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It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.
— to Mr. Porter on the bullying of kids in the school, in "Tape 7, Side A"

Clayton "Clay" Jason Jensen is a fictional character and the protagonist of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Dylan Minnette.

Clay was a student at Liberty High School and a close friend of Hannah Baker; who was also his crush. He is the son of Lainie and Matt Jensen, Justin Foley's adoptive brother, the ex-boyfriend of Skye Miller, and Ani Achola, and the subject of the A side of the sixth tape on Hannah's tapes.

The first season follows Clay during his time with Hannah while she was alive; in flashbacks and his time after her death, listening to Hannah's tapes, trying to piece together Hannah's story to find out what led her to suicide. At the end of his tape, Hannah explains that Clay's name didn't belong on the list, but that she felt he needed to know the reasons behind her ultimate decision.

In the second season, Clay tries to cope with Hannah's death and hallucinations of her throughout his grieving process. His main goal is to get justice for Hannah as the trial commences. He receives Polaroids that aid him in finding out the baseball varsity team's secret place that is connected to Hannah and many other girls at Liberty High.

In the third season, Clay is the main suspect in the death of his classmate and enemy, Bryce Walker. Although he has a deep hatred for Bryce, he—along with new girl Ani Achola—plays detective in trying to figure out who killed Bryce. While the police have their eyes on him, the two uncover secrets of their friends and ultimately discover Bryce's killer.

In the fourth season, Clay is the main narrator, narrating the events to Dr. Ellman, his therapist, whom he sees again to help cope with his mentality. He has to confront faces of his past as traumatic events lead him to spiral out of control. At the end of the season, he graduates and gets accepted into Brown University, where he goes to study.

Early Life

On Clay's first shift at The Crestmont, he tells Hannah that he has lived in the town of Crestmont for his entire life when she asks him how he feels about the town. Clay was previously rumored to be gay by other classmates at Liberty High School, but these rumors appear to have died down before the events of the series. Due to Clay's introverted character, he is known to not attend parties. At Hannah's house party, Kat bet against him attending the party and tells Hannah that the last time she saw Clay at a party was at her birthday party in the 4th grade.

Clay may also have a history of depression or anxiety as his parents offer him Duloxetine—an antidepressant used to treat people who suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder—in "Tape 1, Side B", which he has taken before for either or both anxiety or depression, which suggests Clay may have been in a bad state previously, potentially down to previous rumors of him being gay.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

After the death of Hannah Baker, a classmate of Clay's that he had a crush on, Clay started to hallucinate Hannah in the halls and classrooms of Liberty High School, the school that both Clay and Hannah attended. He first saw a hallucination of Hannah looking at him in the halls. Clay looked across the hall towards Hannah's locker, now adorned with letters and flowers, as two girls took a selfie. As the bell rang, signaling the beginning of class, he walked towards the locker. Justin Foley came up to Clay confronting him. "You're not as innocent as she says", he commented, but Clay had no idea what he meant.

Later, in Communications Class as he stared across the room to Hannah's old seat, the scene changed into a flashback of the same class but Hannah was sitting in her seat. The bell rang, and as everyone started rushing out of the class, Clay complimented Hannah on her new hairstyle after seemingly struggling to do so.

Upon arriving home, Clay found a package addressed to him on his doorstep. Clay opened the package to find seven tapes and a map of Crestmont Town. After Clay borrowed his father's boombox, he found that those tapes were from Hannah. Clay was visibly upset by this and was shocked when he heard that he was one of the reasons of why Hannah killed herself. Clay's mother appeared behind him, causing him to jump in surprise as he paused the tape he was listening to. In a hurry to get to his room, Clay grabbed the boombox before unplugging, thus causing it to fall to the ground. Since the boombox was now broke, Clay cycled over to Tony's house to borrow his one. However, as Tony and his dad were distracted by Tony's car they were fixing, Clay stole a Walkman from his friend Tony Padilla to listen to the first tape. After riding home from Tony's, Clay got into an accident that left him with a scar on his forehead.

Clay used the cassette tapes along with the map Hannah provided to visit all locations mentioned by Hannah in her tapes. Clay had flashbacks of Hannah's interactions at each location. When he arrived at the park, Clay pictured Hannah and Justin kissing on the slide.

With each episode, Clay begins to interact with the person currently talked about in the tapes. For example, Clay only began to talk to Jessica Davis after listening to her tape. Clay is seen to have breakdowns that become more frequent as the show progresses, due to this he has to take frequent breaks which Tony finds unusual. Tony tells Clay that he is the slowest by far to listen to the tapes as many of the previous listeners have finished it within a night.

Clay begins to become a vigilante for Hannah by attempting to harm the others mentioned in the tapes. He takes pictures of Tyler Down's body and sends it around the school to make him suffer for what he did and takes Courtney Crimsen to Hannah's grave to make her feel guilt. Many of the others in the tapes become increasingly aware of this fact and try to stop Clay from attacking the others and make plans to try to stop him, such as having Alex Standall speed through traffic with Clay in the car to scare him.

Throughout the series, we begin to see the development of Clay's relationship with Hannah in flashbacks which start with Clay's first day at The Crestmont with Hannah, from there we see their relationship form into something much more that as they develop feelings for each other. Clay's tape is "Tape 6, Side A". This tape is incredibly hard for Clay to hear and Tony offers support throughout the listening session to prevent him from harming himself. At one point, Clay cannot listen further and so is taken to Monet's for a break. After hearing the full tape, Clay is distraught and actually considers suicide. Tony prevents this and Clay carries on with the tapes.

Upon listening to "Tape 6, Side B", Clay goes to Bryce's home to get a confession out of him. He originally enters his home under the premise of him buying weed from him, where he has a flashback of Hannah's rape. Clay accuses Bryce of raping Hannah which results in him getting violently physically abused. Eventually, Clay talks Bryce into confessing he raped Hannah without knowing it and Clay rides out of Bryce's neighborhood incredibly happy. Clay was recording his confession on the last unused side of Hannah's tapes, which would be Tape 7, Side B, he plays the audio only for Tony. This is incredibly important as it shows evidence of Bryce saying he raped Hannah, which would give Hannah justice.

Clay visits Mr. Porter and tells him about the last day of Hannah's life and her meeting with him. When asked about how he knows this, Clay produces the tapes and gives them to Mr. Porter who is the thirteenth reason on Hannah's list because he didn't help Hannah after she told him about her being sexually assaulted and suicidal. After leaving the tapes with Porter, Clay reaches out to Skye Miller, a girl that Clay has interacted with throughout the show who is seen to be in a similar situation as Hannah due to the slits on her wrist. Clay asks if she would want to skip school with him in an attempt to help her like he should've helped Hannah. He takes a ride with Skye, Tony and his boyfriend Brad to somewhere.

Clay, Tony, Justin, Bryce, Sheri, Alex, and Ryan are the only ones who aren't seen attending their deposition. However, he mentions to Tony that both he and Tony have their depositions the day after.[1]

Season 2

Five months have passed since Hannah's death, and Clay truly believed he was recovering from her death. He went with Skye Miller to get a semi-colon tattoo (a symbol representing suicide awareness) but fainted halfway through and only got a comma. Later on, Skye painted a mural when Clay admitted how disappointed he was that even just getting the tattoo, he somehow failed. It turns out, that Clay and Skye were actually dating now, as they embraced each other in a kiss. Clay stated that he had not been thinking about Hannah, but Skye reassured him that it's okay if he was. Nevertheless, Clay still persisted that he wasn't and he hadn't for months. Clay then contemplated how messed up the situation was with Hannah, the Bakers, the trial and Bryce.

After Clay told Skye he cared about her, they started passionately kissing. In the sofa, Clay and Skye proceeded to have sex, when Clay noticed the cuts on the lower part of her body and abruptly stopped kissing her. Skye, growing uncomfortable, told him she used to cut herself a long time ago, but Clay knew they were recent. Clay had been seemingly helping Skye out with her own issues, but, was upset to learn she had started to cut herself again. Angry, Clay told her that they made a deal that she would call him whenever she felt like doing it. Clay asked about her alternatives and why she clearly didn't seem to be doing it. When Skye said she didn't like the alternatives, Clay suggested a mindfulness walk. Skye didn't take it seriously and laughed at this suggestion, but, Clay stressed how important this was and so she apologized and promised she would call him.

Their relationship becomes rocky as Clay is still thinking about Hannah. When he learns that the Bakers are refusing to settle and the trial is going ahead, Hannah appears to him in visions and continues to do so throughout the season. The apparitions of Hannah serve as a motivator for Clay to bring Bryce and the jocks to justice, despite the fact that even after Clay received Bryce's confession of Hannah's rape, he got off scott free thanks to his lawyer. Clay has little motivation to follow up on this until he receives an anonymous Polaroid in his locker of sordid acts by the jocks.

Throughout the trial Clay found out new things about Hannah that almost changed his view of her. He hallucinates Hannah until he finally lets her go through his speech, during her funeral. His relationship with Skye slowly broke down because of his hallucinations of Hannah, which meant that he was not fully there all the time, which Skye noticed. Skye went to treatment for her own mental illness and told him that she would miss him, that she could love him and let him go and ended their relationship. His hallucination of Hannah helps him and angers him throughout the season. Clay enlisted Tony to help him find Justin so he could testify about Bryce for Hannah and Jessica. Once they found him, Tony and Sheri took turns in detoxing him from the drugs he took while homeless, he tried to hide Justin for as long as he could so he could keep Justin being back from people, however his parents found out. Tony came to him worried and told him that the school called him to testify, and warns him that Clay does not know everything that he did. Clay received Polaroids with writing on the back in his locker. He kept each of them safe in his bag.

Clay received the second Polaroid, depicting Bryce having non-consensual sex with a girl, who he later found out was his girlfriend, Chlöe Rice. Clay tried to figure out where the Polaroids were taken. When prompted by Dennis, Clay testified about his friendship with Hannah, and when prompted by Sonya, Clay testified that he and Hannah spent a night doing drugs together, while coming down from her high, she described being suicidal. Sonya asked him why he didn't do anything or say anything to anyone about what she said. In response, Clay lashed out and tried to get her bullying to be brought back up, but failed. He later went home and read the comments about him and Hannah after his testimony, he argued with his hallucination and decided to publish the audio of the tapes online. Clay received backlash from Alex and Justin about putting them online because of Jessica's health.

Clay apologized and asked for their help in taking Bryce down. After Zach revealed that he was the one who sent the Polaroids, Clay gathered Sheri and Justin to go through them, Clay discovered that Hannah had a Polaroid, meaning that she was there. While going through it, Justin found another Polaroid that went with Clay's second Polaroid of a an unconscious and unknown girl being raped by Bryce Walker, in the Polaroid Justin found, it is evidently revealed to be his girlfriend, Chlöe.

After the trial ended and the jury came to a verdict, they all came outside shocked. Bryce was arrested on rape charges after Justin's testimony but Justin was also arrested being an accessory to it as he testified that he didn't call the police and let it happen. Clay told his mother that Justin was arrested and Lainie told him that Justin knew what would happen.

Olivia and Andrew Baker began planning a funeral for Hannah and put their store up for sale. People then attended Hannah's funeral. Clay gave his speech and finally stopped hallucinating Hannah, they then had a wake at Monet's. Justin told Clay that his parents were thinking of adopting him, Justin told him that he would like to be adopted by them. Olivia found a list of "Reasons Why Not" that Hannah typed out on her computer, Olivia printed it out and contemplated giving it to Clay. She decided to give it to him after she heard his speech.

After Tyler was raped and assaulted by Monty, he attempted a massacre via a school shooting, as he had finally had enough and was determined to kill everyone, possibly including himself. Tyler told Cyrus that things were about to get messy so he and his sister should leave, but Cyrus instead tipped off their friends and Clay asked Tony to help him and Clay put himself in danger as he attempted to stop him and convince him not to, he was successful in doing this and asked Tony to drive him away. Clay took the gun away from him and Jessica and Justin ran out and joined him, Justin asked him "What do we do now?".

Season 3

After stopping Tyler from his attempted school shooting, he drives Tyler's car away to the safety point Tony drove Tyler to. Tyler worries about his parents and Clay and Tony drive Tyler back home, his mother is relieved to see him back home, tells them that the school texted all the parents that there was an active shooter in the school and that they should both tell their parents that they are okay, which Clay does. Tyler goes up to his bedroom, Clay follows him upstairs, Tyler gives him a letter addressed to his Mom and Dad and implies that it's his suicide note. Tony and Clay talk about what to do with him, how to help him and wonder why he attempted a school shooting, as the last thing that everyone knew of him was that he was better and happier. The next day, Tyler, accompanied by Clay, Tony and Justin, goes back to school, however he sees Monty—who unknown to Tyler's friends had raped him the day before, the reason for his attempted school shooting—his PTSD kicks in and he becomes terrified and starts to have a panic attack. Tony calms him down and Clay texts someone. He tells Tyler the plan and leaves for his lesson, he gets called out of his lesson by Courtney Crimsen who uses Principal Bolan's notes to get him out to a give a new student a tour because she can't. The new student is Ani Achola, he gives her a slightly disturbing tour, still being angry at the school. Clay then goes to lunch with Justin and Tyler, Ani joins, introduces herself to Tyler and is introduced to Justin by Clay. Ani then tells Justin that she thinks Clay internalizes a lot, she annoys Clay a little further and Clay excuses himself to get ketchup. Late in the night, back at home, Clay goes through the photos from Homecoming on his computer. Justin notices that Bryce—number 83—is about to tackle Zach in a photo, they become confused because Zach said it was number 82 that tackled him, Clay tells Justin that—having asked Zach in the morning again—Zach told Clay he didn't know who tackled him. They wonder why Zach lied.

Clay and Tyler meet up at school and Clay advises him to see Dr Singh. Clay then builds a website with a schedule for when each person has to pick up/watch Tyler. Clay organizes at meeting at Monet's and presents the schedule to the group. Zach believes that Tyler should have gone to prison and argues with the group. He tells them that is out, that he won't look after "that psychopath" and tells them that he won't talk to anyone but he won't be apart of looking after Tyler. The rest of the group agree to the schedule and leave.

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Season 4

At night, Clay is woken up by Justin who claims Monty is still alive. After he gets dressed, they visit Monty in jail, where it then becomes apparent that it’s just a dream. Monty rages at the fact that they set him up for murder. The dream sequence ends with Monty attacking Clay, and him waking up in a sweaty body. Turns out, this isn’t his first nightmare. Clay has been suffering from PTSD, Monty being the star of his recurring nightmares.

At breakfast the following day, it is revealed that Justin has been at rehab getting help for his drug addiction. He is finally returning home after several weeks. Nevertheless, Mrs. Jensen also reveals some concerns to do with Clay’s academic performance; Clay’s grades are slipping and his parents are worried. Moreover, it’s time he starts thinking about college. His parents believe sessions with Dr. Ellman will help him.

As narrator of the season, Clay reveals that he only feels alive when he’s helping out his friends. As such, when Tyler calls him to ask for a ride to the Sheriff’s station, Clay immediately shows up, leaving Ani and Jessica to plan for Justin’s welcome home party.

While waiting for Tyler at the Sheriff’s station, Clay is taunted by a hallucination of Monty, which puts him in panic mode. Tyler then returns with concerning news; the police have found the bag of guns in the river. But not to worry though; he tells them that, yeah, he bought the guns but they were stolen from him and both Sheriff Diaz and Deputy Standall believe him.

At Justin’s welcome home party, Clay, Jessica, Ani, Zach, Alex, Tyler, Tony, and Charlie gather for the first time since Bryce's murder case. Zach’s now been drinking heavily, showing up to the party drunk. After the party, the mood shifts as they discuss the guns upon Tyler’s leave. Doubt spreads over the group, the question being, can they trust Tyler? To dampen the mood further, Justin breaks up with Jessica his reasoning being that he needs to prioritize his sobriety.

It’s Christmas morning and the Jensens are opening presents. Clay had one of his anxiety attacks but shrugs it off upon Justin’s concern.

At Liberty High, the students are in for a surprise. Metal detectors have been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs). Jessica’s far from happy about this, especially when she walks through the metal detector and her bra sets it off making one of the male SROs tell her she needs a pat-down. Clay, Ani and Justin watch as Jessica refuses and storms off towards the principal’s office. Ani tells Clay to stay calm as the new security measures have nothing to do with them finding out about Bryce’s murder.

Clay attends Future Fair and represents the Liberty High Robotics Club. Later, Ani informs him about Winston Williams transferring to Liberty High. He’s from Hillcrest and was there during the night of Homecoming Football Game. Clay freaks out as he thinks Winston might be there to investigate about Bryce’s murder, seeing as he was close with Monty. He then sees that the football team are forcing Estela to wear “De la Cruz” jersey to honor her brother Monty and confronts them. After Diego Torres claims he’s innocent in Bryce’s death, the two engage in a fistfight. It ends up with only Diego getting detention as SROs think he started it.

At Jensen residence, Justin tells Clay’s parents that he got into a fight. This angers Clay and he gets up and storms off. He’s at Liberty High, moving through the corridors and football pitch, when Scott Reed appears showing concern. However, he’s already graduated so this means Clay is clearly dreaming. He then encounters Ani who tells him he can’t save everyone before waking up. He sees Justin who tells him he’s been talking and screaming in his sleep all night.

At therapy, Clay speaks to Dr. Ellman about being in control. He says if he loses control things get ugly. His panic attacks lately are one manifestation of this.

Upon returning home at night, Clay experiences another hallucination. He hears Bryce’s confession tape in the lodge outside his house and thinks he sees a shadowy figure inside the room so he chases after them only to find out there’s no one there. His calls out to him from the porch and Clay admits he’s not okay in the voiceover.[2]

It was the middle of the night and Clay was filling out college applications. Suddenly, he got video calls by Monty. Panicking, he declined the calls and blocked the number. He then saw a moving shadow in the bathroom and went to investigate. Suddenly, it was morning and Justin wass by the bathroom door asking if he’s alright. Clay’s paranoia was making him lose track of time; 3 am turned to 7 am.

When they got to school, someone had graffitied “Monty’s Been Framed” on the doors of the main office. The group of friends was concerned; all except Zach, who found it amusing. When Clay reached his locker he found a red smiley face spray-painted inside, leading him to believe someone was trying to frame him. He told Ani who believed Winston could’ve done it, however, Clay was convinced that someone within their circle did it. He didn’t trust them as much anymore.

On the bus to the college tour, a can of red spray paint rolled to Clay’s feet, and he quickly put it in his bag hoping to discard it once they reached campus. Principal Bolan joined the students. When they arrived, Mr. Jensen greeted them as the official tour greeter. He told Justin and Clay that he’d arranged a meeting with Dean of Admissions after the tour. Justin seemed excited about it compared to a reserved Clay. Instead, he was fixated on the fact that Principal Bolan and his dad were on first name terms.

Clay tasked Alex with looking after Tyler while he looked after Zach. Zach decided to ditch the tour for a college party and Clay, wanting to keep an eye on him, followed suit. They ended up joining drinking games and the two got drunk. Clay found a drunk girl on the stairs and her boyfriend arrived to take her upstairs. Clay followed and saw the guy unbuckle his belt over the unconscious girl. When he turned around, it was just a hallucination of Bryce. He encouraged Clay to rape the girl, he knew he’s capable of it. The girl’s actual boyfriend returned to find Clay standing there and accused him of trying to make a move. Clay ran downstairs, where the college boys grabbed both him and Zach and called security on them. That’s when Clay had a panic attack as he screamed for them to let him go.

At campus security, Mr. Jensen was disappointed in Clay for missing the meeting with the Dean, which Justin attended. Clay grew bitter at this and threw up on Justin. At home, Justin confided in Clay. He told him that he was afraid he’d fall off the wagon. He didn’t want to cost Clay’s parents any more money. Hence, why he thought Sanderson would be the best option because it was free and close to home. Nevertheless, Clay reasoned he didn’t have any college choices right now anyway and refused Justin’s offer to help. He later opened his bag to find two spray cans.

Clay was called into the principal’s office where they discussed the incident in the college tour; he was not in trouble as Sanderson University wouldn’t pursue the matter any longer. Nevertheless, he wanted to help by understanding why Clay did what he did. Clay’s mind, however, seemed preoccupied with the graffiti pictures on his desk.

At therapy, Clay opened up about the incident at college tour. He explained that he was only thinking about sex at the time and not about the unconscious girl. And the thought scared him to the point where he panicked.

Clay returned home from therapy to find Sheriff Diaz speaking to his parents. He said he was there to brief them on the new security measures. He spoke to Justin about it and they’re both concerned. Clay then had a panic attack. That same night, Clay sat to do his college applications again and was spammed with text messages from Monty saying he was framed. In the college application, he typed “I covered up a murder”.[3]

In an opening narration, Clay talked about Valentine’s Day and the school preparing for the “Love is Love” dance. He believed love in high school isn’t real. When Clay arrived in school, he saw that cameras had been installed all over the building and he became paranoid. To make matters worse, he began receiving disturbing calls Clay from Monty’s number, tormenting him in a distorted voice. Still distracted by this, Clay completely missed the hints Ani threw his way about asking her out to the dance.

In the darkroom, Clay had another panic attack when he received another call. Later in the cafeteria, the caller told him to pick a fight, so he did. He approached Zach and asked him to hit him. After calling him names, Zach finally kicked him in the groin and told Clay to sort his shit out.

Clay realized in hindsight he completely blew off his girlfriend when she asked about the dance. He rectified this by asking Ani through a letter with a comic he drew. However, this moment was soon ruined when he received a photo of himself by the anonymous caller. He was being watched. He dialed the number and tracked the ringtone to a girl in the library, thinking she was the anonymous caller. However, he was mistaken as she was just talking to her mother on the phone. Ani apologized to the girl and took Clay to the side to ask him what’s going on. He revealed the truth about the calls he’d been receiving; someone had Monty’s phone and he was threatening to reveal proof of Monty’s innocence. Ani reassured him that they couldn’t have proof and that he shouldn’t let them play him.

Clay met with Tony at the mall where he was informed about Tyler’s rendezvous as of lately; he’d been lying about his shifts at work and meeting with Principal Bolan. Tony thought Deputy Standall might know something about this. When Tyler arrived for work, he saw them and asked why the urgency to see him. Tyler got fed up with them keeping tabs on his whereabouts and sauntered off to work.

At school the next day, Clay received another call. The voice said they can prove that his alibi with Ani is false and they could prove the two weren’t together the night Bryce died. He then gave Clay a clue on where to find Monty’s phone if he wanted it. That lead him to the H.O. club base. But the phone he found wasn’t Monty’s, it was just a burner phone. The voice then told him he’ll get the phone if he showed up to the dance.

At therapy session, Clay admitted he didn’t believe in love. And what about Hannah? Dr. Ellman asked. Clay thought love is a lie; he thought he loved her, but didn’t actually know her. It’s all just a fantasy. When you see people for who they really are the fantasy goes away and then so does the love. Dr. Ellman wondered if he did believe in love and that he loves so fiercely that it hurts; and he was afraid of that hurt. Clay just believed we’re all alone.

At the dance, Clay was dancing with Ani. The two kissed before Clay received another call. The voice told him to kiss her one more time before it’s too late, then he instructed Clay to leave the dance immediately and head to the locker room. Clay complied, despite Ani’s warning. Ani tried to follow him but got distracted by Alex and Winston kissing in the hallway.

Clay arrived in the locker room, he saw the showers stained with what appears to be “blood” and a knife on the ground. The voice told him it won’t look good to stay in the scene of a crime. Panicking, Clay hastily turned on the showers in an attempt to remove the red stain on the tiles. Instead of water, blood came running out. Clay panicked even more and slid to the ground. He eventually regained the willpower to move. He grabbed the knife and ran to the football field and the voice told him “you found me”.

When he got there, he saw Monty alive, but bleeding out. He tried to save him by stopping the bleeding but it didn’t work and Monty died. Clay was so distraught and cried out “I’m sorry”. When he turned around he found Bryce who called him a monster. The hallucination dissipated and he was back to reality. Standing in front of him was the football team, the leader revealed himself to be Diego. They told him that his reaction was way overboard seeing as it’s just a dummy they placed on the field. Clearly there was something more to it and that was the reaction of a guilty person. They told him “we own you” before leaving him there covered in fake blood and tears.

Clay walked back to the dance groggily with the knife in hand. Everyone stopped and stared in shock.[4]

After being suspended for 2 weeks, the school board voted on whether Clay and Diego could go to the senior camping trip. Jessica thought Clay shouldn’t attend but was outvoted by the rest of the board members. As Clay walked down the Liberty High hallways, he felt isolated, like everyone was talking about him.

At therapy, Clay confided in Dr. Ellman about feeling scrutinized by his friends. The therapist suggested speaking to a chaperone about the football team in case they try to do something worse to him on the senior trip. Clay refused to, saying it would be the dumbest thing to do. He said that adults overestimate how helpful they can be, but they are good at listening. Dr. Ellman then advised that he face his anxiety instead of running from it.

Jessica, Ani, Tony, Zach, Alex, Clay, and Justin received a suspicious email saying they’d reveal the truth at senior camping trip if the group didn’t come clean and confess on their own. The sender of the email was Clay, but he denied it was him so his account must’ve been hacked. Justin then suggested they stay at home instead, but that plan soon changed once Mrs. Jensen announced she was joining the camping trip and bought them some tools for the trip.

When they arrived at Burham Woods, Clay confronted Diego about hacking his email account. After he approached Alex about Winston and finally told him that Winston was close to Monty and he could alibi him for the night of Bryce’s murder. So, he warned him to stay away from Winston.

At the camp share, Mrs. Jensen asked the students who they like the most and why. Diego answered first, he said he trusted his guys to have his back and that he missed Monty. He taught him pride and how to trust people and also got him to start playing football.

The next day, the seniors went out on a treasure hunt in pairs, with no phones but clue sheets to guide them. Clay and Justin went out hunting together, but the mood turned sour as they argued about the email. Clay walked ahead complaining about Justin not being the same person since he came back from rehab but when he heard no reply from Justin, he turned around to find him gone. Clay panicked and went looking for Justin.

