burying the Tapes, for true closure, Jessica sees a final vision of Bryce and finally confronts him. She tells him she has finally moved on, and that he had never won. He smiles and walks away.

Early Life

An 8 or 9-years-old Bryce broke up a fight between Justin and another kid. Bryce called the other boy a "dick" and went on to help Justin up. Later, at lunch, Bryce went and sat with Justin, who had been sitting by himself at an empty table. Having seen that Justin didn't have a lunch bag, Bryce offered Justin his sandwich. Justin accepted but only after Bryce stole some Twinkies from another kid so that they could trade.[1] Growing up, Bryce's parents weren't around much, which gave Bryce a lot of freedom but would also make him feel lonely. He would often misbehave as a kid[2].

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In the hallway of Liberty High, Bryce and his jock were talking to Justin Foley about his date with Hannah the day before. When Justin showed him racy pictures he took of Hannah as she slid down the slide on the playground, Bryce grabbed the phone and sent the photo of Hannah to everyone in the school, igniting rumors of Hannah being "easy" and a slut, which was the initial blow to her reputation.[3]

At the Pep rally, the Liberty Tigers basketball team were kicking off it's pre-season, the first step on the road to returning to state finals; Principal Gary Bolan stated. As the season's winner of the Captain's Award, Bryce was called up to the stage to introduce the varsity squad. He gave a small speech showing his gratitude to receive the award and then he called out the year's starting lineup. When Bryce called out Justin's name, he didn't appear. Jessica Davis had been worrying about him all day, and he hadn't shown up at the pep rally. After the pep rally, Bryce gave Marcus and Zach Dempsey a ride to his house. As it turned out, that was where Justin had been hiding out, at Bryce's pool house, playing video games to avoid the consequences of Hannah's tapes. [4]

Another memorable time of him in Hannah's depiction is when he raped Jessica when she was passed out drunk, unaware that Hannah was in the closet. Hannah states that he broke her soul because he raped her in his hot tub, leaving fingerprint bruising on her arms and back. This was the last straw for her before she sees the counselor, Mr. Porter to decide whether or not to kill herself. He later admitted to raping Hannah to Clay, unaware that he is admitting to it, when he confronted him, after giving Clay a serious beating, also unaware Clay was recording an audiotape on the side Hannah left blank (Tape 7, Side B).

Later, Tyler Down suggested to the others that they could set up Bryce as a scapegoat to take the fall, due to his crimes being far more serious than the things they committed. Despite this actually being seriously considered, Tyler was shot down.

Season 2

When Justin and Jessica were gone from school, Bryce spread the rumor that Jessica cheated on Justin with him and called it rape. Mr. Porter confronted Bryce in the boys' restroom and pinned him up against a wall, telling him to not come near Jessica. However, Bryce still approached Jessica in the sports field and acted like nothing happened and they are friends. He was seen kissing Chlöe Rice, captain of the cheerleading team, after that.[5]

Mrs. Walker tries to get Bryce to agree to talk to Mr. Porter but he doesn't buy it. After Marcus testified and mentioned that Hannah had a crush on Bryce and pursued him, Bryce got mad at him until Marcus explained how this could help Bryce.[6]

Bryce invited an excited Chlöe to his house to have dinner with his parents. His father asked him if she's loyal, as he had told him to find a loyal girlfriend to make him look good in trial. Bryce questioned Chlöe about Jessica; how she was doing at cheer practice and whether she's said anything noteworthy. [7]

After Zach's testimony about his and Hannah's relationship, Bryce and Monty teased Zach by putting underwear with blood and Hannah's name on it in his locker. Zach started to fight Bryce, but it got broken up by Coach Rick.[8]

Bryce and his parents attended a baseball event, where Marcus called Bryce a rapist in front of everyone. After the event, Bryce confronted Marcus, who explained that he did it because the tapes are already out while he still has a future if the video of him and the stripper doesn't get released.[9]

The next day, when Bryce had invited Chlöe over for breakfast, she didn't show up. Bryce's father told Bryce that whatever what was going on with Chlöe, he needs to make it right and you should respect a woman who loved you. At school, Bryce approached Clay and told him they're not enemies and he should mind his own business. He also tried to convince Chlöe, who confronted him about the tapes, that what the tapes say is false and he wasn't serious during his confession.[10]

During Bryce's testimony, he lied and told the court that Hannah had a crush on him and they used to have sex from time to time. It's later revealed that Bryce was the one with the crush, but that Hannah just wanted to be friends. He also denied raping her, saying that "she wanted it". Later that day, Chlöe was about to testify against Bryce for raping her in the Clubhouse, but lied after seeing Bryce in the courtroom.[11] Chlöe later told Bryce that she believes him and knows he's a good person.

After the school won the case against the Baker's, Bryce got arrested outside the courthouse for sexually assaulting Jessica.[1] A month later, he was sentenced to three months probation. Meanwhile, Chlöe revealed to Jessica that she's pregnant from Bryce.[12]

Season 3

In the third season, Bryce and his mother moved in with his grandpa following the Walker's divorce. His grandpa's nurse Amara Josephine Achola and her daughter Ani also moved in. He's going to Hillcrest High School and is on their football team.

