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Caleb is a recurring character in the second, third season and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by RJ Brown.

He is Tony Padilla's boxing trainer and boyfriend.

Early Life[]

Caleb's father got him into boxing. He used to be scared of his father, but thanks to boxing he got past the point of being scared of him. He played football in high school.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Caleb is first seen when he was coaching Tony for Tony's anger management course. When Tony told him that his boyfriend had broke up with him a month ago, Caleb called Brad a foolish guy.[1] He and Tony started to spend time together outside the gym.

In "The Smile at the End of the Dock", Caleb told Tony that he likes him a lot, and they kissed. In "The Missing Page", after Tony skipped a boxing session, Caleb found him at Monet's. He invited Tony to watch soccer with him.

When Tony and Caleb went to Tony's car and saw that it got destroyed, Tony became aggressive. Caleb tried to calm him down, but instead they started fighting. Caleb hit Tony in the face, causing him to get a bloody nose. Caleb apologized as he was trying to calm him down again. Tony started crying and they made out. Caleb held Tony close to him and told him it's okay.

In "The Box of Polaroids", Tony and Caleb opened up to each other. Caleb told him that he had been a fighter long before he found out he was gay, and that he was glad that he was past the point that his father could scare him.

In "Bye", he and Tony attended Hannah's funeral and wake. Caleb got invited to the Spring Fling by Clay to surprise Tony.

Season 3[]

Caleb shared the news of Bryce’s death with Tony. His reaction was to clear his name with the cops before they start investigating him, but Caleb felt like that would make him more suspicious.[2]

After Tony got brought in by the police to get questioned about Bryce, Clay and Ani went to ask Caleb a bunch of questions about the reason Tony was brought in. Caleb revealed to them that Tony sold his car to Bryce and that his family got deported.

In a flashback, Caleb was about to get introduced to Tony’s family. Tony told Caleb his Mom would love him and the rest of the family would also accept him. Upon arriving at the Padilla Residence, the house was empty and everything was left on; the family was taken by ICE.

In another flashback, Tony received a call from his Dad, who was scheduled for deportation. Tony broke down crying and Caleb comforted him. Caleb told him to stay at his house, but Tony didn't want to because his home was with his family. Caleb managed to convince him that home is with people you love and he loves him, and told him that "your life is my life".

Caleb went to get Tony from the sheriff’s department and refused to let Clay and Ani come with him, because Tony wouldn’t want to talk to them. When arriving back at the garage, Clay and Ani showed up anyway, which annoyed Caleb.[3]

Tony was worried that cops would come investigate the garage. He wanted to sell it and give the money to his dad. Caleb told him that he can’t “cant wire that much”, but Tony said that he’ll drive to Mexico. Caleb then warned him to not tear up his whole life when nothing bad has happened yet. When asked, Caleb said he’d tell the cops that Tony was asleep next to him on homecoming night. Tony asked “What if they find out the truth?”.[4]

Caleb and Tony got into an argument when Tony planned to drive Clay (who was suspected of murder) to his family in Mexico. Caleb thought this was a bad idea as Tony would get into a lot of trouble and Clay might actually be Bryce’s murderer.[5]

At the gym, Caleb asked Tony how he knows that Clay’s innocent and to tell him the truth about what happened after homecoming. Tony claimed that he told him the truth.

Caleb wanted to show Tony something and convinced him to go outside. He bought Tony his car back because if Tony was going to leave, he’d at least have his ‘first love’ with him.

At Thanksgiving, Tony and Caleb facetimed with Tony’s family in Mexico. Tony’s father told Caleb to call him by his first name and said that he’s family. They had Thanksgiving dinner at the Jensens, where Caleb said that he’s thankful for Tony.[6]

Season 4[]

At Boxing Gym, Tony received bad news; his appeal for his family’s visa had been denied due to insufficient proof of funds. The only way he’d get money is if he went into pro-am league boxing, but Caleb was a little concerned about that decision.


Caleb is a fierce competitor and dedicated coach, but out of the ring has a warm smile and a wry sense of humor. He is shown to always be nice towards everyone.

Physical Appearance[]

Caleb is a muscular guy with dark brown eyes and black hair.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


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