Clay was still out looking for Justin when he got captured, bound by ropes, and thrown into a hole by the football team. He went unconscious and entered a dream state. He spoke to Monty and asked why the football team was after him, Monty said they loved him and he always had their back. Clay was confused, how could he be that way for them but then do what he did to Tyler? Monty explained that he acted out of rage and fear. Then he asked Clay if he’s ever experienced that anger taking over.

Later, Clay woke up in the hole and saw he now had his phone with him. Across from him, the same V and arrow sign from the graffiti was carved onto the rock. He got ready to climb out of the hole and made his way back to camp. He blew the horn and declared his win and dropped all the treasure bags. He then accused people of throwing him down the hole.

At the campfire, Mrs. Jensen asked how the trip changed them. Winston said he got to know people more than he did before. Clay said nothing’s changed, he and his friends were bonded for life. Alex then said he hated camping making everyone laugh.

Later, Winston visited Clay in his tent, and told him they’ve all been acting irrationally; Alex broke up with him with no explanation, Tyler ended his friendship after he found out about his relationship with Monty and they talked when they usually didn’t at the campfire. So, which of his friends was Bryce’s killer?[5]

Clay was out jogging when he ended up in Navy Pier, the site where Bryce drowned. Clay narrated that he felt disconnected from reality. His parents were concerned about both Justin and Clay. They made them take a drug test; Clay’s test came out positive but he accused Justin of switching them. Because of the uncertainty, they were both grounded. The two boys wondered how their parents always knew where they were and how they always found them easily. Clay believed they were being tracked through their phones. Justin thought Clay was just paranoid and delusional, but when questioned why he’d been to his old neighborhood Justin went quiet. When Clay stormed off, Justin called someone asking if they could meet up.

At Monet's, the group discussed the recent developments concerning the parents. They seemed to know a lot lately. Clay thought they’re being tracked and it’s not a coincidence. Jessica added it’s not just within their inner circle but it’s why Beecher’s party was canceled. Justin arrived home late, waking Clay up. He then told him they’re being watched.

At school, Clay asked Cyrus and his friends to help him find a new location for the Find Your Drink party but under a VPN.

At therapy session, Clay insisted he didn’t take drugs. Dr. Ellman thought he was paying a high price for keeping secrets, which he didn’t yet know.

At the party, Clay narrated that he’s never done drugs but at the party he smoked weed. Justin arrived at the party after all and asked Clay what he was trying to prove by doing drugs at the party. Clay bitterly told him that his drug use is a better situation that Justin’s. Clay became distracted by Valerie as Justin told Clay that he is not Clay’s enemy. Justin asked why Clay lied to his parents about the drug test because now they think Justin relapsed, and lost trust with him. Clay didn’t seem to care, and stuck the knife in further by telling Justin that Matt and Lainie are his parents, not Justins and that they never trusted Justin and that’s why they drug tested him.

Clay approached Zach by the piano. He apologizes to him about not telling everyone about Winston from the beginning. He found out Zach can play piano, which surprised him. Zach said he was forced to learn how to play for 5 years. They then sang together. When Zach noticed a girl staring at Clay, he gave him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. If he managed, then he’d get to drive his Audi. Later, he tried it out and it worked. Once Clay and Valerie finished having sex, they returned to the party where her boyfriend confronted Clay. The two ended up fighting and Clay punched him repeatedly before Zach pulled him off. Then he stormed off after telling Diego and Winston “I will end you.”

After the party, Clay drunk drove with Zach celebrating that he wasn’t a virgin anymore. He then slipped into a trance and started to speed up the car until it toppled over and crashed.[6]

Clay narrated about the car accident with Zach from the previous episode. He said he was unable to help, paralyzed in shock. Justin shouted at him while trying to stop the bleeding. The hallucination disappeared and reality set; they were in an active shooter drill where the students had to demonstrate how to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds on a dummy. Clay and Justin failed, but Tyler, who was paired up with Tony, demonstrated an impressive knowledge of gunshot wounds. Tony found this unsettling.

At therapy, Clay was frustrated by the stop-the-bleed exercise. He thought the focus was on the wrong place; the schools should be trying to prevent school shootings from happening, not training kids on how to cope under such conditions. Dr. Ellman empathized with Clay. Clay thought he deserved to be punished because he let his friends down, he was not there for them when he should’ve been.

At school, Clay apologized to a now broken-armed Zach about the car accident. He claimd to not remember what happened, but Zach said he crashed his car and left him for dead. He noticed that Clay didn’t even seem scared. It’s like he wasn’t there, like he was someone else entirely. Zach told him he was a nightmare and demanded he stay out of his life forever.

At the office, Clay learned a new Dean of Discipline, Hansen Foundry, had been brought to Liberty. Dean Foundry investigated the smashing of the cameras and questioned Clay about his whereabouts between midnight and 7 am in the morning. Outside the office, Jessica congratulated Clay on getting an interview with a Brown college recruiter next week. Clay was confused at first, but then he rememberd what he wrote on the application: “I covered up a murder”. Panic settled in.

Code Red was issued by the principal and the school went on lockdown — Code red meant there was an active shooter. Dean Foundry appeared to be surprised by this and ordered the students to barricade the doors and stay down. Tony noticed Tyler was missing. He informed Charlie and Alex of Tyler’s rendezvous the night of the party and suspected he must be the active shooter. Elsewhere in school, everyone followed suit and barricaded the rooms they’re in; Jessica was alone in the H.O. base, Estela was in the girls’ bathrooms, the football team hid in the locker rooms, Clay was in a classroom and Zach found himself barricaded with Winston in the photography room.

In the classroom, Clay texted Tyler but received no response. He then texted Tony, asking if Tyler was with him. Monty appeared to him as a hallucination, taunting him by saying the school shooter was Tyler. Though, Clay wanted to believe it’s just a drill. Monty asked if he was scared, to which Clay admitted he was. Monty empathized with him saying he knew the feeling. A hallucination of Bryce joined them and said what if another kid like Tyler is behind it? Clay said he’s had a gun to his chest and survived it and did the right thing. Bryce asked him if he’s a hero or a martyr, before the door handle rattled and his paranoia intensified.

After more taunting from Bryce and Monty, making him feel helpless and useless, Clay decided he wanted to try to save anyone he can and left the room. Out in the hallway, Clay saw the shooter run up to him and put his hand up shouting “don’t shoot”. The shooter slowed down and removed his hood, revealing himself to be Clay. Another hallucination, this time the shots fired at him from a hallucination Clay almost felt real.

Principal Bolan appeared from the main office and dragged him inside. It was just a drill after all. Bolan explained it was a hard lockdown; the bullets were blanks, the officers tried the doors, the alarms were to make sure that students and teachers followed protocol. The only one who didn’t was Clay. The point being, if this wasn’t a drill, he’d be dead.

Bolan announced the lockdown was over and everyone started leaving the rooms. Tyler was still shaken by the drill. Alex thanked Charlie for helping him during the panic attacks and the two shared a kiss. Along with Tony, the three were concerned about what this might mean for Tyler considering it was a drill after all. Zach also realized that he’d revealed a big secret to Winston and told him to keep quiet about it. Winston said even though he didn’t kill Bryce, he must know who the killer is.

A traumatized Clay walked out to the hallway and saw Bolan congratulating the officers. Clay unleashed his anger upon them, shouting aloud about how the school is killing them all. The students gathered as Clay shamed Bolan and the police for their horrifying drill. It was cruel and unnecessary, teaching kids how to be hunted and practice getting ready to die. He said they are kids, they should be living their lives, not practicing how to cheat death because everybody dies. Bolan reasoned that they’re trying to keep them alive, but Clay saw it differently; them trying to check a box or regulation. When an officer tried to calm him down, Clay grabbed his gun in hysteria. When he started lowering the gun, an officer tackled him and he shouted for them to get off him. They managed to get the gun and he was put in a stretcher and taken to the hospital, in restraints.[7]

Clay's Mistake (Reason #11)

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Clay is the subject of Tape 6, Side A, however Hannah makes it clear that he is not one of the reasons for why she killed herself. He was the only one she was actually fond of, and while everyone else was on her hit list, she just wanted him to be on the tape because he was/is a part of her story.

Clay spends the night with Tony, listening to his tape. On the night of Jessica's party, Clay and Hannah walk upstairs because of the large crowd. Hannah asks Clay if he wants to go to Jessica's room, and he says yes. The two start talking and making jokes about Jessica's rock collection. Clay then leans over and kisses Hannah. Hannah seems shocked but she kisses him back. Then the two were about to have sex before Hannah starts remembering all the guys that did her wrong, and suddenly she can't escape from thinking everyone is against her. She has a mental breakdown and then tells him to stop, which he does before asking what's wrong. She yells at him to go away, which he does. On the tape, Hannah says a part of her was begging him to stay while she was yelling at him to leave. Clay is the only person on the tapes who did nothing wrong but he was included as a part of her story. In the beginning of the first episode, Justin tells him he isn't as innocent as she says he is. Justin seemed to be talking about the fact that on the tapes, Hannah says Clay shouldn't be on the tapes, because in her eyes, he just should've stayed. Though it is possible that Justin is simply angry that Clay is not guilty of doing horrible things like he and the others on Hannah's list are and potentially cannot be punished or arrested for any part in Hannah's death.

In spite of Hannah telling him that he is not a part of her list, Clay is devastated by the fact that he left Hannah when she desperately needed him, claiming he did it because he was scared, not because Hannah told him to go and claims that this was the beginning of the chain of unfortunate events that followed such as Jessica's rape and Jeff's death as a result of Sheri and claims that he is responsible for Hannah's death and breaks down over the fact that he never told Hannah that he loved her. He later declares himself to be "Number 11" when confronting Mr. Porter.


Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list. But you need to be here if I'm going to tell my story. If I'm going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren't every other guy. You're different. You're good and kind and decent. And I didn't deserve to be with someone like you.
— Hannah describing Clay on her tape about him.[src]

Clay is shown to be a somewhat socially awkward person, however, he is an overall very caring, intelligent and honest person who is a good friend to those around him and a decent person. He was shown to have had a crush on Hannah Baker though was never able to tell her directly that he loved her. While he treated Hannah well and had a good friendship with her, he himself mistreated her on a few occasions such as hurting her feelings after seeing the photograph that Justin took of her that was spread around the school and coldly telling her off after she tried talking to him about Jeff's death. Clay's eventual coldness towards her was apparently so great that during her meeting with Mr. Porter, Hannah claimed that she thought Clay hated her.

In spite of this, Clay is shown to be devastated by Hannah's death and when he is given her tapes, he is shown to be horrified upon learning of the reasons why she killed herself. He becomes disgusted at the actions of the people on her list, and develops a strong hatred for some of them, notably Justin, Tyler and Bryce. He slowly begins to become more and more "unstable", hallucinating things such as punching Zach or Hannah's dead body covered in blood in the middle of the basketball court. Clay's hallucinations also show events that haven't actually happened, such as in Tape 1, Side A, in which Clay hallucinates the kiss between Hannah and Justin turn into something more based on the rumor that Hannah is a "Slut" and in Tape 3, Side A, in which Clay hallucinates a scenario in which he dances with Hannah at the Winter Formal but is stopped once Hannah's wrist begin to bleed which is a symbol of her suicide. This is likely due to survivor's guilt a symptom of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), as a result of listening to the tapes and learning the truth.

Throughout listening to the tapes, Clay becomes notably colder and also becomes angered at any sign of disrespect towards Hannah, notably seen when he gets angered at his old friend Skye for calling Hannah a coward. Clay even becomes a bully towards Tyler, Courtney and Zach to get revenge, after learning of their actions that led to Hannah's suicide:

  • He deliberately took a picture of Tyler Down naked and spread it around the school because Tyler took a photo of Hannah and Courtney Crimsen kissing and spread it around school.[8]
  • He brought Courtney to Hannah's grave in an attempt to hurt her because she lied to Montgomery de la Cruz about sexual things Hannah did and had done to her, which hurt Hannah and added to the "Hannah the Slut" rumors.[9]
  • He keyed Zach's car with the words "Why me?", the same words Hannah asked Zach on the tapes after he stole compliments out of her bag that were the only thing making her happy at a lonely time in her life.[10]

He does, however, appreciate those who actually feel remorse for their actions towards Hannah, notably Alex and Tony and later Jessica and Sheri when she takes responsibly for her actions. However he is strongly disgusted that a majority of the people on Hannah's list choose to hide Bryce's crimes and Jessica's rape, and even becomes aggressive towards his best friend Tony. At one point (after he and Zach catch Hannah in a brief lie on the tapes) he briefly even considers abandoning the tapes and going about things normally however he completely snaps in front of new foreign exchange students and shows his disgust at the people who treated Hannah like shit and the school itself for trying to remove responsibly from itself and vows that no matter what, the truth about Hannah's death and all those responsible will come out. Even though the others on Hannah's last attempt to sabotage him and try and intimidate him into keeping quiet, Clay refuses to give up showing his determination of avenging Hannah's death.

After listening to his tape, Clay is shown to be even more devastated even though Hannah firmly states that his name does not belong on her list and claims that he in fact left Hannah the night of Jessica's party (in which they almost had sex) because he was scared and as a result claims this was the beginning of the events that led to Hannah's death such as Jessica being raped and Hannah witnessing it and Sheri knocking down the stop sign that ultimately led to Jeff's death and declares that he killed Hannah and even contemplates suicide for a moment by jumping off a cliff. His guilt is exemplified later when he declares himself to be "Number 11" after confronting Mr. Porter. He is shown to be saddened that he cost a girl her life because he was afraid to love her and his hallucination depicting what he wanted to say to Hannah that night further shows how badly he wants to correct his mistake.

Clay is shown to be strongly determined to get justice for Hannah's death and Jessica's rape as he personally coerces Bryce to confess to the deed after he provokes Bryce into assaulting him in an attempt to get him punished for his actions and openly says that he wants him to pay for what he did. He tells Tony that it is better to pursue what Hannah and Jessica need, which is justice against Bryce rather than following her wishes of sending the tapes to all those on her list, showing his care for both of them. He has developed an even kinder side as he reaches out to Skye again in an attempt to not repeat the mistake of not being there for someone who needs help and friendship like Hannah was.

Physical Appearance

Clay is skinny, with short dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes. In the first season, he has a scar on his temple from a biking accident early on in the series while listening to the tapes, which is how the audience can tell past from present, and he is rather anemic. He is often shown wearing jeans and a hoodie, and he wears button-up shirts with pants to parties and a suit to the dance. Clay carries his grey backpack around with him a lot.


Hannah Baker

Hannah was Clay's best friend and romantic interest.

The following describes Hannah and Clays relationship and interactions before Hannah died


Hannah meets Clay for work outside of The Crestmont in "Tape 1, Side A".

Clay met Hannah outside of The Crestmont, Hannah came out of the Crestmont in her work uniform and saw Clay arriving for his first day at work at The Crestmont and told him she loved his helmet and found it adorable. Clay asked if she meant adorable as in "helpless baby animal". She asked if he was afraid of helmet hair, he told her that he didn't get helmet hair, his hair just did the same thing no matter what happened to it. She brushed her fingers though his hair and told him his hair needed to be taken care of. He asked "And sacrifice my masculinity?", she jokingly told him that the ship had sailed on his masculinity. They started to walk into the Crestmont and he told her that he wanted to keep his brains in his head, she jokingly replied "Instead of say, some other regions, like most boys?". They laughed and she led him inside, she called him Helmet and told him he had bathrooms to clean. Clay corrected her but she told him that she was not cleaning bathrooms. She invited him to a party at her house the next night, and told him not to bring the helmet. She walked away and he checked his hair in his reflection in the door, he followed her and asked her where she lived.[11]

Later that night Clay arrived on bike to Hannah's house, Kat and Hannah came down the stairs to meet him and Hannah told Kat that she had won the bet and was owed $5. Kat told him they placed bets on whether or not Clay would come to the party because the last party she saw him at was in fourth grade. Kat then led both Hannah and Clay into the kitchen so she could get them drinks. Clay noticed that there were a lot of people at Kat's going away party, Kat told him she threw the party so Hannah could meet people. Hannah noted that she met Clay, Kat told her that Clay didn't count as she met him at work. Clay told Kat that it should count and Kat asked what drink he wanted, Clay chose a Sprite and Kat dismissed his drink choice and replaced it with beer. Kat started to walk away to get the beer and Clay commented sarcastically that he liked beer. Tyler Down interrupted and called Kat back for a group photo, which they all posed for. Kat left and Hannah jokingly told him to stop having fun, as she noticed that he wasn't. Clay sarcastically protested that he was having fun, Hannah undid the buttons on his shirt and told him that he was too buttoned up. Clay immediately did back up the buttons and they both laughed.[11]

Bryce Walker came over and introduced himself to Hannah. Kat noticed them and told Bryce he was wanted for the keg as a way to get rid of him. Kat told Hannah to stay away from him and likened him to Darth Vader. Hannah told Kat that he didn't seem that bad, Kat told her she was trying to be kind about it and Clay confirmed her statement. Hannah looked at the drinks and told Kat that she also wanted a beer, she started walk away to get it and Kat called her Princess Leia, she turned back and told both Kat and Clay that they were both nerds, she left and Kat told Clay to ask Hannah out. Clay told Kat that he was nervous but around her he could be different and new, Kat told Clay that from her limited observation Hannah had terrible taste in guys, Clay asked her not to say anything to him but Kat told him she would only say something if it came up. Later on, Clay, Hannah and Kat watched Justin and Zach play-fight in the rain, Kat told Hannah that she wanted her and Zach to date and that Justin was her boyfriend. Clay commented on the fact that she wanted Hannah and Zach to date, Kat told Clay and Hannah that while Zach was kind of dumb he was the sweet kind of dumb.[11]

The next day, Hannah was in the audience at a practice game to watch Justin, Clay was walking in the audience and finding a seat so he could watch. She spotted him and called him over join her. He joined her and she asked if he got lost on the way to the library, he told her that Coach Patrick had assigned him to watch the game for History homework. Hannah told him that his nervousness made her nervous, Clay offered her a tootsie roll, and she asked how he was able to eat them, Clay told her that they were good and sweet and proceeded to take a bite of it in front of her; Hannah rolled her eyes. Clay told her that she didn't seem like a sports person, she told him that she wanted to have had a complete high school experience. Clay noticed Justin nod his head at Hannah and asked Hannah if Justin was "the complete high school experience", Hannah told him not to be jealous and that he would make it someday. She asked him if his Dad was also "thin and nervous", Clay thought about it for a moment and realized Hannah's assumption was true. After school was done, she caught up with Clay and asked if he could email her the french notes because she didn't understand their french teacher. Justin arrived and asked Hannah if she needed a ride home, she told him she didn't because she had the bus as her travel option, she said goodbye to both Justin and Clay got on the bus.[11]

Tape 1, Side A

Hannah and Clay have lunch in "Tape 1, Side A".

Later on, Hannah and Justin met up at Eisenhower Park and they kissed, he took a photo of her without her knowledge or consent and Bryce took his phone and sent it around. In class, students got notifications on their phones and everyone checked them to see an up-skirt photo of Hannah and they turned to look at her. Hannah and Clay looked at each other and Clay got a notification, he checked his phone and saw the photo, he looked back at her and she became upset as she realized that it must be a photo of her and assumed it was something bad. Hannah was not shown the photo by anyone while in class. Later on, she sat with Clay at lunch and they talked, Clay implied that he believed that she and Justin had sex in the park and she became upset as he hadn't asked what happened he had just assumed from the photo he saw and the rumor that they had sex had gone around.[11]


Hannah and Clay have lunch during their break at work in "Tape 1, Side B".

After Jessica, Alex and Hannah's group broke up, Hannah found out that Jessica and Alex were together, during a break from work Hannah and Clay sat on a bench eating their food. Clay brought a packet of skittles and a drink, Hannah told him that skittles would kill him, Clay in turn, told her that she bought a salad from McDonalds, "the people who make the Big Mac". Hannah asked him if he was fat shaming her salad, Clay told her that she was the one who called his lunch a murderer. She then asked him if she could ask him a "super-needy-when-did-i-become-this-kind-of-girl" question. Clay froze and became nervous, Hannah told him to relax and that she was not going to ask him about her period. She then asked him if she could ever be as prettier as Jessica, Clay hesitated on his answer and Hannah assumed his answer was already negative. Clay told her that Jessica is pretty but that Hannah was special, Hannah once again took this the wrong way and assumed he meant that she was "retarded". Clay told her that he didn't say that and that they weren't supposed to use that word. She told him that she saw him try to be kind and failed, she started to walk away and he asked her how the conversation went so bad so quickly. She told him that it was how he was wired while socializing and that she kept thinking he was a different type of male and realized that there was no such thing.[12]


Hannah and Clay talk after school ends in "Tape 2, Side A".

At the end of a school day, Clay saw Hannah leave and caught up with her. She asked him if he had noticed anything weird about Alex, he told her that his hair was weird but it was nothing new. Hannah told Clay that Alex's hair looked awesome, Clay clarified that it looked distinctive. Hannah then added that Alex was an amazing dresser and that Clay could take notes from him, Clay told her sarcastically that he was glad they got around to his failings. Hannah asked him if he was working that night and he reminded her that they were both working at 6pm, Clay then told her that there was a penumbral lunar eclipse happening that night and invited Hannah to join him in watching it, Hannah accepted the invitation and left.


Hannah and Clay talk to Alex inside The Crestmont in "Tape 2, Side A".

Just before work ended, Hannah and Clay were cleaning up and Hannah told Clay that Alex was still inside, Clay wondered if he was okay considering that the credits had ended. Alex came out and said goodnight to them, Hannah asked if Jessica was with him and he told she wasn't, Clay asked him if he was okay and Alex unenthusiastically affirmed. Alex left and Hannah and Clay looked at each other wondering what was going on. Clay's phone beeped and he told Hannah that they had 10 minutes until the eclipse happened.

Clay and Hannah sit on the roof of The Crestmont looking at each other in "Tape 2, Side A".

Later on, Clay and Hannah sat on the edge of the roof of The Crestmont and waited for the eclipse to happen. Hannah asked what she was supposed to be see, Clay pointed to the moon and told her that a shadow was growing slowly over the moon and told her to look closer. Hannah stared for a few seconds and noted that she saw it. She told him that it was kind of scary, Clay looked at her and asked "is it?" they looked at each other for a second and Hannah broke the stare and looked back at the moon. Hannah became cold and moved further next to Clay, to Clay's surprise, Clay became slightly nervous and started to rub his hands.


Hannah and Clay talk at a table during break in "Tape 2, Side A".

The next day they saw each other in school and Hannah had new nickname for him, she greeted him by calling him "Astronomy Boy" instead of Helmet. Clay told her that it was better than being called Helmet, Hannah told him that both nicknames worked together. Later on, jocks were making fun of Hannah and sexualizing her, Hannah turned around and the jocks left but she spotted Clay laughing at the jocks and she gave him a hurt disappointed look. He became confused and stopped laughing. Later in class, a list was going around, Hannah read it and realized that it was a list that had her labelled as having the best ass and Jessica Davis, with the worst ass. Later, Clay spotted her having lunch. Hannah told him that high school was bullshit, Clay told her that he did not disagree but asked for specifics, she told him that she just wished there was a fast forward button in life to fast forward through the bad parts and get to the good parts. Clay asked what the good parts were and Hannah told him she planned on going to New York for college. Clay asked why she chose New York, Hannah told him that she could be someone new there, "Whoever I want to be". Clay told her that who she is now is okay. Hannah questioned being okay, and sarcastically thanked him for the high praise. Clay rephrased her status to "awesome" and added that she made the hot or not list. Hannah became hurt again, Clay expressed that he thought it was a good thing and Hannah gave him the concept of girls having made the list and how he would feel if he was labelled on the list as worst biceps. Clay told Hannah that girl wouldn't make a list like that, Hannah then told him that that was precisely her point. Clay then compared his biceps to Alex's, Hannah then told Clay that he had once again missed her point.[13]


Clay and Hannah talking at the Winter Formal in "Tape 3, Side A".

On the way home from work, Hannah and Clay talked about zombies, it ended with them about to kiss but Clay ended up hugging her instead out of nervousness.[8] As the Winter Formal was coming up, Clay walked up to a table where Courtney was in charge of giving people tickets to the Winter Formal. Hannah joined him and greeted him with "Helmet", Clay asked her if she was going, she told Clay that she wasn't as she was not in a romantic winter formal type of place. Courtney encouraged her to go and then asked Clay if he thought that she should. Clay was hesitant to answer but told her that she should go, Clay told her that she should go and then excused himself for "class and stuff". Hannah came with Courtney and Courtney's friends to the Winter Formal, Clay came on his own with Jeff by his side. Hannah saw Clay and told him he looked adorable, Clay commented on her use of the word "adorable", and asked her to dance with him. They danced and had fun, but the fun ended when Montgomery de la Cruz showed up and told her all the sexual things about her that Courtney had told him to get him off her back. Clay overheard this and Hannah became worried about his opinion, she left Clay and went to angrily confront Courtney about her lie.[9]


Clay and Hannah talk while working in "Tape 3, Side B".

At work Hannah greeted him calling him Picasso as she saw him drawing. She asked him if he had a date that, he denied and she asked about Dollar Valentine. He that he wasn't doing it, he asked if she was and she told him that was doing it, he asked if she got any good matches and she denied it, and added that she got Bryce Walker. Clay became surprised and told her that she either made an error in the "Who I'm looking for" section or the algorithm is messed up. Hannah commented that it was probably both and added that she was always looking for the wrong person. She then told him that she did get a call from Marcus Cole, Clay asked if she was going to go out with him, she told Clay that Marcus wasn't her first choice and stared at him, he stared back and as Hannah was about to carry on, Jeff walked in with his girlfriend to get a ticket for a movie to watch. Jeff asked him how the Dollar Valentine thing worked out for him and it became awkward for him as he had just told Hannah he wasn't doing it. Hannah became confused and Jeff told him that he had said he was doing it. Clay turned around and gestured to Jeff to leave. Hannah asked him if he was or wasn't doing it and Clay told her that he meant he didn't get any good choices and that Jeff was always making him do stuff, like going to dances, Hannah became distant but stated that she should just call Marcus considering she isn't doing anything. Clay expressed that she should call him, ignoring that she was searching for him to offer himself as a date. Hannah left her work station and called Marcus in front of Clay and told him she accepted his date offer. Clay told it looked easy and Hannah told him that it can be referencing him not asking her. She then left to go and finish working. Clay then took out his Dollar Valentine list and ripped it in half.[14]


Clay reading Hannah's poem in front of her in "Tape 4, Side B".

