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But, you know, I... don't ever want to be a cheerleader again. And I don't want to be a Mom. Not now. Maybe not ever, just... Maybe someday, just not now.
— Chlöe to Zach Dempsey about what she wants, in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"

Chlöe Rice is a recurring character in the second, third and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Anne Winters.

Chlöe was the beautiful “it girl” at Liberty High School, the former head cheerleader for the Liberty Tigers, the sister of Amelia Rice and Bryce Walker's ex-girlfriend.

At the second season, she was introduced as the head cheerleader of Liberty and Bryce's girlfriend. Even though she didn't believe Jessica and instead believed Bryce, who had told her that Jessica lied about her rape and they had had consensual sex, she came to know about Bryce's true nature by the end of the season.

In the third season, she started to deal with her pregnancy and question her relationship with Bryce. After being abandoned by Jessica, she ended up forming a close friendship with Zach who supported her when she got an abortion. After everything that happened, she decided she could no longer stay at Liberty High and transferred to Sacred Heart[1]. She also told Bryce about the baby and Zach's support, unknowingly setting the chain of events in motion that led to Bryce's murder.

In the fourth season, she started to get worried about Zach as he leaned into alcoholism. At a party, Zach revealed that he had feelings for her but Chlöe said that she had a boyfriend, making things even more tense. At the end of the season, she showed up at Justin Foley's Funeral and graduation with Scott, and she and Zach seemingly rekindled their friendship.

Early Life

Chlöe comes from a broken home. Not much other than this is known about Chlöe's early life.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

"Two Girls Kissing"
Chlöe was introduced as the new team captain of the cheerleaders and girlfriend of Bryce. She welcomed Jessica back with excitement and wanted her to be a flyer.[2]

"The Drunk Slut"
She stole pictures from Tyler Down, and put them up on a board in a classroom for the other kids to see and Jessica to find. The pictures were of a drunk Jessica at the Winter Formal, and had "WHO WOULD BELIEVE A DRUNK SLUT?" written on them. She put them up to scare Jessica into not calling Bryce out in court, and later apologized to her for it.[3]

"The Little Girl"
After the tapes were leaked, Chlöe crossed out the things people had written about Jessica in the bathroom stall.[4]

"Bryce and Chloe"
Jessica showed Chlöe a Polaroid that revealed Bryce had raped her when she was unconscious. Chlöe agreed on testifying against Bryce, but lied in court about remembering having consensual sex with him.[5]

"The Box of Polaroids"
Chlöe met up with Bryce and told him she feels safe with him and believes he's a good person.[6]


One month after the 'Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District' case, at the Spring Fling, Chlöe revealed to Jessica that she is pregnant with Bryce’s child.[7]

Season 3

"If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"
In a flashback scene, Chlöe confided to Zach Dempsey that she was pregnant. Zach offered to help her raise her baby if she wanted to keep it and would support her no matter what she decided. Chlöe claimed that she wasn't ready to be a mother, so she was going to get an abortion. Chlöe tried to get an abortion from a clinic that turned out to pose as an abortion provider while trying to dissuade people from terminating their pregnancy. Zach joined her when going to a real abortion provider. When she arrived, she and Zach were met with pro-life protesters who are protesting against the action to abort her baby. After having an abortion, Chlöe revealed to Zach that she wasn't going back to Liberty High School the next year and that she was going to break up with Bryce. She and Zach made plans to hang out in the summer.

"You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves"
Chlöe attended Bryce's funeral, supporting Zach when asked to give a speech at his funeral.

"And Then the Hurricane Hit"

In a flashback scene, Chlöe revealed to Bryce before the Homecoming game that she was pregnant, had an abortion, and wasn't alone when it happened. After she revealed that Zach had been with her, Bryce grew angry, put his baseball helmet on and severely injured Zach's leg during a fight at the game (which caused his baseball career to end). In another flashback scene, Zach revealed that he met up with her after he beat up Bryce.

