Charles "Charlie" Hayden Brixton St. George is a recurring character in the third season and a main character in the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He's portrayed by Tyler Barnhardt.

Charlie is a sophomore in Liberty High school, the new Quarterback of Liberty Tigers and the boyfriend of Alex Standall.

In the third season, Charlie is first seen playing football and hanging out with the other players of Liberty Tigers, including Monty, Zach and Justin. After finding out about Tyler's rape, he ends up being a part of Clay's crew and also helps frame Monty for Bryce's murder.

In the fourth season, Charlie becomes enthralled in the cover-up surrounding Bryce Walker's death, and eventually — after growing closer with Alex Standall — came out as bisexual; he and Alex start dating shortly after and are eventually crowned Prom Kings.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Charlie had a shirtless picture of Eli Manning as his wallpaper in eighth grade, which made his dad suspicious about his sexuality. Charlie's mother passed away from cancer when he was thirteen years old.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

He is a wide-eyed sophomore at Liberty High and initially seems like a 'jock' to the main characters as he primarily hangs out with football players, such as Luke and Monty, who he looks up to as they are older.

However, later in the season, when Charlie learns what Monty did to Tyler from Bryce, his attitude changes. At the end of Season 3, he helps Clay, Ani, and the others frame Monty as Bryce's murderer by putting a tape Bryce made for Jessica in Monty's locker in order to protect Alex, the true killer.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

A month after the events of season 3, Charlie, Alex, Clay, Jessica, Ani, Tyler, and Tony gathered for the first time since Bryce's murder case to welcome Justin home from rehab. Zach’s now been drinking heavily, showing up to the party drunk. After the party, the mood shifted as they discussed the guns upon Tyler’s leave. Doubt spread over the group, the question being, could they trust Tyler?

At Liberty High, the students were in for a surprise. Metal detectors had been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs).

At Future Fair, Liberty students gathered to check out the club and institution representatives. Charlie noticed the football team were forcing Estela to wear “De la Cruz” jersey to honor her brother Monty and confronted them. However, they wouldn't back down. Clay arrived and confronted them too, telling them to stop. After Diego Torres claimed Monty's innocent in Bryce’s death, the two engaged in a fistfight. It ended up with only Diego getting detention as SROs think he started it.[1]

At the “Find Your Drink” party, Charlie approached Alex Standall and the two automatically bonded watching “It's a Wonderful Life” and eating marijuana cookies made by Charlie.[2]

During the school's active shooter drill, Alex experienced a panic attack resulting from his traumatic brain injury, but Charlie was able to keep him calm, revealing he even googled how to handle traumatic brain injury symptoms in the past, so he'd know how to care for him in a hypothetical future. Charlie came near Alex and gave him a long kiss on the lips. However, their kiss was cut short when they are interrupted by the arrival of Tony.[3]

Due to his struggles in the past, Alex was initially hesitant to date Charlie. Alex's attempts to push Charlie away failed and they eventually reunited after the school’s riot, where Charlie was wounded, but recovered. They started dating properly and were accepted into each other's families. Charlie and Alex even went to the school’s prom together, overcoming Alex's diffidence, where they were crowned royalties. After winning prom king and king, Alex even confessed his feelings for Charlie, soon realizing Charlie really made him happy.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Charlie has a meek, warm personality. You can tell he wants to retain loyalties to his athlete buddies, but also has the benefit of being fresh-faced. He is open-minded, willing to betray those loyalties for the greater good, and appears to be very amiable and easy to get along with (e.g. he does not harbor the biases of the more veteran jocks towards the rest of the student body).