In Communications class students had compliment bags. Hannah received cute bunny messages, and Sheri Holland asked Hannah if she knew who was sending them. She looked over at Clay who was already looking at them and Clay quickly turned back. She told Sheri that she didn't know who but it seemed that she suspected Clay was giving them to her.[10] Hannah got into writing poetry because of Ryan Shaver, however later Ryan and Hannah's friendship turned sour because Ryan published one of her poems (without naming the author) in the school magazine—Lost and Found—without her consent. When students decided to make fun of it, she realized what he had done, she confronted Ryan and became mad at him. Later she went to work and saw Clay reading her poem in the magazine, she asked if everyone was reading the magazine and he told her he was addicted to the magazine. He read a line out loud and she told him it sounded like shit. He told her that it sounded real. He read another part of the poem and Hannah told him that she wondered who wrote it, Clay agreed and told her that it seemed like a really dark person had written the poem. He stated that he liked their poem but he wouldn't want to hang out with them. Hannah became distant and excused herself to get back to work.[15]


Clay helping build the snacks tower with Hannah while they talk in "The Third Polaroid".

Revealed by Clay in a flashback during his testimony in the third season:

During the last days of school, just before summer, Clay and Hannah were working at The Crestmont, she was building a candy tower and told him that he didn't get to knock it down if he didn't help build it. Clay told her that he needed to finish reading a chapter of a book he was reading. Hannah asked him if he actually had homework to do considering school would be done in two days and told him that all they did in her classes was watch 'Stand and Deliver' . Clay told her that he wanted to get the summer reading done before he went over to his grandparents for the summer. Hannah became confused and Clay told her that his parents told him it was good for a "growing boy to spend time in the country". Hannah told him that they don't live in a thriving metropolis, Clay told her that if she spent ten minutes with his grandparents, she would disagree.

Hannah finishing the tower before knocking it down in "The Third Polaroid".

Hannah asked what she was supposed to do during the summer if they weren't going to hang out. Clay was surprised to know that she would miss him, Hannah told him that he was the only friend she had left. Clay told her that he wasn't her only friend and Hannah asked if he would write to her—old school—Clay asked if he could write them on a computer and print it out. Hannah told him that he couldn't, nor could he send her postcards either. She wanted "handwritten missives, filled with your deepest, darkest secrets". Clay asked her if she would write him back and she began to write an example letter from her head: "Dear Helmet, someone smeared feces on the bathroom wall, and I got to clean it up.

Clay during his testimony in "The Third Polaroid".

But there was an expired box of Milk Duds that I got to take home for free"
. Clay asked if that would honestly be the type of letters she would write to him. She then told him that he would have to write her and he would find out. She finished building the candy tower and she immediately used her hand to knock it down, and they both laughed. After he told the story, Clay revealed, with regret, that he never wrote to her.[16]

Hannah arrives back to work after summer is over and talks to Clay in "Tape 5, Side A".

Hannah came back to work after the summer holiday and Clay immediately noticed Hannah cut her hair, Hannah asked what he was staring at but he didn't comment on it, they started cleaning gum off of chairs and Clay told her he had saved her a "particularly gnarly piece with some hair on it", Hannah jokingly responded that she thought she was the flowers and chocolates kind of girl. He asked her if she was going to Jessica's party and she asked him when he started going to parties again, Clay told her that Jeff had told him to come and assured him it would be a highlight of his high school career. Hannah then wondered why people didn't just swallow their gum instead of leaving it on chairs for them to clean. Clay commented that he never swallowed his gum, he then told her that Jessica's party could also be the highlight of her high school career, encouraging her to go. Hannah told him that she wouldn't be partying or slacking off as part of her fresh start, and Clay commented that he had decided to do the exact opposite as part of his fresh start. Hannah jokingly asked if he was going to start riding his bike "sans helmet" and Clay told her he was, Hannah then asked if he was going to turn in a project late and Clay told her that he might. Hannah gave him a surprised look and he backtracked and said that he actually would not but he might "half-ass" a project. Hannah jokingly told him to be careful. Clay then reiterated that she should come to the party, Hannah told him not to be an enabler, and told him that she made a deal with herself. Clay told her that he would watch out for her, "One beer, max. Home by midnight, even if I have to pedal you home on my bike". However, Hannah once again declined.[17]

Episodes 9 — 11 are not in order of events, the start of episode 11 happened before 9 and 10 (Clay and Hannah have no interaction in episode 10). The end of episode 11 laps over into the end of episode 9 beginning another story about Jessica's rape from Hannah's perspective after Clay left her. Some interactions are mixed because of the way Hannah Baker told the story on the tapes. Episode names are bolded along with numbers and descriptions are in order of episodes.


Clay and Hannah talk and drink beer at the party in "Tape 5, Side A".

Tape 5, Side A — Episode 9

Hannah was sat on a couch and Clay asked if she was "more of a beer person or more of a beer person" as he only had beer to give her. Hannah jokingly took her time to decide and answered that she wanted beer, Clay then gave her beer and said "Tonight it is being served lukewarm, in questionably clean cups, and devoid of any flavor". They then joked about aspects of the party and Hannah complimented Clay's outfit. Jessica and Justin interrupted them and sat on the couch to get involved in a game. Jess asked Clay and Hannah if they were going to play, Clay declined and Jess asked if they just wanted to watch, and Clay made things slightly awkward by saying that they were going to watch from an anthropological point of view.

Jessica and Justin interrupt Clay and Hannah by making out against Clay in "Tape 5, Side A".

Later on they talked about their parents, Clay stated that his parents seemed bored and that the only thing they had in common was Clay himself. Hannah told him that parents always think their children don't pick up on things. They both joked that they wouldn't get older. Jessica and Justin interrupted them once more by making out with each other against Clay's back. Clay became uncomfortable and Hannah told Clay to go with her to get a refill on drinks.[17]

Clay and Hannah talk about superpowers while refilling drinks in "Tape 6, Side A".

Tape 6, Side A — Episode 11

Clay hoped that Hannah would come to party and Jeff noticed and asked if Hannah was coming. Clay brushed him off and Jeff left, Alex came over to Clay and talked to him. Clay heard people chant Hannah's name, and turned and noticed that Hannah had come to the party after she said that she wouldn't. He told Alex he had to leave and Jeff bumped into him outside and talked him into going back inside and talking to Hannah. Clay went back inside and looked for Hannah, he walked up to her made conversation. He then went to leave to get drinks for himself and Hannah, Hannah joined him. While they sorted out drinks they talked about superpowers and Hannah asked if he could use a superpower in the situation they were in what he would want it to do. Clay told her that he make everyone else disappear. She then asked him what they would do next. Clay became nervous and stuttered on his answer. However, he was interrupted by a student who had come over and opened a beer and accidentally sprayed Hannah and Clay.

Clay and Hannah talk outside in "Tape 6, Side A".

Clay stated that they should go outside and Hannah followed him, he held his hand out so she wouldn't get lost around the careless partygoers Hannah held his hands but got cut off from Clay but more students. She followed Clay outside and Hannah asked about his friendship with Jeff. Hannah realized that the only time she and Clay properly hung out was because of Jeff but Clay told her that it was strictly coincidental. Hannah looked over at Jeff and asked Clay why Jeff was watching them if it was strictly coincidental. Clay told her that Jeff took an interest in his social life. Hannah figured out that Clay tutored Jeff in academics and Clay finished her sentence and told her that Jeff tutored Clay in girls, he saw her reaction and retracted that Jeff tutored him in "Girl, singular". A student interrupted them and asked them to play beer pong, however Jeff came along and got rid of the student for Clay. Clay decided that he and Hannah should go back inside.[18]

Hannah and Clay almost kiss in "Tape 6, Side A".

Clay and Hannah went upstairs, as they got to the top of the stairs, Hannah told Clay that she might quit working at The Crestmont because her parents need her to work at their store. She expressed that she liked working at The Crestmont and Clay agreed, Hannah then specified that she meant that she liked working with him. Hannah moved closer and Clay hovered over whether or not he should kiss her. He became nervous and told her that if she worked at her parents store she wouldn't smell like burned popcorn. A bedroom door opened and a couple came out laughing and slightly drunk, they walked past Clay and Hannah and Clay looked back at the room. Hannah asked Clay if they should talk in there and Clay agreed. They went into the room and Clay became surprised at Jessica's bedroom.Hannah told Clay that Jessica has a rock collection from when Jessica was little. Clay asked how she knew and Hannah told him that she and Jessica were friends at the beginning of the last year. Clay was surprised to find out that they were friends considering how popular Jessica was, they started to play with Jessica's rocks and Hannah realized the connection between Clay's name and clay while looking at a rock. Clay said that he had heard all the jokes on his name. Hannah asked if he had heard all the jokes in the universe on his name and Clay affirmed, Hannah stated that she like Clay's name and Clay stated that he liked her name.

Clay and Hannah kiss in Jessica's bedroom in "Tape 6, Side A".

They looked at each other for a few seconds and Clay leaned in and kissed her. They carried on kissing. Clay asked if they could go further and she confirmed he could. They layed back onto Jessica's bed, took off their clothes and continued kissing but the moment turned sour as Hannah started to have flashbacks of all the things that guys had done to her, and each guy had somehow morphed into Clay in her head, she became scared and uncomfortable and asked him to leave the room. He was hesitant to until she shouted at him to leave the room, so he left. She then began crying because she had told him to leave but actually wanted him to stay, however her almost PTSD-like flashbacks made her push him away.

In the present, while Clay listened to his tape, Hannah stated on them that his name did not deserve to be on the list but he needed to hear her story and that it was not his fault that things turned bad, it was her fault and it was caused by all of the things that had happened to her before the party.[18]


Hannah and Clay talk at The Crestmont after she quit working there in "Tape 6, Side B".

After an incident after both Hannah and Clay left the party killed Jeff, Hannah saw Clay again at The Crestmont, Clay became more distant towards Hannah, Hannah noticed it and told him she could smell burned popcorn, Clay told her it was the new girl and Hannah was surprised that they had already found her replacement. Clay said that no one could replace her in a slightly bitter tone. Hannah also noticed his tone and she stated that she heard about the funeral for Jeff and Clay told her that he thought he would see her there. Hannah told him that her parents needed her to work, Clay excused himself and told her that he had toilets to plunge. Hannah jokingly asked him why he couldn't get the new girl to do it and Clay told her that he lied to her about there being a new girl. They walked away and Clay called her back and told her that he was supposed to ask her to hand back in her uniform. Hannah was surprised that they wanted it back and Clay agreed that it was weird. They both walked away.[19]


Hannah and Clay talk, for the last time, at school in "Tape 7, Side A".

The day after Hannah was raped at Bryce Walker's party by Bryce—unknown to Clay at the time—they saw each other in school and Clay walked up to her and told her that society's priorities are out of whack. Hannah agreed and was about to tell him something but she stuttered and brushed it off and told him she would see him in their next class. Just before school ended Hannah went to get help from Mr. Porter and tried to tell him about her rape. Hannah had already started recording the tapes. While speaking to him she was recording her final tape, Mr. Porter's help or lack of, would decide whether or not she would commit suicide or carry on living. After school, Hannah left, she went home and made copies of the tapes, she packed the copies into a shoebox. She walked into The Crestmont, Clay had his back turned and she gave in her uniform, this time she didn't say anything to him and walked back out, he saw her walk out and then looked at the uniform she left. She went over to Tony's house and left the original tapes with him. She then went to the post office and sent the copies to Justin Foley's house, her first subject. She then went to her parents store and took a pack of razors without her parents knowledge, and went back home and killed herself.[1]

The following is an interaction between Clay and Hannah before she died, this is new information revealed in Season 2 during court. It has been added here because Hannah is not a hallucination in this scene, and does not fit in "Hallucination Hannah"


Clay defending himself during his testimony in "The Third Polaroid".

During Clay's testimony he revealed that he and Hannah talked about writing to each other during the summer, however he never wrote to her. On the stand, he stated that during the summer, he forgot about it. However, he also didn't believe that he was that important to her and she would forget about it too. Sonya asked him if he and Hannah had ever spent the night together. He asked if she meant if they had ever had sex. Sonya backtracked and reiterated, she asked him if he and Hannah had ever spent a night together, into the next morning.

Clay, Hannah, Sheri, Jeff, Leah and Alex before doing drugs in "The Third Polaroid".

Clay became confused but affirmed that he and Hannah had spent a night together before her death. Sonya then asked him if he and Hannah ever did drugs together. Matt Jensen (Clay's father) and Olivia Baker (Hannah's mother) became shocked at the question. Clay swallowed hard when he realized what night specifically Sonya was referring to. Clay affirmed that they had done drugs and revealed information about the night that he, Hannah, Sheri Holland, Jeff Atkins, Alex Standall and Leah (Jeff's girlfriend) did drugs together in Jeff's basement before summer.

Clay and Hannah on drugs in "The Third Polaroid".

He revealed that while they were coming down from their high in Monet's, Hannah expressed that she felt like everything was black and thought people wouldn't care if she killed herself while looking at Clay. Sonya asked what he said to her and Clay told her that he didn't know what to say. Sonya asked "You heard Hannah say this, and you did nothing?", Clay told her that he didn't think she meant in a way of wanting to actually kill herself.

Hannah expresses suicidal thoughts to Clay while they are coming down from their high in Monet's in "The Third Polaroid".

Clay made the excuse that they were all still recovering, Sonya pointed out to the jury that they were recovering from drugs and asked Clay how it explained why he did nothing. Sonya used this as a way of shifting the blame from the school being at fault, as Clay heard her express suicidal thoughts and didn't say anything to her or tell anyone what she said.

Hallucination Hannah

Hallucination Hannah was Clay's hallucination of his version of Hannah. During the second season, it helped him and guided him throughout his grieving process after Hannah's suicide. The hallucination was a coping mechanism for Clay's survivor's guilt. In the first season, Clay also hallucinated Hannah however it didn't happen as much, and it was not a focal point.


Clay hallucinates Hannah outside of his window in "The First Polaroid".

Clay arrived home and his Mom told him that the trial was going ahead because the Bakers had pulled out of the settlement at the last minute and chose to fight for Hannah. Clay became angry that nothing was going to happen to Bryce unless there was a victim to come forward. Clay told his mother that he had not thought about Hannah in months and was going to carry on like that. However he went up to his bedroom and hallucinated her outside of his window. Later, after school, Clay went to meet Skye and they attempted to have sex, but he hallucinated Hannah in place of Skye and it ruined their moment. Clay told Skye that he couldn't have sex with her and left. Clay went home and hallucinated Hannah again, for the first time the hallucination talked, it asked him what he was going to do about the first Polaroid he received. Clay asked "So, you talk now?" and the hallucination replied "Apparently".[20]


Clay and his hallucination talk before he goes to school in "Two Girls Kissing".

The same night, Clay layed down on his bed clutching a pillow and questioned his hallucination. He tried to figure out with the hallucination why he was hallucinating Hannah but he had no answer and neither did his hallucination. Clay went to sleep and woke up the next day because he heard his mother wake him up for school and immediately saw his hallucination sat on the end of his bed. Clay talked to his mother about court and his mother told him that while she was aware that he said he stopped thinking and caring about Hannah she was worried that it wasn't true. Clay told her he had to get ready for school and shut her out. The hallucination asked about him not caring about Hannah anymore and Clay told the hallucination that he did everything he could and nothing he did mattered. The hallucination asked him if he did everything he could why he was hallucinating Hannah, he had no answer. Clay received a text from Skye who was waiting for him outside, Clay started to get ready to leave and picked up the Polaroid and wondered what to do, the hallucination walked over and read out the caption and asked what it meant. Clay had no answer and the hallucination asked him who gave it to him and why on the day Hannah's trial started. Clay asked the hallucination if it thought they were connected and the hallucination questioned him why he thought they weren't. Skye beeped and Clay excused himself and got ready for school. Just before he got on her motorbike he looked up at his hallucination and then they left.


Clay and Skye take a break and have lunch while Clay hallucinates Hannah in "Two Girls Kissing".

Clay walked into a classroom that had been trashed, Tyler was sat alone at a desk with his camera. With encouragement and guidance from his hallucination, Clay asked Tyler about Polaroids and asked if he knew the people in the Polaroid he had received. Tyler told him that the people in the Polaroid were Tommy Schuster and Erica Charles. They were seniors when he and Tyler were freshman. Later on Clay had lunch with Skye and Skye brought up Hannah, he then started to hallucinate Hannah, Skye revealed to Clay that Tyler told her that he was at court. Clay told her that he was not going back to court, the hallucination told him that he kept saying he wouldn't go back like it was true, Clay told the hallucination that he was not going back in an irritated tone of voice. Skye told him that she was just messing with him, unknown to her, he was talking to his hallucination. Skye became playful with Clay and his hallucination told him that it liked Skye, she made him try new things which seemed good for him. He seemed less afraid when he was with her. Clay appeared distant to Skye because he was listening to his hallucination talk about him and Skye. Clay assured Skye that he was present and here for her.


Clay hallucinates Hannah as Skye asks him to admit that he is over Hannah in "Two Girls Kissing".

Later on, Clay's body failed to respond to being sexually stimulated and it made Skye think that he didn't love her. She got dressed and told him to tell her that he loved her and that he was over Hannah. He began to hallucinate Hannah, he told Skye he loved her and then she asked him to tell her that he was over Hannah. His hallucination told him that it was okay to tell Skye that he was over Hannah. However, Clay couldn't bring himself to say it and told her that he couldn't say he was over Hannah yet. Skye threw things at Clay and then ran out. Clay followed her and halted at the steps of his house, he ran back inside the house to put clothes on, his hallucination asked him if running after her was the best idea. As Clay got dressed he told the hallucination that it was not a good idea but a terrible idea would be staying and talking it out with his hallucination. The hallucination asked him if being chased was what Skye even wanted.

Clay screams at his hallucination in "Two Girls Kissing".

Clay became mad and reminded the hallucination of what Hannah said on the tapes after he left her at Jessica's party: "Part of me was saying don't go". The hallucination told him that Skye was not Hannah, Clay replied with "No, no one is". Later on, Clay reached Skye's house and saw her be taken away in an ambulance, as the ambulance drove away, Clay hallucinated Hannah, who told him "You really have a thing for complicated girls". Out of anger, he screamed at his hallucination.[21]


In Monet's, Hallucination Hannah encourages Clay to take down Bryce in "The Drunk Slut".

Clay arrived at the hospital and asked for Skye, however he was turned away because he was not family, as he was about to leave, he hallucinated Hannah in a hallway. Clay left a message for Skye in Monet's and hallucinated Hannah after he finished the message. The hallucination told him that it was sorry about Skye. Clay told the hallucination that it wasn't, the hallucination assured him it was sorry. Clay became frustrated because he was hearing new things he didn't know about Hannah in court that made him mad at her. Clay pointed out all the things he did to try to take Bryce down but failed and decided that he had given up. The hallucination told him not to sit back and not do anything about Bryce just because the first time didn't seem to achieve anything. The hallucination told him not to do nothing because he was pissed off, and pushed him to try and go further into taking down Bryce.

Clay hallucinates Hannah in place of a homeless girl in "The Drunk Slut".

Later on, Clay enlisted Tony to help him look for Justin Foley so he could testify against Bryce. They visited a homeless shelter and Clay hallucinated Hannah in place of a homeless girl, the hallucination asked for help. Clay caught Tony's attention for help and suddenly the hallucination disappeared and the homeless girl appeared instead. Later on Clay and Tony found Justin and brought him back to Clay's house.[22]


Clay hallucinates Hannah in place of Chlöe kissing Bryce while looking at him in "The Second Polaroid".

The next day he complained to his hallucination that Justin smelt disgusting, the hallucination told him that it was Justin's clothes that made him smell bad and instructed Clay to wash them. Later, after Marcus lied in his testimony about Hannah leading him on to ask for Bryce's number, Clay was unsure of what to believe. Clay was sat in the library and Marcus talked to Bryce about court, Chlöe interrupted them and sat on Bryce. Chlöe began kissing Bryce and it caught Clays attention. Clay hallucinated Hannah in Chlöe's position, his hallucination kissed Bryce while staring at Clay, seemingly rubbing it in Clay's face.

Clay's hallucination debates with him on giving the audio of the tapes to Alex after Alex's suicide attempt in "The Second Polaroid".

Clay began thinking that maybe Hannah and Bryce were more than friends before he destroyed her and hated the idea. Towards the end of the night, Clay debated with his hallucination whether or not to give Alex Standall the audio of the tapes, due to Alex's suicide attempt at the end of the first season, Alex was left with memory loss and has no memory of listening to the tapes.[23]


Clay talks to his hallucination before he finds the chalk machine in the image in "The Chalk Machine".

The next morning, Clay hallucinated Hannah, who asked him if he was going to ask Justin about the Polaroid. Clay told his hallucination that he didn't trust Justin, and the hallucination asked him how he couldn't trust "that little sleeping angel". Justin woke up and was annoyed at Clay staring at him. Clay asked him to keep himself together until Clay found someone to look after him. Justin told him he didn't need a babysitter and complained that he was hungry and cold, the hallucination told Clay that Justin had chills because of a fever, and instructed Clay to get Justin a blanket. Later on, on school grounds, Clay saw a chalk machine on the field and thought he saw one in the second Polaroid he was given. In a room, also on school grounds, he hallucinated Hannah, his hallucination asked what the point of finding the chalk machine in the image was. Clay told the hallucination that it would prove that it was taken on school grounds and it would be huge for Hannah's case. He used a magnifying loupe to search for a chalk machine in the second Polaroid to confirm that there was one in the image; he found the machine. Both the hallucination and Clay looked down at the first Polaroid and saw the writing on the back that read: "HANNAH WASN'T THE ONLY ONE", he told the hallucination that he had to find the room. Clay walked into another room, his hallucination immediately told him that the floors don't much and he added that there was also no couch, like in the photo. Clay stressed that there had to be an athletics room somewhere, his hallucination told him that Just might be able to help. The mention of Justin's name annoyed Clay as he had recently found, via Ryan Shaver's testimony, that Hannah continued to be friends with Justin and wrote poetry about him after he hurt her by letting Bryce send an up-skirt photo of her around school. Clay told his hallucination that he didn't understand why people love people who aren't good for them. His hallucination told him that people don't chose who they fall for, he became annoyed and walked out of the room.[24]


Clay confronts Zach about his relationship with Hannah in "The Smile at the End of the Dock".

After Zach Dempsey testified about his secret romantic and sexual relationship with Hannah, Clay read the news about it online as he wasn't in court for it. He became mad and after school, he confronted Zach about it. He told Zach that it made everything worse for Hannah, Zach told him that he didn't mean to make things worse but he didn't lie about him and Hannah having losing their virginities to each other. Clay became mad and told Zach that he didn't deserve Hannah. Zach agreed and drove away, after Zach was gone, he hallucinated Hannah, who asked him if he had something he wanted to say, as he was mad at Zach for their relationship. Late at night, Clay hallucinated Hannah and asked why Hannah didn't talk to Zach at Jessica's party if they had been in a relationship. The hallucination told him that Zach was drunk by the time Hannah showed up. Clay asked why the relationship wasn't talked about on Zach's tape, the hallucination told him that maybe they were keeping it private for just him and Hannah. Clay became annoyed and said "Or maybe you were protecting yourself". The hallucination told him that maybe Hannah was protecting herself, and maybe it hurt that it meant something to Hannah and it didn't to Zach. Clay then asked, if he had been in town that summer instead of Zach, if they would have been in a relationship. The hallucination of Hannah was hesitant to answer but was interrupted by Justin coming into the room.[25]


Clay argues with his hallucination over publishing the tapes online before he publishes them in "The Third Polaroid".

During Alex's birthday party, Clay hallucinated Hannah, who asked him what he was thinking about, which gave him a flashback to the night they all did drugs when Hannah asked him what he was thinking about while on drugs. Later that night, Clay hallucinated Hannah and debated with his hallucination on anonymously publishing the tapes online. Although his hallucination tried to talk him out of it, he defied the hallucination's demand to not publish them and published them.[16]


Clay hallucinates Hannah confronting him about releasing the audio of the tapes online while walking the school hallways in "The Little Girl".

The next day, as Clay entered school with Justin and Tony, students who had heard the tapes, stared at Justin and gave him dirty looks after they found out about his role in Jessica's rape and Hannah's bullying. Clay hallucinated Hannah walking beside him. The hallucination asked if he had actually thought the effects of publishing the tapes online through, and asked him what would happen to Justin or Jessica. And anyone else who would be affected by the tapes being heard by everyone; Clay didn't answer. Later at night, Clay argued with his mother, she knew that he released the audio files as they were watermarked to come from her computer. He also argued back at her being mad after he found out that she told Sonya about there being a possible relationship between Hannah and Zach, helping build the school's case that they were not to blame. Matt sent Clay to his room.

Clay becomes enraged at Hallucination Hannah in "The Little Girl".

Clay stormed off to his room and immediately hallucinated Hannah, the hallucination called out his name. Clay looked up and stopped the hallucination from speaking further and became enraged instead. He told the hallucination "No. You don't talk, you don't get to say anything. This is your fucking fault, Hannah! This mess started with you! I put out the tapes, and that was stupid, but you made them! You fucked up people's lives!" the hallucination tried to apologize but Clay refused to believe it "Are you?! Are you sorry?! 'Cause that doesn't do a fucking bit of good because you are gone! You killed yourself and you didn't fucking care!"

