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Everyone had their reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night one of them would've followed through. Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. Bryce had threatened to ruin Monty's life. Jessica Davis was on fire with the cause, with anger at Bryce. Justin Foley would've done anything for her. Tony would've loved to get into that fight. Tyler felt under attack all over again. And Zach's dreams were destroyed with one hit.
Ani, explaining to Deputy Standall everyone's reasons for wanting to kill Bryce Walker[src]

The Murder of Bryce Walker is both Bryce's death and the investigation into Bryce's death after his body was found in the river due to an anonymous call made by Tyler Down to the police after Tyler found Bryce's body.


Before the Homecoming game, Chlöe Rice told Bryce Walker that she was pregnant and had an abortion, Bryce comments that he was sorry she had to be alone in it, Chlöe told him she wasn't alone; she had Zach Dempsey. He walked away believing that Zach slowly stole Chlöe from him and he became angry, during the game he constantly had words with Zach, one of them being "You stole my girlfriend buddy, you don't think that's for free do you?" he also spent a lot of the game going out of his way, to hurt Zach. During half-time, while Zach gave a speech to his team, Jessica Davis and her H.O. group members performed a demonstration on the field, calling out predators on the Liberty Tigers sports teams. Dean Holbrook—a student from Hillcrest, Liberty High's rival school—sexually assaulted her by running up behind her and grabbing her chest. Dean doing this broke out a fight between Hillcrest and Liberty High's sports teams, with Liberty High defending Jessica. Justin, Clay, Bryce, Zach and Jessica got tied up in it. Clay—furious with Bryce for having a relationship with Ani Achola—grabbed Bryce and tried to fight him, but Justin got him off and held him back. Jessica fought jocks but was quickly dragged off of the field by police. Bryce then saw Zach fighting someone else and took the opportunity while Zach couldn't see him and he put on a football helmet and charged straight for Zach's knee, breaking it in the process. Justin saw and heard Zach in pain and ran over, he called over Charlie St. George and they called the Liberty Tigers doctor in, Zach got driven to the hospital, had x-rays done, got a brace put on and then got sent home. However he didn't stay at home, he went to see Bryce at the Navy Pier Dock to talk to him, Bryce taunted him and Zach ended up fighting him, hitting him multiple times, dislocating his arm and then throwing him down to the ground. He finally stopped and they had a conversation:

Zach: "You ruined my fucking life! Big man! Scary fucking Bryce"
Bryce: "What the fuck?"
Zach: "You took away my future tonight (injurying his knee)"
Bryce: "You took away mine (helping Chlöe get an abortion)"
Zach: "No. You did that to yourself."
Bryce: "Did you fuck her Zach? Chlöe? Did you fuck her? How many times? Did she scream for you like she did for me? [laughs]"
Zach: "Chlöe's my friend. I'm sorry you never had a friend in your life."
Bryce: "She didn't fuck you 'cause you're a pussy-ass bitch!"
―  Zach and Bryce after Zach hits Bryce and dislocates his arm[src]

After the conversation, Zach broke both of his legs by angrily stomping on them. He walked away, but Bryce taunted him further by calling him names over and over out of pain and anger, Zach came back and searched for Bryce's phone, he found it and then threw it in the river so that Bryce couldn't text or call anyone for help. Zach then walked away, leaving Bryce severely injured at night in the cold; He left to meet up with Chlöe.

