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Bryce Walker's Funeral is an event that took place on November 11, 2018 in "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves". It was organized for Bryce Walker's murder on November 2, 2018. There were two speakers: Nora Walker and Zach Dempsey. At the funeral, a protest was started by Hands Off Our Bodies.


Nora Walker had organized the funeral on the church on First Street after Bryce Walker was murdered. There was a picture of Bryce with flowers on the casket while speakers stood beside it, dedicating their speeches for Bryce. Nora Walker had requested additional cops to watch over the funeral for protesters as they found flyers at the school. Nora kept a close eye on Clay Jensen as she was concerned that her son's killer was at the funeral.

Barry Walker came to the funeral drunk and was greeting guests in satisfaction. Nora expressed disgust over this and told Barry to control himself when he was talking to Ani. Barry Walker became sad after Nora made a speech but showed some very suspicious behaviors allowing Clay to believe that he may be responsible for Bryce's death somehow.

When the girls from Hands Off Our Bodies had protested, an angry Barry Walker and a few police officers had came to take the girls away while some of the girls where resisting. The girls hung a banner over saying "Mourn the surviours, not the rapist". The police eventually arrested all of them. The protest was organized by Casey Ford




Bryce was a real competitor on the field. He fought for his team. Always. He was loyal, and he was strong. He was the kind of strong that I always wished that I could be. In a way. I didn't always agree with Bryce. Or what he did. But I wonder sometimes if all we are is the sum of our actions in the end. Or if we're more than that. I want to believe that we're more than that. There was a time where I called Bryce Walker my brother. And there was a time where I didn't. But we're all brothers and sisters. All of us. And whether I like it or not, I am my brother's keeper. So Bryce, I'm sorry, and goodbye.
— Zach's speech at Bryce's funeral

There is a son that only a mother can see. A mother always sees the little boy inside the man. So, there is a Bryce I wish you all had known. He was capable of hurtful things. And he was capable of deep love. He had a soul that wanted to be good. And a heart that didn't always know how. But he was growing and getting better. And there were moments in these last months where I saw not only the little boy but the good, good man he might become.
— Mrs. Walker's speech at Bryce's funeral


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