Hallucination Hannah starts to cry after being shouted at and lectured by an enraged Clay in "The Little Girl".

the hallucination expressed that Hannah did care but Clay still refused "No, or you would have never done it!" the hallucination expressed that Hannah was hurting and didn't think about who she would hurt. However Clay—while red in the face, tearful and enraged at Hannah—told his hallucination "You did an evil thing.", he hallucinated Hannah starting to cry and Clay told his hallucination to get the fuck out.[26]

Justin left the Jensen's household after Clay, Matt and Lainie argued and went to stay with his Mom, he later fled his Mom's house and tried to leave town but Clay texted him that he needed him, Justin gave Clay his location and Clay brought Justin back home.[27]


Clay talks to Hallucination Hannah about missing Hannah in "Smile, Bitches".

After Clay brought Justin back, Clay went into his own bedroom and hallucinated Hannah, the hallucination commented "He's back", Clay affirmed and the hallucination told him "Eventually you have to stop running, I guess.". Clay apologized to his hallucination for the other night. The hallucination told him that he didn't say anything it didn't deserve. Clay sat down next to his hallucination and stated that he was angry all the time since Hannah died and he couldn't tell anyone. His hallucination told him that he should tell someone, preferably someone who is actually alive. Clay stated that he tried to forget Hannah, but when he would try he would think of sitting on the roof of The Crestmont, or building towers of candy boxes.

Clay tries to kiss his hallucination of Hannah in "Smile, Bitches".

The hallucination continued with his and Hannah's times of talking about zombies, or talking about Star Trek, Clay corrected it to Star Wars, but sometimes Star Trek. Or walking Hannah home from work and having lunch together. Clay then talked about missing kissing her, and how he would give anything to kiss her again. He slowly leaned in to kiss his hallucination but he was stopped, his hallucination reminded him that it couldn't be kissed and Hannah is dead. Clay asked "Then why are you here?", to which his hallucination had no answer for.


Clay looks at the Polaroid of Hannah in The Clubhouse in "Smile, Bitches".

After Sheri found The Clubhouse, Clay and Justin went exploring inside of it and were given the full box of Polaroids by Zach Dempsey, who revealed himself to be the one who had been giving Clay the Polaroids and admitted to being a coward for dong it anonymously. At Clay's house, Sheri, Justin and Clay looked through the Polaroids. Clay picked one up and he had a shocked reaction to the image, turned it over and put it back down on the table. A few minutes later, he picked back up the Polaroid and turned it over.

Clay hallucinates Hannah in the same position as Hannah in the Polaroid in "Smile, Bitches".

He held it up to his face and it was revealed to be a Polaroid of Hannah inside The Clubhouse. Clay had been previously unaware that Hannah had visited The Clubhouse. Clay hallucinated Hannah sitting across from him, behind his view of the Polaroid, in the same position and smiling as Hannah was in the Polaroid. He removed the Polaroid and saw his hallucination sitting across from him; he became more shocked.[28]


Clay confronts his hallucination about the Polaroid of Hannah in The Clubhouse in "Bryce and Chloe".

The next day, Clay sat in Monet's and confronted his hallucination of Hannah about the Polaroid. The hallucination asked Clay what he wanted to know, and whether or not he would even believe whatever he was told. Clay asked how Hannah ended up in The Clubhouse and asked whose varsity jacket Hannah was wearing. The hallucination brought up Justin, but Clay told his hallucination that Justin said he didn't know about The Clubhouse's existence. The hallucination asked Clay if he believed Justin. Clay wasn't sure and the hallucination asked him what he wanted to hear, bringing up scenarios that could have been rumors in school due to Hannah's slut reputation. Clay stated that he just wanted to know the truth. The hallucination told him that it told him truth but he didn't believe it, "You say you love me, but you're always willing to believe the worst of me". The hallucination got up and walked away.


Hallucination Hannah whispers in Clay's ear that Hannah loved Bryce and wanted to be with him forever during his testimony in "Bryce and Chloe".

During Bryce's testimony, Bryce lied about being in a sexual relationship with Hannah, and as Clay had heard so many new different stories, true and false, painting Hannah in different lights, he started to believe that maybe Bryce and Hannah were in a relationship. After Bryce finished telling his lie, Clay hallucinated Hannah whisper in his ear that Hannah loved Bryce and wanted to be with him forever. After Bryce's testimony, Tony became mad that Bryce lied about his relationship to Hannah, Clay looked over at Bryce and his friends and once again questioned whether or not Bryce did lie.

Clay hallucinates Hannah across the room from him in "Bryce and Chloe".

Justin and Tony then reassured him that Bryce did lie. Alex then told the group that they couldn't tell Jessica about his testimony. Clay hallucinated Hannah standing in front of Bryce and his friends across the room, and realized that they actually needed to tell Jessica about his testimony. Jessica was the only one who could show Chlöe the Polaroid of Bryce raping her, and maybe Chlöe would testify against Bryce.

Hallucination Hannah talks to Clay in "Bryce and Chloe".

Late at night, Clay layed in bed with his clothes on clenching his fist and hallucinated Hannah, he once again asked himself if Bryce's lie was actually the truth. The hallucination asked him how he could possibly believe Bryce. Clay stated that Zach's testimony was true, the hallucination told him that Zach is a good person and deep down he and Clay were a lot like each other. Clay became annoyed at the comparison and told the hallucination that Zach was just like the rest of them (Montgomery, Scott and Bryce). The hallucination asked what he though about Justin, Clay noted that Justin let Bryce rape Jessica.

Clay talks to Hallucination Hannah in "Bryce and Chloe".

The hallucination told Clay that Justin would give his life to do that moment over and stop Bryce, and Clay told the hallucination that Justin should. The hallucination pointed out that Justin was now his friend, Clay told the hallucination that Justin was not his friend. The hallucination told Clay that Hannah was his friend. Clay asked the hallucination to tell him that Bryce was lying about everything he said. When the hallucination stayed quiet, Clay reiterated. The hallucination told Clay that Bryce told lies, but Clay had asked the hallucination to tell him that it was all lies. The hallucination refused to and instead told him to not to think about it, to think about Hannah instead, and touching her, but Clay refused to and asked the hallucination to stop.

Clay talks to Hallucination Hannah in "Bryce and Chloe".

Clay asked the hallucination to tell him what was true, the hallucination began to recite the start of Bryce's tape. Clay turned his back and went into the fetal position and covered his ears, trying to block off hearing the hallucination talk. He begged the hallucination to stop talking but the hallucination refused to stop. Clay shouted at the hallucination to leave him alone, and was interrupted by Justin coming into the room. Justin had heard Clay shout and saw him in the fetal position with his hands on his ears and asked what was wrong.

Hallucination Hannah and Clay after Clay hits his target in "Bryce and Chloe".

After Chlöe agreed to testify for the Bakers she started to testify against Bryce, but she switched her testimony in favor of Bryce out of fear. After, Clay sat in an empty courtroom and hallucinated Hannah, who continued to recite Bryce's tape, Clay once again begged it to stop. The hallucination continued and Clay expressed that he tried to take down Bryce. He stopped hallucinating Hannah when Tyler came into the courtroom, Tyler asked Clay if he wanted to feel real power and took him to a makeshift shooting range. They used glass bottles and cans as target to shoot at, Tyler told Clay his aim would be more accurate if he imagined the target to be someone he despised.

Hallucination Hannah, Justin and Clay in "Bryce and Chloe".

Clay hallucinated Hannah whisper "Bryce, Walker" in his ear. Clay pressed the trigger and shot at a target with perfect accuracy. Clay and Tyler the heard the cops siren, Tyler urged Clay to put his gun away and run but Clay was listening to his hallucination. The hallucination continued to recite the tape and emphasized that Hannah had no power, Clay looked down at his gun and thought that the hallucination wanted Clay to use the gun with Bryce.

Clay points the gun to his head in "Bryce and Chloe".

Clay came out of his hallucination and then ran. He walked to Bryce's house while he listened to his hallucination recite the tape. Justin found Clay and tried to talk him out of killing Bryce. The hallucination continued to recite the tape and describe Hannah's rape in brutal detail, which was too much for Clay to handle. Clay then pointed the gun at his head, which scared Justin.[29]


Clay and Hallucination Hannah talk outside of his house on the steps in "The Box of Polaroids".

After Clay helped Justin get dressed for court, he sat on the steps outside his house and hallucinated Hannah. The hallucination told him that he was good at taking care of Justin, and told him that he was just a sweet, injured boy. Clay added that girls were suckers for that, the hallucination told him that girls were also suckers for the "Angry, vengeful, hero types" Clay contemplated the night before and told his hallucination that he was ready to kill Bryce, because he thought it was what Hannah wanted. He then asked the hallucination if it was what Hannah wanted. The hallucination stated that she wanted him to forgive her, but it might be the one thing that Clay could not do.

Clay watches a movie while he and his hallucination of Hannah talk in "The Box of Polaroids".

As Clay awaited the jury's decision on whether or not the court would blame the school for Hannah's suicide, Clay went to The Crestmont and watched a horror film. He hallucinated Hannah walk in while he watched the film. The hallucination noted that Clay was watching a zombie movie although he hated zombie movies. Clay told the hallucination that he couldn't sit and wait for the jury to come to a decision, and he had poorly themed movies to choose from. The hallucination told him that zombies just want to be loved. Clay stated that zombies just want to eat brains. Clay took a moment and told the hallucination that he could not forgive Hannah. Clay went back to court and the jury decided that the school was not to blame for Hannah's suicide, to their disappointment.[30]


Clay and hallucination Hannah talk before Hannah's funeral in "Bye".

A day before Hannah's funeral, Clay walked across Crestmont and ended up looking through the doors of The Crestmont, he had a flashback of his first day at work with Hannah at The Crestmont; the first time he met her. Hannah called him a nerd for a Star Wars reference. He left and carried on walking. He began to hallucinate Hannah who told him that Hannah was right, he was the most courageous nerd she knew. The hallucination walked with him and Clay stated that he was asked to speak at Hannah's funeral, the hallucination asked him if he was going to make a speech. Clay stated that he didn't know what to say or if he could trust himself to not be angry. The hallucination told him to be angry if he needed to. Clay stopped and looked at a store and added that he wasn't sure if he could say what he really needed to say. The hallucination told him that he could. The store is revealed to be Baker's Drug Store.


Clay gets his tattoo finished with his hallucination at Hot Ink in "Bye".

Clay then stopped by Hot Ink and decided to get the rest of his semi colon tattoo done with his hallucination sitting in place of where Skye was sat when he got the first half of his tattoo done. Afterwards, Clay and his hallucination sat on a bench and Clay stated that the thing he was most afraid of is forgetting about Hannah. The hallucination told him not to forget Hannah if he is so afraid of forgetting her. But Clay added that the thing he was second most afraid of was that he would never be able to let Hannah go.

Clay and Hallucination Hannah talk while sat on a bench in "Bye".

The hallucination asked him if he remembered the Winter Formal dance, Clay affirmed and asked why. The hallucination told him that there was no reason, and that it just wanted him to think about it; Clay began to cry and they stayed sat on the bench into the night. The next day, in the middle of his speech, Clay hallucinated Hannah walking into the church.

Hallucination Hannah sits in the church for Clay's speech in "Bye".

He looked his hallucination in the eyes and stated "I ask her every day why she did what she did, and I get no answers. She took them with her when she went. Leaving me, all of us, angry, empty and confused. And I know that hurt won't ever go away. But there will come a day when I don't feel it every minute. And the anger won't be so hot. And the other feelings will fade and I'll be left with only love.

Hallucination Hannah leaves the church after Clay's speech in "Bye".

A good friend once said to me: "I can love you and still let you go", so Hannah, I love you, and I let you go. I miss you and I hope that wherever you go next, you feel peace, you feel safe, in a way that you never did here. Wherever you go next, I hope you know that I love you."
. The hallucination got up, and as it walked out, the door opened, a bright light appeared, and the hallucination left and finally disappeared for good. As Clay had finally been able to let Hannah go.[31]

Tony Padilla

Tony is Clay's best friend, they have a close friendship that builds slowly through the first season and is solidified during the second.


Clay and Tony talking in "Tape 4, Side B"

Clay and Tony are close friends, who sometimes push each other to the edge, but remain tight friends throughout. Tony guided Clay whilst he listened to his tape and stopped him from an attempt at suicide after he found out what he did on the tapes. Tony is the only person who really tries to help Clay make smart decisions without breaking Hannah's rules, he's also the only one who offers emotional, mental and physical support.


Tony and Clay in court in "Bye"

During the second season, Tony becomes one of the very few people that Clay trusts. He enlists his help in finding Justin, partially because he knows no one else cares enough to look for him. Tony goes to drastic measures to help Clay find Justin. He assaults a skateboarder in a skate park for refusing to answer their questions and shows a lot of protectiveness over Clay. In the last episode of the second season, "Bye", Clay calls Tony when he finds out that Tyler is planning a school shooting at the Spring Fling, Tony comes without question and Clay guides Tyler to Tony's car. Tony drives him off to safety. The only time Tony has refused to help Clay is when it will cause him legal trouble that is serious. After finding Justin, Clay asks for Tony's help, who agrees, but pulls out once he learns that Justin is addicted to drugs, especially with the case not settling as they all thought it would. Looking after someone in Justin's situation could damage him while the case is going on because of his probation, so he enlists Sheri Holland to replace him, which he does not get Clay's consent for.


Tony and Clay talking in the school hallways in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen"

In the third season, Tony and Clay help Tyler Down recover from his trauma after his attempted school shooting. Tony defends Clay to the police when questioned. Olivia Baker tells Clay that the cops are looking at Clay as their main suspect in Bryce Walker's murder, she tells him that this would be a murder charge and it's not the time to protect or save his friends, as he usually does. If there are suspicions of anyone else he needs to follow them up. She asks him if he knows about Bryce and Tony's relationship, telling him that she told Tony that Bryce's father, Barry Walker, was the one who called ICE on Tony's family and got them deported, which made Tony furious, possibly with enough intent to have killed Bryce. Clay confronts Tony about this and questions him why Tony didn't tell him, Tony replies that Clay doesn't know or understand what it's like, however he didn't kill Bryce. Later after they all find out who actually killed Bryce, Ani hatches a plan with Clay to help cover for the actual killer, Tony helps Ani and Clay in this.

Skye Miller

Skye is Clay's friend and ex-girlfriend.

Skye and Clay were close friends in Junior High. Clay was taken aback by her radical change in appearance at the start of high school, however, and couldn't bring himself to approach her, which Skye took to mean an end to their friendship. Clay is generally tentative around Skye, while Skye acted defensive around him. He lashed out at her, when she insulted Hannah after her suicide, but later reached out to her.


Skye and Clay kiss in "The First Polaroid".

In the beginning of the second season, Clay and Skye are dating. Things didn't last because Clay still had Hannah on his mind, his hallucinations of Hannah and the fact that he still had feelings for—in Skye's words—"a fucking dead girl", ended up bringing turbulence to their relationship. When Clay admitted that he wasn't over Hannah, Skye freaked out at him and ran out of the house. Skye ended up in the hospital, where she broke up with Clay. Clay kept trying to contact Skye after this, leaving her voicemails. She finally responded, and Clay went to visit her in a mental health facility. Skye told Clay here that she won't come back to Crestmont, and said goodbye.

Bryce Walker

Bryce was Clay's archenemy, they started off as acquaintances, but Clay found out that Bryce raped Jessica, his friend, and then Hannah, his friend and crush, and he began to despise him.


Bryce convincing Clay to buy alcohol, although he's underage in "Tape 2, Side A"

Bryce and Clay started off as merely acquaintances. Bryce persuaded Clay to make bad decisions. One example was when he pressured Clay to buy beer while Clay was underage. When Clay stuttered at the counter, Bryce vouched for him, Bryce bought his and Clay's drink with his own I.D.. Outside the liquor store, Justin invited Clay to a drink contest with Alex, although Clay protested Justin made him get involved. Clay ended up winning the contest but walked away drunk and arrived home past curfew. Bryce and Clay were never friends at the start and if Clay had the choice of not knowing Bryce, it's a certainty that he wouldn't. The tapes caused a serious degradation in their relationship, as Clay found out that Bryce raped both Hannah and Jessica, his former crush and his friend. Bryce became Clay’s arch-nemesis as Clay vowed to get Hannah and Jessica justice at all costs and expose him for the rapist he is. Clay managed to manipulate Bryce into confessing to raping Hannah on the last side of the last cassette tape Hannah recorded on and gave it to Mr. Porter as evidence, which could be used in putting Bryce in jail.


Bryce threatening Clay in the school hallways in "The Missing Page"

In the second season, five months after the events of Hannah’s suicide their relationship did not changed. Bryce escaped persecution of raping Hannah and Jessica, because of the Judge's decision, Bryce had been sentenced to 3 months probation instead of jail time. While Clay at first wanted to give up on his quest, the discovery of The Clubhouse and that a majority of Liberty High’s athletes are sexual predators only further pushed Clay to not only bring down Bryce, but Liberty High’s baseball team. Bryce at first did not see Clay as a threat until Hannah Baker’s tapes as well as his confession were made public that he began to fear the repercussions of his actions. After he was exonerated of raping Jessica, he and Clay had a brief moment at the dance where Bryce acknowledged that Clay is a better man than he is, but told Clay that he needed to "get laid" (have sex).


Justin and Clay on Bryce's house security camera with Clay holding a gun up to Bryce in "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves"

After Bryce's murder Clay became a prime suspect due to his well-known contempt and hatred for Bryce. Footage of him pointing a gun at Bryce outside Bryce's house during a PTSD episode (which had caused a hallucination of Hannah to manifest), a death threat if he ever hurt Ani, and a text threatening to end Bryce's life that he sent to Bryce just before he died, were all things that the police were looking at putting together as a reason to arrest him on suspicion of murder, which they later did. Ultimately, Ani told Clay that she had hatched a plan to cover for Bryce's killer and exonerate Clay.

Hallucination Bryce


Hallucination Bryce taunting Clay in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen".

Halfway into the season, Clay had a hallucination of Bryce. The hallucination taunted him about how despite Bryce being dead, it would follow Clay around wherever he goes, whatever he does. (Despite the hallucination not reappearing in the season.)

The hallucination of Bryce does reappear with Clay in Season 4. In "College Tour" when Clay follows a drunk girl and her boyfriend, Brady, upstairs in a frat house. Clay sees the hallucination Bryce standing over the passed out girl undoing his pants. Clay stops the hallucination, but Bryce then tempts him into raping the girl by trying to bring out a hidden darker side to Clay. Before Clay can act, Brady returns and forces Clay downstairs with the hallucination disappearing. Bryce does reappear one more time to Clay in Thursday after Clay has locked himself in the science lab, joined by the Hallucination of Monty. The two repeatedly provoke Clay's paranoia and fear of the shooter. They both continue to question who the shooter is, despite Clay repeatedly attempting to dismiss them. The two only continue to challenge Clay's morals by asking Clay why he couldn't save them. Clay responds saying he would save everyone, but two disgust Clay by describing the possible situations of his friends. The two finally break Clay's will, making him believe that he can't save anyone, not even the people he loves. That is until Bryce makes a Blade Runner reference and Clay realizes that the hallucination are only a manifestation of his doubt and paranoia. Clay stands up and confronts the two hallucinations, stating he's going to confront the shooter, and attempt to save anyone he can.

Justin Foley

Justin is Clay's friend, they started out as enemies, got closer as friends and now they have a brotherly relationship.


Justin confronting Clay in the school hallways for the first time in "Tape 1, Side A".

Justin and Clay started out as enemies. The first time we see them interact, Justin told Clay that he wasn't an innocent person having listened to the tapes before Clay, Hannah had made Clay out to be the only one on the tapes that didn't hurt her and didn't think he deserved to be on them, however Justin believed differently. Clay later found out that Justin is more responsible for Hannah's downward spiral and along with Bryce helped the start of the Hannah the Slut rumors. Justin continuously threatened Clay–and at some point even suggested to his classmates to kill him and make it look like suicide–so Clay would keep quiet about his knowledge of the tapes. However, Clay never seemed scared of Justin and his threats, he was more angry about the things that happened to Hannah and how no one seemed to care. As Justin started to hate Clay less and care more about Jessica, Clay tried to convince Justin to inform Jessica about what really happened to her the night of her party. When Clay asks why he is trying to protect Bryce, Justin hits back at him telling Clay that he is protecting Jessica. However Jessica had started having flashbacks and drinking alcohol to deal with them, showing that his protection was actually causing her more pain.


Clay and Justin arriving home in "The Box of Polaroids"

In the second season, Clay enlisted Tony Padilla and they both went to look for Justin, so he could testify against Bryce. They found out that he had become homeless, so Clay brought Justin back to his home—a secret that Clay hid from his parents—and, with help from Tony and Sheri, detoxed him from heroin. At first they still weren't fond of each other, but started to care about each other as they spent more time together. After finding out that their son had been hiding Justin in his bedroom for some time, Lainie and Matt were angry at Clay, but took Justin after his situation was explained by Clay and Justin. After they spent some time with him, he became like their second son, which Clay became jealous of at one point, seeing Justin and his parents watching TV together when he came home late. At the end of Season 2, in "Bye", it is revealed that Clay's parents plan to adopt Justin. They had asked for Clay's approval first, and although he didn't agree with at first, he later was okay with it. When or if this comes into effect, Clay and Justin will legally be adoptive brothers. At the moment the process hasn't started, but they all treat him like family, and Clay and Justin treat each other like brothers. Clay isn't always as keen on Justin as his parents are but his relationship with Justin has definitely grown a lot from having an intense dislike for him.


Clay and Justin talking at home in "Angry, Young and Man"

In the third season, they are brother-like figures with a very trusting relationship. They occasionally have problems, as Clay suspects Justin of having done something to Bryce a couple of times, though Justin doesn't mind, he understands the suspicion and clears things up. Justin defends Clay to the police, and tells Ani he doesn't believe Clay killed Bryce despite strong evidence suggesting Clay might have and most of the town believing that Clay did. When Justin breaks up with Jessica telling her he cheated on her, Jessica tells Clay that they broke up after Clay asks why they're not speaking to each other. Clay realizes that Justin lied to her to keep her away from his due to his addiction and tells Jessica about Justin's addiction, which saves their relationship, Justin becomes mad at Clay when Jessica tells Justin that Clay told her the truth, Jessica then tells Justin not to be mad at Clay for not giving up on him and actually caring about him enough to tell her the truth, saving their relationship. When Clay does accidentally discover Justin is still addicted to drugs, (he realizes that Justin closed the door for the first time—while Clay is also in the house—since moving in and wonders what he is doing) he becomes mad at first and then eases into being fine with it considering Justin's rough road to becoming a better person. After having dinner, and just before they go to bed, Justin and Clay say that they would do anything for each other. In the end, after finding out Bryce's actual killer, Justin helps Clay and Ani in covering up for them.

Jessica Davis

Clay is Jessica's friend. They started out as acquaintances, Jessica grew to like Clay as he was the only one who tried to tell her that Bryce raped her. Through the second season they become good friends.


Jessica warns Clay to back off in "Tape 1, Side B".

Jessica came into a classroom to speak to Marcus and Zach about Justin, the teacher told Jessica to get to her own class and before she left she noticed that Clay had overheard her, she asked him what he was listening to—as she already knew about the tapes—he didn't respond and she left. Later on Clay talked to Mr. Porter and saw Jessica on the opposite side of the school hallway, she saw Clay and stopped in her tracks and turned around quickly and walked away fast. After he listened to the start of Jessica's tape, he caught up with her in the hallways and asked about the tapes, Jessica became mad at the mention of the tapes, Clay told her that he was trying to figure it all out. He asked her where Justin was and Jessica told him that she didn't know, Mr. Porter had pulled Justin out of class and Justin walked off the school grounds and hadn't been seen by her since. Clay asked about her and Justin's relationship status, Jessica confirmed they were still together and told Clay to not believe everything he would hear and walked away. After being almost done with Jessica's tape, he attended a pep rally, Jessica did a cartwheel for Justin to introduce him but he didn't show, Jessica then left the auditorium and Clay watched her and then followed to meet her outside.

Clay confronts Jessica about the end of her and Hannah's relationship in "Tape 1, Side B".

He overheard her on the phone to Justin and told her that they needed to talk, Jessica became frustrated with Clay, Clay told her they needed to inform Mr. Porter about Justin being missing, Jessica found the idea of telling Mr. Porter stupid, Clay asked if Mr. Porter knew about the tapes and Jessica told Clay to keep his mouth shut. Jess started to walk away but Clay called out her name and stopped her, Jessica told him to back off and walked away. After Clay finished her tape he saw her in Monet's, sat down near her and asked about her about why she and Hannah broke their friendship off. Jessica revealed the truth about their friendship to Clay. Clay then asked why Marcus and Zach had offered him a ride to Bryce's house, Jessica realized that Justin was at Bryce's house and told Clay that they weren't his friends.[12]

Jessica and Justin dressed as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen while talking to Clay in "Tape 2, Side B".

Clay overheard Jessica and Justin talking about their costumes, Justin saw Clay and asked what he was looking at, Jessica told Justin that Clay was looking at their costumes and then asked if Clay understood who they were dressed as, Clay stated that they were dressed as Sid Vicious (bassist for the sex pistols) and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, however he messed things up when he asked if they knew how their relationship ended, Jessica sarcastically thanked Clay, as Clay walked away Jessica let Justin know that Sid possibly killed Nancy.[8] After Clay decided to stop listening to the tapes, he walked into school happier and said hi to Jessica and asked how she was doing. Later on he did a tour of the school for some new students and finished the tour angry and told the students that everyone at the school will be nice to them until they drive people to kill themselves referring to the subjects on the tapes involvement in leading Hannah to suicide.[10]


Clay confronts Jessica about what happened the night of her party in "Tape 5, Side A".

