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Clay's Bike was Clay Jensen's main source of transportation in the first season and in the beginning of the second season, until he started driving a Prius. Clay used his bike to ride all over town while he listened to Hannah's Tapes. As it was instructed by Hannah to visit places marked on her map. 

Clay decided to gift his bike to Ani Achola so the bike now belongs to her. The bike included a lock with Clay's name, which Ani left in Bryce's room and ended up getting used as evidence for Bryce's murder case.


Clay's bike appears to be a flat bar road bike with gears and an attachable white headlight to be used at night with a red taillight and disc brakes. 


Clay used his bike on a few occasions to get around town, when he didn't use it, he would get a ride home from school by Tony Padilla. He didn't wear a helmet while he rode his bike across town, which resulted in a head injury after he once fell off of it. When he got Hannah's tapes, he used his bike frequently to ride all over town to places that were instructed by Hannah on her tapes. The tapes came with a map to guide Clay to places where events had happened in Hannah's tapes.


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  • After Justin, along with Zach and Alex, "kidnapped" Clay, he took the bike with him and held onto it for awhile. Later, when Clay had come to Justin's place, he gave the bike back.



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