At Hillcrest, Bryce got invited to sit down to talk to some Hillcrest students, who started talking about girls with him. One of the students, Dean, reminded Bryce of being a rapist and told him to leave. Later, Bryce’s teammates shoved him down the stairs, leaving visible bruising and cuts. When he got back home, Amara cleaned up his wounds while his mom is mad at him for already getting into fights at his new school.[13]

Bryce invited Jessica to come over, which she did. She told him that she’s doing great, but can still feel him on top of her and accused him of not knowing what he did. Bryce admitted that he went too far, but didn’t seem to apologetic. He decided to see her at The Crestmont and tried to apologize, but Jessica told him that she doesn’t need anything from him.

Bryce also invited Justin over and seemingly tried to rekindle their friendship, but Justin wasn’t having it and threatened to kill Bryce if he ever came close to Jessica. Bryce revealed to Justin that he knows about the group covering up Tyler’s attempted school shooting.[14]

Tyler was told by Monty that Bryce is to blame for him raping Tyler, so he found Bryce in a motel room, watching porn and smoking. He pulled a gun on Bryce, but Bryce told Tyler that he’s not behind Monty’s actions. Bryce told Tyler that he might as well just shoot him, because he’s a terrible person who is hated by the world.[15]

Alex turned to Bryce for steroids when he couldn’t get them from Luke or his dealer, who offered him the “friends and family” discount. Bryce and Alex started to hang out and do cocaine together. Bryce also introduced Alex to a sex worker. At some point, Bryce invited Alex to break into his dad’s house and mess it up. It turned out that they broke into the wrong house as a little kid came down the stairs. Bryce told the little kid and says “If you say anything, I’ll kill you,” causing the child to pee his pants and start crying. After they got back to the car, Alex told Bryce that he’s a bad person and doesn’t want to hang out with him anymore. Bryce shrugged it off and told Alex that he doesn’t get a discount anymore.

Bryce took Monty to a “rich kid” party, where Monty ended up beating Winston Williams Bryce pulled Monty off and offered Winston $5,000 to forget this ever happened. Winston negotiated more money, which Bryce is agreed with.[16]

Bryce came to Padilla Automotive to get his car fixed, which Tony initially refused to do but later agreed to. Tony didn't have enough money to pay his lawyers, so he sold Bryce his mustang for twice the price he had asked.

Bryce’s father had cut Bryce out of his life following the separation with Bryce’s mom. When Bryce saw his dad and his new girlfriend at dinner, he started a conversation with them, which his dad clearly didn’t appreciate.

Mr. Walker confronted Bryce about breaking into his house. Bryce refused to pay for any damages, and threatened to tell the divorce court about Caitlin, his 12-year-old daughter from a secret affair. After Mr. Walker is gone, Bryce’s mom told Bryce that they should move on from him.[17] The relationship between Bryce and his mom improved; they had a paint fight and Mrs. Walker taught Bryce yoga, where Bryce broke down crying.

Bryce and Ani had developed a close friendship as they spent a lot of time together in the house, which they hid from their parents. They started hooking up and Bryce soon fell in love with her.[18]

Kevin Porter became Bryce’s private counsellor, which Bryce at first didn’t want because of the way Mr. Porter used to treat him. He eventually agreed to therapy, where Bryce is tasked to write a letter about himself from his mother’s perspective. Bryce wrote very negatively about himself, and it broke down the walls between him and his mom. Mrs. Walker shared that she only parented Bryce the way she was raised, which was to give him as much as possible but not be quite as open emotionally.

In another therapy session, Bryce revealed to Mr. Porter that sex with a girl (Ani) is difficult for him because he fantasizes about holding her down. Mr. Porter reminded him that dating is probably a really bad idea for him right now, but Bryce was insistent that Ani is making him better.[19]

In a flashback, Justin was arrested for drug use and called Bryce to bail him out. Bryce learned that Justin is using again and that he’s getting threatened by Seth Massey, so he paid Seth $5,000 to leave Justin alone. Bryce also gave Justin his Oxycodone prescription as an alternative to heroin.[20]

Tony confronted Bryce over getting his family deported, but Bryce told him that he didn’t know it. Bryce then asked him if he could listen to Hannah’s tapes, as he’s never listened to them before. Tony agreed to it as Hannah wanted everyone on the tapes to hear them and drove Bryce around. Bryce cried while listening and wanted to apologize to Hannah’s mother for what he did to Hannah. Bryce approached her in the lobby of her hotel and tried to say sorry, but Mrs. Baker didn’t accept it and wished him a lifetime of learning what sorry means.

Bryce came across Clay, who was standing in Bryce’s driveway to ask Ani out. Bryce started mocking Clay. Clay declared that he’d kill him if he ever came near Ani. Bryce laughed it off and told Clay that he won’t beat him up, but can still have sex with his friend.