Clay reached the tape about Jessica's party which detailed her rape, which she believed was a lie. Clay came to school and stared at her as she talked to her friends outside school, Jessica caught Clay staring at her and excused herself to go inside the building. Clay followed her in and tried to discuss the night of her party, Jessica told Clay that he needed to move on from it, Clay refused to and asked her why she wanted him to move on so badly. She took him into a room and told him that Hannah lied on the tapes, that she had sex with Justin and wasn't raped by someone else. Clay asked Jessica if she remembered having sex with Justin or if Justin told her that they had sex and she just believed it. Jessica confirmed that she remembered having sex with Justin. She started to leave the classroom and Justin came in and told Clay to leave Jessica alone, Clay didn't believe Jessica and asked Justin who raped Jessica that night, Justin then acted as if he didn't know what Clay was talking about. Later Jessica talked to Courtney and started question things, she started to wonder if Hannah had actually told the truth considering that other things that Hannah said on the tapes were real; Courtney lied by reassuring her that Justin is her boyfriend and Hannah was jealous because Jessica was dating Hannah's ex.

Jessica and Clay in Monet's in "Tape 7, Side A".

Clay later confronted Justin about lying to Jessica, Justin continued to lie but then stated that he was protecting Jessica.[17] In a flashback, Clay came to Jessica's party early, she told him that he could do snacks, he asked if there was a particular order she wanted and Jessica told him to be bold and chose what to do with them.[18] In the present, Jessica and Clay met at Monet's so Clay could talk to her about what she wanted to do with the tapes. Clay told her she could either use the tapes as proof of her rape or he said he would to burn them for her but she told him not to and showed gratification for Clay being the only one having tried to let Jessica know the truth about the night of her party.[1]


Alex shows Clay his threat while sat at a table in the lunch hall with Jessica in "The Drunk Slut".

Clay came into the lunch hall and Jessica asked him what happened to his face as she had noticed there were bruises. Clay told her that he got ran off the road, he noted that it was someone in what looked like a black range rover, a car that Bryce Walker owned. Jessica became confused as Clay was not on the list to testify and Clay rhetorically asked if Bryce knew that he wasn't on the list. Alex told them that it didn't matter whether or not someone was testifying because the unknown person was going after all of them. Alex then showed Clay the threat that he had received. Clay and Jess both commented on how crazy the situation was. Clay told them that they had to stop Bryce. Alex asked him how they could, he added that both their situations would stop them from being able to stop or confront Bryce. Alex was physically incapable due his suicide injury and Clay would be grounded for talking to him. Clay stated that he promised his Mom that he would stay away from Bryce, however Clay asked "if he's coming after me then what can I do?" Alex looked over at Bryce's table and asked Jess and Clay if the person giving out the threats was Zach Dempsey, Jessica told Alex that he had been helping Alex with everything. Alex asked why Zach still hung around Bryce. Clay suggested that Bryce or someone else was protecting Zach. Alex and Clay both turned to look at Jessica, she asked why and Clay told her that she could call out Bryce in court. Jessica told them that she was only supposed to speak about how the list destroyed her and Hannah's friendship. Clay told her that the list wasn't all of the truth and Jessica told him that it wasn't apart of the case.

Clay and Alex talk to Jessica at lunch in "The Drunk Slut".

Clay told her that if she said it could make it a part of the case and Jessica became annoyed at how easily Clay believed she could make it happen. Clay told her that he was aware that it wasn't easy, but when they ask her about the real reason she stopped speaking to Hannah she could say the real reason and the truth would be out. Jessica excuses herself to leave for her first lesson, Clay called Jess back and she told him that the truth doesn't always make things right.[22]

Clay and Jessica talk about what happened in court after court in "The Drunk Slut".

Later on, Clay, Alex and Tony watched Jessica give her testimony about the list. Sonya asked if the list was the only thing to break up their friendship and Jessica contemplated speaking out about Bryce, she had flashbacks to her rape and trying to tell the police what happened, she then started to panic and cried; she couldn't tell them what happened and affirmed to Sonya that the list was the only thing. Clay, Alex and Tony became disappointed but understood. Clay came over to Jessica's house and asked what happened. Jessica told him that she had a flashback to the police station when her father made her go and report her rape, she told them that she couldn't remember who did it. Jessica told him that she couldn't tell them because she knew they wouldn't believe her, Clay told her that if she went back to them, the group could back her up. Jessica told him that they couldn't because they weren't there, Hannah was the only witness and she's dead. Jessica noted, that even while dead, Hannah was being ripped apart in court and "she's sweet and sensitive and white", which proved to Jessica that she wasn't the right kind of victim to go against Bryce, especially when it was just his word against hers. Clay asked about Justin, Jessica then told him that Justin might as well be dead too. Clay asked if she had heard from Justin and Jessica looked at a postcard and Clay noticed it for a second. She then got up and stated she no longer wanted to talk about it, she turned her back and told him she was tired of overthinking things for her appearance, Clay picked up the postcard and read the note on the back while she talked and then put it back.[22]


Clay tells Jessica that Justin is back in the hallway in "The Second Polaroid".

Clay called out for Jessica in the hallway, she asked him what was going on and he told her that he found Justin as over the weekend he and Tony went down to Oakland to find him, Jessica asked how he knew and then realized he looked at the postcard behind her back. Clay told her that Justin was at his house and that they were getting him better to allow him to testify for the Bakers' so he could back up Hannah's story. Jessica told him that it wasn't Justin's story or Hannah's story it was hers; Clay stressed that Justin wanted to help her, she expressed that she didn't want him telling her story and hushed Clay as they saw Bryce walk by.[23] Jessica and Clay both attended Alex's birthday party at the arcade. Tyler stopped by but was quickly forced to leave by Zach and Jessica, Alex questioned them and Jessica told Alex that Tyler is a pervert, Zach began to talk about how Tyler hurt Hannah but Clay interrupted Zach and told him that he hurt Hannah more than any of the group. Zach told Clay that at least he and Hannah didn't do drugs, Jessica tried to play peacemaker but Clay told her that she didn't help either, Jess told him that she tried and Alex told Clay off for lecturing them about what they did when he hurt her the same in his testimony possibly more than Zach, Jess and Tyler. Late at night Clay published the audio from the tapes.[16]

Jessica and Justin run out of the building to check on Clay, who is trying to stop Tyler from committing a school shooting in "Bye".

Clay's actions had an effect on Jessica as she was not ready for everyone to know what happened to her, she hid in the bathroom and cried. Later on Justin and Alex both lectured Clay on his actions and Clay asked for their help in taking Bryce down.[26] Clay and Alex came to Jessica's house to escort her to the police station and provide comfort amongst friends while she filed a full rape report against Bryce, who was later arrested for her rape.[30] Clay and Jessica waited for Lainie and Justin to come out of court but Lainie told them that he couldn't be released yet. Lainie then told Jessica that she was getting a court order so that Bryce wouldn't be allowed near Jessica in school. Later on during the Spring Fling Jessica was amongst Clay's friends to comfort him at the dance while his and Hannah's song played. After people were alarmed that there was an active school shooter, which turned out to be Tyler Down, Clay went to confront Tyler. Jessica and Justin came out of the building to check on Clay, but Clay demanded them to go back inside after Tyler turned the gun to point it at them instead. Later on they came back outside after Clay was successful in stopping Tyler, they asked if he was okay and Justin asked what to do.[31]

This season goes through events where Bryce Walker is either dead or alive but not in order, this details their relationship and interactions: starting from when Bryce was alive, to when Bryce is dead; in that order.

Before Bryce died
After Tyler's attempted school shooting at the Spring Fling, Clay met up with Justin and Jessica at Monet's and texted a few people to gather with them to talk about what to do with Tyler and how to help him.[32] Later on Clay gathered the group once again to give them a completed schedule of who would take care of Tyler and when, Jessica commented on the insanity of them participating in it and then the insanity of "Oh, my God, you built a website", Clay told her that he didn't build it was more of "storage space".[33]

After Bryce died


Ani and Clay ask Jessica about Chlöe Rice in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar".

Clay and Ani went to Jessica to find out about Chlöe Rice, after they started to look into Chlöe as a suspect in Bryce's murder. Jess told them that she started to attend Sacred Heart and told them that she and Chlöe had stopped talking. Clay pointed out that she and Chlöe seemed closer after Spring Fling, Jess told him that "friends come and go". Clay asked her if Chlöe and Zach ever became a thing, Jess told him that they were just friends because Chlöe had "major Stockholm (syndrome)" when it came to Bryce. Ani asked her if Chlöe and Zach ever had any secrets between them, Jess told her that they never had secrets but Chlöe had one; she was pregnant and Bryce was the father.[33]


Jessica confronts Clay and Ani about suspecting her in Bryce's murder in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad".

Ani used a pencil to shade, to reveal etched marks in Bryce's notebook. She found out that Bryce had written a note to Jess apologizing for raping her the night of her party. The note was unfinished, and Ani began to suspect that Bryce might have tried to give it to her and she may have killed him.[33] She brought her finding to Clay, and it made him question her. Later, they noticed Jess in the library and Ani told him that she was never in the library that late, Clay asked Ani if she was waiting for someone and looked at her, Jess noticed him looking and asked him why. Clay pretended that nothing was going on and Jess walked over to them and confronted them. She told them that she didn't know anything about anything, that she hadn't seen Bryce since court and she didn't know how she felt about the situation. Clay apologized to her but Ani pressed further and asked her if they hadn't been in touch at all. Jess became annoyed and asked her why she cared, Ani told her she didn't and Jess told her to drop the suspicion. After Jess walked away, Ani told Clay that Jess had lied to them. Ani told him that she had talked to Bryce after court because she herself saw it happen. Ani told Clay that Jess confronted Bryce at his house after she was elected Student Body President.[34]


Jessica and Justin clear their name by telling the truth when Clay and Ani suspect them of killing Bryce in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad".

Later on Ani remembered the time she and Jess met in Monet's after Jess had tried out masturbation for the first time and Jess told her that she during masturbation she had thought of someone who was really bad. Jess told her that she wanted to reclaim her power and re-write her own story. Ani believed that this meant that Jess might have thought of Bryce. Ani told Clay that she believed that Jess might have had sex with Bryce to get back her power, and things got out of hand and she killed him. Clay told Ani that the scenario sounded insane and didn't believe her. Clay later remembered that Tyler interrupted Ani and Clay in Monet's and told Clay that Justin didn't show up to meet Tyler at the scheduled time. Ani told Clay that Bryce might have texted Justin which might have led to a series of events where Justin killed Bryce to protect Jess. Ani remembered that Bryce had mentioned that Justin said he went to a Motel, Clay and Ani waited for Justin to be done with his shift at Monet's and watched Justin, Jess unexpectedly arrived, met up with Justin and left. Clay and Ani decided to follow them and all four of them ended up at a Motel; Clay and Ani told Jess and Justin what they believed happened but Jess and Justin cleared their names with what really happened.[34]


Jessica and Clay talk in the library in "The World Closing In".

Later on Clay, Ani, Jessica, Justin, Tony and Zach discussed what to do with Tyler as they all suspected him of killing Bryce after they found out that Bryce was killed with a gun.[35] Later, Mr. Porter was brought back in to Liberty High to help the police build a case against Clay, however he purposefully picked out the students that he believed would help defend Clay instead. He questioned Jessica and she defended him over leaking the tapes online for everyone to listen to.[36] After Justin broke up with Jessica and told her that he had cheated on her[37], Clay talked to Jessica in the library and asked her what she and Olivia Baker talked about when Olivia came back into town, afterwards Clay told her the real reason Justin broke up with her; ultimately saving Jess and Justin's relationship.[38] Later on Clay found out about Jessica's involvement in Bryce's death through Ani and they hatched a plan to protect both the killer and Jessica after finding out the events of how Bryce was killed.[38]

Alex Standall

Alex is Clay's friend.


Clay and Alex talking about Alex's tape in "Tape 2, Side A"

Alex comes into the reception desk at school with a doctors note, Clay asks how he is doing and Alex sarcastically asks Clay how he is doing. Clay becomes speechless and doesn't answer, Alex comments "Yeah" and walks away.[12] Alex is in the playground visibly frustrated and Clay sits down to talk about his tape. Clay asks him if Hannah was telling the truth, Alex asks him "What do you think?" and Clay asks if he did what she said he did Alex asks him "Did you?". Later on, clay sees Alex ripping down posters and confronts him about it, asking what he is doing, Alex tells him that he is cleaning up: "What they think that these are gonna save someone's life? "Suicide's not an option?" Yeah you know what clearly it is an option! Why don't they put up a poster that says don't be a fucking dick to people?!". Clay then asks again about the tapes and Alex gives the same answer. Tyler Down interrupts them asking what they're talking about but Alex sends him away. Clay tells Alex that he doesn't believe that he would do something like that. Clay questions Alex's love for Jessica and Alex says that he loved Jessica and maybe still loves her. Alex stops him from talking more, telling him that they can't be talking about the tapes. Kevin Porter interrupts them asking to see Alex in his office.


Clay confronts Alex about his tape on the school playground in "Tape 2, Side A".

In a flashback, Clay and Hannah are working at The Crestmont, Hannah tells Clay that Alex is still inside although the credits ended already, Alex finally comes out and says goodnight to them. Hannah asks about Jessica but Alex doesn't respond, Clay asks if he is okay and Alex affirms. In the present, Alex and Clay are in the changing rooms and Alex asks Clay about his conversation with Tony. He tells him Mr. Porter is asking people questions and to not say anything about the tapes to him. Also telling him to not talk to Tony and to meet him at Monet's after school. Clay then remembers a time when Hannah came into the boys changing room and got mad at Alex. Alex and Clay meet in Monet's and discuss Alex's tape, what he did and the hot or not list. Later on, Clay is peer pressured into a drinking game by Justin and Bryce, competing with Alex, and wins. [13]


Alex and Clay in a drinking competition with Bryce, Zach, Justin and Monty watching in "Tape 2, Side A".

Clay catches up with Alex in the hallway and tells Alex that he did some research on what Tyler did. But Alex cuts him off before going further telling him that he wants no part of it, and tells him to be careful about who he talks to. They see Bryce and Zach, Bryce invites them both to a party, Tony arrives and gets Clay out of it.[8] After Clay gets revenge on two people on the tapes, Zach, Justin and Alex become scared that Clay will do something when he gets to their tapes and convince Clay to get in a car and they drive him around past the speed limit to scare him into not talking about the tapes. Alex pushes the speed limit further than he was asked to and start to scare Justin and Zach. Alex slows down after a cop car turns its siren and lights on and starts following them. Alex finally stops and asks Clay if he's ever been to jail before. Deputy Standall turns up and realizes that the person driving the car is his son. he lets him off with a warning and Justin and Zach seem happy and scare Clay into understanding that they now have a cop on their side if Clay tries to do anything.[9] On the way to school, students are crowded round in a circle and Clay enters to see what is happening, Clay sees Alex in a fight with Monty, Mr. Porter breaks it up and sends the decision of what should happen to the Student Honor Board, which Clay is a part of. They argue over who's fault it was and Clay makes everyone silent when he tells them all that maybe it's all their faults, talking more about bullying culture. They make a decision that Monty will be suspended and Alex will be let off with a warning.[14]


Clay and Alex sit down after talking about Jeff's death in "Tape 5, Side B".

In a flashback, Jeff Atkins got into a car crash and died, the next day, Clay and Alex talk about his death. Alex comments on how the school has already started putting up drunk driving posters. Clay tells him that Jeff was driving drunk and was being stupid. Alex asks him if he is sad and Clay says he is more pissed off. Alex tells him that he can be both, right now it's easier to be mad at him than sad. But someday he might feel worse if all he was today was just mad. Clay becomes confused and Alex explains that sometimes you judge people and sometimes you live to regret it. Clay tells him that he doesn't know what he's talking about and Alex shrugs it off and says that he probably doesn't. Clay apologizes and Alex starts to walk off but Clay tells him that he doesn't have to leave, Alex walks back and sits down with him.[39] In another flashback, to Jessica's party, Clay sees Alex and Alex tells him that he came to the party as part of a plan to hang around Jessica enough to annoy her into getting back together. Clay sees Hannah arrive and excuses himself to go outside.[18]


Clay and Tony talk about whether or not to call Alex handicapped while arriving for court in "The Drunk Slut".

Their relationship becomes more stable in the second season and they become friends. Their first interaction is Alex asking why Clay didn't tell him the school "outlawed" him (banning him from talking about his suicide attempt), Clay tells him that he wasn't made aware of talk of suicide being banned in the school. Alex then asks him about his suicide note and what a specific line in it meant. Clay tells him what he thinks it means but Alex believes that there was something deeper to the line that led him to try and kill himself. Alex tells Clay that he wants to be ready if he gets called to testify in the trial and asks for the tapes, Clay refuses to give him the audio of the tapes and Alex becomes mad that everyone, especially Clay, is trying to protect him instead of giving him what he wants. Alex sees Bryce and Monty and asks Monty "What the fuck are you two looking at?!" while still angry, Bryce stops Monty from saying anything and they leave. Clay tells Alex to calm down but Alex retaliates and tells him that he needs to wake up to what is going on, telling him that he heard what happened to Courtney (she was forced to come out as a lesbian during her testimony) and he wants to be ready and not fail at helping Hannah and Jessica again.[20]


Alex and Clay look at a threatening message Alex received in "The Drunk Slut".

Alex receives a poster with a threatening note on it regarding his attempted suicide, and shows it to Jessica at break, Clay sits down next to them and Jessica asks about his bruises, Clay tells her that someone—in what looked like a black range rover—ran him off of the road while he was on his bike the night before, Alex thinks it's Bryce and Jessica becomes confused as they all know Clay isn't testifying, however Clay doesn't think that Bryce knows that information. Alex tells him that it might not matter if he's testifying as Alex isn't testifying either, Alex then shows Clay the threatening note he received. Clay states that they need to find a way to stop Bryce, Alex asks "How? I'm a cripple and you'll get grounded for life if you even speak to him". Alex looks over at Zach, Bryce and Monty across the lunch hall and wonders if it might be Zach, Jessica tells him that Zach has been the only one at that table to help Alex out with his recovery of his attempted suicide. Alex asks why Zach is still handing around Bryce and Clay suggests that he could be being protected by Bryce, as Bryce doesn't want the truth about what he did to Hannah and Jessica to come out. They both look at Jessica implying that she could call Bryce out by slipping in the fact that Bryce raped her during her testimony while talking about Hannah. Jessica tells them that the Bakers' lawyer told her that she's just supposed to talk about The List ending their friendship. Clay tells her that if she talks about it, it will become a part of the case. Jessica leaves for her first lesson after she tells them it's not that easy for her to say it and the truth doesn't always make things right. Alex begs Clay one more time for the tapes and tells him to stop protecting him, Clay tells Alex that Skye is in the hospital, Alex asks what happened and Clay tells Alex "I stopped protecting her". Alex then asks for a ride to court, Clay tries to say no but Alex stops him.[21]


Alex and Clay talk about the tapes in "The Chalk Machine"

Clay takes Alex to court for Jessica's testimony. Jessica doesn't bring up Bryce in court as she cries after she has flashbacks and becomes too afraid. Clay confronts Alex about what Jessica said in court, asking him if he really kissed Hannah, Alex confirms and Clay walks out of the building.[22] Clay then finally sends Alex all of the audios of the tapes to his phone, as he finds folders to do with court on his mother's computer.[23] Clay and Alex talk about the tapes, Clay becomes cautious of Alex listening to his tape multiple times telling Alex that he did the same thing last time which slowly led to his attempt. Alex tells Clay that he still feels like he is missing something that led him there, something that isn't on the tapes. Clay notices a member of staff on the field using a machine that seems familiar, he asks Alex what the staff member is doing and what he is using and Alex tells him that they are chalking the field using a chalk machine. Before Clay leaves he tells Alex not to listen too hard.[24] During Clay's testimony, he reveals that he, Hannah, Alex, Sheri, Jeff and his girlfriend once did drugs together as a group. Clay attends Alex's birthday party at the arcade. Tyler arrives at the party, invited by Alex himself, however Zach and Jess force him to leave. Alex becomes mad at them for making Tyler leave, Zach starts to explain with "After what he did to Hannah" but Clay cuts him off telling Zach that Tyler's testimony actually managed to help Hannah and the Bakers' in court and Zach's testimony helped people know her as "Hannah the Slut". Zach then tells Clay that he hurt Hannah and the Bakers' more than any of the rest of them did. Alex then asks him how he's any different to them, to which Clay doesn't answer. Later Alex becomes angry and has an outburst aimed at his family, Clay and Jessica, he makes his mother cry and makes Jessica mad, Jess scolds him for it and Alex realizes and apologizes to them.[16]


Clay, Tony, Alex and Justin watch Bryce lie in his testimony in court in "Bryce and Chloe".

Alex comes over to Clay's house and finds Justin unconscious on his bed, with a needle in his arm, he realizes that Justin has overdosed and is choking and rolls him over so that he doesn't die. Clay later comes home and asks what happened, Alex explains and Clay becomes mad at Justin because he started getting clean but Alex tells Clay to leave Justin alone, Clay asks why he's defending Justin and Alex asks what he was thinking by publishing the tapes, Clay says that it's time for Hannah's truth to come out, Alex and Justin tell Clay that it had consequences to Jessica's recovery and Clay says it's time for her truth to come out too. Justin asks him what right he has in deciding what should come out and when. Clay apologizes and tells them that he needs help in trying to bring Bryce down and help Hannah's court case.[26] After Bryce's testimony, the group become angry that Bryce not only lied about him and Hannah, but made out like they were in a secret relationship. Alex tells the group that they can't tell Jessica but Clay tells them they have to, because they need Chlöe to testify against Bryce, and they need Jessica to show Chlöe the Polaroid.[29] After Justin's testimony, the Jury spend time making a decision, and Clay goes with Alex to Jessica's house for moral support to take her down to the police station so she can file a rape report against Bryce.[30] During the Spring Fling dance, Alex joins in with hugging Clay after Clay hears his and Hannah's song—"The Night We Met"—come on.[31]


Clay and Ani confront Alex about using steroids in the lunch hall in "Nobody's Clean".

Clay has a flashback of himself gathering their group plus Cyrus's crew in Monet's and explaining to the group what happened after he, Tyler, and Tony left the Spring Fling dance. Later on, we see a flashback of Clay, Tony and Justin escorting Tyler into school, Alex came out to meet them and Clay explained to Tyler that Alex will walk Tyler to his second lesson after they have their first lesson.[32] A flashback shows Clay gathering the group at Monet's again to show them a schedule that he organized on a website, Alex comments that there is so much coordination built into it that his "Brian injury hurts".[33] Clay and Ani find out from Justin that Alex was using drugs. Clay and Ani confront Alex about it, which makes Alex mad because it was through a breach of privacy. Clay asks Alex if he is okay and Alex hits back sarcastically asking if either of them are okay before saying "Fuck you guys!". Alex calms down and asks them not to tell his Dad—Deputy Standall—about it and reveals that he didn't buy from Bryce like they had assumed, Luke Holliday hooked him up with a guy to buy from. Ani asks why and he tells them that it was because of his body image. Ani tells him that she thinks he looks handsome, Alex humorously comments that she went for a skinny boy like Clay. Clay tells him that he will let the comment go because he's under stress.


Clay and Alex at the gym in "Nobody's Clean".

Later on, Clay and Ani go to the gym so Clay can workout with Alex to distract him while Ani gets Alex's phone to see who else he paid, they found out that he lied and he continuously paid Bryce and then the payment went further up, he also paid another person who they find out to be an escort named Melody Scott. They visit her and she tells them what happened between them. Ani and Clay confront Alex about it and Alex reveals that he broke into a house with Bryce and accidentally traumatized a child, Bryce thought it was his father's house and too late into the process realized it wasn't, Bryce tried to cut ties with him after seeing Bryce have no remorse for it and Bryce started charging Alex full price for drugs instead of the discount he was receiving.[40]


Clay talking to Alex in the hallways as part of his and Ani's plan in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

Clay arrives in school and sees Justin and Alex fighting over Jessica. They start making it physical and he breaks them up. He then sees Mr. Porter and is in shock, Justin asks what he's doing at Liberty High since he was fired. Mr. Porter looks over at them and leaves, Clay is visibly concerned about why the police brought him in as Mr. Porter knew a lot about him and the group having listened to the tapes. Alex is the first person to be brought in to talk to Mr. Porter, he realizes that the police and Mr. Porter are asking questions about Clay to his friends to build a case against him. Alex defends Clay and calls out Mr. Porter.[36] Clay asks Alex in class if Bryce ever dealt Oxy, Alex denies this and tells him that Bryce didn't sell it because he once asked him and he refused. Clay asks why he asked him and Alex said that he had a sprained hamstring from lifting, Bryce said it was too addictive to get hooked on for just numbing the pain.[37] In the final episode, Clay and Ani hatch a plan to cover for Alex after Jessica tells Ani what really happened the night Bryce was killed. Clay catches up with Alex after school, he asks Alex where he is going and Alex says that he texted his Dad to pick him up, however Ani needs to stay at the police station with Alex's Dad to finish their plan, so he asks about him asking for a gun from Tyler. Alex says that he just needed to blow off some steam with target practice and his Dad wouldn't let him. He runs out of things to say and tells him that he believes Ani killed Bryce and he won't cover for her anymore. With the look Alex gives Clay, it is implied that Alex feels guilty and tells him what happened because he doesn't want anything to happen to Ani. Someone (seemingly Justin) then texts Ani, she asks Deputy Standall for water and he leaves for a few second to get it for her, while she is out of the room, she checks her phone and the text reads: "Homework done. Let me know when we can study.". After Ani tells Deputy Standall their cover story the police close the case. They all go back to Clay's house in his basement and listen to the tape Bryce gave to Jessica just before he died.[41]

Tyler Down

Tyler is Clay's friend, they didn't always like each other but they now have a stable relationship and are very good friends.


Clay confronting Tyler in the dark room in "Tape 2, Side B".

