Caitlin Walker (2007) is the twelve-year-old illegitimate child of Barry Walker and his mistress. She was born when Bryce, her elder paternal half-brother, was just six years old. For twelve long years, she has been listed in the divorce papers Mr. Walker filed against his wife Norah, listing his illegitimate daughter as a dependent for the Walker inheritance and a replacement for Bryce in Barry's eyes.

She never made any appearances, but is mentioned in flashbacks and by Ani and Clay in the present of "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves".

About CaitlinEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Eight Months AgoEdit

  • Why don't you just take me to court? And I'll tell the Judge about Caitlin."
  • "Who's Caitlin?"
  • "Caitlin is your nuclear option."
  • "The rest of us are just collateral damage, including her."
  • "I have no need to destroy him. And certainly not her, a twelve-year-old girl."
  • "She's stuck with him."


  • (in a whisper) "I have to tell you about Caitlin."
  • "Caitlin wasn't the mistress. She's listed as Mr. Walker's dependent."
  • (incredulously) "A child?"

Narration by Ani Achola Edit

  • Mr. Walker abandoned his son, and tried to hide an illegitimate daughter
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