Later on, Jessica arrived as Bryce had asked her to meet him by the dock so he could give her something, she brought Alex Standall for security. Bryce took out the tape that he wanted to give her but dropped it on the floor nand it became covered in his blood, he picked it up and held out his hand for her to take it, she took it and walked back to Alex. Alex asked what was on the tape, Bryce told them that he recorded himself confessing to raping Jessica, Hannah Baker and other girls and apologized to Jessica on it. Jessica took it and they started to walk away. Bryce begged for them to help him up, Jessica told Alex that if they helped him Zach could go to jail if Bryce talked. Alex told her that if they didn't help, Bryce would freeze to death from his injuries caused by Zach, and Zach would definitely go to jail. Alex walked back and helped Bryce up, however as Bryce stood up he was in a fury of pain from his injuries and reverted back to his old ways, he told Alex and Jessica "Fucking Zach, I'm gonna fuck up his other knee and wreck his fucking life", Alex told him that he was not going to do anything but Bryce continued. Bryce looked Jessica in the eyes and told her "You! you set me up!" believing Jess told Zach where he would be. Alex told him that she didn't set him up, but he continued "She fucking set me up!!", Alex looked him in the eye and told him "You've hurt everyone I ever loved", Alex became angry and started to push him towards the railings, he became angrier as he thought about everything bad that Bryce did and pushed him through the railings. Bryce fell into the water, Jessica shouted for Alex and ran to him. Bryce started to drown as he could not swim with his injuries and called for them to help, but Jess and Alex just stood and watched in shock. Bryce couldn't keep staying afloat due to his injuries, and sunk underwater and drowned. Jess and Alex left in Alex's mother's car, they arrived at Jessica's house and Alex told her "It's gonna be fine. No one knows, I love you", however Jessica was disgusted and told him he couldn't say that ever again and that they had to stay apart from each other. Jessica went back home and so did Alex. They didn't talk about what happened at the dock even after Bryce is announced to be dead.

On November 3, 2018, Bryce Walker was reported missing by his mother. The police started an investigation and brought in Clay Jensen immediately, possibly due to his hatred for Bryce and talking to the other players. Bryce's mother, Nora Walker, came in to the interrogation room and asked Clay if he knew where Bryce was, which he denied. Two days later, police searched the water at the Navy Pier Dock and found his dead body. The Evergeen County Sheriff's Department confirmed his death as a homicide. Clay Jensen became their main suspect and they tried to find evidence to tie him to the murder. Ani and Clay then started to run their own investigation into who killed Bryce, although they started to suspect each other, but ruled themselves out later. In the last episode of the third season, Clay and Ani found out that Alex did it and helped cover his tracks. Ani hatched a plan to frame Montgomery de la Cruz for his murder, Ani gave a convincing statement to Deputy Standall and told him where to find the evidence. After Ani finished her statement by saying Monty killed Bryce, Deputy Standall told her that Monty was killed in his jail cell. Ani was made aware of this before going to the police (the reason why she was able to frame Monty) and acted like she wasn't aware of it, Ani told Deputy Standall that both Bryce and Monty did a lot of bad things to people while they were alive, and told him to "Let the dead bury the dead". Deputy Standall told her that they found his wife's car's tire tracks at the scene but his wife stayed in bed, Ani told him "Alex wouldn't have been alone" and that Alex and the friends are always there for each other, so maybe Alex went to help a friend "who was maybe more injured by Bryce than he was. Or Monty Was. Whose life had been destroyed by Bryce, and who's had to rebuild it piece by piece." which was not entirely a lie, because Alex did go to the pier with the intention to support Jess, not to kill Bryce. Deputy Standall decided that the explanation is good enough. The police found the evidence and closed the case (Monty was arrested for Tyler's rape, and charged for Bryce's murder after his death, but as he was dead, the case was closed).

Deputy Standall then told his son that the sheriff and the prosecutor believed they had enough evidence to close the case, he then stated that Bryce was killed by Monty, he watched for his son's reaction—which was relief—and it is implied that Deputy Standall knows that his son is the actual murderer, but was fine with Monty being framed for it for his son's sake. He told Alex "You know son, when I found you last year on the bathroom floor, I-I wished that bullet was in my head not yours. Do you understand?", Alex told him he understood, his father hugged him and said: "I love you, son." Alex told him he loved him back and his father told him "My boy.". Deputy Standall then left his house with a bag of clothes—implied to be Alex's—he poured a flammable solvent on them, pulled a lighter out, and watched them burn, destroying the evidence. Later, Jessica had Thanksgiving Dinner at Standall Residence with the Standalls. Deputy Standall prayed for their children about the darkness in their lives.