In a flashback to Kat's going away party held at Hannah's first house, Tyler took a photo of Kat, Hannah and Clay for the yearbook photos.[11] Clay and Alex talked about what Alex did but was interrupted by Tyler who asked what they were talking about. Clay lied and said that they were talking about a homework project but Tyler knew he was lying, and told them that the only class they have together is gymnastics class, he then asked again. They both refused to tell him, Alex told him that it was creepy that he knew what class they have together and made him leave.[12]

Instructed by Hannah, Clay went into Tyler's backyard and watched Tyler through his window. Marcus Cole heard a car alarm and found Clay, he told Clay that almost everyone on the tapes threw a rock through Tyler's window, he encouraged Clay to throw one and pass the tapes onto the next person. The next day, he saw Tyler in school and called his name, Tyler turned to see Clay, turned back and walked away from him fast. Clay tried to catch up with him but wasn't fast enough. After he listened to the tapes, he walked into the dark room in school and confronted Tyler, Tyler told him he was not supposed to be in the dark room, Clay sarcastically commented on the irony of Tyler calling him out on trespassing. Tyler asked him if throwing a rock through his window wasn't enough, but Clay told him that he didn't throw a rock like the others did.

Clay and Tyler talking at a basketball game in school in "Tape 2, Side B".

Tyler asked what he wanted and Clay told him to delete the photos that he took of Hannah and Courtney or he would take him to jail. Tyler believed that he was bluffing but Clay recited a law that could actually put him in jail. Tyler panicked and told Clay that he wasn't a criminal and revealed that he was in love with Hannah, Tyler then revealed the reason he took pictures of her. Clay told him to delete the pictures of Hannah and Courtney and left. Later on at a pep rally, Tyler told him that the pep rallies are pathetic, "The way they celebrate themselves and just their whole group. It's better to stay outside of it all, you know?" Clay responded with "No, I don't know". Clay then left the pep rally. At night, Clay came back to Tyler's window, he picked up a rock and was about to throw it, but Tyler came into the room and undressed. Tyler then got dressed again for bed and received a text from Clay, he opened it and saw a photo of him facing away from the camera, completely naked, taken through his window by Clay and cried.[8]

Clay arrived at school the next day and saw Tyler being teased by Bryce about the photo, as everyone in the school received it. In the school hallways Tyler confronted Clay about the photo. Tyler asked him what he was doing and Clay told him "Anything. I'm trying to do something, anything, which is more than any of you did". Tyler asked him why he was the only one Clay messed with, Clay corrected him: he was the only one he messed with so far. Clay then saw Courtney Crimsen—the next person on the tapes—and Tyler left.[9] Tyler saw Sheri talking to Clay and waited until he left to ask Sheri if they could both talk to Clay about him being revengeful with the people on the tapes instead of trying to take him down, but Sheri declined it.[39]

Clay approached Tyler in Monet's and confronted him about what he said in court about seeing Hannah sext someone at her house while stalking her.[20] In the library, Clay overheard Tyler become mad at Marcus's lie in court while texting Sheri about an update on Justin Foley.[23]


Tyler and Clay in the courtroom in "Bryce and Chloe"

Clay walked into Alternative Strategies and Solutions class and saw Cyrus and Tyler, who were also taking the class. Tyler asked him if he was in the right class and Clay affirmed, Tyler asked him why he was there and Clay answered "Truancy, grudges, the hypocrisy of the high school administrators". Cyrus introduces himself and told Clay that Clay helped him fix his bike in freshman year. (After Clay leaked the tapes audio) He then praises Clay for getting a confession out of Bryce and recording it as evidence; Clay thanked him and Cyrus thanked him back. Clay asked them what they do in the class and Cyrus answered "We plot the complete and violent overthrow of civilization". Clay then told him to count him in. After Clay got beaten up, Cyrus and Tyler saw him in the school parking lot and Cyrus asked him what happened, Clay looked over at some jocks and Cyrus told him that he had a way of "getting the shit kicked out" of him. Clay sarcastically thanked him for noticing. Cyrus told him it was about power, he asked Clay if he wanted to take back the power and then told him what he and Cyrus had planned later that night and invited Clay along, Tyler was hesitant at first as he did not completely trust Clay. At night, Clay, Tyler and Cyrus went to the playing field to vandalize it. Clay saw cheerleaders and jocks going into a shed and then realized that he discovered The Clubhouse and left before they did anything serious.[27]


Clay and Tyler practice shooting at a make shift gun range in "Bryce and Chloe".

Clay hallucinated Hannah, while he was alone in the court room. He stopped as Tyler came in, he asked if Clay was okay and Clay affirmed but was visibly not okay. Tyler sat down next to Clay, Clay told him that what Cyrus said about taking back power was bullshit, "Nothing does anything". Tyler asked him if he wanted to know what real power felt like. Tyler then took him to a make shift shooting range—originally used by himself and Cyrus before Cyrus willingly drifted away from Tyler—got guns and used beer cans and glass bottles as targets to shoot. Clay complimented Tyler's shooting accuracy, Tyler then told him that it helped when he named the targets after people they don't like. Clay then aimed at a target and hallucinated Hannah behind him, she said "Bryce Walker" and he shot at the target with perfect accuracy; Tyler then complimented the accuracy. Tyler and Clay then realized that they had no more bullets left, Tyler went to the guns on the ground to exchange the empty ones with full ones, but they heard a siren. Tyler urged Clay to give him the gun so they could run. Unknown to Tyler, Clay started to hallucinate Hannah reciting her words on the last tape she recorded which detailed Bryce raping her to him and therefore wasn't concentrating on Tyler. As Tyler realized it was too late, he grabbed the guns and told Clay to ditch his and run and then left. Clay then stopped the hallucination and ran after he realized what was going on.[29]


Tyler holds his assault rifle up to Clay's neck in "Bye".

In the middle of the Spring Fling dance, Clay was warned by Cyrus that Tyler had something planned—Tyler warned Mackenzie via text message (which is not shown), Mackenzie warned Cyrus and Cyrus warned Clay—they all panicked, and already had it implied in their heads what Tyler intended to do. Tyler loaded up two handguns and placed them inside his tactical clutch belt. After Clay then went to find Tony for help, Tyler took another handgun out of his bag, closed the bag and then put it on his back. He then took out an assault rifle from the trunk of his car and closed the trunk and saw Clay run out of the building to meet him. Clay asked Tyler what he was doing and Tyler told Clay to leave, he walked closer to Clay and Clay told him not to do anything. Clay and Tyler continuously fight, Justin and Jessica then ran out of the building terrified and shouted for Clay. Clay asked them to go back inside, they stood in shock looking at Clay and Tyler instead and Tyler raised his gun at them, as the situation escalated Clay became scared and strongly demanded they go back inside so they ran back into the building.[31]


Clay becomes visibly scared as he tries to talk Tyler out of the school shooting attempt in "Bye".

Clay turned back to face Tyler and Tyler raised his assault rifle up to Clay's chest, Clay continuously tried to talk Tyler out of it but Tyler refused to believe him, Tyler became agitated and raised his gun further up to Clay's neck. Clay became visibly more scared and Tyler continuously walked further closer to him with his gun pressed to Clay's neck, as Clay tried to talk him out of it. Clay started to cry and walked further backwards with Tyler's gun pressed to his neck as he carried on trying to talk him out of it. Tyler stopped and turned to look behind him as he heard sirens, Clay got closer to him and told him that he would not get out of it alive and that he didn't want Tyler to die. Tyler turned his face and swung his gun back to Clay, this time further up to Clay's face. Clay became scared and then relaxed his face and told Tyler "I don't want you to die. If you think this is the way, if you really think this'll change a goddamn thing, and not just be another fucking tragedy that adults cry about for a week and then forget, if you really think this is gonna be different then do what you gotta do.", Tyler stared at him blankly and Clay begged him. Tyler then told him that there was nothing else he could do.

Tony demands Tyler get in his car as he arrived to pick up Tyler in "Bye".

Clay told him that they would figure it out together and reached to grab the top of his gun and slowly lowered it and let go of it. Tony arrived and demanded Tyler get into his car, Clay kept the gun and escorted Tyler into the car and Tony drove off. After he managed to talk Tyler down from an attempt at a school shooting, Jess and Justin ran back outside and asked Clay if he was okay, he told them he wasn't and Justin asked "This is fucked up right?" and then asked what they were supposed to do.[31]

This season goes through events where Bryce Walker is either dead or alive but not in order, this details their relationship and interactions: starting from when Bryce was alive, to when Bryce is dead; in that order.

Before Bryce died


Tyler and Clay in his bedroom after they dropped him back home in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

Clay drove to the spot Tony dropped off Tyler, when he arrived, Clay asked Tyler if he should go home, Tyler then worryingly mentioned his parents, Tony and Clay asked why he was worried about his parents. They then drove him back home and Mrs. Down told them that the school texted all the parents about an active shooter being at the school, Clay then texted his parents that he was okay. Clay saw Tyler go up to his bedroom and followed him, Tyler held a letter in his hands and asked him if they should tear it up, Clay became confused and held out his hand for the letter. Tyler was hesitant at first but gave Clay the letter, Tyler then told him that he didn't know if he would see his Mom again. Clay then realized that it was Tyler's suicide note. While Tyler slept, Tony and Clay talk about what happened, Tyler's bruises and what they should do with him next. The next day, Tony, Clay and Justin escorted him into school, Tyler saw Monty and started to have a panic attack, Clay tried to calm him but Tyler pushed him away, Tony then calmed him down, Alex came out of his class and Clay told Tyler what his schedule would be up until their lunch break; Alex and Tyler would have their first lesson together, Alex would escort Tyler to his second lesson and he and Tyler would meet at break. Later, Tyler, Justin and Clay have lunch and—new student—Ani Achola joins them.[32]


Clay asks Tyler if they could talk, Clay suggests talking to Dr. Singh for some things he can't help with in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar".

Tyler approached Clay in the hallway and asked if they could talk, Clay told him that he should make an appointment to talk to Dr. Singh, Tyler stressed that has the group to talk to and Clay affirmed that he did but she could probably help him more as she is a professional.[33] While Clay and Ani had lunch and worked on their school project at Monet's, Tyler approached Clay and told him that Justin didn't show up (as Justin was next to spend time with Tyler), Tyler asked if he should just go home and Ani told him to join them, Tyler didn't want to disrupt them, thinking they were on a date and Clay told him that it wasn't and that he could join them.[42] While Ani, Clay and Tyler are in Monet's (Tyler has headphones in, not paying attention to them), Clay tells Ani what happened at the Spring Fling with him talking Tyler out of the attempted school shooting. Clay told Ani that looking back "it was a really bad choice" but that he would make it again, "exactly the same way". Later on, Clay, Ani and Tyler saw a movie, Clay and Ani argue over what the movie was about, Ani then asked Tyler for his opinion, he gave it and asked Ani if it was what she meant, she affirmed and kissed him on the cheek, he then excused himself to get more popcorn. Clay and Tyler took a walk at night because they couldn't sleep. Tyler asked Clay why he couldn't sleep. Clay told him that he was having nightmares about the night of Spring Fling, in his nightmare Tyler ignored Clay and pulled the trigger; killing him. Tyler apologizes for the nightmares, being the reason for them.[35]

After Bryce died


Clay hides from Tyler while following him in "Angry, Young and Man".

After Bryce died, Tyler asked Clay if they could talk, Clay told him that they could talk later and asked if he could talk to Dr. Singh about whatever he wanted to say. Tyler told him that he wanted to talk to Clay specifically. Clay concentrated on his phone and didn't respond to Tyler, Tyler then told him that it was important that he talked to him. Clay told him that they could talk at lunch. Tyler affirmed and left.[32] Clay and Ani became suspicious of Tyler possibly killing Bryce after Tyler tried to get rid of guns, they wondered why he was trying to get rid of them now that Bryce is dead. Clay watched Tyler excuse himself from the classroom to go to the bathroom, Clay also excused himself for the same reason and followed Tyler. He watched him go outside and caught up with him and realized that he was just going to pee outside, Clay lied and said that he followed him to talk to him. Tyler explained that he didn't feel comfortable using the bathroom, which Clay understood. Tyler asked him what he wanted to talk about, Clay told him that he wanted to know if the plan was still for Tyler to give Clay the gun so he could dump it, Tyler affirmed. Clay then asked him why he brought his bag out with him, Tyler told him that students steal stuff so he took it all with him, Clay agreed but still felt somewhat suspicious of him.[35]


Clay looks through Tyler's bag in "Angry, Young and Man".

Clay believed that Tyler had no reason to kill Bryce, however Zach Dempsey informed Clay that he may have had one: Bryce knew about what happened at Spring Fling and could turn him into the police. With Clay, Ani, Justin and Zach talking to each other and assuming the worst in Tyler—which Tyler saw—, Tyler caught onto them and walked fast (taking short cuts) into the photography and printing lab with his bag. Clay ran, trying to catch up with him and followed him into the lab. Tyler waited for him with his bag, Clay walked into the room and Tyler gave him permission to look in it, already knowing that Clay suspected him. Clay checked his bag and found nothing, he was about to apologize when another student came in, he then watched Tyler move in front of a slightly open locker; almost as if to protect it and checked out what Tyler stood in front of. Tyler asked if he was still coming over to his house; Clay affirmed and left. As Clay left Tyler moved to watch Clay leave and then closed the locker.[35]


Tyler and Clay have dinner with Tyler's parents in "Angry, Young and Man".

Later Clay went over to Tyler's house, and they went up to his bedroom, Tyler's Mom asked him to do a chore and Tyler left his room to do it, Clay then searched his room and found dry mud on Tyler's laptop, he sat down at his laptop and opened it up, he opened up a photo app called "Celluloid LX" and immediately saw pictures of a dead person in water with a hole in their head, wearing the Hillcrest uniform and realized it was Bryce Walker. Tyler walked back into the room and scared Tyler, Tyler stressed to Clay that he could explain it and that it wasn't what it looked like—which is that Tyler killed Bryce and took pictures—Clay became scared and asked him what he did. Mrs. Down interrupted and asked Tyler to keep his door open, and then asked Clay to join them for dinner. Clay then joined Tyler and his parents for dinner. Mr and Mrs. Down started to talk about Bryce's death and possible therapy for Tyler if need be, Tyler told them that everyone was still trying to figure out how they felt. While he stared at Tyler, Clay added that people are also trying to figure out what is true and what isn't while he stared at Tyler. Mrs. Down asked if the school knew if he was murdered, Clay then told her that the newspapers said he was shot, Tyler added that what the papers said didn't prove anything, and added the possibility that Bryce shot himself. Mr. Down comments that Bryce was a troubled kid. Clay had a flashback to when he told Tyler about his nightmare of Tyler at the Spring Fling. Tyler's parents finish eating and thank Clay for taking care of him since the night of Spring Fling.[35]


Clay telling Tyler about his nightmare of an alternative reality of him and Tyler at Spring Fling in "Angry, Young and Man".

Clay and Tyler then went back up to his bedroom and Tyler pulled out an object, Clay immediately thought Tyler intended to hurt him and Tyler asked Clay if he genuinely believed that he was going to stab him in his own house. Clay told him that he didn't know what he thought but he would take care of whatever Tyler had done. Tyler asked Clay what he believed he had done, Clay stated that he believed that Tyler killed Bryce. Tyler uses the object to take a gun out from a vent in his room. He handed the gun to Clay and explained why he kept the gun—He confronted Monty and Monty told him that Bryce told Monty to rape Tyler, Tyler confronted Bryce and held a gun up to him, Tyler didn't tell Bryce what Monty had done but Bryce revealed that he didn't know much of what Monty had done since the trial and hadn't made him do anything, Bryce then told Tyler that Tyler could shoot him and he wouldn't care and neither would anyone else—Tyler told Clay "I had the chance to kill him and I didn't".[35] Clay became confused and asked Tyler about the photos on his laptop.

Clay and Tyler sit on his bed after Tyler gives Clay a camera in "Angry, Young and Man".

Tyler revealed that he found Bryce's body, took photos and then anonymously reported it to the police. Clay questioned the anonymity and Tyler told him that he knew how the situation would look against him. Clay then asked him why he was at the bridge, Tyler then revealed that he had thought about killing himself, because no one believed that he could change. Clay told him that he believed he could change, Tyler then told him that he didn't today because he knew Clay was suspicious of him. Tyler explained that he thought he could never get away from what hurt him, from who he was and what he tried to do. Tyler then explained that he looked down in the water and saw a purple jacket and knew it was Bryce, he came down and saw his dead body and realized that "he doesn't get to be anyone anymore, it's over for him, and I knew right then that I didn't wanna be dead, I wanna live and keep getting better and be stronger" Clay then asked about the bag, Tyler opened the bag and handed Clay the content inside. Clay opened up the paper bag and found a camera. Tyler explained "An Exakta VX camera, like in Rear Window, you thought it was cool, remember? This one doesn't actually work, cause that'd be too expensive but it's still cool to look at. I have a chance to be someone else because of you, because of all of you".[35]

Tyler and Clay hugging after Tyler reveals he was raped by Monty in "In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's on Your Side"

Mr. Porter came back to help stop the police from building a case against Clay, he talked to Clay in Monet's about Tyler and said that Tyler seemed to have been through trauma possibly to do with Montgomery de la Cruz. He then and asked Clay to look out for him and Clay promised he would. Later, Clay confronted Tyler about speaking to the police, Tyler told him that he told them the truth—that Clay is a good person—Clay then apologized for not being there as much. Clay then asked Tyler if something happened with Monty before the Spring Fling. Tyler stuttered and became emotional before he revealed that Monty had raped him with the end of a mop in the bathroom. Clay then comforted Tyler and Tyler cried and broke down in his arms. Clay then went to get him water and asked him if he had told anyone else, Tyler stated that he had told Bryce, and Bryce wanted to help and actually cared, Bryce then left a voicemail for him telling him that things were taken care of. Clay realized that if Bryce confronted Monty, Monty could have hurt him. He told Tyler that they needed to tell an adult but Tyler became scared and Clay backtracked and told Tyler that he didn't need to tell anyone until he was ready. Clay then told Tyler to promise that he would make sure to ask for help if he ever needed it, which Tyler promised he would.[36]


Clay and Tyler talking in Clay's car before Clay goes on the run in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You".

The police started to close in on Clay as they believed that he had killed Bryce. Clay and Tyler then talked in his car, Tyler mentioned that Clay told him that if he could tell the police about what Monty did, it would give them a reason to go after Monty instead. Clay told him not to worry about talking to them. Tyler then asked if it would help to tell them and Clay told him "Not if it doesn't help you". Tyler then stressed that if they have him under oath then the might have to talk about it but Clay stressed to Tyler that he wouldn't say anything. Clay then told him that he might not be around all the time and that Tyler should think about talking to someone else, possibly Jessica.[43] Clay started to go on the run and Tyler called him as he was traveling, Tyler called to ask him to be at school as today was an important day and Clay said he couldn't make it but he would try. Later on, Clay came into the school assembly and wondered what was happening, Jessica had made a speech and encouraged sexual assault survivors to come out and say that they are survivors.

Clay tells Tyler he is proud of him in "And Then the Hurricane Hit".

Clay looked at Tyler and Tyler saw Clay, Tyler then stood up and said his name and admitted that he was a survivor of sexual assault. Jessica had given him the cue to stand up before but he shook his head because he couldn't, it seemed that Tyler couldn't admit it without Clay being there for him. Clay walked up to Tyler and told him that he is proud of him but the police arrive in the assembly and arrest Clay.[44] Clay and Tyler along with the group, listened to Bryce's tape that he recorded confessing to raping Hannah, Jessica and many other girls. Later on, Clay and Tyler and the group all went to Monet's for Tyler. Tyler presented a series of candid photographs he took of people who have helped him since Spring Fling; Clay is in a number of them.[44]

Montgomery de la Cruz

Montgomery was Clay's enemy. Monty and Clay became enemies due to Clays hatred for Bryce Walker, and constantly tried to keep Bryce clear from being hurt by Clay.


Alex and Clay compete in a drinking game while Bryce, Monty, Zach and Justin watch and cheer them on in "Tape 2, Side A".

After Bryce bought Clay a beer, Justin made Clay compete in a drinking game with Alex. Bryce did a countdown and Monty, Justin, Bryce and Zach watched both Alex and Clay chug beers and cheered them both on.[13] During the Winter Formal, after Courtney threw Hannah under the bus by telling Monty false sexual things about her, Monty confronted Hannah about it in front of Clay. Monty told Hannah everything Courtney told him, Clay seemed shocked and didn't know how to react.[9] Clay arrived at school and saw a crowd gathered in a circle, curious, he walked over to see what was happening and saw Monty fighting Alex, as he saw Monty punching Alex he imagined himself in Alex's position and carried on watching the fight. The fight was then broken up by Mr. Porter. Later on, the school's Honor Board was the judge in deciding what would happen to both Alex and Monty due to their fight. As Clay was part of the Honor Board, he was present for it. As everyone was stating who was at fault, Clay quietened the room when he stated that maybe it was all of their faults, referring to the bullying going on that leads to violence. Clay was part of the decision to suspend Monty for 3 days and for Alex to be let off with a warning.[14]


Monty leaves a message for Clay in red telling him that Hannah lied (on the tapes) in "The Third Polaroid".

Bryce and Monty watched Alex freak out at Clay for protecting him, Alex saw them watching and asked them what they were looking at. Monty started to walk over but Bryce stopped him and told him to leave it.[21] After Clay tried to visit Skye in the hospital, he left to go home on his bike. Unknown to Clay at the time, Monty was driving Bryce's car, they were going opposite ways but he saw Clay and turned the car around and started following him. Clay realised the car was about to drive into him and tried to ride his bike faster away but Monty sped up and drove into him and knocked him onto grass, off the side of the road; Clay's bike remained on the side of the road, damaged from the force of the car. Monty carried on speeding and drove away.[22] Also unknown to Clay, on the day Clay was scheduled to testify, Monty sent Clay a message. He left a newspaper outside of his house with "HANNAH LIED" in red paint spread across two pages inside of it. It's noteworthy that Monty specifically chose the section where Hannah's trial was being reported on.[16] As Clay refused to back down even with Monty's threats, Monty organised a few jocks to beat up Clay, resulting in minor injuries to his face and stomach.[27]

The boys confront Monty to give back the Polaroids in "The Box of Polaroids".

Ultimately, Alex figured out who was sending them messages and he told Scott Reed, who let the group know where Monty would be. Scott asked Monty to stop taking care of Bryce and defending him, Monty asked him what he wanted him to do. Clay appeared and told Monty to give them back the Polaroids. Zach, Alex, Tony, Justin, Clay and Scott cornered him in a circle and demanded that he gave them back the Polaroids, Monty ultimetely gave up and told them that he would give back the Polaroids. Clay told them to hand the Polaroids over but Monty told Clay that he had to go and get them as he didn't have them on him. Alex volunteered—demanded—to go with Monty to make sure everything worked out. Later on, it's revealed that Monty didn't actually have the Polaroids and only admitted to it to get out of the situation.[30]


Monty confronts Clay and Ani about watching him outside of his house in "Nobody's Clean".

Ani and Clay inconspicuously watched Monty clear out his locker and dump an object in his car. After he left, they went to dig through it. They found that Monty had a final exam paper to cheat from, and a fake ID of Winston Williams' with a picture of another student; Brian Chu, inside of an envelope that had the words "HE WON'T TALK" written on it in red. Clay pulled out a cane from the car seat and told Ani, they both noticed that there was a red stain on the end of the cane, Ani rhetorically asked Clay if it was blood implying that Monty may have killed Bryce. They then returned to class as instructed by the school PA due to a lockdown. Later on, Clay and Ani were sat in his car, Clay watched Monty walk by and asked Ani why she cared so much about finding out who killed Bryce. Later on, Clay and Ani followed Monty home and staked out his house. They fell asleep during the process and woke up to hear Monty's father yelling at Monty. Monty's father was making death threats to Monty and Clay and Ani got out of the car. They watched his father collapse due to being drunk and then saw Monty came out with the cane. They immediately got behind Clay's car and watched Monty, but Monty noticed them.

Ani and Clay confront Monty after staking out his house in "Nobody's Clean".

Monty walked out towards them with the cane in his hand while Ani and Clay contemplated whether or not they should get back in the car and leave or confront Monty. They chose to confront Monty and Ani asked if the red stain was blood, Monty asked why they cared, Clay then asked if it was Bryce's blood. Monty laughed and told them that it was Monty's father's blood and his own. Monty then told Clay that Bryce was his best friend and demanded they both leave him alone. Clay found Winston on Facebook and noticed that he wasn't the same in his banner photo as he was in his ID photo. He contacted him to speak and he and Ani met Winston in Monet's. Winston revealed that he made a deal with Bryce not to talk, but it was really for Monty. He then told them that he and Monty had sex at a party, revealing for the first time that Monty was gay, the bimenta health deteriationest secret that Monty had been keeping and was also ashamed of. Winston asked Monty to hang out in front of people at a party and Monty became scared and beat him up, Bryce wasn't aware of what Monty and Winston had done at the party, but was willing to make sure Winston wouldn't talk about Monty assaulting him.[40]

Clay confronts Monty and Monty points him towards Justin in "In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's on Your Side".

After Tyler confided in Clay about Monty raping him, Clay confronted Monty. He walked onto the field and called out Monty's name, Monty asked Clay "Didn't they arrest you yet?", Clay told Monty they didn't but that he hoped they would be coming for Monty. Monty then asked what he meant buy that, Clay then asked him "Where were you after Homecoming? Did Bryce talk to you after the game? Did something happen?" Monty then told him that he had an alibi, and told Clay that Clay was the one who was in trouble. Clay told Monty that he didn't do anything, but he knew for a fact that Monty did (Tyler's rape). Monty asked Clay what he thought he had done, Clay didn't answer as Tyler had asked Clay not to tell anyone. Monty told Clay that if Clay was trying to clear his name, he should look closer to home. Clay became confused and told him he was "full of shit". Monty told Clay "Your boy Justin, he shaves with electric, right?", Clay told him that he did and asked why, Monty rhetorically asked Clay "Then why's he got a can of shaving cream in his bag?". This confused Clay and Monty told him that he should check it out.[36] Ultimately after Clay found out who actually killed Bryce, he became part of a plan to exonerate himself and frame Monty as the killer to protect the real killer.[41]

Hallucination Monty

In the fourth season, Monty returns as a hallucination to further show Clay's mental health deterioration.


Clay seeing Monty in a dream in "Senior Camping Trip".

