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Devin Druid (b. January 27, 1998) is an American actor. He portrays Tyler Down in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


Prior to "13 Reason Why," Devin began acting as a teenager and appeared on the FX Network series "Louie," playing the lead character as a teen.

He also appeared in the films "Inperium" (which also starred Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette) and "Louder Than Bombs" (where he was nominated for "Best Male Lead" at the Norwegian International Film Festival).


  • Is the older brother of fellow actor Aidan Fiske.
  • He was a musician who fronted a rock band in high school.
  • Druid felt a weight of responsibility in filming the rarely depicted experience of male-on-male sexual assault.[1]
  • Devin originally auditioned for the role of Clay Jensen.


Season 1[]

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Season 1[]

I didn’t read the book before auditioning because I’ve auditioned for a number of projects that are adapted into film, and I have read the source material for those other auditions, and what I’ve learned from that is sometimes you can get confused in your own headspace about which version of the character you’re supposed to be portraying. There’s always differences in adaptations. You want to give those who are casting and directors the version of the character that they’ve written for this adaptation. But to figure out things about Tyler I actually went online and looked up middle school and high school English projects about the book where people have written biographies about the characters. I was able to see Tyler through the reader’s perspective. I thought that was really cool. I have an acting coach out of Richmond that I work with a lot and I worked with him on this audition for Tyler and one of the scenes with Tyler is the dark room scene with Clay. I remember very vividly that [my acting coach] basically told me to bring everything from my life that I have to this character.
— Devin about auditioning for Tyler

Season 3[]

You know, we see both the characters of Tyler and Justin Foley kind of work through their experiences in much different ways. They come from two different parts of this teen culture, even though they've been through a lot of the same things. For Tyler, who is very closed off just as a person, I think it was the comfort in finding friends with Clay, with Jessica, and the members of the H.O. group throughout the season, and Dr. Singh being a trustworthy person that he could confide in and talk to, to help get to a point where he's taking control of the experience and his narrative.
— Devin on how Tyler was able to start telling about his sexual assult[src]

I remember when we were filming this, Brandon, I remember you and I looking at each other, and that moment where you stood up, and I... Like, I... very much, as Devin, felt something as well. And I just think it's an incredible and very powerful thing. (..) What's truly amazing to me is in that gymnasium, you have hundreds of other kids in the school that are seeing this happen, and, you know, there are people that didn't have the strength there to talk about what they've gone through. And the impact that that can have to a school full of young people and then to anyone watching this, the impact that that can have on them.
— Devin about the assembly scene[src]



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