The next day, a drunk Bryce asked Ani about Clay. She denied that there’s anything going on with them. Bryce kept telling Ani he misses and needs her and aggressively grabbed her arm. Ani got frightened and ran away.[21]

Before the Homecoming Football Game, Bryce approached Jessica and asked her to meet him at the Navy Pier later that night. Bryce explained that he had something to give to her and told her to bring someone if she wanted. He then went to the Liberty Tigers locker room to confront Monty about what he did to Tyler. Bryce told him that if he doesn’t stay away from Tyler, he will tell the police about everything he did during the Hannah Baker trail.[22]

Shortly before the game started, Bryce saw his ex-girlfriend Chlöe hug Zach. Bryce approached her, who then told him that she was pregnant with his baby and had an abortion. Bryce was sympathetic towards her, but Chlöe told him that Zach helped her through it. Bryce started to believe that Zach stole Chlöe and tackled Zach during a fight that broke out during the game. He broke his knee in the process, ruining Zach’s chances to have a future in football.

Bryce went to the pier to wait for Jessica, but was followed by Zach, who was furious about Bryce ruining his future. Zach beat Bryce up, threw his phone in the water and left a severly injured Bryce behind.[23]

It's revealed that after receiving a severe beating from Zach Dempsey, a remorseful Bryce was confronted by Jessica and Alex Standall. Bryce had created a tape of his own for Jessica, acting as both a confession and an apology and he lamented how despite his attempts to change, the world wouldn't let him. Bryce begged the two for help with Jessica being reluctant as she knew Zach would go to jail if they did. Alex decided to help Bryce who reminded Alex of their friendship, but Alex denied ever being friends with him. However, in severe pain, Bryce slipped back into his old behaviors, threatening to harm Zach in retaliation and accusing Jessica of setting him up. Consumed with rage of his own, Alex told Bryce that Bryce had hurt everyone he ever loved and shoved him into the river. Attempting to swim, Bryce begged for help but the two just watched as he drowned. Ani Achola later framed the story as Bryce having been killed by Monty, who Deputy Standall told Ani was killed in his jail cell, to protect Alex while Jessica and her friends listened to Bryce's tape.[24]

Season 4

Despite Bryce being dead after season 3, he still appears in the fourth season. After Jessica burns the last copy of Bryce's apology/confession tape, a hallucination stands in front of her causing her to freak out.[25] The Hallucination would haunt the people involved in his murder (Mainly Jessica, Clay, and Alex).

Bryce's Mistake (Reason #12)

13 Reasons Why
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Bryce is Hannah's twelfth reason for why she killed herself and of all the people on her list, his actions are the most serious.

After a horrible day following losing $700 of her parents' deposit money and being rebuffed by Clay, a depressed Hannah goes for a long walk and eventually ends up in Bryce's neighborhood and is drawn to the sounds of a party at his house. Bryce sees her come in and greets her. Hannah joins the party and eventually joins Jessica, Justin, Zach, and his girlfriend in Bryce's hot-tub. After a few minutes, Hannah relaxes in and the four others eventually leave to hang out elsewhere. Bryce then silently enters the tub and turns it off. He and Hannah make some small talk and he then approaches her and begins touching her inappropriately. Hannah attempts to get out but Bryce grabs her and holds her, pulls her underwear off, and proceeds to sexually assault her. Hannah simply freezes and does not move as Bryce brutally rapes her, nor does she call for help. Hannah later reveals on her tapes that this incident completely broke her soul and it was following this that she fully decides to commit suicide. But before making her decision, she decided to see Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor.


Bryce is shown to be a cruel, arrogant, spoiled, manipulative, violent, and selfish person and is a very dangerous individual. Coming from a prominent background, being a star and a popular athlete at Liberty High, Bryce appears to view himself as being superior to everyone and as such believes that he can do whatever he wants to, never once taking into consideration other's feelings. Bryce is a cruel bully as well as he helped to humiliate Hannah numerous times and also Tyler. He is violent as well as shown when he threw Justin out of Jessica's room and also brutally beating up Clay after he accused him of raping Hannah.

Of all the people on Hannah's list, Bryce's actions are the most serious as he is proven to be a dangerous, sexual predator who brutally raped both Jessica and Hannah and possibly others and shows absolutely no remorse whatsoever for his actions and does not even appear to view his assaults as being rapes, once making clear to Clay that, if his actions are rapes "then every girl at this school wants to be raped". He also sexually harassed Hannah once as well by grabbing her ass. He shows no remorse over her death either and claims that she wanted him sexually and that she practically "begged me to fuck her", which was completely false. He is shown to be somewhat of a coward as he appears fearful of what will potentially happen to him after Justin reveals to him of the existence of Hannah's tapes. He is also somewhat easy to manipulate as Clay was able to successfully coerce him into confessing to raping Hannah.

Despite all of this, he is to a certain degree, a good friend, as it has been proven that he and his family have helped Justin numerous times, as well as his mother, and even lets Justin stay at his house for long periods. However, it is shown that Bryce believes, because of this, he can control Justin, notably seen when he made Justin let him into the room where Jessica was sleeping after telling Justin that what Bryce owns Justin does too, which in his opinion should be reciprocated, which also dangerously implies that he thinks Jessica is Justin's ownership. Justin is so scared to allow this, that he comes back into the room and tries to get him off of her, however, Bryce forcibly and brutally shoves him out of the room and gets back to Jessica whom he then proceeds to rape (he has non-consensual sex with her while she is passed out) while Justin is downstairs visibly scared, fearful and upset because he knows what is going on.