The first time Monty appears to Clay is when Clay has a nightmare about Justin waking him up in the middle of the night telling him they have to leave and Monty is still alive. The two arrive at a jail and speak to a withered Monty, who openly blames them for his arrest and promptly attacks Clay. At Future Fair Clay first consciously hallucinates Monty when he thinks he sees Monty at a table when it was revealed to be a guy wearing Monty's jersey to memorialize him. Monty reappears shortly later to confirm to Clay, that Estela is his sister.

When the football team plays a prank on Clay at the Valentine's Day dance, they stage a fake murder scene in the showers, complete with a large pool of fake blood and bloody knife. They then place a dummy on the football field wearing prisoner clothes and covered in blood. Clay then hallucinates the dummy as Monty bleeding out in front of him and pleading to help him. Monty begs to Clay that he doesn't want to die as Clay calls out for help and attempts to stop the bleeding, but it is not enough and Monty bleeds to death in front of him. Clay is distraught by the death and apologizes for failing to save Monty.

During the Shooter drill on Thursday, Clay's anxiety increases as he sees Monty again. Clay askes Monty about his death, to which Monty explains an older prisoner found out he was a child rapist and stabbed him repeatedly.

Courtney Crimsen

Courtney is Clay's friend. Their relationship wobbled throughout the first season, but they become friends throughout the second season.


Clay takes Courtney to Hannah's grave in "Tape 3, Side A".

Courtney and Clay had a close relationship. She showed concern for Clay and wanted to help him through things. He also showed to be caring of her until he listened to her tape, "Tape 3, Side A", and understood what she did. He took her to Hannah's grave and made her feel guilty for what she did and then listened to why she did it, she doesn't seem to be forgiven, but Clay partially understands why she did what she did. In telling him about why she did it, this is the first time that we see her have any emotional response about her role in Hannah's death.


Everyone comforting Clay as Clay cries to his and Hannah's song "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron in "Bye".

In the second season, Courtney and Clay don't interact until the season finale, where Courtney is amongst Clay's friends at the Spring Fling to join in hugging each other whilst hugging Clay as he cries to his and Hannah's song "The Night We Met".[31]


Courtney asking Clay to do the new student tour in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

While Clay is in class, Courtney uses Principal Bolan's slip to get him out of class to do a tour of school for a new student. They were supposed to do it together but she tells him that she has an appointment in the careers center in 5 minutes so she asks him to do it alone. She thanks him and leaves before he can say no to it.[32]

Lainie Jensen

Lainie is Clay's mother.


Lainie informs Clay that the school emailed parents again in "Tape 1, Side A".

As Clay listened to the start of the first tape, Lainie interrupted him by asking what he was doing, which scared Clay. Clay reminded her about helicopter parenting, Lainie then told him that she didn't intend to scare him. Lainie asked what he was listening to and Clay lied about a history project. He ejected the tape and she grabbed it and asked if she could listen to it. Clay panicked and told her she couldn't because it was just a dumb project. He took it back and told he was going to his room to do homework. She informed him that the school emailed again. Clay commented that it explained why his father showed interest in his life, and told her that they were both dangerous when they coordinate as parents. Lainie told him that she didn't like being the parent who asked if he wanted to talk about anything, and then proceeded to ask. Clay then lied and said he didn't know Hannah, Lainie mentioned that he worked with her at The Crestmont, Clay lied and said that he worked with her but didn't know her very well. He then left to go to his room. Later he came down and told her he was going to Tony's because Tony needed one of the tapes to do his work because they were working together on the project. She notified him that dinner would be ready in 30 minutes and Clay asked her to make a plate for him later. Lainie told him to text her if he was going to be coming home later. Clay then left after he told her he would. He then came back late at night and rummaged through his bedroom, Lainie asked if he was okay and Clay stressed that he forgot something, Lainie saw a big cut on his forehead and panicked. She asked if he fell off his bike and he affirmed but lied about how. She told him she would get the first aid kit but Clay declined it, Lainie then stressed that with how big and open the wound was he needed medical attention. Clay looked at his cut in the mirror and told her he was fine, she asked what happened again and recalled the same lie. He started to leave to meet Tony but Lainie stopped him and gave him his helmet. Clay then left with his helmet.[11]


Lainie checking in on Clay in the morning in "Tape 1, Side B".

Lainie knocked on his door in the morning and told him she made breakfast and that they were all going to have breakfast. He questioned it and she asked if he was awake, she opened the door and asked if he was alive. Clay became agitated at her opening the door and asked her to close it. She told him that she needed to be able to see him to know he was still alive, he told her that she heard his voice, she told him that she heard indistinct mumbles, he told her "We take what we can get in this life". She reminded him to take a shower and then eat breakfast. Later he came down to join his parents for breakfast, Lainie asked about his project and he expanded his lie. He noticed medication on the table and she explained, he told her that he stopped taking the medication two years ago, she told him that the doctor said that they would be available if Clay ever needed them again. Clay protested to taking the medication again and added that they have probably expired, Lainie added that it was a new prescription. Clay expressed his disbelief with facial expressions and then excused himself from breakfast to go to school, Lainie reminded him about his lunch and he picked it up and left.[12]


Lainie confronts Clay in "Tape 2, Side A".

Clay returned home late and apologized for being late and told them that he got distracted. Lainie asked him where he was, he lied and said that he was with a friend who was in trouble, he didn't believe them but he checked on them and found out they were in trouble. Lainie noticed different mannerisms in Clay and asked if he was drunk, Clay admitted to it and Lainie lectured him, he apologized and Matt asked him how much he drank, he admitted to drinking one beer. Lainie then grounded him and told him that for the next two weeks he would have to come home straight away after school, Matt interrupted her and stressed that they should all eat and talk first but Clay stated that he wasn't hungry and then threw up on the table. Clay apologized and his parents looked at him in shock and disbelief.[13] Clay came down for dinner and was about to make an excuse to leave the house but saw Tony, he asked him why he was there and Tony told him he was invited over. Clay and Tony had a riff before Clay returned home and so during dinner they tried to subtly—without letting Clay's parents know—talk about the tapes and fought over what Clay would decide to do with them.[8]


Lainie and Clay talking about his laundry in "Tape 3, Side A".

Clay woke up from a bad dream, sweating, he changed the sheets and came down to put them in the laundry, Lainie saw felt the bedsheet and asked him if he had an accident, he told her that he wasn't seven and that he just got hot last night and started to sweat. Lainie then took the laundry from him and told him she would do it because she hadn't seen him do it in a long time. They then had breakfast and Lainie tried to talk with him but he excused himself to meet a friend at Monet's, Matt then finally admitted that he had started to see something off with Clay. Late at night, Clay came home and listened to music, Lainie came in and asked what he was listening to, he told her that it was one of Tony's mix tapes, she asked if he was okay and he affirmed he was fine. She told him that she needed to talk to him and asked if any kids were being bullied at his school, he asked if someone had called her and she denied it and reiterated that she was actually asking whether or not he knew if Hannah was bullied. He asked why she had asked about Hannah specifically and she revealed that her firm had been hired as the school's lawyers because Hannah's mother had filed a lawsuit against Liberty High. Clay asked if the school had their own lawyers, Lainie affirmed that they did but for a lawsuit they needed litigators, and she is one. Clay then asked if she was going up against the Bakers', Lainie re-phrased him and said that she was defending the school, Clay reminded her that she is a parent of a kid going to the school, she then told him that she believed it was one of the reason why they asked her to take the case. Clay then clarified that she was going to try and prove that Hannah wasn't bullied. Lainie informed Clay that the school's position is that they didn't know about any bullying and would have stopped it if they did. Clay asked her if she believed them and she clarified that she believed that they'd find out if they knew. Lainie asked him if he was okay with it and he lied. She then asked about bullying again and then asked about Hannah Baker, he lied once more and told her that he didn't really know her.[9]


Lainie confronts Clay about his feelings in "Tape 3, Side B".

Clay brought Sheri Holland over and notified Lainie that they would be in his bedroom doing work. She reminded him to keep the door open, and Clay became slightly embarrassed. Later Sheri left and then Lainie came into his room, she asked if he was okay and he lied, but this time she picked it up and confronted him about it. Clay asked her why she was taking the case and she asked him if it was the reason he was upset and then asked if he was being bullied. Clay started to chuckle at her question and asked her what if he was the bully, she told him that he would never do that and he asked how she knows he wouldn't. Lainie told him he was a good person and Clay told her that maybe there aren't any good kids, he then implied she should leave his room so he could get ready for bed. She left the room but then told him that if the case was going to hurt him she would drop out but only if he told her why. He walked up to her and told her that she wouldn't be able to help him no matter what was going on and closed the door.[14] Downstairs, Matt and Lainie argued about how to get Clay help, Lainie told Matt that there was a reason that the school kept sending out emails about contagion and suicide clusters, but shrugs it off and told her that a girl died and Clay said he barely knew her. Lainie reiterated that she didn't just die, she slit her wrists and bled out in a bathtub. Unfortunately, Clay had been stood there in shock because he heard her say it. He then excused himself to go to school, Lainie told him that she hadn't made his packed lunch yet, Clay then told her that he would buy lunch and left.[14]


Lainie confronts Clay about his feelings in "Tape 3, Side B".

Later Zach Dempsey’s mother came around to the Jensen’s household to complain about Clay to Matt and Lainie, Zach told his mom that Clay had keyed his car with the words “why me?” visible on Zach’s car, Lainie and Matt weren’t convinced and Lainie tried to defend Clay but he interrupted her and admitted to doing it and apologized. Matt and Lainie then discuss why he would have done it, they come to a decision of grounding him for two weeks.[10] The next day he came home late and broke his grounding rules, he apologized to his parents and explained the situation, this time without lying. Matt then hugged him and Lainie told him that next time he needs to text them before he goes somewhere not on the way home from it. Clay explained that he couldn’t get to his phone for a while and was open to being grounded for a month, however, instead of grounding him Matt just told him that he was glad he was still alive and Clay agreed.[15]


Lainie and Clay talk about legality of a hypothetical situation in "Tape 5, Side A".

After someone planted drugs in Clay's bag, Lainie had to go down to the school to pick him up after being called about it, Clay asked his mom to take him to the police station so he could sign up for a programme, Lainie told him that he could sign up anytime in a week, Clay then told her that he needed to get it out of the way. Lainie then drove him to the station to sign up. They arrived and Lainie said she would wait for him outside on a bench. However Clay walked back over to Lainie and asked if he could ask her a question about legality. He described a situation where someone gets assaulted but the victim refuses to come forward, the witness moved away and there's no evidence that it happened, and asked if the perpetrator could still be prosecuted. She told him that it sounded like a tough case to prosecute, because the victim and the witness won't talk and there's no evidence to prove it happened. Clay then realized that there would be no case and no one would be able to press charges and whispers profanity under his breath. Lainie then realized that the situation was not hypothetical and forced him to tell her the truth. He ultimately told her that he knew Hannah and they were good friends and he was really upset about her death and it was effecting him in a bad way. Lainie reassured him that he is a good person and told him that Hannah was lucky to have him as a friend but Clay protested her statement. Lainie then questioned him about the assault and asked him if it had to do with Hannah. She then told him that even though a crime can't be prosecuted it shouldn't stay a secret. Clay realized something and then told her that he had to leave and promised her that he would be home later. Later Lainie told Matt what Clay said and started to wonder what Clay and Hannah's relationship was like and then wondered whether or not he had a part in something that led to her suicide, however Matt defended Clay.[17]


Lainie calls Clay to let him know that she will be home late in "Tape 6, Side A".

Just before Clay listened to his own tape, his Mom called to say that she would be home later and that she would talk about why later. She informed him that there was food in the fridge. They returned home at almost the same time and Lainie talked to him about the case: she told him that the school issued a settlement but the Bakers' turned it down and their lawyers would issue subpoenas out to kids in the school. She then told him that she got a copy of the list of names to get subpoenas and a number of his classmates were on the list, including Clay himself. Lainie informed him that he would be interviewed and she would prepare him for it.[18] Clay came down in the morning for coffee and Lainie talked to him about what was going to happen, but Clay brought up hypothetical situations while he asked legality questions and worried Lainie, she asked what he was talking about and he refused to answer. The doorbell rang and an officer handed Lainie Clay's subpoena. Late at night, Lainie woke up and went into Clay's room to discover that he never came home and didn't text.[19] Clay then came home, and ate breakfast in the morning, Lainie let Tony into the house and expressed that she wanted to talk about their depositions, Clay then excused himself and Tony to go up to his room. Lainie called his name and he promised that they would talk soon. Later on, during Tyler Down's deposition, Tyler mentioned the tapes existence and that Clay Jensen last had them in his possession, Lainie was shocked to hear this as she hadn't know that Clay had tapes the entire time.[1]


Lainie and Clay talk about Hannah's trial moving forward in "The First Polaroid".

It's five months later, and Clay returned home to be told by Lainie that Hannah's trial had moved forward and would start tomorrow because the Bakers' rejected the districts final settlement at the last minute. Lainie told Clay that he was not on either sides witness list, Clay became angry because the people managing the case heard the tapes and seemed to have not done anything about Bryce after they listened to Bryce's confession that Clay recorded. He became angry at her because she heard the tapes and dropped out of the case, she then told him that she dropped out of the case because Clay's involvement in Hannah's story became a conflict of interest for her. Clay then told her that she could get back on the case considering that he was no longer involved because he was not on either witness list. Lainie told him that if they knew who the sexual assault victim that Hannah talked about on the tapes was they could bring it forward but Clay refused to say who it was and said that it wasn't his place to say who they were. He became angry because he felt like the tapes coming out did nothing for Hannah (and Jessica). Lainie told him that she was worried about his anger, he calmed down and told her that he wasn't angry and that he would be fine because he hasn't thought about Hannah in months. However he then went to his bedroom and started to hallucinate her outside through his window.[20]


Matt, Lainie, Skye and Clay have dinner together in "Two Girls Kissing".

The next day, Lainie woke Clay up and she asked him if things were okay which he affirmed, she then asked him court was, and before he answered he asked her the same question she told him that she was there for paperwork and he told her that he was just curious. She told him that she was worried that he still thought about Hannah and cared about her, Clay excused himself to get ready for school. Later at night, Clay's parents invited Skye, Clay's girlfriend, over for dinner, they talked about the mural that Clay and Skye were making and Skye tried to signal to Clay that she wanted to go up to his bedroom to have sex by inappropriately touching him under the dinner table. Clay excused them and they went upstairs.[21] Early in the morning, he found out Skye was hospitalized, he tried to visit her in hospital and came home at 5am on his bike, his parents walked outside and asked him what was going on. Clay then told them a bunch of things that he had been keeping from them and asked if knowing it made it better or worse. Lainie told him that their agreement was that they would talk about things, Clay then asked her "When the house is on fire, do you discuss the fire or do you get out of the goddamn house?", before he went inside the house he told them that he needed a new car because his bike was damaged. Later, Lainie told him that she and Matt wanted to talk about something outside, he came out and they presented him a new car, on the condition that he would be honest and authentic with them and involve them in his life when it's appropriate to, he agreed to this.[22]


Lainie and Matt confront Clay about hiding Justin in "The Smile at the End of the Dock".

Clay hid Justin in his room—unknown to Matt and Lainie—and came down to wash his stuff, Lainie asked him about the smell of the clothes, Clay lied and said that accidentally wet them. Lainie informed him that it was just her and Clay for breakfast.[23] After Clay's parents found out about him hiding Justin, Lainie became mad at him because he hid Justin who is a witness in the case that Lainie is a lawyer in, considering the fact that Justin failed to respond to this subpoena he's in contempt and Clay should not be hiding him, especially in Lainie's house as she is working the case. Clay told them he had no other option, Matt told him that he had an option of taking to him and Lainie. Justin took over and revealed why Clay hid him. Lainie and Mat let him stay but Lainie told Justin and Clay that she had no choice but to inform the court of Justin's situation.[25] The next morning, Clay came down to see Lainie, Matt and Justin eating breakfast, Lainie informed him that Matt would take him to court for his testimony. After Clay's testimony revealed some things his parents didn't know, Lainie and Matt argued about the serious things he did that he kept them from knowing. Later, Clay came home to see Lainie, Matt and Justin sat watching TV like a family through the window. He came in and sarcastically commented on how they looked. Later on Lainie told him that he could keep going with his silent treatment as she understood why he wasn't talking to them, but that Justin would need his support the next day.[16]


Clay arguing with Lainie over Justin and leaking the tapes from her computer in "The Little Girl".

Matt and Lainie became mad at Clay again because he hadn't told them that Justin was on drugs when he brought him here, Matt asked if they should call social services, Lainie told him that if social services was called Justin would disappear into the system and would not testify, Matt became angry and asked Lainie if that's all she cared about, Lainie told him that she cared about keeping the kids safe which was hard to do when they were working against them. Clay asked how he was working against her and Lainie told him that she was aware that he used his computer to leak the audio of the tapes because the files were watermarked. Lainie told him that he endangered her career and their livelihood, Clay then told her that she ruined his life. Matt silenced both Lainie and Clay from fighting further and told Clay to go to his room.[26] The next day Clay and Matt have breakfast alone, Matt informed him that he and Lainie had a disagreement and she went to stay with her sister while they figured things out.[27]


Clay and Lainie talking after Justin gets arrested in "The Box of Polaroids".

Justin and Clay came down in the morning and Lainie noticed bruises on both of their face and asked what happened. They both lied but Lainie didn't believe them and told them that if someone was hurting them they needed to tell her and Matt. Clay then asked what his mother was doing back home considering she was staying at her sisters house. She apologized for an argument between her and Matt having an impact on the family and Justin and said that it was fair for them. Justin told them that he felt like when he came into the house he messed things up for their family; Matt, Lainie and Clay protest his statement. Clay asked Lainie if she was back at home for good and she affirmed, and added that she needed to talk to Justin privately about legality and couldn't tell Clay why but if Justin decided to tell Clay afterwards that would be up to Justin. After the jury gave their verdict on Hannah's case. Clay and his friends watched Justin get arrested after testifying that he knew Jessica was raped by Bryce but didn't alert police and in fact tried to hide that it happened. Clay stressed to his mother about Justin's arrest but Lainie told him that Justin knew it would happen—which would be one of the legal things she and Justin spoke about—but she would try her best to get him out.[30] After Justin's arrest and Bryce and Jessica's court case is over, Lainie became Justin's lawyer and attended a court session with Justin, Lainie came out to meet with Clay and Jessica—who were waiting outside for Justin and Lainie—and informed him that they would only release Justin to a legal guardian and informed Jessica that she was working on a court order for the school that would legally stop Bryce from being able to interact with her. Later on, Lainie and Clay attended Hannah's wake after they attended her funeral, Lainie implied to Clay that he should talk to Justin, Clay then told Justin that he and his parents wanted to adopt him into their family.[31]

This season goes through events where Bryce Walker is either dead or alive but not in order, this details their relationship and interactions: starting from when Bryce was alive, to when Bryce is dead; in that order.

Before Bryce died


Lainie has breakfast while the family talk about the events of Spring Fling in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

The day after the events of Spring Fling, Clay, Lainie, Matt and Justin had breakfast and they talked about the what happened at Spring Fling—an active shooter was reported to be in the building but turned out to be a false alarm—Lainie told the boys "At least you're all safe". Matt expressed that he believed that calling the police sounded like it was an over-reaction. Clay makes eye contact with Justin knowing that they are the only ones in the room that know what actually happened. Matt them moved on to wanting to clear out the workshop, Lainie asked if it would be for Justin, commenting "So we bring him into the house and then send him to a different building?" Matt told her that they are both boys, and that they would be seniors next year and need space. Lainie told him that they didn't need their space as they manage "all kinds of miscreant behavior without either of us knowing" she tried to affirm with Clay but Clay seemed distant, she called out his name and he affirmed her statement.[32] One day, Lainie came in to Clay's bedroom—the workshop—while Clay had a new student named Ani Achola over, she introduced herself to Ani and Clay introduced Ani to her while she was doing the laundry for the day.[45]

After Bryce died


Clay informed Lainie that Barry Walker abandoned Bryce just before his death in "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves".

Lainie and Matt decorated the house appropriately, Clay came into the kitchen and Matt asked if he was ready, Clay asked what he would be ready for and Lainie reminded him of Justin's social worker's visit. Clay asked if he needed to be there for it and Lainie reminded him that they needed to let the social worker know that they could provide Justin with a happy and healthy environment. Clay then told them that he had something to do but he would figure out how he could be at home to talk to the social worker and do what he needed to do. Lainie and Matt gave each other a worried look and Clay reassured them that he understood the situation and left.[35] The Jensens attended Bryce Walker's funeral and Clay asked Lainie what the situation was with Barry Walker. She told him that she didn't know and asked him why, he asked about the fight they had went she went over to his house, Lainie told him that Nora Walker played the mediator and calmed things down, she added that she believed that Barry was "mostly talk", Clay then asked if she knew that Barry abandoned Bryce before his death. Lainie denied knowing of it but commented that she was not surprised. Matt told her to hold back because it's Barry's son funeral, however Lainie told him that it wasn't clear that his son had died from seeing the way he behaved at the funeral. Later, after Clay learned of the reason why Tony's family was deported and understood that deportation was a thing that he would never experience and never want to experience, he came home in a positive and loving attitude and hugged Lainie and Matt and told them he loved them, he then suggested that the family should have Justin's picture added to their family photos and Lainie told him that they would take pictures at some point with Justin as a family.[46]


Lainie confronts Clay about the footage of him pointing a gun at Bryce before his death in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen".

After Clay was seen on the Walkers' home security camera pointing a gun at Bryce before his death, Lainie became mad that he didn't tell her about it and that he talked to the cops without a lawyer. Matt tried to calm the situation but Lainie stressed that it didn't look good that Clay had a gun pointed at Bryce just before he died. Clay told her that it was nothing and Lainie questioned him about where he got the gun and where it was left, Clay stayed silent. Lainie asked him "What the fuck were you thinking?" Clay then explained the situation and Lainie asked who he got it from, Clay refused to answer so Lainie asked Justin, but Clay told her to leave Justin out of it. Lainie stressed that he didn't understand the gravity of the situation. Clay told her that he didn't kill Bryce and Lainie told him that the police believe he did and that the court system isn't perfect and it didn't matter if he didn't do it; it looked strongly like he could have. He asked her rhetorically if she believed him and if she believed that he killed Bryce. He became angry and stood up from his seat. Matt once again tried to calm the situation and Clay asked him if he believed that he didn't do anything which Matt affirmed. Lainie told Clay that they would be able to take care of it and keep him safe but they needed to know everything and not be told lies. Clay said that he never lied, and Lainie stressed to him that he withheld. Clay once again asked her, this time non-rhetorically, if she believed that he could kill someone, Lainie answered that it didn't matter what she thought but Clay shouted "Yes, it does!" and left the room.[45]


The Jensen's meet with Dennis to discuss Clay's situation in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You".

After the police came into the Jensen's household with a warrant to search the house, Lainie sat down with Justin and Clay to discuss it. Justin told her that they took both of their laptops and Clay mentioned his phone being taken. Lainie then asked him what, if anything, they would find on his phone. Clay revealed that he sent a text message to Bryce threatening to kill him, he explained that it was after the events of Homecoming and he was mad and later he deleted them. Lainie informed Clay that she would talk to Dennis and instructed the boys not to talk to anyone else about the case. Matt asked Clay why he sent the text and Clay remained silent. Later on the Jensens' met with Dennis to talk the events through. Clay explained the situation regarding the text and Olivia Baker's voicemail but refused to say anything that could hurt Olivia. Dennis realized that he was more focused on saving his friends than saving himself and explained to him the full gravity of the situation. Matt asked him if he was at Bryce's house, which Clay remained silent on. Lainie then asked him why he was near Bryce's location minutes before his death, which Clay also stayed silent on after realizing that the situation made it look like he definitely killed Bryce.[43]


Clay wears his tracking device while talking to Lainie and Justin in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".

After Clay realized that the cops were closing in on him and got a warrant for his arrest to be made, he went on the run. Dennis, Justin and the Jensen's had a meeting where Lainie asked Justin if he knew where he went and Justin lied ad told her he didn't, Dennis asked what time he realized Clay was gone and whether or not Clay alerted him that he intended to go on the run. He told him he realized at midnight and lied and said Clay didn't tell him.[44] Later Clay was caught and arrested, he came out and had to wear an electronic device to track his location. Lainie told him that it was brutal but it was better than being in a jail. She told him that he had a meeting with the school counselor to see if it was okay for him to go back to school, Clay sarcastically commented on it and Lainie told him to stop making sarcastic comments and that his state of mind counted in the situation. Lainie told both Clay and Justin to watch their backs. Later on, Clay's name was cleared and the got closed, the Jensen's, Justin and Tony and Caleb had dinner together and before they ate they went around the table stating what they were thankful for. Lainie stated that she was thankful that Clay was still here and that he has people who care about him. Clay stated that he was thankful to be there with them and to be alive.[41]

Matt Jensen

Matt is Clay's father.


Clay and Matt in "Tape 2, Side B"

After Clay received the tapes, he asked Matt to borrow his "radio thing" Matt corrected him to "Boombox", Clay asked if that was really what they were called and Matt joked that they're now called obsolete. Clay asked if it played tapes and Matt affirmed and then asked him how school was. He told him that it was pretty much the same and everyone was still acting weird. Matt then asked him how he was doing and Clay told him that he was fine. Clay asked if he could use the boombox and Matt gave him permission and told him to "keep in touch".[11] Lainie tried to bring up the topic of Clay taking medication to deal with any stress or anxiety at breakfast, but it failed. After he left to go to school, Matt told Lainie that she didn't bring it up subtly enough, Lainie told him that he was keeping secrets and Matt told her that he would be worried if Clay wasn't keeping secrets.[11] After Clay woke up with a hangover Matt told him that there is an important lesson to be learned from hangovers: "Actions have consequences" and told Clay that by his appearance he had already suffered enough. He handed Clay a green drink made out of Hot sauce, horseradish, kale, a raw egg, and "six other things designed to cure a hangover". He sat down on his bed and told him that he discussed Clay's grounding situation with Lainie, and managed to talk her out of grounding him on the condition that Clay would start to open up them and said that Lainie would prefer if he kept his doors slightly open. Before Matt left Clay's room he informed Clay that Lainie wasn't at home and that breakfast would be just them. The Jensen have dinner with Tony as Lainie invited him over, Clay and Tony fight over the tapes while disguising it to Clay's parents as a history project they're having trouble with.[8]


Clay and Matt talk at breakfast in "Tape 3, Side A".

