Chloe Rice is a recurring character in the second and third season of 13 Reasons Why. She is portrayed by Anne Winters.

Chloe was the beautiful “it girl” at Liberty High School. She was the head cheerleader for the Liberty Tigers and Bryce's ex-girlfriend before his death.

Early Life Edit

Chloe comes from a broken home. So far, not much other than this is known about Chloe's early life.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 2 Edit

Chlöe was introduced as the new team captain of the cheerleaders and girlfriend of Bryce. She welcomed Jessica back with excitement and wanted her to be a flyer.[1]

She stole pictures from Tyler Down, and put them up in a classroom. The pictures were from a drunk Jessica at the Winter Formal, and had "Who would believe a drunk slut?" written on them. She put them up to scare Jessica into not calling Bryce out in court, and later apologized to her for it.[2]

After the tapes were leaked, Chlöe crossed out the things people had written about Jessica in the bathroom stall.[3]

Jessica showed Chlöe a Polaroid that revealed Bryce had raped her when she was unconscious. Chlöe agreed on testifying against Bryce, but lied in court about remembering having consensual sex with him.[4] Chlöe later met up with Bryce and told him she feels safe with him and believes he's a good person.[5]

One month after the 'Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District' case, at the Spring Fling, Chlöe revealed to Jessica that she is pregnant with Bryce’s child.[6]

Season 3 Edit

In a flashback scene in If You're Breathing, You're a Liar, Chloe confided to Zach that she's pregnant. Zach offered to help her raise her baby if she wants to keep it and would support her no matter what she decides. Chloe claimed that she wasn't ready to be a mother, so she was going to get an abortion. Chloe tried to get an abortion from a clinic that turned out to pose as an abortion provider while trying to dissuade people from terminating their pregnancy. Zach joined her when going to a real abortion provider. When she arrived, she and Zach were met with pro-life protesters who are protesting against the action to abort her baby. After having an abortion, Chlöe revealed to Zach that she wasn't going back to Liberty High School the next year and that she was going to break up with Bryce. She and Zach made plans to hang out in Summer.

Chlöe attends Bryce's funeral in You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves supporting Zach when asked to give a speech at his funeral.

In a flashback scene in And Then the Hurricane Hit, Chlöe revealed to Bryce before the Homecoming game that she had been pregnant, had an abortion, and wasn't alone when it happened. After she revealed that Zach had been with her, Bryce grew angry and injured Zach during the crowd at the game. Another flashback scene in the same episode, revealed that Zach met up with her after he beat up Bryce.

Personality Edit

Chloe came off as a passive and smart girl and did whatever her boyfriend, Bryce Walker, wanted her to do. She tried to be the best at Liberty by being the cheerleader, dating a jock, and trying hard to look pretty. However that changed when she realized Bryce's real nature leading herself to cut ties with him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Chlöe is a petite girl with long blond hair, striking blue eyes and pink luscious lips. Chloe also dresses in sporty clothes, as she is a cheerleader; she typically wears colorful training shorts, a top and a jacket which show off her slender figure. In particular, Chloe tends to favor pink clothes.

Appearances Edit

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Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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