Season 4

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In the second season, Chlöe came off as a passive and smart girl who did whatever her boyfriend, Bryce Walker, wanted her to do. She tried to be the best at Liberty by being a cheerleader—the head cheerleader—dating a jock, and trying hard to look pretty. At first, she seemed like a mean girl when she kissed Bryce in front of Jessica to get her 'jealous', or when she told Jessica that she was a liar, or when she put up the pictures of Jessica and Justin but at the same time trying to be nice to Jessica even when she was cold towards her possibly to keep her popularity up. However, after the truth about Bryce started to come out, she seems to start being vulnerable and conflicted about her relationship with Bryce. She was shown to be kind and considerate at times- like the time she crossed out the writings on the wall because she was feeling sorry for everything Jessica was going through (even though she acted like she only did it because Jess was in the team to save face) and confessed to her that she put up those pictures to scare her.

However, that changed in the third season, when she realized Bryce's real nature leading herself to cut ties with him. After that, she was shown to be calm and quiet and make decisions after a lot of thinking. It was also shown that she didn't hold grudges, as she was never mad at Bryce, who sexually and emotionally abused her- she even told him about the abortion and apologized for not telling him sooner, thinking he had the right to know about his own baby even after everything he had done- and didn't hold anything against Jessica, who practically abandoned her at a really tough time of her life. She was a kind and strong woman in the third season, showing that she had grown a lot.


Bryce Walker

Bryce was Chlöe's ex-boyfriend and rapist. They started dating between the first and second season. At some point, Bryce raped her while she was unconcious. Chlöe broke up with him after she got pregnant and got an abortion.

Chlöe and Bryce started dating after Bryce had asked Zach for Chlöe’s number. Their relationship was first revealed when they started making out after a cheer practice, which Jessica witnessed.

Bryce and Chlöe kissing in "Two Girls Kissing"

Chlöe told Jessica that she doesn’t have a problem with what she did with Bryce. When Jessica is confused as to what she means, it’s revealed that Chlöe believes Jessica cheated on Justin with Bryce and called it rape after regretting it. She even put up photos in a classroom of Jessica drunkenly dancing, calling her “a drunk slut”, to prevent her from talking about Bryce in court.

When Chlöe and Bryce are hanging out at Bryce’s home and about to hook up, Chlöe told Bryce in a non-serious tone that it isn’t happening and to get away from her. Bryce grabbed her and told it’s happening. He also locked the door, possibly so if Chlöe really didn’t want to have sex, she wouldn’t be able to get away. Chlöe pointed out that he “just takes whatever he wants”, which Bryce confirmed. Chlöe didn’t seem to mind all of this.

Bryce invited Chlöe over for dinner because his parents wanted like to meet her. Chlöe was very excited about this and started contemplating about what she was going to wear. At dinner, Mr. Walker told Bryce that Chlöe seems like a great girl and said it’s important that she’s loyal. Meanwhile, Chlöe told Mrs. Walker that Bryce is always sweet to her. When Mrs. Walker noticed Chlöe’s bruises, Chlöe told her that they’re caused by cheerleading. However, they were presumably caused by Bryce.

Chlöe and Bryce at a pep rally in "The Third Polaroid"

When Justin showed up at school for the first time in months, Chlöe accused Bryce of caring about Justin being back. Bryce denied this and said she doesn’t know how he feels. Chlöe told him he’s right and left the table.

During a pep rally, Bryce ran up to Chlöe and gave her flowers and a kiss. He encouraged the crowd to applaud for her.

Chlöe and Bryce were watching a movie at the Walker house when Bryce attempted to have sex with her. Chlöe wasn’t into it and wanted to watch the movie. Bryce undressed her anyway and had sex with her. He asked her if she wanted it, which she confirmed, although her tone and body language indicated that this wasn’t true.

After Hannah’s tapes were leaked by Clay, Chlöe crossed out the cruel things people wrote about Jessica in the bathroom stall, indicating that she now believed Bryce had raped Jessica. She still sat with Bryce at the opening of a baseball field later that day.

The next day, Chlöe didn’t show up at the Walker’s family breakfast she was invited for. Nora wondered if it was because of Bryce being called a rapist at the ceremony the previous day, but Bryce said that Chlöe doesn’t care about that stuff.