In the third season though, we begin to see a change in Bryce before his death. He realizes the opportunity that he's been given to try and change his life with the minimal punishment that he received. and after witnessing his parents' divorce, he begins to realize how much pain he has caused in his victims, so he decides to try and make up for it in several ways, such as helping Justin combat his drug addiction and pay off his debt to Seth, trying to give Tony his car back after taking it from him in an attempt to make amends with him after his father sold out Tony's family to the ICE, apologizing to Jessica for assaulting her, and helping Tyler out after hearing of his rape by Monty, which ironically appalled him. He also became more sensitive to his emotions and to the emotions of others around him, opening up to Mr. Porter about his tragic upbringing and the feeling that his parents don't love him as well as his remorse for what he did and his fear that he will never change and he even forms a genuine relationship with Ani. But, despite this, he still does some horrific things such as vandalizing his father's house and a house that he mistook for his father's, threatening the child with violence when he catches Bryce vandalizing his home and selling drugs to Alex and other people on the side. He also still treated Zach and Clay badly, the former for Chloe (his ex-girlfriend) leaving him for Zach (resulting in him breaking his knee), and the latter for bonding with Ani (resulting in his multiple taunts). In a tape he left before his death, Bryce expressed genuine remorse for his actions despite knowing that what he did may have been unforgivable to the point of no one wanting to even hear him out. Bryce stated that he dreamed of maybe becoming the type of person that protected people from what he did.

Physical Appearance

Bryce has short brown hair and slightly rosy cheeks. He is light-skinned and has light blue eyes. He has a boyish look to him and is often seen wearing either a white shirt, a blue jumper, or a blue flannel shirt. Due to his background as an athlete, he seems to have a strong build.


Chlöe Rice


Bryce and Chloe in "The Box of Polaroids"

Chlöe was Bryce's girlfriend, they started dating between the first and second season. Bryce had asked Zach for Chlöe's number, which Zach had because they were in a study group together. Bryce's dad, Barry, had told him that he needed to find a loyal girlfriend because that would look good in the trial. Chlöe and Bryce have a sexual relationship, but Bryce is also shown to have sex with her when she clearly doesn't want to. Nora, Bryce's mother, finds bruises on her arm, which implied to her that Bryce might have been violent towards her. A Polaroid reveals that Bryce raped her while she was unconscious in the clubhouse. Chlöe becomes more distant from Bryce as there's more proof of Bryce being a rapist. After seeing the pictures of Bryce raping her, she agrees on testifying against him. When seeing Bryce in court, she catches his eyes and she lies and says that she remembers having consensual sex with him out of fear. Bryce accuses her of testifying out of jealousy and wanting to get high and have sex in the clubhouse.

Later, they meet up and Chlöe tells him that she feels safe with him and believes him, and they stay together. Chloe later reveals to Jessica that she's pregnant, possibly being the reason she decided to stay with him. However, she breaks up with him and proceeds to get to an abortion. At the Homecoming game, Bryce goes to talk with Chloe. Chloe reveals she had an abortion and Zach was there to support her. This led Bryce to believe Zach and Chloe were dating, and so Bryce crippled Zach in a fit of jealous rage.

Montgomery de la Cruz


Monty and Bryce in "The First Polaroid"

Monty and Bryce are very good friends, probably the tightest friend each of them have during the second season, during the first season, Bryce and Monty were good friends, but Justin was his best friend until Justin slowly started to abandon Bryce because of his guilt over him being his girlfriend's rapist. Monty would do pretty much anything for Bryce during the second season, to 'keep him clean'. Knowing of his sexual assaults on Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker, whether he believes they happened, he sticks by him and attempts to drag down anyone who could get him in trouble, including Jessica Davis. Towards the end of the second season, Monty seems to be more pissed off on behalf of Bryce than Bryce is. Monty talks about ways of dealing with Marcus Cole for costing them their season and Tyler Down just because he is back, and anyone else trying to bring Bryce down still. Bryce is confused as to why Monty wants to make trouble in Bryce's life, considering Bryce's current situation. He responds with "Yeah, that's a great idea at this particular time.", when Monty pushes Bryce, Bryce boldly responds with "We are not going to do a goddamn thing.", telling Monty he is on probation. Monty doesn't get this and believes Bryce is saying that he can't be a part of it but is telling him to go ahead. Bryce tells him once more, with an aggressive "I guess your father didn't beat you hard enough, 'cause you're still a fucking idiot. The last time you tried to help, you almost fucked up my whole plea deal.". They have a heated argument and Bryce ends the conversation by getting up and saying "I want you to leave it alone, and leave me alone. We're done.". Monty does leave Bryce alone and believes that he and Bryce are no longer friends. Out of aggression and wanting to still do something, he corners Tyler Down in the bathroom, after Tyler comes back to school in a happy mood. He brutally sexually assaults him through forced sodomy with a mop and leaves him traumatized, crying on the floor.

Later their friendship seems to recover as they go to a party thrown by Hillcrest students. After Monty gets drunk and beats up Winston after he and Monty had just hooked up and he wanted to get to know Monty better, not knowing Monty suffered from internalized homophobia. Bryce albeit irritated just assumed it happened because Monty was drunk and that he's just like that. He pays Winston a large sum of money to keep quiet and then later blackmails him after discovering somebody took the SATs for him.

