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The Davis Residence is the home of Jessica Davis, her parents Greg Davis and Noelle Davis, with Jessica's younger brother Elijah Davis and an unnamed younger brother.


Jessica's home is a two-story family house with a large backyard, and her bedroom has a pink decor. It has a dining room where her family says grace before eating dinner. Her father is in the air force so he has a gun collection locked up in his office. Which her daughter can easily access unbeknownst to him. Jessica is known to move every two years because her dad is in the air force so apparently they are newcomers.[1]

Jessica had invited Alex Standall and Hannah Baker before her suicide. They played Never Have I Ever in Jessica's bedroom.[2] They were all friends until their relationship strained after Alex started dating Jessica.

Jessica had hosted a back-to-school party while her parents were away and her two younger brothers were at their grandparents. The party took place at night while it was raining. She had Clay, Hannah, Alex, Justin, Sheri, Bryce, Monty, Zach, Jeff Atkins and twenty other high school kids over. Hannah mentions in her tapes that three different events took place that night.

Clay and Hannah used Jessica's bedroom for some privacy. They observe Jessica's rock collection and where Clay and Hannah started to have sex. Until Hannah had thought about every bad thing that every guy had said about her or done to her. She demanded Clay to leave which Clay would regret later. When Clay left, Hannah started crying upstairs. Clay left the party later.[3] Hannah stayed in Jessica's bedroom while hiding behind a curtain. She heard Justin and Jessica having sex in Jessica's bedroom before Jessica had passed out drunk. Justin had left Jessica in the room sleeping with the lights turned off.

Hannah hears Justin and Bryce argue over Jessica and Bryce goes in the room to rape Jessica while Justin is pushed aside. Hannah hides in the closet while watching Bryce rape Jessica. Justin rolls Bryce off Jessica but Bryce pushes him away. Justin in on the floor and starts crying. He goes downstairs and regrets what he did. Hannah starts crying and vomits after witnessing what Bryce did. She put a blanket on Jessica and apologises before leaving the room. Hannah gets a ride home from Sheri until Sheri knocks down the stop sign on her way home.[4]

Justin occasionally sneaks in Jessica's bedroom through her window to see her.



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