Dennis Vasquez is a recurring character on 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Wilson Cruz. Dennis was the Baker's attorney in their trial. He works for another law firm. He was present at meetings with Lainie Jensen to settle the lawsuit, one of the presiders at the depositions. He later helps out the Jensen's by helping Clay Jensen during Bryce Walker's murder case.

Early Life Edit

Not a lot is known about Dennis' early life, as he often does not focus or talk about himself, during the trial.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Dennis is first seen when he and the Bakers discuss the settlement for the case with Liberty High School's lawyers that the school has put on the table.[1]

Dennis is present at the taped depositions, where he asks the students questions about Hannah Baker and their relationship with her.[2]

Season 2 Edit

In the second season, Dennis serves at the Baker's lawyer in the Andrew and Olivia Baker vs The Evergreen County School District trial. He questions testifiers to prove that Hannah was bullied and the school did nothing. Dennis prepares some of the testifiers for the court and supports Olivia during the trial.

After the trial, Dennis and Lainie try to get Justin out of juvenile detention. He and Lainie decide to work together on more cases similar to Justin's.[3]

Personality Edit

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