However, right before his death, Bryce learns about how Monty raped Tyler. Ironically this disgusts Bryce (as he had started to reform himself, and wanted to start making things right). This leads to Bryce confronting Monty before the homecoming game, in front of another player, Charlie. He tells Monty to leave Tyler alone or else he'll tell the cops about what Monty did during the events of the second season. Monty feels betrayed as he considered himself and Bryce to be brothers. After the game, he says that he'll "end" him. Bryce calls him saying he won't because he's always been a coward. After Bryce was murdered by Alex, the others pin Bryce's murder on Monty, who was in jail after he was arrested for first-degree sexual assault and later murdered.

Scott Reed


Scott and Monty carrying Bryce on their shoulders in "Bryce and Chloe"

Bryce and Scott appear to be friends throughout the second season. They are often seen together, and it appears that Scott believes Bryce's lies about the night Jessica claims she was raped. However, as the evidence builds up and points more and more to the fact that Bryce is a liar and a rapist, Scott is shown to heavily disapprove of Bryce's actions. He still defends Bryce, however, when Clay attacks him, by pulling Clay away. He states multiple times that he is not a rapist (to Clay and Montgomery), and even tells Montgomery that they (the jocks) have protected Bryce for too long, showing he is unwilling to condone Bryce's actions. He even tells some of the people on the tapes where Montgomery sometimes sleeps––thinking that he has the Polaroids––so that Bryce's actions will be put to justice. At the end of the trial, he is shown sitting on the side of Hannah's parents, rather than that of the school. Scott and Bryce never share any scenes after this, leaving it unknown how Bryce feels about Scott's actions.

Marcus Cole


Bryce and Marcus in "The Third Polaroid"

Marcus and Bryce are friends in the first season and are often seen talking or in parties at Bryce's house, though Marcus was willing to expose Bryce as a rapist to protect himself from possible consequences if the tapes got out. In the second season, it is shown that Bryce made a bet with Marcus to see if he could get Hannah into bed on Valentine's day, which was the reason for Marcus performing the actions that caused him to be put on the tapes. Bryce also trusts Marcus with knowledge of the existence and location of The Clubhouse, as Marcus is shown receiving a lap dance there. However, Bryce is angered when Marcus mentions his name on the stand, though he seems to forgive him after Marcus states that his testimony could be used to claim Hannah liked him (Bryce). Later, though, after Marcus is blackmailed with the video of him receiving a lap dance, Bryce refuses to help him, claiming he doesn't owe Marcus anything since he didn't ask Marcus to lie for him. After Marcus is blackmailed again and calls Bryce a rapist in front of the whole school, Bryce ends their friendship.

Zach Dempsey


Bryce and Zach at the baseball field in "The First Polaroid"

Bryce and Zach used to be best friends, and Bryce considered Zach his brother. Bryce and his family would often help Zach and his family. Bryce starts to doubt Zach's loyalty to him when he starts to hang out with Alex, but Zach assures him that he still got Bryce's back. They grow further apart through the second season. Their friendship seemingly ends when they argue during a baseball game and Zach walks off the field.

In the third season, Bryce cripples Zach on the field as he believes Zach to be dating Chloe. This ruins Zach's future. Zach confronts Bryce after this and nearly beats him to death. Zach leaves him behind, which later leads Zach to believe he killed Bryce.

Barry Walker


Bryce and Barry having dinner in "The Chalk Machine"

Bryce seems to have a good relationship with his father. Throughout the second season, his father continually supports him despite the rumors. His mother at one point states that she and Barry have always given him a lot of freedom because they trust him to make good decisions. However, Bryce is shown in a flashback telling Hannah that he has a lot of freedom, but he wishes he could talk to his parents about anything, showing that he feels estranged from his parents, though he is used to it. It is unknown, however, whether or not Bryce's father believed the rumors that Bryce was a rapist before Jessica came forward.

After Bryce's murder in season three, it is shown in flashbacks that Barry had begone divorcing Nora and had begone distancing himself from Bryce, effectively disowning him. He didn't even let Bryce know he got a new house in town. After Bryce discovered that Barry had an illegitimate daughter named Caitlin, that he fathered during his marriage to Nora (revealing his infidelity), and that now he decided to accept her and be a part of her life, essentially replacing him. Bryce feeling hurt and abandoned by his father, (causing more damage to their already strained relationship), breaks into Barry's new house, vandalizing it, or in his own words "I played a little golf, in the living room, in the kitchen, and then the wine seller. Then I drank some wine, then I had to piss so I did that up in the bedroom." Barry was furious and confronted Bryce on how the damage costs $20,000 to fix and wants Bryce to pay for it, but Bryce in turn reveals the existence of Caitlin to his mother as a "nuclear option" for Nora to use if she sees fit. This was the last time Barry saw Bryce before going to his funeral, drunk and acting as if everything is ok, as he socializing with some of his peers from town. He also acts inappropriately towards Ani (Bryce's friend/former lover). But after Nora's heartfelt speech about Bryce, Barry was shown to be in tears, showing that despite what happened he still loved Bryce and possibly had regretted not being a more active parent in his life. After members of "H.O." ("Hands Off" a school club that wanted to end rape culture) revealed themselves calling Bryce "a rapist, that shouldn't be mourned", Barry became infuriated that his son's funeral was being protested trying to shove them out of the church, and having the police arrest them.