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is clean-cut. Preppy. A slightly more put-together and nicer version of Clay.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Montgomery de la Cruz[edit | edit source]

Monty and Charlie on the football field in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"

Monty was Charlie's friend before Charlie turned his back on him. Charlie is often seen with Monty throughout the season. He is shown agreeing with Monty when he calls Jessica out for not supporting Powder Puff. He also witnesses Monty confess after Bryce accuses him of having raped Tyler, but says nothing to anyone, even after hearing from Bryce everything Monty did to the other tape subjects. He even tells the police Monty was at his house the night of Bryce's murder, though this is a lie. However, he is shown to doubt Monty at times, such as when Zach tells him not to take his beliefs from Monty, and later, when Monty claims in front of others that he was at Charlie's, he hesitates before agreeing and later asks Monty if he talked to Bryce after the game, despite Monty telling him he did not. He even asks Jessica not to judge him by his friends (i.e. Monty). Eventually, after Tyler stands at a school assembly and admits he was raped, Charlie realizes what kind of person Monty really is, and offers to go to the police along with Tyler to tell them what Monty did. Later, when Monty is arrested, the police tell him he is suspected of murder, implying Charlie told them Monty wasn't really at his house that night. Later, he helps the group frame Monty for Bryce's murder by planting Bryce's apology tape in Monty's football locker.

Jessica Davis[edit | edit source]

Jessica and Charlie arriving at the Love is Love dance in "Valentine's Day"

Jessica is Charlie's friend and co-worker. He asks her not to judge him by his friends. At first, she seems to disregard this, but later realizes he isn't like them. Charlie later cooperates with Jessica to cover up her role in Bryce's death by framing Monty, and later they are among the group listening to Bryce's tape.

In the fourth season, when they're both seen together in the boys locker room, Jessica is seen giving a speech about how the jocks have mistreated her (not Charlie and Justin). When the other jocks don't seem to listen and keep mocking her, Charlie defends Jess and says "lets show some respect here." Jessica then later asks Charlie to go to the Valentines dance with him. Charlie at first seems confused as if what was she talking about, but then later agrees to go to the dance with her. When Charlie and Alex win prom royalty Jess seems to be very proud of both of them and gives Charlie a kiss on the cheek.

Justin Foley[edit | edit source]

Justin and Charlie talking in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Justin is Charlie's friend. Charlie looks up to some of the older jocks, including Justin. He helps Justin get Zach off the football field after Bryce breaks his knee. Justin also told Zach that he didn't think Charlie was a bad kid. Later, after Justin admits he is a sexual assault survivor, Charlie checks upon him to see if he is ok, and tells him he thinks he is awesome. Later, Justin and Charlie both accompany Tyler to the police station for support when he tells the police what happened to him. In the end, Justin convinces Charlie to participate in framing Monty for Bryce's murder. He also tells Charlie that he is a drug addict when he asks.

Tyler Down[edit | edit source]

Tyler and Charlie talking in the library in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Tyler is Charlie's friend. Charlie was at first horrified when Monty admitted to having sexually assaulted Tyler but did nothing. After Tyler admitted at an assembly that he was a survivor, however, Charlie approached him and told him he knew what had happened, offering to go to the police. When Tyler asked why he would do this, claiming Charlie didn't like him, Charlie asked how he could not like Tyler, as they didn't know each other. When Tyler said Charlie had probably heard things about him, Charlie stated Tyler had probably heard unfavorable things about him too. Charlie accompanied Tyler to the police station for emotional support and presumably told the police his side of the story, including that Monty was not at his house the night of Bryce's murder. The next day, after Monty is arrested, Charlie checks on Tyler to see if he is being harassed due to this. Later, Charlie and Tyler both participate in framing Monty for Bryce's murder.

Zach Dempsey[edit | edit source]

Zach and Charlie in class in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You"

Zach is Charlie's friend. Charlie looks up to some of the older jocks, including Zach. He apparently listens when Zach tells him not to get his life advice from Monty. Zach also seemed worried about Charlie's friendship with Monty, as when Justin mentioned that Charlie was not a bad kid, Zach simply responded "Wait till Monty's done with him." During a flashback to the Homecoming Game, Charlie helps Justin carry Zach off the field after his knee is broken, showing respect for his team captain. In the end, Charlie and Zach are both apart of the group that frames Monty for Bryce's murder.

Luke Holliday[edit | edit source]

Luke is Charlie's friend. They are both on the football team. In Nobody's Clean, Charlie is seen sitting next to Luke, and looking worried, when steroids are found in Luke's bag. In Let the Dead Bury the Dead, Luke is the one who informs Charlie of Monty's death.

