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Everyone keeps trying to put you in one box. And you fit, or you don't, or you pretend to. But any way you look at it, it's a fucking box. It's a fucking box, like the box they'll bury you in.
— Clay

College Tour is the second episode of the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the forty-first episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 5, 2020.


After an incident at school, Clay thinks someone's trying to set him up. Zach and Clay land in hot water during a college tour.



Pastor speaking at the funeral

The episode commences with the funeral scene once again. The pastor explains that the world has become cruel, there aren't enough measures to ensure children's lives are safe. Then the flashback resumes.

6 Months Earlier

It's the early morning, but still dark outside and Clay is filling out college applications. Suddenly, he gets video calls by Monty. Panicking, he declines the calls and blocks the number. He then sees a moving shadow in the bathroom and goes to investigate. Suddenly, it's morning and bright outside, and Justin is by the bathroom door asking if he's alright. Clay's paranoia is making him lose track of time; 3am has turned into to 7am in a matter of seconds for him.


Clay working on his college essay

When they get to school, someone has graffitied "Monty was Framed" on the doors of the main office. The group of friends are concerned; all except Zach, who finds it amusing. When Clay reaches his locker he finds a red smiley face spray-painted inside, leading him to believe someone's trying to frame him. He tells Ani who believes Winston could've done it, however, Clay is convinced that someone within their circle did it. He doesn't trust them as much anymore.

In the school hallway, SRO Ted Wynn stops Tony and inspects his bag. He notices Tony has red paint on his hands, which he explains is from his work in the auto shop. He also notices that Tony is a boxer by a glance at his calloused hands.

In the darkroom, Tyler shows Winston the photos he took of the graffitied door. Winston then asks Tyler if Monty is the one who hurt him. Tyler confirms it. Winston states that he must hate Monty, but Tyler only feels pity for him.


Clay, Ani and Tony in school bus headed for college tour

On the bus to the college tour, a can of red spray paint rolls to Clay's feet, and he quickly puts it in his bag hoping to discard it once they reach campus. Principal Bolan joins the students. When they arrive, Mr. Jensen greets them as the official tour greeter. He tells Justin and Clay that he has arranged a meeting with Dean of Admissions after the tour. Justin seems excited about it compared to a reserved Clay. Instead, he is fixated on the fact that Principal Bolan and his dad are on first name terms.


Clay and Zach at a college party

Clay tasks Alex with looking after Tyler while he looks after Zach. Zach decides to ditch the tour for a college party and Clay, wanting to keep an eye on him, follows suit. They end up joining drinking games and the two get drunk. Clay finds a drunk girl on the stairs and her boyfriend arrives to take her upstairs. Clay follows and sees the guy unbuckle his belt over the unconscious girl. When he turns around, it's a hallucination of Bryce. He encourages Clay to rape the girl, he knows he's capable of it. The girl's actual boyfriend returns to find Clay standing there and accuses him of trying to make a move. Clay runs downstairs, where the college boys grab both him and Zach and call security on them. That's when Clay has a panic attack as he screams for them to let him go.

Meanwhile, Jess is mad at Justin for remaining so calm even through the graffiti problem. He believes everything will be fine, but Jess thinks it's only because he doesn't bear as much of a burden as her and the rest of the group. If the truth were to be revealed, he would be least affected. Instead of watching Tyler, Alex confides in Winston about his suicide attempt and the two get intimate before Alex tells him he's not gay and walks off.


Clay throws up on Justin

At campus security, Mr. Jensen is disappointed in Clay for missing the meeting with the Dean, which Justin attended. Clay grows bitter at this and throws up on Justin. At home, Justin confides in Clay. He tells him that he's afraid he'll fall off the wagon. He doesn't want to cost Clay's parents any more money. Hence, why he thinks Sanderson would be the best option because it's free and close to home. Nevertheless, Clay reasons he doesn't have any college choices right now anyway and refuses Justin's offer to help. He later opens his bag to find two spray cans.

At Monet's, Winston asks Ani what really happened. Ani refuses to give any information away, but this motivates Winston to investigate the truth more so. At school, Alex asks Clay why he asked him to keep an eye on Tyler. Does he not trust Tyler anymore? To make matters worse, he sees Winston and Alex are now hanging out.

Clay is called into the principal's office where they discuss the incident in the college tour; he's not in trouble as Sanderson University won't pursue the matter any longer. Nevertheless, he wants to help by understanding why Clay did what he did. Clay's mind, however, seems preoccupied with the graffiti pictures on his desk.


Ani and Estela talk about Monty

Ani encounters Estela down at the H.O. room. After seeing the two red spray cans further down the table, she asks if Estela would like to get coffee with her. At Monet's, they discuss Monty. Estela is not there to defend Monty, instead, she's curious to know what motive he'd have to kill Bryce considering their history.