At the end of the third season, Tyler did a photo exhibition at Monet's, where he put up the pictures of all the people who helped him recover and change after he was raped and attempted to shoot up the school. Jessica and Alex attended the exhibition together. After everyone had gone back inside, Jessica noticed Alex is still at the exhibition and went to check on him. There she saw him standing and crying, looking at a photo of Justin and Jessica's. Jessica told him that she would always love him and that he was the best friend she'd ever had. Alex apologized to her for everything but she told him not to. With tears in his eyes, Alex asked how they were gonna live with this, expressing his guilt about the murder and the cover-up. Jessica told him that they were survivors and then shook hands with Alex, saying "FML forever," indicating that she was ready to move on from the guilt and she wanted Alex to do so too.

Outside of Monet’s, Ani came out and Winston stated that Monty was with him the night of Bryce’s death, and he knew that Monty was innocent. He said that Monty had been a human being and that he hadn’t deserved to die the way he had before walking off in disgust at Ani for framing Monty for murdering Bryce.

At the end of the fourth season, Alex confesses to Winston who he had a brief romantic relationship the truth about Bryce's murder. Due to his lingering love for Alex, Winston chooses not to reveal the truth. Sheriff Diaz also tells Deputy Standall that he is closing the investigation for good. He possibly knows that Alex killed Bryce, as he mentions the importance of family to Deputy Standall.


Note: These are all the characters who have been suspected of Bryce's murder by either Ani, Clay or the Evergreen's Sheriff's Department.

Suspect Evidence Reason for suspicion
Clay Jensen Bike lock, text message, security footage Bike lock: Clay's bike lock was found in Bryce's room, which was later revealed to be put there by Ani as she and Bryce had a secret relationship.

Text message: He threatened to kill Bryce in a text hours before his death.
Security footage: He was caught on camera holding a loaded gun to Bryce.

Zach Dempsey Rabbit's foot He started getting close with Chlöe Rice, Bryce's ex-girlfriend and rape victim, Chlöe gave him the rabbit's foot. Bryce also broke his leg after finding out, ending his athletics career.
Jessica Davis Bryce's note Ani found a note from Bryce to Jessica; Ani became suspicious of her confidence, after Bryce's death, during her assembly speech.
Tyler Down Tyler's gun He owned a gun that he tried to get rid of after Bryce's death announcement.
Alex Standall Steroids He was using steroids and transferred hundreds of dollars to Bryce.
Tony Padilla Car He sold his car to Bryce; He wanted to get back at Bryce's father for calling ICE on his family.
Ani Achola Underwear She had a secret sexual relationship with Bryce and was washing a red-stained shirt after Bryce's murder.
Barry Walker Divorce papers (folder) His rocky relationship with Bryce and not grieving about his death.
Kevin Porter, Nora Walker Bryce's notebook A note that talks about Nora hating Bryce, later found to be written by Bryce about his thoughts on his mother's view of him.
Justin Foley Oxy prescription He had Bryce's oxy prescription in his bag and stole his watch. He also threatened Bryce multiple times and is strongly protective of Jessica.
Seth Massey Text message He sent Justin a text message after Bryce's body was found that said "coming for you next".
Olivia Baker Keys, Voicemail Keys: After the closing of her house, she stayed to have access to a storage unit over the weekend that Bryce was killed.

Voicemail: During her stay, she drunkenly left Clay a voicemail saying she wants Bryce dead and then left another the night he was killed saying that she wants to kill him.

Montgomery de la Cruz Bryce's apology tape After finding out about the real story surrounding Bryce's death, Ani, Clay and their friends helped cover up the truth, part of the cover-up was planting Bryce's apology tape in Monty's locker.