Alex Standall[edit | edit source]

Alex is Charlie's boyfriend.

Charlie and Alex interacting for the first time, in "Nobody's Clean"

In the third season, Monty and Charlie are hanging out at the field, where Monty tells him that Alex was always crazy and has gone crazier since he tried to kill himself. Zach overhears this, walks over to them and tells Charlie not to get his 'psychological insights from Monty, as it is like getting his 'clothes from Wal-Mart'. When the cops search the lockers for steroids and takes Luke in, Charlie tells Alex about the search after he asks. At the end of the season, Charlie helps frame Monty for Bryce Walker's Murder to protect Alex.

Charlie and Alex talking in "Senior Camping Trip"

In the fourth season, Alex and Charlie are revealed to be hanging out with Tyler a lot, as Charlie points out in Justin's Welcome Back Party that they were spending almost every night at Tyler's together. On the camping trip, when Alex approaches Zach and Charlie's tent. Alex tells Charlie that Zach had told him he could bunk with them, which Charlie is fine with. Charlie asks Alex about Winston, implying that he knows they had a romantic relationship. Alex asks Charlie what he knows, to which Charlie tells him that all he knows is that Alex is a good person, and he's sorry if Alex feels bad.

Charlie finds Alex hiding in "House Party"

Charlie informs Alex that the House Party got cancelled, which Alex does not care for but asks what a "Find Your Drink Party' is. Charlie answers his question but says that he doesn't 'endorse traditions'. At the Find Your Drink Party, watching some old movies together. Charlie and Alex get high after eating some weed cookies Charlie made. They talk about how Charlie's learnt to make the cookies. Charlie reveals about his mother's death.

Charlie helps Alex during his panic attack, in "Thursday"

They're next seen together in a school lockdown drill under the table together with Tony Padilla. Alex begins to have a panic attack and Charlie tries to talk him through it, holding his hand. Shortly after, Alex starts insisting that he hears his dad and stands up. Charlie manages to get Alex back under the table, saying that his dad isn't out there and his mind is just making him think that because of his traumatic brain injury. After the lockdown is over, Charlie reveals to Alex that he looked up information about traumatic brain injuries to understand what Alex was going through, and kisses him. Alex tells him that it surprised him, but then kisses him back.

Charlie trying to talk to Alex at class, in "College Interview"

Charlie is shown to be following Alex constantly and believes they're a "thing" now, but Alex gets annoyed and tells him to stay away from him. Charlie later finds Alex at the pier, where he tells Alex that he's breaking his heart. Alex wonders why Charlie even likes him as he's not a good person, but Charlie tells him that he has an excellence taste. Before Alex leaves, he tells Charlie that they're never going to be together and as Charlie is not going to give up on him, he's going to walk away.

During The Student Riot, Zach questions Alex on why he's with him and not Charlie. As Alex runs outside, he finds Charlie unconscious on the ground and attempts to drag him away when a nearby car explodes.

Charlie and Alex talking the morning after they spent the night together, in "Prom"

About a week later, Charlie stayed the night at Alex's house. The next morning, they mention that they liked sleeping next to each other and that someday they can do more than just sleeping. Alex sneaks Charlie out of his bedroom so his parents don't find out. After they and their friends decide to start opening up to their parents, Alex invites Charlie over for dinner and introduces him to his family as his boyfriend. Charlie is happily greeted by Alex's family, especially his brother Peter as he's excited that Alex is dating a quarterback of the football team. Alex's mother talks to Alex and asks if Charlie makes him happy, which Alex confirms. His mother hugs him at this reply. Charlie also comes out to his dad as bisexual and mentions that he has a boyfriend.

Charlie's Promposal to Alex in "Prom"

In the next few days, Charlie attempts to ask Alex to prom. At first, Charlie puts on banners and waits for Alex with balloons and roses, but Alex ignores him. The second time Charlie asks Alex to prom, the whole class helped him by wearing a cardboard cut-out of Charlie's face and a sign that says "prom?". Unfortunately for Charlie, Alex thinks it's creepy and walks out of the classroom. The third time Charlie asks Alex to prom is in a small room, where Alex finds Charlie and a bunch of lights that say "prom?." Alex finally agrees to go to prom with him, on the condition that Charlie would stop with all his attempts.

