Casey Ford is a recurring character in the third season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Bex Taylor-Klaus.

Casey is counter-culture, politically charged. A particularly vocal and opinionated girl, she rallies for protest; she's passionate, but not the most receptive to other ideas.

Early Life

Casey has had an unknown sexual assault experience in her life, and started advocating against rapists. She once said "What about the girl who went over to hang out with friends and got raped on a basement floor?", possibly referring to herself as it was specific and wasn't seen in the show.

Throughout the Series

Season 3

Casey introduced herself to Jessica after Principal Bolan refused to cancel a football event, agreeing with her about how Principal Bolan was wrong and encouraged Jessica to step up dismantle the system. They started the Hands Off Our Bodies group to "take down rapists and dismantle the patriarchy".[1]

She was glad that Bryce is dead, believing the murderer did the world a favour. She even protested at Bryce's funeral to still hurt him, despite Tyler and Jessica saying they shouldn't. She told Tyler that he shouldn't tell the actual survivors what to do and told Jessica that she's still a victim and not a survivor and to think about the pain he caused his rape victims instead of the pain of people mourning him.[2]

Casey had a fight with Jessica about protesting at the funeral and Jessica getting back together with Justin, accusing Jessica of standing in the way of the people who want actual change.[3]

After the assembly, Casey apologized to Tyler for being rude to him and seemingly realized her way of activism wasn't right and changed.[4]


Casey Ford is a strong advocate for women's rights, arguably obsessively so. Her dress sense, including pro-feminist and LGBTQ T-shirts and badges, indicate that she is a social justice warrior. She is determined to smash the patriarchy and is willing to go to any lengths to protest the actions of Bryce Walker, even to the extent of picketing his funeral. Casey is very self-righteous and misandrous, as shown when she dismisses Tyler Down when he has doubts about the morals of gatecrashing Bryce's funeral. At the end of the season, Casey realized that her way of activism isn't the right way and wasn't treating Tyler right, and apologized.

Physical Appearance

Casey Ford has short, pixie-cut black hair, and blue eyes. She wears black-rimmed glasses. She is also seemingly petite, standing at 5 feet, 3 inches, with a slim figure.


Well, look. Just because he's dead doesn't mean we can't still make him hurt.
— Casey at a HO meeting discussing her plan to protest Bryce's Funeral.[src]
I am making them uncomfortable! I am reminding them that their actions have consequences. When I shout, they look in my direction and they see the pain that I feel every minute! I will make them understand that I will never yield from this and I am not okay!
— Casey explaining the reason behind her activism to Jessica[src]
Robby: "Do you think I could be a part of HO, too? Is that... allowed?"
Casey: "Fuck, yeah! It's more than allowed. Everybody's welcome at HO. Fucking everybody! Even if some people were dicks to them in the beginning. Some people are sorry."
―  Casey telling Robby he's welcome to join HO and apologizing to Tyler[src]


Season 3


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Season 3

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