Clay came down for breakfast and Matt greeted him by saying "Good morning, pal", Clay told him that they had talked about calling him "pal", Matt then changed "pal" to "honey" and Clay told him it was well played. They both smiled at each other and Matt smelt Clay and asked if he had showered, Clay told him that he did and Matt told him that he didn't think he did, Clay then admitted that he didn't shower. Lainie sat down and asked him if he showered last night and Caly explained why he didn't shower, his parents stared blankly at him, confused. Lainie told him that he needed to talk with him but he excused himself to go meet someone at Monet's. Matt then admitted to Lainie that there could be something going on with Clay.[9] Clay came home late and apologized and explained why for the first time without lying, Clay thought his parents would ground him but Matt told him that they were just thankful he was still alive and Matt hugged him.[15] Lainie came home after she looked for Clay ad suggested that maybe they didn't have a suicidal kid just a kid with a drug problem, Matt told her that he teaches potheads and didn't believe that Clay was one. Lainie told him that Clay is good at hiding things, stating that he said he knew her well and was devastated, Lainie then questioned if he was Hannah's boyfriend at one point. Then questioned if he did something to her, Matt paused and asked what she was implying. Lainie then stated that she was defending a lawsuit brought by parents whose daughter was so damaged that she took her own life, she asked what if Clay was apart of the damage and Matt told her Clay was not capable of anything that bad. Lainie asked how he knew and Matt told her that he just did, Lainie expressed that she needed to give up the case, Matt asked her why she was going to give up the case and Lainie told him it was to protect the family but Matt told her that quitting the case wouldn't protect them.[15]


Matt talks to Clay at breakfast in "Tape 6, Side B".

Clay came down for breakfast and poured himself coffee, Matt asked him if he was still drinking coffee, Clay told him "You're still drinking coffee", Matt told him that he had more hope for his generation. Clay told him that he would probably live longer than Matt, adding that he would only live longer if his parents generation doesn't destroy the planet first. Matt commented that it was already too late for that. Lainie brought up the Baker's trial and Matt interrupted her by asking if they could have one morning where they didn't discuss the trial. Lainie told him that the subpoenas went out today, Clay asked who was getting one aside from him but Lainie told him that she was not a liberty to discuss it. Lainie asked about the hypothetical situation Clay had brought up previously with her and Lainie started to talk to him about legality and Clay questioned if she believed he hurt Hannah, Matt quickly called out Lainie and Lainie told them that she didn't think he was involved. Clay started to talk about legality and worried his parents with the hypothetical situations in which he would be in big legal trouble for, Lainie asked him what he was talking about but Clay returned with the same thing she told him: "I'm sorry Mom, I'm not at liberty to discuss it".[19] After Clay worried his parents when he came home too late with bruises, he came down to have breakfast, Matt questioned whether Clay was giving him the silent treatment and told him it should be him giving Clay the silent treatment and lectured him for disappearing.[20]


Matt and Skye testing out hand rolled pasta in "Two Girls Kissing".

Clay came home and found his father and Skye cooking, Clay asked what was going on and Skye told him that they were making hand-rolled pasta and that Matt had taught her how to do it, he asked why they were making hand-rolled pasta and Matt told him that Skye said she liked Italian food so he wanted to make pasta from scratch. Matt told him that it would be their first dinner together and Lainie was thrilled adding that he scored points with her for doing it. Clay questioned their first dinner and Skye reminded him that it was his idea. Clay began to say that it wasn't what he meant but was interrupted by Matt telling Skye to check if the pasta was fully cooked by throwing it against a wall. Matt then praised Skye in Italian for cooking pasta from scratch for the first time and Clay stood watching awkwardly. Later on, Lainie came home and the Jensen's had dinner with Skye. They talked about Skye and Clay's mural and Skye implied towards Clay that she wanted to go up to his bedroom, Clay praised Matt for helping make dinner and took Skye up to his bedroom.[21] Clay came home late, and made noise as he was about to come into the house, Lainie and Matt ran out of the house and Matt reminded Clay that it was 5am and asked what was going on, Clay explained the things led up to that point and then told them he needed a new car because his bike had been broken after he was ran off of the road. Later on Lainie invited Clay to come outside and talk, Matt and Lainie surprised him with a new car, only on the condition that he would open up to them when appropriate.[22]


Matt and Clay talk after court in "The Third Polaroid".

Clay brought his breakfast up and listened into the bathroom and heard the shower running, he started to walk to his bedroom and Matt appeared and told him that Lainie thought that Clay was avoiding them. Clay denied avoiding them and moved closer to the bathroom door, Matt told him that he couldn't have every meal in his bedroom. Matt then noticed the shower was running and offered to fix the hot water because Clay said it was taking a while to warm up, Clay stopped him and told him it was fine, as he was hiding Justin Foley who happened to be in the shower and didn't want his parents finding out.[24] After someone broke into the Jensen household, Justin tried to catch them and got caught by Matt, later on, Matt and Lainie confront Clay about hiding Justin.[25] Clay came down for breakfast and Matt went to make him a plate of pancakes, Lainie informed him that Matt was going to take him to court so he could testify. Matt watched Clay tell the truth in court about stuff that Matt was not aware of and after court Clay apologized to Matt and Matt asked why he apologized, Clay said it was because he didn't tell him stuff. Matt talked to Clay about why he didn't tell him about the stuff he said in court. He wondered why kids don't tell their parents stuff and asked if it was shame or fear, or afraid of them not understanding. Clay told him that it was more of they are afraid parents won't understand, Matt asked if he was protecting secrets and Clay told him that it was more of protecting him. Later, Matt and Lainie argue over what Clay said in court, Lainie told Matt that if she interfered in any way with the case, she would be fired but Matt becomes mad because Clay didn't tell them things, from Clay doing drugs, to hiding Justin in their house.[16]


Clay talks to Matt about moving at breakfast in "The Missing Page".

After Matt and Lainie found out that Justin was on drugs they talked to Clay about it, it ended up with Clay and Lainie arguing, Clay shouting at Lainie for giving Sonya evidence for Liberty High's side and Lainie being mad at him for leaking the tapes audio from her computer. Matt played mediator and told Clay to go to his room while he argued with Lainie about Clay.[26] Clay informed Matt that Justin had disappeared which Clay didn't seem bothered by, Matt was about to try and see if they could contact Justin and Clay asked why he cared, Matt became confused and told Clay that Justin was scheduled to testify soon which seemed so important to Clay that he smuggled Justin into the house without either Matt or Lainie knowing about it. Clay then asked where Lainie was and Matt informed him that they had a disagreement and she went to stay with her sister for a while to figure things out. He added that things have been stressful and Clay suggested they move house and start over somewhere else, with just them.

The Jensens attend Hannah Baker's Funeral in "Bye".

Matt then told him that Lainie and him being apart was not permanent and Clay states that he didn't care he just didn't want to be at Liberty High, he informed Matt that someone online called him a murderer after they listened to the audio on the tapes. Clay then suggested moving again, but Matt told him that it was their home and they are a family in it, and that nothing was broken that they couldn't fix, but Clay insisted that everything was broken and none of it could be fixed.[27] The Jensens attended Hannah's funeral and Matt and Lainie listened to Clay's speech about Hannah.[31]

This season goes through events where Bryce Walker is either dead or alive but not in order, this details their relationship and interactions: starting from when Bryce was alive, to when Bryce is dead; in that order.

Before Bryce died


Matt Jensen in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl".

The day after the events of Spring Fling, Clay, Lainie, Matt and Justin had breakfast and they talked about the what happened at Spring Fling—an active shooter was reported to be in the building but turned out to be a false alarm—Lainie told the boys "At least you're all safe". Matt expressed that he believed that calling the police sounded like it was an over-reaction. Clay makes eye contact with Justin knowing that they are the only ones in the room that know what actually happened. Matt them moved on to wanting to clear out the workshop, Lainie asked if it would be for Justin, commenting "So we bring him into the house and then send him to a different building?" Matt told her that they are both boys, and that they would be seniors next year and need space. Lainie told him that they didn't need their space as they manage "all kinds of miscreant behavior without either of us knowing" she tried to affirm with Clay but Clay seemed distant, she called out his name and he affirmed her statement.[32]

After Bryce died


Matt and Lainie getting ready for the social worker while talking to Clay in "Angry, Young and Man".

Lainie and Matt decorated the house appropriately, Clay came into the kitchen and Matt asked if he was ready, Clay asked what he would be ready for and Lainie reminded him of Justin's social worker's visit. Clay asked if he needed to be there for it and Lainie reminded him that they needed to let the social worker know that they could provide Justin with a happy and healthy environment. Clay then told them that he had something to do but he would figure out how he could be at home to talk to the social worker and do what he needed to do. Lainie and Matt gave each other a worried look and Clay reassured them that he understood the situation and left.[35] Later, after Clay learned of the reason why Tony's family was deported and understood that deportation was a thing that he would never experience and never want to experience, he came home in a positive and loving attitude and hugged Lainie and Matt and told them he loved them, he then suggested that the family should have Justin's picture added to their family photos and Lainie told him that they would take pictures at some point with Justin as a family.[46]

Jeff Atkins

Clay was Jeff's good friend and tutor.


Clay tutoring Jeff in "Tape 3, Side B"

Jeff and Clay were good friends, with Clay being Jeff's tutor. Where Clay would mentor Jeff on his studies, Jeff would mentor Clay on his approach to girls, particularly Hannah. Jeff took an active interest in Clay's progress in his relationship with Hannah, he encouraged Clay to dance with her at the Winter Formal and to spend time with her at Jessica's party. Jeff's death had a profound effect on Clay, who was the first passerby to find his body at the scene of the car accident. He was initially angry as he believed Jeff was drunk-driving, but still mourned his loss. When he believed that Jeff was not drunk, he told Jeff's parents the true story of what happened that night to give them some closure, but also possibly to get the weight off of his chest.

Sheri Holland

Sheri is Clay's friend.


Sheri and Clay kissing in "Tape 3, Side B"

Clay and Sheri have been friends for awhile. In the first season, Sheri had a crush on Clay. When doing homework together, Sheri started kissing Clay. This led up to Clay and Sheri making out on Clay's bed, when Sheri noticed that Clay was thinking about Hannah. Sheri told him that she hoped Clay wouldn't hate her for what she did after listening to her tape, shocking Clay because he didn't know she was on the tapes.

In the second season, Sheri helped Clay with detoxifying Justin. She also helped him get the box of Polaroids from the Clubhouse by convincing some jocks to bring her there. When Clay's mother mentioned that she was happy she and Clay were friends again, Sheri told her that she thinks Clay is still trying to forgive her.


Kat is Clay's oldest friend. She moved away after attending a going-away party at Hannah's house that he attended. She is only seen in the first season, twice.

Clay and Kat have a distant friendship, before Kat moved away, he attended her going away party with Hannah, Kat mentioned that the last party she saw Clay at was her birthday when she was in 4th grade (Year 5, 9-10 years old). Kat seemed to be back on track with Clay and it seemed like no time had passed. They both pointed out that a lot of time had passed and then Kat offered Hannah and Clay drinks.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Hannah: "Do you like it? Here."
Clay: "At the Crestmont? I find the various smells fascinating."
―  Clay and Hannah[src]
Just, like, I don't understand 'em. What's their story? They don't want to take over the world, kill their masters, anything interesting. They're not good or evil. They're just hungry for brains. I mean, like, brains.
— Clay on Zombies[src]

You see all these "don't kill yourself" posters up on the wall? They weren't up before. They put them up because she killed herself. And why did she do it? Because the kids here treated her like shit! (...). But no one wants to admit it, so they paint over the bathrooms and put up a memorial, because that's the kind of school that this is. Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself. And sooner or later, the truth will come out. It's gonna come out.
— Clay lashing out in the hallway about Hannah and against the school.[src]

Everybody wants to talk. No one wants to do anything.
— Clay[src]

Clay: "And this just gets worse, right?"
Tony: "You afraid?"
Clay: "Yeah. I'm gonna listen anyway."
―  Clay and Tony[src]
Every drama has to be your drama or it doesn't count. And, somehow, this is all about you.
— Clay to Hannah after Jeff dies[src]

Hannah: "So...you tutor him in academics, and he tutors you in..."
Clay: " Girls. Girl. Singular."
―  Clay and Hannah[src]
Hannah [On tape]: "I was so nervous that night, but you made it seem so...
[Clay takes the headphones off after she says 'easy'."
Clay: "Easy? Is she kidding me? I was shitting myself."
―  Clay to Tony[src]
Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list. But you need to be here if I'm going to tell my story. If I'm going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren't every other guy. You're different. You're good and kind and decent. And I didn't deserve to be with someone like you. (...). I never would. I would have ruined you. It wasn't you. It was me and everything that's happened to me.
— Hannah to Clay in his tape.[src]

I left! I knew I shouldn't have left. And then Bryce raped Jessica. Hannah saw, then Sheri knocked down the stop sign, then Jeff died, and it all started with me!
— Clay blaming himself for leaving Hannah and everything that happened after.[src]

I was angry for a minute because because I was jealous of Justin. And I was mad at you for wanting him and not me. And I was an asshole, and I'm sorry. And I can never make it right, I can never say all this to you, but I love you. And I will never hurt you.
— Clay hallucinating what he should have said to Hannah at Jessica's party.[src]

Clay: "I couldn't-I couldn't tell her. I couldn't hold her. I killed Hannah Baker. Like you said."
Tony: "I said we all killed Hannah."
Clay: "How am I supposed to live with that?"
Tony: "Any way you can."
―  Clay telling Tony he killed Hannah because he left her.[src]
I love you. And I will never hurt you. I’m not going. Not now. Not ever. I love you.
— Clay to Hannah in an alternative scene with her in his head.[src]

It's time we stop thinking about what Hannah wanted and start thinking about what she needs.
— Clay to Tony[src]

I wanted to talk about Hannah Baker. She pushed me away. I was thinking about how hurt I was, and I didn't even for a minute stop to think that...she was hurting, too.
— Clay on Hannah to Mr. Porter[src]

She went into the bathroom filled the tub opened the box of razor blades she took from her parents' store that morning She got into the tub still with her clothes on slit her wrists and bled to death. And she died alone. (...). And you could have stopped it. And I could have. Justin Foley could have. And a dozen other people, at least. But we didn't.
— Clay describing to Mr. Porter the events of Hannah's death during a confrontation.[src]

I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her.
— Clay about Hannah to Mr. Porter[src]

It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.
— Clay to Mr. Porter after telling him about the tapes and how Hannah died.[src]

I am, I'm ready, It's like you said, it'll help me put that part of my life to rest. It shows I found closure
— Clay Jensen to Skye Miller on being ready to get a semi colon tattoo[src]

You're a good person, Clay. And you can help people. Just maybe not how you think they need to be helped.
— Skye about Clay[src]

I love how the Wal-Plex locks up their spray paint but not their ammunition.
— Clay to Skye on Wal-Plex making it easier to get ammunition than spray paint.[src]

Lainie: How was court yesterday?
Clay: Why don't you tell me?
Lainie: I was just there to drop off some files. What about you?
Clay: I was just curious.
Lainie: Clay, I know you said you don't think about Hannah, that you don't care about her anymore, but I am worried that that's not true.
Clay: I gotta get dressed for school.
Lainie: Well... okay.
Clay: Okay.
— Lainie and Clay on being at court and Lainie on Clay thinking about Hannah[src]

Hallucination Hannah: Nothing's going on?
Clay: I have to go to school.
Hallucination Hannah: And you don't care about me anymore?
Clay: Look, I tried Hannah. I did everything I could for you, and nothing worked. Nothing. And now you're back and there's still nothing I can do.
Hallucination Hannah: If that's true, why am I here?
Clay: Yeah. Exactly.
— Clay, frustrated that Hallucination Hannah is there, not knowing what else he can do.[src]

Clay: Are you real?
Hallucination Hannah: Do you see me?
Clay: Are you a corporeal?
Hallucination Hannah: That seems like a science-fiction question.
Clay: Can I touch you?
Hallucination Hannah: That seems like a loaded question.
Clay: This is fucked up, right? Like I-I'm seriously fucked up.
Hallucination Hannah: I don't think you're fucked up. I think you're just, working through things.
Clay: Things like seeing a ghost?
Hallucination Hannah: And other things.
Clay: So you are a ghost?
Hallucination Hannah: Okay, does it matter what you call me?! I'm here.
Clay: And you're here for a reason?
Hallucination Hannah: I would think so.
Clay: But you don't know what it is?
Hallucination Hannah: I was hoping you would.
Clay: And you're not going away?
Hallucination Hannah: I don't think so, I mean, not for the moment.
Clay: [scoffs] Well, that's just fucking great.
— Clay and Hallucination Hannah trying to understand why he is hallucinating her.[src]

Clay: So, let me get this straight.
Hallucination Hannah: Okay.
Clay: You don't know why you're here, you don't know how I'm supposed to feel about it, you don't know why I haven't seen you and even though I haven't tried to think about in months and then you show up tonight.
Hallucination Hannah: Precise and accurate, in true Clay Jensen style.
Clay: And you're still allowed to make fun of me.
Hallucination Hannah: Allowed? Obligated? Who can say?
— Clay talking to Hallucination Hannah as a very real hallucination[src]

[Clay picks up the first Polaroid he is given]
Hallucination Hannah: "Hannah wasn't the only one"? What do you suppose that means? Who gave it to you? And why now, the day my trial started?
Clay: You think they're connected?
Hallucination Hannah: You think they're not?
Clay: [sighs] I think that I need to get dressed and go to school and try to live my life.
— Clay and Hallucination Hannah on the first Polaroid he is given.[src]

Tyler: Did you just come here to look at the destruction that is my life, or...?
Clay: No. I was wondering, do you ever, work with Polaroids?
Tyler: Amateur hipster tripe.
Clay: I'll take that as a no.
Tyler: It's retro analogue bullshit. There's no negatives, what's the point?
Hallucination Hannah: Unless that is the point.
Clay: So no one can make a copy?
Tyler: No, you can make a copy of anything, you just take a digital picture of it. But, yeah, you want one print to hold on to, take a Polaroid.
— Tyler and Clay (with Hallucination Hannah) on the Polaroids.[src]

Clay: Do you know these people?
Tyler: Tommy Schuster. Erica, Charles, I think. I shot Tommy a few times for baseball.
Clay: So, they go here?
Tyler: They did. They were Seniors when we were Freshmen.
Clay: Do you think he knew Scott Reed?
Tyler: Don't all those troglodytes know each other? Why do you care?
Clay: I'm not sure I do.
— Clay asking Tyler about the subjects of the first Polaroid to see if there is a connection.[src]

Life is divided into "Hannah" and "After Hannah". Memories are sometimes a relief, and sometimes they're torture.
— Clay Jensen[src]

I hope that wherever you go next, you feel peace, you feel safe in a way that you never did here.
— Clay Jensen at Hannah's funeral.[src]

Deputy Standall: "So, how are things at Liberty lately?"
Clay: "Fine, I guess."
Deputy Standall: "Pretty stressful though, I imagine, with everything that's going on. Hannah's trial and Bryce. Then the false alarm at the dance last spring and now all this stuff with Homecoming. More than any one high school deserves. "
Clay: "I think a lot of high schools go through a lot worse."
Deputy Standall: "You're right. But this thing with Homecoming. Were you there? At the game? Friday night?"
Clay: "I was."
Deputy Standall: "Did you get caught up in it?"
Clay: "Not so much. A little."
Deputy Standall: "Did you run into Bryce Walker?"
Clay: "We said hello."
―  Deputy Standall questioning Clay about Homecoming in the interrogation room after Bryce is reported missing by his mother.[src]
Deputy Standall: "Okay. Was this before the game or after?"
Clay: "Before... Why?"
Deputy Standall: "Well, see, the thing is Clay... Bryce was playing for Hillcrest on Friday night. He walked off the field and hasn't been seen since. Do you have any idea where he could be or who he could be with?"
Clay: "I don't"
Deputy Standall: "Except for-we found this inside Bryce's room. You recognize that?"
Clay: "It used to be mine"
Deputy Standall: "You have any idea how Bryce could come to have it or why it would be in his room?"
Clay: "I don't know"
Deputy Standall: "When's the last time you saw it or had it in your possession?"
Clay: "[stammers] I don't remember. I don't ride a bike anymore."
―  Deputy Standall questioning Clay about Homecoming in the interrogation room after Bryce is reported missing by his mother. (continued)[src]
Deputy Standall: "Okay, um, Clay you were seen outside of Bryce's house a few days before the homecoming game. You apparently threatened him. [opens up folder] Specifically you said: "I'll fucking kill you." Do you remember that?"
Clay: "Who told you that?"
Deputy Standall: "That's not important. Do you remember saying that?"
Clay: "I was checking on a friend. Their safety, I mean, Bryce has a history."
Deputy Standall: "Is there anything else you think I should know?"
Clay: "No"
―  Deputy Standall questioning Clay about Homecoming in the interrogation room after Bryce is reported missing by his mother. (continued)[src]
Nora Walker: "Clay, I know Bryce hurt you and friends of yours, he's done some monstrous things, but he's my Son. I don't excuse anything that he's done. But he's my child and he might be lost, he might be hurt. Do you know anything that might help us find him?"
Clay: "I don't Mrs. Waker. I'm sorry."
―  Nora Walker, questioning Clay Jensen about Bryce Walker being missing in the interrogation room after Deputy Standall leaves.[src]

I've been having these bad dreams, like very night. It's pretty messed up, but I'm good at hiding shit; I don't think my parents have noticed. Here's the thing: I'm basically OK. I mean, as OK as you can be a month out from being in jail for murder. But then a friend needed me and it was like I was alive again. My girlfriend, no. She doesn't need me. I think she loves me, or at least she likes me, I think. Why do I take care of my friends? Because they need me. It's nothing in particular, it's just high school nowadays. You can never let you guard down, because it never fucking ends. And friends have to rely on each other, or bad shit might happen. People have been replying on me, so I gotta like, be strong and stuff. And the dreams and the anxiety and stuff makes me not strong.
— Clay (Voice Over)[src]

Tyler: "Hey."
Clay: "Hey. Hey, are you okay?"
Tyler: "Yeah, fine."
Clay: "What happened?"
Tyler: "They found the guns... in the river."
Clay: "Fuck."
Tyler: "And they couldn't trace it to anyone at first, you know there's no serial number, no prints. But the bag, they traced the bag back to the store I bought it from. But-but I told them that I bought it, but that someone else stole it from me."
Clay: "And-and they believed you?"
Tyler: "Well Alex's Dad was there, he helped me out, I think we're okay."
Clay: "Let's keep this between you and me, for now."
―  Tyler tells Clay what happened after leaving the Sherrif's Department after being asked to come down.[src]
I can't tell my friends anything about what I'm going through, because they count on me, to be solid. I wanted people to listen to me, ever since Hannah and the tapes, I wanted people to wake up and pay attention. Well, I guess I have their attention now.
— Clay (Voice Over)[src]


  • His favorite kind of music are obscure indie bands.
  • He has depression and anxiety.[47]
  • Tyler is the only person who Clay publicly humiliates after learning he did the same to Courtney and Hannah.
  • Clay loved Hannah and still does.
  • Clay and Hannah were extremely close, to the point of nearly having sex at one point.
  • Similarly to Hannah, Clay also nearly had sex with Sheri while they were in his room working on an assignment together.
  • In Season 1, Clay has a scar on his forehead from an accident in "Tape 1, Side A", this was done so that fans could easily distinguish between Clay in the present day and Clay during the flashbacks that happen frequently in the show. In the second season, which takes place five months after the first, his forehead was healed.
  • Clay did drugs for the first time with Hannah, Sheri, Alex, Jeff and Leah[48] He did drugs once again at the Find Your Drink Party in the final season.[49]
  • Clay sang for the first time in the final season, he sang "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John.[50]
  • He was the first person to find Jeff in the car accident that killed him.
  • Clay is the only person on Hannah's tapes who is not considered to be one of the reasons why Hannah killed herself. He is a tape subject because he is part of Hannah's story and she thinks that he needed to hear it.
  • His favorite superhero is Iron Man.[51]
  • According to an Instagram Story, posted on the 13 Reasons Why Instagram account, Clays' email is 'claydohjensen@gmail.com'.[1] However, in the series finale, the email he gave to Heidi is 'percyakr2161@gmail.com'.[52]
  • His favorite color is blue.[53]
  • Clay has a Planet Earth keyring attached to his bag.[23]
  • He dislikes Zombie movies.[30]
  • Clay and Hannah have secretly made fun of people who went to the movies by themselves.[30]
  • His favorite food is pizza.[54]
  • His official Instagram account is 'clayjensen0713'.
  • In Season 3, Clay mentions to Justin Foley that he writes "Fan Fiction" which may joke towards the online fandom that creates Fan Fiction especially with the characters in 13 Reasons Why.[43]
  • His favorite reading materials are fantasy and sci-fi. Clay is revealed to like the indie comic book series Alien Killer Robots, which is about an endless war between humans and robots.
    • The main character is named Percy. This may be a jab at the fact that Clay's actor, Dylan Minnette, looks similar to actor Logan Lerman, who played a YA character with the same name, Percy Jackson.
  • Clay shows many symptoms of schizophrenia although it is never confirmed during the run of the show. His visual and auditory hallucinations have led to him making rash decisions such as almost shooting Bryce and confronting a supposed school shooter. Additionally, his nightmares, anxiety, depression, and dissociation are symptoms of the disease.
  • Clay astrology sign is Libra♎ or Scorpio♏ due to the fact that his birthday is in October.


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