Bryce inviting Chlöe to a vacation to Italy in "The Missing Page"

At school, Chlöe confronted Bryce about saying that every girl wants to be raped on his confession tape. Bryce excused it by saying he didn’t mean it as he was drunk and annoyed at Clay. Chlöe also asked about Hannah: Bryce lied that Hannah made it up to get revenge for him not liking her back. He told Chlöe he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to talk bad about a dead girl and was afraid she’d believe Hannah. He then told Chlöe that she’s special to him and invited her to go on vacation with his family. Chlöe seemed excited at first, but then became hesistant and said she has to ask her mom first.

During Bryce’s testimony about Hannah, Chlöe walked out of the courtroom. Afterwards, Jessica met with Chlöe and showed her Polaroids of Bryce raping her. Chlöe told Jessica that she doesn’t remember it happening and tearfully asked why Bryce would do that. Chlöe agreed to testify in court.

Bryce and Chlöe walked into the courthouse at the same time and locked eyes. Chlöe testified that Bryce had invited her to the Clubhouse, where they drunk and smoked. When the Baker’s lawyer asked Chlöe if she remembers having sex with Bryce, she looked at Bryce, started hesitating and said that she now remembered giving consent.

Bryce and Chlöe making up in "The Box of Polaroids"

At school, Bryce and Chlöe got called into the vice principal’s office. Here Chlöe asked Bryce about what had happened the night in the Clubhouse. Bryce accused her of making the choice to get stoned and to have an audience. Chlöe also wanted to know about him going to the bridge with Hannah, as it was supposed to be their place. Bryce got annoyed and asked if she thought testifying against him would make her feel better about it.

Later that day, Chlöe found Bryce in the school’s library. Bryce asked her if she feels safe and believes him, which Chlöe both confirmed. Bryce claimed to be a good person; Chlöe said that she knows this and it’s the reason she was with him. They shared a kiss and confessed their love for each other.

Bryce and Chlöe attended the Spring Fling dance together. At the dance, Chlöe revealed to Jessica that she’s pregnant with Bryce’s child.

Chlöe kept her pregnancy a secret from Bryce. They met up at Monet’s where Bryce mentioned that something changed between them and he feels like he’s losing her. He said he loves her more than anything and messed up, but she believes he can change as she lied for him in court and didn’t leave him. He said he wants to be better for her and asked not to give up on him.

Chlöe talking to Bryce at Monet's in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"

As Chlöe was having dinner with Mrs. Walker at the Chatham house, Mrs. Walker apologized for Bryce’s behaviour and warned that he’s no different from his father and grandfather, who are both abusive and shouldn’t have had children.

Chlöe informed Zach about her pregnancy and had an abortion with his support. Afterwards, she revealed that she’s going to break up with Bryce. Following the break up, Ani found Bryce crying. Bryce told Ani that Chlöe was the only one who stood by him for a long time and he thought she believed in him.

Shortly before the Homecoming Football Game started, Bryce witnessed Zach and Chlöe hug each other. Bryce called and greeted her, but Chlöe appeared uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Bryce told he it was nice to see her happy and she still has a spark after everything he put her through. Chlöe decided to tell him about her abortion and apologized for not telling him before. Bryce was sympathetic and apologized for having to go through that alone, but Chlöe revealed that had Zach to help her through it.

Bryce and Chlöe talking before the football game in "And Then the Hurricane Hit"

Bryce grew angry at Zach, believing he stole Chlöe from him. During the football game, Bryce targeted Zach and broke his knee. This caused Zach to confront Bryce after the game, and severely beat him. As Zach was leaving, Bryce wanted to know if he has had sex with Chlöe. Zach replied by saying that Chlöe is his friend.

After Bryce’s death, Chlöe told Clay and Ani that she really felt like she loved Bryce. She attended his funeral, but it appeared to be to support Zach. She isn’t seen mourning Bryce.

Jessica Davis

Jessica is Chlöe's former friend. They know each other from cheerleading, but Jessica decided to quit the team due to Chlöe's attitude towards her. After it's revealed that Chlöe was raped by Bryce and also got pregnant, they grew closer. Jessica eventually lost patience with her because of Chlöe's decision to stay with Bryce.

They were first seen interacting in the second season during the cheerleading practice after Jessica came back. Chlöe welcomed Jessica back and told her that she wanted her to be the flyer. After the practice, Bryce came to talk to Jessica, after Jessica ended the conversation, Chlöe walked up to Bryce and kissed him. As Chlöe had not yet told Jessica of their relationship, Jessica was surprised to see it.