Season 3[]

Ani: "Before we begin, if you're expecting that I'm gonna prove Clay Jensen guilty, you'll be disappointed. Because I don't believe he is. "
Deputy Standall: "Just so you know, you're facing the reality that most people believe he is guilty. Do you still want to talk?"
Ani: "I do."
Deputy Standall: " Okay. (puts tape recorder on the desk) Do you mind?"
Ani: "(shaking her head "no")"
Deputy Standall: "Okay, begin at the beginning, who you are, and what school you're from. And why you're here."
Ani: "My name is Amorowat Anysia Achola. You can call me "Ani". I'm a senior at Liberty High School... It's an interesting place..."
―  Deputy Standall beginning his interview with Ani.
Ani: "Bryce Walker did hurt a lot of people. Zach and Chlöe, certainly. But I soon realized the one he hurt the most, was Jessica Davis. "
Deputy Standall: "You wanna talk about Jessica Davis?"
Ani: "You need to understand that everyone had their reasons. And you need to understand what those reasons are."
Deputy Standall: "Everyone had a reason, including you?"
Ani: "Including me."
Deputy Standall: "But this isn't a confession?"
Ani: "Before I tell you who did it and you decide what to do about it, you need to know who could've done it and why."
Deputy Standall: "Okay, why do I need to know that?"
Ani: "'Cause no one's innocent. Violence begets violence, it just doesn't always look the same."
Deputy Standall: "How do you mean?"
―  Ani to Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Everyone had their reasons. The trick was trying to tell who just wanted Bryce dead, and who could actually kill. I mean, what does a killer look like? You know, I'm actually asking, because... we had no idea."
Deputy Standall: "But you had your suspicions?"
Ani: "Who among us would most likely to take a gun...and pull the trigger?"
―  Ani to Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Deputy Standall: "So the false alarm at Spring Fling wasn't a false alarm at all?"
Ani: "(shaking her head)"
Deputy Standall: " Okay, and you're going to tell me why I shouldn't go arrest Tyler right now."
Ani: "Well, because this conversation would be over. And in a few minutes I'm going to tell you why you exactly why you can't go arrest Tyler."
Deputy Standall: "He was the only one who kept a gun?"
Ani: "He thought he needed the power. He thought it made him a man."
Deputy Standall: "Does that really matter to kids these days? Being a man?"
Ani: "I think you know it does."
―  Ani to Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Alex was right, nobody's clean."
Deputy Standall: "I knew Alex was using steroids"
Ani: "But not from Bryce. Monty was buying from Bryce."
Deputy Standall: "We didn't find anything on Monty"
Ani: "Does it surprise you that he might be a step ahead? Maybe your sheriff should have dug deeper. But you were all briefly convinced that you had your man, in Tony Padilla."
Deputy Standall: "Tony had a motive."
Ani: "He did. He had more motive than you know."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall
Deputy Standall: "So Tony did have a killer motive that we didn't even know about? And you yourself came to think that Clay could do it, now you don't?"
Ani: "You all tried to use Mr. Porter and Mrs. Baker against him, but it worked the other way, didn't it?"
Deputy Standall: "I think the sheriff in the end felt the case was helped by their interview."
Ani: " But you don't think so. Otherwise, we wouldn't still be sitting here."
Deputy Standall: "(sighs) So just what I've learned today: Tyler Down was almost a school shooter, Tony Padilla's family was deported because of Bryce Walker's family. And my own son went to a prostitute with Bryce. What else? "
Ani: "Well, of course you know that Justin Foley is a drug addict?"
Deputy Standall: "No, I did not know that"
Ani: "Well, you need to, for where we're going."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Justin was as good as his word. He would defend Clay until the end. Which was going to get complicated."
Deputy Standall: "Or Clay would defend Justin."
Ani: "Or Tyler Down, and keep his secrets. Or Jessica Davis. Or Zach Dempsey."
Deputy Standall: "Or Alex Standall?"
Ani: "Look, it's complicated."
Deputy Standall: "We need to make it simple."
Ani: "I think..I think I would like that glass of water now, if... if you don't mind."
Deputy Standall: "(sigh) Okay. (Deputy Standall leaves the room)"
Ani receives a text message: "Homework done, let me know when we can study."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)

(Deputy Standall returns with a water bottle)

