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Christian Lee Navarro (b. August 21, 1991) is an American Actor. He portrays Tony Padilla in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


Christian Navarro is known for 13 Reasons Why (2017), Vinyl (2016) and Rosewood (2015) and has also appeared on Law & Order: Criminal IntentBlue BloodsThe Affair, and The Tick. He also had a recurring role on HBO's hit drama Vinyl and appeared in the film Bushwick. He appeared in the film Can You Ever Forgive Me? as Kurt, which came out in 2018.


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I asked to audition for it and was told no three or four times because I was too old. So I kind of put in on the back-burner, but through the grace of the acting gods, they couldn’t find the actor for the role on the West Coast, so they opened up auditions in New York, where I live. I went in and I met one of the directors, Tom McCarthy, I auditioned with a really difficult piece from the 7th or 8th episode, and I got lucky. After I met the team, I knew immediately that this was all something very special. It also happened very fast. On a Thursday, they called me saying I got the job, on Friday I was California and on Monday morning we were filming.
— Christian about his audition for 13 Reasons Why

I thought it was very important to tell that story, especially if we claimed to be the show that tackles these really topical issues. Really, it felt like a responsibility to show the struggle and be as truthful as possible about it. Thousands of people have reached out to me. All I ever wanted from the third season was for young people whose families have been taken away from them, to see some sort of strength in this character. They live in the shadows, and we just wanted to shine a little bit of light on them and say, we see you.”
— Christian about filming Tony's family's deportation by ICE


  • In 2009, he made his feature film debut playing John White in Run It.
  • He is very good friends with Dylan Minnette.
  • He was introduced to 13 Reasons Why by his then-girlfriend (who was auditioning for the show) and by Brandon Flynn (who he knew from college).
  • Because Christian didn't have his driver's license before starring in 13 Reasons Why, the production team got him drivers lessons.




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