Alex and Charlie kissing as Prom Royals, in "Prom"

Charlie, Alex and Clay arrive at prom in a limo, where they meet up with their friends. Charlie here tries to convince Alex to dance, but he refuses. Charlie and Alex are voted prom kings thanks to the football team, which many prom attendees are shocked and excited about. After they're crowned by Jessica, she tells Alex that he deserves to be happy. Alex thanks her. The crowd chants for them to kiss and cheer loudly when they do. Charlie and Alex have their dance as prom kings. Charlie asks Alex if he's still sad, to which Alex tells him that part of him will always be sad, but another part is happier than he's ever been before. They mention that they're in love with each other.

Alex and Charlie convince Zach to see Justin in the hospital, in "Graduation"

After Justin is transmitted to a hospital, Charlie and Alex are seen visiting him together. When Zach is drinking and won't visit Justin, Charlie and Alex find him, throw away his drink and convince him to see Justin. After Justin's funeral, they go to Monet's with Zach and Ani. Alex says that he's really happy to be alive and looks at Charlie. Charlie reaches out for Alex's hand, which Alex takes. He is also shown to be protective of Alex when Winston enters.

Charlie, Alex, Jessica and Tyler in "Graduation"

At graduation, Charlie sits with Alex's family. Tyler and Alex discuss coming to visit Estela and Charlie when they're away in college, and Alex expresses mild annoyance that he'd have to come to every football game. They're seen cuddling and are both last seen when burying Hannah Baker's tapes.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

It's way too cold for those girls to be naked.
— Charlie when seeing Hands Off Our Bodies protest in their underwear[src]
Charlie: "I just, uh, I wanted to ask if you were okay? If you needed anything?"
Justin: "No, man. I'm good at the moment. But thank you. What happened to me didn't... didn't happen today."
Charlie: "No. I mean, I know. Listen... I'm sorry, man. And I think... I think you're awesome."
―  Charlie checking up on Justin after revealing his survivor status[src]
Charlie: "I heard Monty say it, what he did to you. I mean, like, he admitted it to me and Bryce. Like, all of it. And I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm sorry. And I think Monty should pay for it, and I'll talk to the police if you want me to."
Tyler: "Why would you do this? I mean, you don't even like me."
Charlie: "How can I not like you? I mean, I barely know you."
Tyler: "Yeah, but you've... heard stuff."
Charlie: "Yeah. You've heard stuff about me, right? Like I'm an asshole jock or whatever."
Tyler: "I mean, I guess so, yeah."
Charlie: "So?"
―  Charlie telling Tyler he knows what Monty did and is willing to help[src]

Charlie: "Justin, what the actual fuck?!"
Justin: "Shit! Sorry, I thought you were a football player."
Charlie: "I am a football player! And so are you!"
―  Charlie and Justin after Justin tackled Charlie
I'm not any percent straight. I'm bisexual I guess... and I like people for people.
— Charlie coming out to his Dad[src]
Charlie: "Are you sad? Right now?"
Alex: "Some part of me will always be sad. And another part of me is happier than I've ever been before. I think... I think I'm in love with you."
Charlie: "I'm confident you are... because I know I'm in love with you."
―  Charlie and Alex during their dance as prom kings[src]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Charlie's father is portrayed by Andrew McCarthy in the episode "Prom".
  • Charlie's father is president of the Booster club.
  • Charlie's parents are WASPs.
  • Charlie plays Quarterback and is co-captain of the football team.
  • Charlie's mother died at home after being in the hospital.
  • Charlie had Eli Manning as his wallpaper in eighth grade which made his dad suspicious about his sexuality.
  • Charlie admitted that he was scared of Jessica Davis.
  • It's mentioned by Jessica that she's two years older than him, making Charlie a sophomore. This was confirmed by Tyler Barnhardt in an Instagram comment.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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