Nora Walker

Bryce had a good relationship with his mother, who stated in "Bryce and Chloe" that she and Barry have always given Bryce a lot of freedom, trusting him to make good decisions. However, Bryce is shown in a flashback telling Hannah that he has a lot of freedom, but he wishes he could talk to his parents about anything, showing that he feels estranged from his parents, though he is used to it. Like Barry, she tries to support him through the trial. However, over the course of the season, after hearing rumors that her son is a rapist, she slowly begins to doubt him. After seeing pictures of him having sex with an unconscious Chlöe, she confronts him at home about this and what actually happened with Hannah. After he claims he didn't force his girlfriend to get drunk in the middle of the day (blaming the victim), she presses further. He eventually admits that he raped Hannah. Disgusted by her son's actions, Nora slaps him and says he has brought shame to the family, and that he is a stranger in their house. Bryce calmly replies that he always has been, finally expressing his loneliness and frustration over his parents never being there. Their relationship is strained following this.

Throughout season 3, Nora begins to worry about Bryce after he disappears, but does not excuse what he did. Nora was distraught after her son's death but was concerned about Ani when she interacts with Bryce, showing that their relationship is still strained. Nora and Bryce are shown to be much closer as Bryce begins to show sympathy for his actions. After calling Mr. Porter to be Bryce's therapist, Bryce starts to break through with his mother. Bryce is last seen crying and being held by his mother after doing a yoga lesson.

Jessica Davis


Jessica and Bryce in "Tape 4, Side A"

Bryce raped Jessica when she was passed out in her bedroom from being drunk at a party. Before he raped her, Bryce and Jessica didn't interact much. Jessica doesn't remember being raped by Bryce, and through the season, Jessica gets flirty with Bryce to make Justin jealous, which results in Justin revealing Bryce raped her. When Jessica is back home, Bryce sends her a text asking if she's okay, and Jessica starts sobbing. While Jessica isn't at school, Bryce tells everyone Jessica cheated with him on Justin and told Justin he raped her after regretting it. When Jessica returns to school, Bryce welcomes her back as if nothing happened and invites her to grab a drink. Jessica reports Bryce, and he gets arrested. Bryce gets off with three months of probation.

In the third season, Bryce apologizes to Jessica for raping her. He makes a tape for her, apologizing for everything he did, and invites her to meet up with him to give the tape. Jessica brings Alex with her and wants to leave him behind after receiving the tape.

Justin Foley


Bryce and Justin in "Tape 5, Side A"

Bryce and Justin were best friends until Justin started to hate him for Jessica's rape. They met in the 3rd Grade. A young Bryce broke up a fight between Justin and another kid and tried to help Justin up. Justin slapped his hand away and told him that he could take care of himself and wanted to fight him, which Bryce refused. At lunch, Bryce sat with Justin, who had been sitting by himself at an empty table. Justin didn't have lunch with him, so Bryce stole another's kid Twinkies Justin could 'trade' them for Bryce's sandwich. They had been friends ever since. In the following years, Bryce helped Justin a lot; he was there for him when he couldn't stay at home, bought stuff for him that he didn't have money for, and convinced his dad to bail Justin's mother out jail. They often hang out, Justin stays a lot at Bryce's (pool)house. When Justin tells Jessica about the rape, Bryce tries to calm him down and calls him 'brother', in which Justin yells at him, while being held back by Zach, that he is not his brother and that he should kill him. Bryce calmly asks him "What the fuck did you just do?" and walks away. The next day he calls Justin and leaves the message that he didn't know what happened the night before and that it kills him that he can't talk to him about it. He ends the message with "Please? I love you, man. Call me." A few days later they meet up, and Justin tells him about the tapes. When Justin is back five months later, he wants to take Bryce down. After Bryce's testifies, Justin confronts him at school about lying and starts a fight. Justin helps getting Bryce arrested by going to the police, while also getting himself arrested. A month later, they talk at the dance where Bryce tells him that he's transferring and brings up Justin staying over the day before high school started, and talked about how they were going to be kings of the school. Justin says that he will always remember it.

After getting arrested, Justin calls Bryce to bail him out. Bryce gives Seth Massey money so he would leave Justin alone. He starts giving Justin his prescription drugs after learning about Justin's heroin use, as he worries that Justin might die from a heroin overdose. After Bryce is revealed to be dead, Justin cries over him and mentions feeling the need to stand up for him after the H.O. group started protesting at his funeral.

Hannah Baker

Bryce raped Hannah. He was the 12th reason why she commits suicide.