Deputy Standall: "(Puts water bottle on the table) There you go. So, we've got about a dozen kids who could've done it."
Ani: "It's all about Homecoming night. Everyone was there. Everyone had thier reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night one of them would've followed through. Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. Bryce had threaten to ruin Monty's life. Jessica Davis was on fire with the cause, with anger at Bryce. Justin Foley would've done anything for her. Tony would've loved to get into that fight. Tyler felt under attack all over again. And Zach's dreams were destroyed with one hit. So he tried to destroy Bryce's dreams. But as you know, he didn't finish the job."
Deputy Standall: "So who did?"
Ani: "You all know that Clay threatened Bryce on the field."
Deputy Standall: "We did."
Ani: "And you know Justin pulled him off. And sent him running."
Deputy Standall: "Yes."
Ani: "And how'd you know all this? You talked to the other players, correct? So, I imagine they told you that Bryce and Monty also had words on the field? Monty spent the whole night literally trying to break Bryce in half. Monty immediately got into his car and followed the Hillcrest bus. Monty followed that bus as soon as it left Liberty."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Monty had a secret. Bryce knew what it was."
Deputy Standall: "The secret being his assault on Tyler?"
Ani: "Yes."
Deputy Standall: "And that would drive Montgomery to kill him?"
Ani: "That, and a betrayal. He thought Bryce was his brother."
Deputy Standall: "No, Monty had an alibi."
Ani: "Talk to Charlie St. George. It won't hold up."
Deputy Standall: "(sighs, drops pen) So, you're telling me... You're telling me Montgomery de la Cruz?"
Ani: "Process of elimination. Jessica was home in bed. Her dad tucked her in. And while she was sleeping, Justin was out getting high. He bought from a dealer named Halls, out on the waterfront by Whitley Docks. He got blackout high right there."
Deputy Standall: "We can check that. Whitley Dock is covered with security cameras."
―  Ani telling the story
Ani: "Then you should look for Tony Padilla. He wasn't at home in bed with his boyfriend. He was out waiting for a fixer. A guy who works for a local dealer hooked into a Mexican cartel."
Deputy Standall: "So, you're telling me Tony was laundering drug money?"
Ani: "He was laundering garage money. Sending cash south to his family, because Bryce's lawyer had ruined their lives. But Tony was two miles upriver when Bryce died."
Deputy Standall: "Any idea where my sons was?"
Ani: "Alex? Alex went out to meet Tyler, not Jessica. Alex knew Tyler was upset after the fight. He didn't want you to know why. They met at Rosie's Diner."
―  Ani telling the story
Deputy Standall: "And Clay Jensen?"
Ani: "Clay Jensen was with me. He never told you because he was protecting me. I saw his car at the Chatham house. I told him we had to get out of there. I got in the car in drove around with him all night. Talking him down."
―  Ani telling the story
Deputy Standall: "And Monty followed Bryce?"
Ani: "Yes, Monty followed Bryce. But he saw Zach's car so he waited down at the end of the main pier. Monty saw Zach drive out of there, headlights off, fast. He waited another minute or two. Then he drove down the Pier to confront Bryce."
―  Ani telling the story
Ani: " Monty's conscience stirred and he went back to help Bryce. But Bryce was in a fury of pain. And in that moment, helping him up, Monty looked into his eyes. Monty realized that the cycle had to be broken somehow. And all those years of being manipulated, all the rage, the hurt burst out of him. Monty drove home alone, knowing he would have to live with what he's done."
Deputy Standall: "Well, let's go through how you know what you know. First, Bryce and Monty's interaction during the game and at the team bus."
Ani: "I told you, I pay attention. I listen. I can't tell you my sources but... "
―  Ani telling the story
Ani: "If you go back to Zach Dempsey, I'm sure he'll confirm the story."
Deputy Standall: "And Alex was with Tyler? And Tony Padilla, what happens when I bring him in?"
Ani: "You won't."
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall who to confirm the story with.
Deputy Standall: "We don't have anything to tie Monty to the scene."
Ani: "Bryce had something he wanted to give to Jessica. Did you find anything? On the pier? On his body?"
Deputy Standall: "No."
Ani: "If you search through Monty's things, his room. Perhaps his football locker, I imagine you'll find it. And I imagine Bryce's blood will be on it."
Deputy Standall: "We already searched his locker."
Ani: "For steroids. (Deputy Standall switches off the tape recorder)"
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall where to find the evidence
Deputy Standall: "Okay, I've got footprints. I've got tire treads consistent with my wife's car and she was at home in bed all night."
Ani: "He wouldn't have gone to the pier alone. He wouldn't have been alone, Deputy Standall. I've watched these kids all year, you may think they're divided against each other. They're not. When someone needs them, they'll be there, no question. They take care of each other. So, Alex would've been there for a friend. For a friend who was maybe more injured by Bryce than he was. Or Monty was. Whose life had been destroyed by Bryce, and who's had to rebuild it piece by piece."
Deputy Standall: "I see. Alex wouldn't have been alone."
Ani: "Montgomery de la Cruz killed Bryce Walker."
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall about his son's involvement.
Deputy Standall: "It would be a terrible thing to blame the wrong person for Bryce's murder."
Ani: "And yet you were all ready to blame Clay Jensen."
Deputy Standall: "I don't think you would know this, because the sheriff has us locked down on leaks, but Montgomery de la Cruz was killed in his jail cell. Just hours ago."
Ani: "Dear God. Poor Monty."
Deputy Standall: "Even the dead deserve the truth."
Ani: "I'm sorry that Monty's dead. I am. Justin tells me he could be...loyal...and fearless. And that he stood up for his friends. I'm sorry that Bryce is dead. He was my friend, and I believe he would've shown the world that redemption is possible. But they both caused great pain while they were alive. They caused great pain to a number of people. And it is time for that suffering to end. So let the dead bury the dead, Deputy Standall. Let the dead bury the dead."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall finishing the interview