At the Boxing Gym, Alex oversees Tony training for a boxing match. He then inquires about Tony's sexuality and how he knew he was gay, an implied attempt at finding answers to questions about his own sexuality.


Clay in therapy session

At therapy, Clay opens up about the incident at college tour. He explains that he was only thinking about sex at the time and not about the unconscious girl. And the thought scared him to the point where he panicked.

Zach meets Chloe after blowing her off two times. She senses something is wrong with him and asks him what it is. He desperately wants to tell her everything, but decides to just say "shits fucked up". She offers to help, but he tells her that there's no way of fixing it.


Clay confesses to covering up murder on college application

Clay returns home from therapy to find Sheriff Diaz speaking to his parents. He says he's there to brief them on the new security measures. He speaks to Justin about it and they're both concerned. Clay then has a panic attack. That same night, Clay sits to do his college applications again and is spammed with text messages from Monty saying he was framed. In the college application, he types "I covered up a murder".



Guest Starring[]


  • Austin Aaron as Luke Holliday
  • Matthew Bronars as SIG #1
  • Brandon Brown as Jeremy
  • David Douglas as Andrew Gerges
  • Bryan Fitzgerald as Brady
  • Natalie Lander as Amanda
  • James Thompson as SIG #2
  • Zach Tinker as Grayson
  • Emma Zander as Drunk Girl


Clay: "This is the guy who once said colleges are for people who couldn't get a job."
Justin: "I didn't think that I was good enough. I didn't think I deserved a future before."
Clay: "YOU never thought you were good enough? You were always such an arrogant asshole."
Justin: "Yeah, those are probably related."
―  Clay and Justin after Justin said that he was interested in going to Sanderson University
I mean, actual danger everywhere. And they don't realize adding more police doesn't make anyone feel safer. Like, the opposite.
— Clay narrating about the school adding more police

Clay: "Hey, Alex, you OK?"
Alex: "Can we make a rule that we stop asking each other that?"
―  Clay and Alex
Alex: "There's a lot of shit that I wish never happened."
Winston: "Like what?"
Alex: "Well, like... I tried to kill myself."
Winston: "I'm sorry."
Alex: "Yeah, me too. Hugely. (silence) Sorry I didn't mean to make it awkward. I just don't talk about it very often."
Winston: "No, it's not awkward. You should tak about it."
―  Alex telling Winston about his suicide attempt
Tony: "I always knew I was different, from a pretty young age. I just didn't know how. It was hard to find out, growing up how I did, where I did. Being a man is a particular way. So no one to ask about it. I tried things with girls pretty early on. Nothing really ever came of anything."
Alex: "Never?"
Tony: "No. I always felt like I was, uh...like I was playing a role or something. 'Cause I wasn't feeling like I was supposed to be feeling. Then I started feeling shit for boys. And that's how I knew."
―  Tony and Alex
Everyone keeps trying to put you in one box. And you fit, or you don't, or you pretend to. But any way you look at it, it's a fucking box. It's a fucking box, like the box they'll bury you in.
— Clay

Most people think that I'm here to defend who my brother is...was, or...what he did. But that's not me. I'm not him.
— Estela

Alex: "I thought...I don't even know what I thought. And I never really thought about it'd feel, like, after. You know, how fucked up I'd be. Cause I didn't think there was gonna be any after. I really wish I would've considered that possibility."
Winston: "I don't think you fucked up, Alex. I think it's kind of amazing, actually, where you are now."
Alex: "Yeah. I mean, I've worked really hard with the physical therapy and stuff. I finally got rid of that fucking cane. But...I don't know, I'm never gonna be, like, normal again."
Winston: "Hey. Well, fuck normal. What does that even mean? Nobody ever actually feel normal."
Alex: "Yeah, I guess that's true."
―  Alex and Winston



Song Artist Album Scene
Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"STRANGE DAYS (1999)" Health Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear Clay realizes he's losing time; Clay and Justin talk about the upcoming college tour as they arrive at school.
"Hustle a Lot" Beatnet NTA Clay and Zach attend a college tour of Sanderson University but break away from it to attend a fraternity party; Clay finds a drunk girl on the stairs, her boyfriend takes her to a bedroom and Clay follows them.
"Not My Story" Cable Ties Far Enough Clay and Zach play a drinking game at the fraternity party.
"The Breath of Light" Lost Under Heaven Love Hates What U Become Alex and Winston talk on a bench at the campus.
"TBA" TBA TBA Winston approaches Ani to talk in Monet's as she's doing homework.
"TBA" TBA TBA Tony trains for his first fight while Alex asks him about being gay.
"Little by Little" Rupert Pope and Daniel Knight Downtempo Ani talks to Estela in Monet's about Monty.
"Noise of the Void" Drab Majesty Modern Mirror Zach and Chlöe talk about how he's doing; Winston and Alex talk on the pier.
"Behave" Summer Cannibals Behave End credits.


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