Bryce and Hannah in the hot tub in "Tape 6, Side B"

When Bryce and Hannah meet at a party, Bryce immediately shows interest in her, complimenting her laugh. Kat sends him away and warns Hannah to stay away from him. After Hannah approaches Bryce at a football game, they hang out for a bit and Bryce takes Hannah to the Clubhouse. There he tries to kiss her, but Hannah tells him she likes him as a friend. After The List got spread around, Bryce gropes Hannah in a store. At a party at Bryce's house, Bryce enters the hot tub Hannah is in alone. He touches her inappropriately, and when Hannah attempts to leave the tub, Bryce grabs her and proceeds to rape her. Hannah started to consider suicide and make the tapes after this.

Alex Standall

Clay Jensen


Bryce talking to Clay after he beat him in "Tape 6, Side B"

In Season 1 Clay and Bryce had a very distant but also antagonistic relationship initially. However, as Clay listened to the tapes Bryce's malicious actions became more apparent to him, making Clay realize that Bryce is worse than he thought. After Clay listening to Hannah's 12th Reason, Clay went to confront Bryce on whether Bryce rapped Hannah. He staged it to look like he came by to buy weed, but then the conversation took a turn when Clay asked if Bryce rapped Hannah. Bryce initially denied, but then staged it to seem like Hannah wanted to have sex with him and that if that's the case then every girl at Liberty wants to be rapped. Clay was enraged and punched Bryce. Bryce simply shrugged it off and proceed to beat Clay until he was collapsed on the floor. When Clay stood up, Bryce congratulated him and offered him a drink. Clay asked again, to which Bryce knowingly or unknowingly admitted to raping Hannah while Clay was recording their conversation.

In Season 2, Bryce and Clay had less physical interactions but with more distant and hateful relations. When Justin returned to Liberty High he started a fight in the hallway with Bryce. Many people from Clay and Bryce's group got evolved: Clay, Bryce, Justin, Tony, Cyrus, Montgomery, Scott, and several others. Later on, after Bryce lied in court, Clay approached Bryce's house with Tyler's gun and the intent to kill him for Hannah. If it wasn't for Justin's intervention, he might've. Despite there not being another extreme moment after this one between the two in this season, Clay's hated for Bryce only grew after the trial when Bryce got off easy.

By Season 3, The two rarely interacted alone, but mostly through a love triangle relationship between Clay, Bryce, and Ani. With tensions growing higher when Clay discovered Ani living with Bryce and their relationship together. Eventually, on the night of Homecoming, Clay gave several death-threats to Bryce if he didn't stay away from Ani. After Bryce's body was found, the police suspected Clay as the prime suspect for Bryce's murder, due to Clay being especially hateful towards Bryce when he was alive. Clay would be tagged as a person of interest by the police, and the suspicion only grew when police reviewed how much hate Clay felt towards Bryce due to Bryce raping Hannah and having sex multiple times with Ani. After finding out about Ani's sexual relationship Bryce appears as a hallucination in front of Clay. Clay repeatedly tries to dismiss it as nothing and that Bryce isn't really there, with the hallucination taunting Clay that he'll always be there. "Every time you look at Jessica, or think about Hannah, or look at Ani." Eventually, Clay snaps at it and the hallucination Bryce never makes another reappearance afterward. Later on, the police find security camera footage found at Bryce's house from last spring, only confirming the police's suspicions, becoming one of the main reasons for sheriff Diaz to arrest Clay Jensen.


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You wanna call it rape, call it rape. Same difference.
— Bryce to Clay, when asked if he raped Hannah.[src]
She wanted me. Me. She was practically begging me to fuck her. If that's rape, then every girl at this school wants to be raped.
— Bryce to Clay, after unknowingly admitting to raping Hannah, this line was also secretly being recorded by Clay as a confession.[src]
I got your back, always. Whatever you did, if you even fucking did anything. We can take care of it. I mean, anything. You know my one rule. Keep me clean.
— Bryce to Justin[src]
What's mine is yours, right?
— Bryce to Justin before raping Jessica[src]

I don't think that you can speak to me that way.
— Bryce to Mr. Porter[src]
You've got more to lose than I do.
— Bryce to Mr. Porter[src]
A favor is only a favor if someone asks for it.
— Bryce[src]
People talk a lot about what it means to be a member of a team. The brotherhood, the sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. It's about fighting together, but it's also about family. About knowing who will be there for you, always. And when it's right, when it's 11 guys working as one, there's nothing like it. No greater feeling in the world.
— Bryce Walker[src]
Bryce: "One wrong turn and you're plummeting down, down, down. Splat. Game over."
Hannah: "Did you bring me here to murder me?"
Bryce: "No. No, I just mean we take it for granted is all life and how precarious it is. Coming here helps me step out of mine sometimes."
―  Bryce to Hannah at a bridge[src]
You're making a big fucking mistake!
— Bryce to Jessica when getting arrested[src]