Season 4[]

Alex Standall: "It was me. I killed Bryce Walker."
Winston Williams: "You're lying."
Alex Standall: "No. I found him on the pier. I was alone. I tried to help him up. He threatened to hurt Zach. I shoved him in the river. He drowned."
Winston Williams: "Alex."
Alex Standall: "Yeah, so... that information is yours now. Do what you want with it."
―  Alex reveals the truth to Winston
Winston Williams: "Can I ask you, why'd you do it?"
Alex Standall: "Yeah. Ok. Zach had hurt him pretty bad, he'd broken his leg, his arm. He begged me to help him up, so I did. And then he started on about how he was gonna ruin Zach's life, which he already had done. And he was just spewing all this shit. And I saw this... anger. I didn't see any soul or anything. I just didn't. And then I realized that he had ruined everyone I ever loved. And I got this... this flash of rage. Ever since my TBI, I get these flares, like, I go red. And then I pushed him off the dock."
Winston Williams: "Are you sorry that you did it?"
Alex Standall: "More than I can ever say."
―  Alex finally gives Winston answers
Winston Williams: "I'm not gonna do anything. I thought I was... because... because I loved Monty. I knew him somehow. I swear I did. But I loved you too. And I am trying not to... but I still fucking do."
Alex Standall: "Ok. Thank you."
―  Winston gives up his investigation out of love for Alex
Sheriff Diaz: "I was thinkin'. I always say that this job is everything to me. I don't come from much. I know you don't either."
Deputy Standall: "No, sir. My two boys are the first in my family to go to college."
Sheriff Diaz: "Same with my kids. And I say this job is everything, but it's not true. I live my life for family, for God, for country. In that order. And a father's love is a uh... fierce and complicated thing. As I'm sure my daughter Valerie would tell you. But family... Family comes first. Wouldn't you agree?"
Deputy Standall: "I do."
Sheriff Diaz: "The Bryce Walker files, um... they're going down to permanent storage. That case is closed for good."
Deputy Standall: "Understood."
Sheriff Diaz: "Don't work too late, Bill."
Deputy Standall: "Hey, sheriff. Thank you."
―  Sheriff Diaz closes the investigation for good


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