Chlöe welcoming Jessica back in "The First Polaroid".

At first, they were friendly towards each other, with Chlöe being the Head Cheerleader and Jessica being on the team. However, as their relationship progressed, Jessica realized Chlöe believed the rumors that Jessica cheated on Justin with Bryce and called it rape after regretting it. Although she was actually trying to stop Jessica from mentioning Bryce's name in her testimony, Chlöe told her that they have to stick together and that she should have a boyfriend. She invited Jessica to a party to Bryce's house, which frustrated Jessica and led Jessica to skip school with Alex Standall. Chlöe kept trying to set her up with someone until Jessica became mad and told her that she didn't need a boyfriend and that Chlöe was "just as fucking clueless" as she thought. At one point, Jessica quit the team due to her attitude. After the tapes- and Bryce's confession to raping Hannah Baker- are leaked, Chlöe crossed out the cruel things people wrote about Jessica in the bathroom stall. Coming out of the bathroom stall, she saw Jessica looking at the mirror, crying. After Chlöe left, Jessica entered the stall and noticed that Chlöe crossed out the nasty things.

Chlöe talking to Jessica in "The Second Polaroid".

After Bryce lied in court and Chlöe walked out of the court, Clay Jensen asked Jessica to show Chlöe the Polaroid of Bryce raping her. Jessica met with Chlöe and asked her about walking out, and crossing out the horrible things people wrote about her. Chlöe said that she had only done it because she had not wanted Jessica to be upset as she had been in the cheerleading team. Jessica denied and said she had already quit by then, implying that even though Chlöe didn't want to admit it she had actually done it out of empathy for Jessica. Then she asked her about the Clubhouse and showed her the polaroids of Bryce raping her. After she was shown it, she confessed to Jessica that she was the one who put up the photos on the whiteboard that labeled Jessica "A Drunk Slut" because she wanted to believe the rumors about Jessica was true. She tearfully asked why Bryce would do that, Jessica told her that Bryce is a sick, bad guy who had assaulted a lot of girls including the both of them. Jessica talked her into meeting the lawyers. There, she told Chlöe that she was asking her to do something- testifying against Bryce- that she herself couldn't do but Chlöe has more power to call Bryce out than Hannah of Jessica herself because she was Bryce's girlfriend, Chlöe decided to testify but ended up becoming nervous while looking Bryce in the eyes and she lied and changed her testimony. Jessica defended her decision to Justin and told him that Chlöe was not ready to tell her story and told him that it was not her fault.

Jessica asking Chlöe about walking out of court in "The Box of Polaroids".

At the Spring Fling, she tried to talk to Jessica, but Jessica had lost patience with her. Although she understood Chlöe's decision to lie on the stand, she couldn't bring herself to be in the same space as her or talk to her. As Jessica was about to leave the restroom, Chlöe bluntly revealed to Jessica that she was pregnant and Bryce was the father. The revelation shocked Jessica.

In the third season, Jessica and Chlöe seemed closer after Spring Fling—according to Clay—but due to Jessica being disgusted with Chlöe's decision to continue dating Bryce, she stopped caring for Chlöe after a while- which can be considered cruel and even spiteful as she was fully aware that Chlöe was helpless and conflicted about her pregnancy, relationship with Bryce and life, in general, at that time. In.her speech before the student body president election by saying that the victims' silence "destroys us all", possibly referring to Chlöe's refusal to testify against Bryce. Chlöe left the assembly in tears and realized that she was not going to get any help from Jessica anymore. Later, when Zach asked her if anybody knew about her pregnancy, Chlöe replied that Jessica did but she lost patience with her because Chlöe kept dating Bryce.

After Bryce's death, Clay and Ani went to Jessica to find out about Chlöe, after they started to look into Chlöe as a suspect in Bryce's murder. Jessica told them that she started to attend Sacred Heart and told them that she and Chlöe had stopped talking. Clay pointed out that she and Chlöe seemed closer after Spring Fling, Jessica told him that "friends come and go". Clay asked her if Chlöe and Zach ever became a thing, Jessica told him that they were just friends because Chlöe had "major Stockholm (syndrome)" when it came to Bryce. Ani asked her if Chlöe and Zach ever had any secrets between them, Jess told her that they never had secrets but Chlöe had one; she was pregnant and Bryce was the father.

