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Cyrus is a recurring character in the second, third season and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He is Mackenzie's brother. He is portrayed by Bryce Cass.

Early Life[]

Cyrus' parents are divorced and he and his sister have been seeing a therapist since.[1]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Cyrus is first seen in Kevin Porter's class, where he sat next to Tyler. Tyler complimented Cyrus on his art and Cyrus complimented Tyler on his photography. Cyrus recognized Tyler from a photo contest he had won.[2]

Cyrus and his friends joined Tyler when he was sitting alone in the library. When Luke Holliday told them to be quiet, Cyrus and his friend gave him the middle finger. Cyrus invited Tyler over to his house, where they prepare dinner with Cyrus' dad. Cyrus expressed his hate for Liberty High School and he and his dad encourage Tyler to resist the school. Tyler and Cyrus went to the basement where they started working on a secret project; Mackenzie asked what they were doing, but Cyrus yelled at her to get out.[3]

The secret project turned out to be a paint bomb, which they place in a duffle bag next to Marcus Cole's car and paint "hypocrite" on the car windows. After the bomb explodes in Marcus' face, the two run off into the woods. Tyler then taught Cyrus how to shoot guns; they practice by shooting bottles.[4]

Cyrus and Tyler make shirts with the word "asshole" written across the front. Cyrus explained that they're claiming the word as their own. They proudly wear it to school. When reading the blog about the Baker's trial against the school, Tyler complained to Cyrus that Ryan Shaver made Hannah Baker look bad in court. Cyrus' friend Chad came up with an idea to catfish Ryan. The three laughed at Ryan as they watched him wait for his "date" at Monet's.[5]

In class, Cyrus glued the teacher's DVD player shut. Tyler told Cyrus that his parents found out that they had shot guns and that they want to take them to The Gun Range. At the gun range, Deputy Standall learned them how to properly handle a gun.

Cyrus and Tyler hacked into Zach Dempsey's iCloud, where they found a video of Marcus getting a lap dance from a stripper.[6] They started using it to blackmail Marcus; at first they made Marcus wear a dress at the pep rally, but Marcus made it a publicity stunt by wearing a cheerleading uniform. They continued to blackmail Marcus to out Bryce at the opening of the school's new baseball field, which he did.

After Tyler got kicked out from Alex' party, he facetimed Cyrus. Tyler wanted to go after Zach next, which Cyrus was fine with if Tyler came up with a plan.[7]

Cyrus and Tyler go shooting again, where they talk about the successful blackmail on Marcus. Cyrus asked Tyler about going on a date with Mackenzie, and told him that it's fine as long as he isn't "some stalker who follows girls around with a camera".[8]

In class, Cyrus told Tyler about his plan to vandalize the baseball field. Cyrus introduced himself to Clay and praised him, as he was impressed by how Clay got Bryce's confession. He invited Clay to help vandalize the field. After Clay left, he and Tyler lit the baseball field on fire to burn "RAPISTS" into the grass.[9]

Cyrus took Tyler to a punk show that his friends also attended. He overheard Tyler yelling at Mackenzie, telling her that she's boring and he doesn't like her. This angered Cyrus; he yelled at Tyler to leave. The next day, Tyler tried to talk to Marcus about getting back at Marcus. However, Cyrus is still mad at him for how he treated his sister.[10]

When a fight broke out in Liberty High's hallways, Cyrus and his friends excitedly joined. They got detention afterwards.[11]

Tyler had posted the pictures of he and Cyrus vandalizing the school on Facebook; Cyrus confronted him about this. Tyler defended his actions by saying it's "punk" and proposed to get revenge as he has guns they can use. Cyrus is afraid of getting expelled and told Tyler that they shouldn't hang out for awhile. Tyler asked Cyrus if they're still friends, to which Cyrus responded "totally".

Tyler found out that Cyrus had narced on him and berated him in the hallways. He teased Cyrus for seeing a therapist and they're about to fight, but get pulled away by their parents.[12]

After Tyler returned from a disciplinary program, Cyrus talked with him in the library. They're friendly to each other and confirm that they're allright, but Cyrus isn't sure if he still wants to go to another punk show with Tyler.

At the Spring Fling dance, Mackenzie showed Cyrus a text from Tyler that presumably reveals he's going to shoot up the school. They told Clay and his friends about it. When Zach mentioned that they should call the police, Cyrus agreed.[13]

Season 3[]

After Tyler's attempted school shooting, Cyrus agreed to lie to the police and say that it was just a prank. He was among the people who helped getting Tyler better by keeping an eye on him.[14]

When Clay was suspected of Bryce Walker's Murder, Cyrus got called in to talk to Kevin Porter. Mr. Porter asked Cyrus if he was still friends with Tyler. Cyrus responded by saying they weren't because Tyler changed and they drifted apart. He described Clay as a good and nice guy who feels responsible for people and wants to do the right thing.[15]

Cyrus and his friends joined Clay when he was sitting by himself at lunch. Cyrus told him that they should hang out more, which Clay agreed to. Clay asked if they thought he killed Bryce Walker, but Cyrus told him that they don't hang out with murderers, only the dispossessed.[16]

After Tyler revealed that he's a sexual assault survivor, Cyrus and his friends hung out with him again. Cyrus told him that he's a rockstar and stood up for Tyler when Charlie St. George wanted to talk to him.[17] Cyrus was among the people who were present at Tyler's photo exhibition at Monet's.[18]

Season 4[]

Cyrus and his friends are first seen this season when Clay asked them for help with letting the Find Your Drink Party go through without letting the parents find out. They quickly came up with a plan. Clay asked them how they could be punks and geeks at the same time. Cyrus told him that there aren't labels; just people. At the party, they encouraged Clay when he was smoking weed.[19]

After Liberty High School's students all walked out of the school, Cyrus suggested to protest by lighting stuff on fire. During the riot, he started charging at the police officers and was pushed to the ground.[20]

At the end of the season, Cyrus graduated from Liberty High School.[21]


Cyrus has a very punk personality along with an edgy and cynical attitude. He is quite friendly as he made friends with Tyler who is despised by a majority of people. Despite being annoyed by his sister he does care for her when Tyler was saying mean things about her.  

Physical Appearance[]

Cyrus is lanky and skinny with black spiky hair, black eye shadow, body piercings with dark-ish skin. Cyrus always dresses in punk attire like leather jackets, black boots, and black pants. 


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]



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