Aren't you here to hurt me now? So, do it, man. Seriously. If it'll make you feel better, go ahead. You'd be doing me a favor. (...) Come on, dude. You could kill the monster. This town would celebrate. You're right, I hurt people. I don't get to start over. 'Cause no one's gonna let me. So, go ahead. Shoot me.
— Bryce telling Tyler to shoot him[src]
Bryce Hallucination: " Hey buddy. Aww, you knew this was coming right? The dead don't stay dead in your life. Not for long."
Clay: "You're not here."
Bryce Hallucination: "You think I'm gone. You got rid of me? I'm fucking immortal Jensen. I'll live as long as you do. Every time you look at Jessica, or think about Hannah, or look at Ani. I'll be right there."
Clay: "Fuck you."
Bryce Hallucination: "You think you're going to get out of this town, go off to college, I'll be there. Graduate, get some shit job, I'll be there. Or maybe you get some sweet gig in finance, maybe you'll be a lawyer like your mom, and I will be all over that shit. I'll be everywhere you look as long as you live. Fucking Jessica. Fucking Hannah. Fucking Ani."
Clay: "No!"
Bryce Hallucination: "you can't punish me, but you can punish her."
Clay: "You're dead. You're gone from this earth. You're a bloated corpse with a hole in your head."
Bryce Hallucination: "I may be gone from this earth, but I will be reborn in the bodies of a million men. And there is nothing, there is nothing you can do to stop me. You're not well Clay, you need help."
―  Clay hallucinating Bryce at school[src]
Hey, Jess. It's me. Yeah, I know. A tape. Yes, I did it on purpose. Not to be a dick, but... Because the day I listened to those tapes, my life changed. And I bet the same is true for you. And for Justin, and Zach, and everyone, and I wanted to give you this. I'd thought you'd hear me better if I wasn't standing in front of you. You said I had no idea what I'd done to you. You were right. I can't stop thinking about you, replaying that night in my mind. I raped you. I heard you say no, and I did it anyway. Because I wanted to, and I didn't care how you felt. Justin tried to stop me. I wish I could tell you that there was a tiny voice in my head telling me that what I was doing was wrong. There wasn't. I never had one of those before. That's not an excuse, it just is. I raped Hannah Baker. I raped 7 or 8 other girls. Some of them were my girlfriends at the time. I won't name them, but if they choose to tell you, believe them. I'm broken. I know that. I'm a person in a thousand pieces. But I'm seeing a counselor. It's a long, hard process, but... little by little, you start picking up the pieces. And you realize that what you're making is a mirror. And the more pieces you put together, the more you see yourself. I'd like to say that I'm not the same person who raped you, anymore, Jess. But what I've come to realize is that I'll always be him. But I'm trying to be better. To be someone worth something in this world. I have this dream that I could be someone who protects people somehow. Protects them from people like me, like who I was, I don't know. I am so fucking sorry for what I did to you, and I know words add up to nothing compared to what I took from you. Someone once told me that it'll take me a lifetime to learn what sorry is. They're right. But I'm starting. If you've listened this far, thank you. It's more than I deserve. I wouldn't blame you if you smashed this tape to fucking pieces.I would. I wish you the best, Jess, truly. Goodbye.
— Bryce's tape for Jessica[src]


  • Bryce and Barry have earned multiple awards, which are displayed in their home.[26]
  • His address is revealed to be 3025 Drakewood Drive, Evergreen County, CA 94181.[27]
  • The name of his Instagram is 'brycemoney23'.
  • Bryce is the only person on the tapes who never received or heard them, due to Clay passing him over in order to coerce him into confessing to raping Hannah and to give them to Mr. Porter. Bryce is also the last person on Hannah's list to learn of the existence of the tapes. In "The World Closing In", Bryce finally hears the tapes.
  • Out of all the 13 people's mistakes and crimes on the tape, Bryce's is considered to be the most serious, as the tapes show his complicity in two rapes. Tyler even points this out to the others when suggesting to use Bryce as a scapegoat.
  • Bryce's family is very affluent, as shown by his large house with a big pool and pool house in the backyard, where Justin stayed in.[26]
  • Bryce seems to wear prescription glasses, indicating that he may be nearsighted or farsighted. Although the glasses were first seen in court during trial, Bryce mentioned that he hadn't worn them in a while. Later, he's seen wearing them in class.
  • In actuality, Bryce truly is the reason for Hannah Baker’s suicide. Despite everyone on the tapes were just as guilty of causing Hannah Baker’s suicide, Bryce is responsible for most of the reasons as it was his actions that made everyone betray Hannah:
    1. Bryce is the original source of Hannah’s slut-shaming because he sent out an up-skirt photo of Hannah, taken by Justin on their date to everyone around the school. This is how the 'Hannah the Slut' label began.
    2. Bryce started the hot or not list that Alex contributed to and sexually assaulted Hannah after she was labeled the best ass.
    3. Bryce deduced who the two women in the photo sent around the school were and told Montgomery who began harassing Courtney and Hannah.
    4. Bryce initiated a bet with Marcus to see if Marcus could get Hannah to have sex with him.
    5. Bryce made fun of Zach after he was rejected by Hannah making him feel insulted (debatable).
    6. Bryce raped Jessica the night of her party which Hannah, hidden away in a closet, was forced to witness.
    7. Bryce raped Hannah.
    • Tony actually references this in Season 3 by pointing out that even though Hannah's tapes are dedicated to other people, they are still all Bryce's tapes.
  • In his own tape, Bryce confessed to raping Jessica, Hannah, and seven or eight other girls. He refused to name the others to protect their privacy but stated that if they came forward, they should be believed. This effectively makes Bryce a serial rapist.

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