Zach Dempsey

Zach is Chlöe's close friend. They became friends at the second season as Zach started to become concerned about her relationship with Bryce. Their friendship solidified in the third season as Zach helped her to deal with her pregnancy. Even though Zach had unresolved feelings for her, they are now good friends who understand and support each other.

In the second season, Chlöe met Zach in a study group they were both in. When Bryce asked for her number, Zach gave it to him. After she started dating Bryce, she stopped coming to the study group. Zach asked her to come back because he needed help with studying, she told him that she didn't know if she could as she had been busy with everything. Monty joked that 'busy with everything' meant having sex with Bryce.

Chlöe, Bryce and Zach walking the hallways in "The Second Polaroid"

Chlöe jokingly replied that it was Zach's fault considering he provided Bryce with her number. Zach suddenly became serious and said that he only gave him her number, so the rest of it was not his fault. Bryce also became serious and asked what exactly he meant by that. Zach avoided an answer and simply told him that he had to get to class; showing that he felt guilty for giving her number to Bryce in the first place. After the tapes were released, Zach saw her listening to something in an empty classroom. Being concerned for her, he asked her what she was listening to. Chlöe told him it was a podcast for English, and that she had heard the tapes. Zach asked her if she was okay, she told him she was fine. Zach asked about her and Bryce and Chlöe insisted that she and Bryce were okay and that he could tell Bryce that she believed him.

Zach checking up on Chlöe in "The Missing Page"

Zach gave her a forced smile and left the classroom. It was revealed that Zach was the one giving away the polaroids- including the ones of Bryce raping Chlöe- to Clay Jensen.

Near the end of the season, Zach and Bryce met in the boys' locker room. Bryce revealed that he was transferring and told Zach they would see each other next at the Spring Fling, Zach became confused and Bryce told him that he was going with Chlöe, Zach was a bit taken aback to know that Chlöe was still with him, Bryce saw how shocked Zach was and told him that loyalty was a thing she had, since Zach and Bryce were no longer friends.

In the third season, Clay saw Chlöe giving Zach the rabbit's foot and heard her saying that Zach was her new hero. After she walked away, Clay teased Zach that even if he was her hero now, Bryce was still her boyfriend. Zach jokingly told him to shut up and left.

Zach finding Chlöe in tears in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar".

Jessica gave a speech before the student body president election. There, she says that the victims' silence "destroys us all", possibly referring to Chlöe's refusal to testify against Bryce. After everyone applauded Jessica for her speech, Chlöe left the assembly in tears. Zach noticed her and followed her into the hallways. He asked if she was okay and at first Chlöe told him she was fine, but then she revealed to him that she was pregnant and she couldn't tell Bryce. They talked about it afterward and Zach told her that he was going to support her no matter what. He also stated that Chlöe would be "an amazing mother". She considered both raising the child and getting an abortion but decided she didn't want to be a Mom until much later and wanted to get an abortion. Chlöe felt gratitude towards Zach and told him that he would always be positive towards whatever she decides. Zach accompanied her to the abortion clinic and supported her.

After a few days, they hung out. Zach asked her how she was feeling, and she told him she was "better". She revealed that she was going to break up with Bryce for good and she was also not returning to Liberty the next year. Zach approved of her decision to break up with Bryce and asked if he could still see her and Chlöe told him that he could. They continuously hang out over the summer.

Chlöe hugging Zach in "And Then the Hurricane Hit".

Before homecoming, she went to meet Zach as a surprise. Startled, Zach asked her what she was doing there, to which she replied that she was Zach's Head Cheerleader so she came. Zach gave her a hug and a kiss on top of the head before hurrying away. Seeing this, Bryce called out Chlöe's name. They had a conversation, in which she finally revealed to Bryce that she was pregnant and got an abortion and Zach was with her through it all. This led Bryce to be furious at Zach and during the second half of homecoming, Bryce broke Zach's knee with great force from his helmet. Chlöe supported Zach after Bryce broke his leg during the homecoming fight. Bryce's actions ultimately led to Zach to confront Bryce at the pier and told him that his football career was over, Bryce showed no remorse and teased him about it which made Zach start a fight with Bryce, Zach ended up severely injuring Bryce by dislocating his arm and breaking both of his legs. While he lay on the floor bleeding and in pain unable to stand, he asked Zach if he had a sexual relationship with Chlöe, Zach told him "Chlöe's my friend. I'm sorry you've never had a friend before.". Zach and Bryce's altercation is unknown to Chlöe as Zach lied to her about it. After Bryce went missing, she and Zach talked about him. Zach told her that she did not have to own the shame other people put on her. She also supported Zach during Bryce's funeral.

Nora Walker

Nora is the mother of Chlöe ex-boyfriend. They were friendly with each other and Nora appeared to be worried about Chlöe as she didn't trust her son to treat her right.

Chlöe and Nora first interacted when Bryce brought her to his house to meet his parents. She helped Nora in the kitchen, and Nora seemed to like her.

Nora and Chlöe talk while doing the dishes in "The Chalk Machine"

When she noticed bruises on her arms, which she possibly suspects as marks of Bryce's abuse, she stared at the bruises and then looked at her. Chlöe explained them away as marks from cheerleading being a "full-contact sport". Nora and Barry asked Bryce to invite her to a family event. At the end of the second season, Nora questioned Bryce about whether or not he had raped Chlöe, Bryce told Nora that no one told Chlöe to get so drunk that she passed out but did not explicitly state that he raped her.

Chlöe having dinner with Nora in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar".

In the third season, Chlöe told Ani and Clay that after she found out that she was pregnant, she went over to Nora's for dinner in Bryce's absence. Nora apologized for her son's behavior and warned her that Bryce, Barry and Harrison are abusive, she told her that Barry and Harrison should not have become fathers and as she suspected Chlöe to be pregnant, she told her that Bryce should not become one either, suggesting she should get an abortion; which Chlöe later did.

Physical Appearance

Chlöe is a pretty girl with long light brown/ blonde hair, she has striking blue eyes and pink luscious lips. She dresses in light-colored clothes and sporty clothes, as she is a cheerleader; she typically wears colorful training shorts, a top and a jacket which show off her slender figure. In particular, Chlöe tends to favor pink clothes.

In the third season, she wears both dark and light clothing, having transferred from Liberty High, she wears her Sacred Heart school uniform.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Chlöe is the only female sexual assault survivor at that time who did not appear at the montage of non-consensual sexual encounters in "Bye". She is also the only character in the third season who had a character poster but never appeared in the final trailer.
  • When Bryce talks about the people he has raped on his apology tape, he does not mention her name but states that he raped "seven or eight other girls" and that some of them were his girlfriends "at that time" after mentioning Jessica Davis and Hannah Baker.[8]
  • After Bryce's death, the Police suspected that the blood in the underwear was hers, later it was revealed that it was actually Ani Achola's.
  • She told Zach that she never wants to be a cheerleader again.[9]
  • Bryce mentioned to his father that Chlöe had better grades than him.
  • She and Bryce used to go to the bridge together. She told Bryce that she thought it was 'their place' after Bryce gave false testimony about the bridge being his and Hannah's place.
  • Jessica suspected Chlöe had Stockholm Syndrome "when it came to Bryce", and that was the reason why Zach and Chlöe never became a couple in the third season.[10] However, in the fourth season it is revealed that she didn't reciprocate Zach's feelings, and thus they remain good friends.
  • Even though it is never mentioned who her boyfriend was, some fans assumed that she was dating Scott Reed as they showed up at Graduation together and is even seen together when they were talking to Zach. However, this may not be right, as the conversation with Zach about her boyfriend in "House Party" indicated that he had never met her boyfriend, whereas Zach and Scott were friends.


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Graciella PadillaMelody ScottDean HolbrookHarrison ChathamTim PozziLuke Holliday

Season 4

Clay JensenAni AcholaTony PadillaZach DempseyJessica DavisJustin FoleyBryce WalkerAlex StandallTyler DownCharlie St. GeorgeZach DempseyLainie JensenMontgomery de la CruzNora WalkerDr. Robert EllmanDiego TorresChlöe RiceGary BolanMatt JensenWinston WilliamsLuke HollidayDeputy StandallCalebEstela de la CruzSheriff Diaz