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Coach, come on! Please! I don't wanna die like this! If this is gonna be that last day of my life, I wanna be doing the right thing.
— Diego to Coach Kerba during the school lockdown, in "Thursday"

Diego Torres is a main character in the fourth season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Jan Luis Castellanos.[2]

Diego is a former student of Liberty High School, former football player of Liberty Tigers and the ex-lover of Jessica Davis. He serves as the main antagonist of Season 4, along with Winston Williams.

In the fourth season, Diego is introduced as one of the football players of Liberty High. He is mourning Monty and actively trying to find out who Bryce's actual murderer is in order to clear Monty's name. At the same time, he strikes up a short-lived romance with Jessica Davis, and eventually gives up on the investigation as it would cause her more pain after Justin's death.

Early Life[]

In Diego's freshman year he met Monty, to whom he stated "Dominicans don't play football." Despite his reluctance, Monty was able to convince Diego into playing.[3]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 4[]

At Liberty High, the students were in for a surprise. Metal detectors had been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs).

At Future Fair, Liberty students gathered to check out the club and institution representatives. Diego and the football team wore "de la Cruz" jerseys in honor of Monty. They wanted Estela de la Cruz to also be a part of it, so they handed her a jersey, but she refused. They didn't back down, however, and kept insisting that she put it on. Charlie defended Estela's decision. Clay then confronted them. After Diego Torres claimed Monty’s innocent in Bryce’s death, the two engaged in a fistfight. It ended up with only Diego getting detention as SROs thought he started it.[4]


Diego is charismatic, aggressive, and a fiercely loyal leader of a divided football team struggling to understand the loss of one of their own. He has a violent temper and trust issues due to his grief and confusion.[2] This is evident when he learns Zach assaulted Bryce the night before he died and beats him up brutally when he asked for answers regarding Bryce's murderer.

Despite his temper, he seems to show a level of respect and decency different from that of his teammates. When he and Jessica spoke about Charlie's apparent sexuality, Diego challenges Jessica's assumptions on his own thoughts about Charlie. This sparks an interest between each other, leading them to dance at the Valentine's Day dance. After the dance, they were seen hanging out together during the senior camping trip. In another instance, when Winston claims Jessica's life is more of a struggle with Bryce being alive, this disgusts Diego. Diego claims he doesn't hate on gays and it was proven when he cheers for Charlie and Alex when they were crowned Homecoming royalty, which is presumptively due to Charlie being on the team and royalty is voted by the football team.

When it comes to his interactions with Clay Jensen, he pranks Clay by robocalling him multiple times, forcing Clay into doing multiple things he didn't want to do, in revenge for Clay fighting against the football team. When Clay overreacted to the dummy prank, Diego becomes convinced that he knows something about Bryce's murder as innocent people don't overreact to such pranks. Their interactions become heated after a while, with Diego calling Clay 'crazy' and 'prick' as well as pushing Clay into an abyss. Afterwards, they weren't

Physical Appearance[]

Diego is Dominican with short black hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. Being a football player, Diego is muscularly built and is often seen wearing a football jersey with the number 32 (Monty's football number), Liberty Tigers shirts and varsity jackets.


Montgomery de la Cruz[]

Diego expresses throughout season 4 him and Monty were close and memorializes him after his death. Admitting at the "Senior Camping Trip" that Monty was the one who got him to play football, and at the house party, he "pours one out" for Monty. When Winston tells him about his relationship with Monty, Diego says that he's fine with Monty being gay but is upset that he didn't know. He wants to clear Monty's name as he's convinced he didn't kill Bryce, but gives up because he does not want to hurt Jessica.

Jessica Davis[]

Jessica is Diego's ex-lover and friend.


Diego approaching Jessica at the Love is Love dance in "Valentine's Day".

In the football team locker room, Jessica gives a speech on the importance of the team setting an example for the school because everyone looks up to them. When Luke starts getting smart with her, Diego shuts him down and tells everyone to “listen to the lady”. Nevertheless, Jessica sees through that and schools Diego on how that’s also disrespectful.

At the Valentine's dance, Diego approaches Jessica. He says that he appreciates what she does even when she goes batshit crazy on people. He also flirts with her for a while. Jessica at first blows him off saying she's here with Charlie, but Diego reminds him that she's only trying to make Justin jealous and Charlie's the wrong guy because he's gay and was dating Alex. Jessica starts to get mad at that, but Diego has a good comeback about why Jessica is wrong for thinking that calling someone gay is automatically an insult. She appreciates it. Then Diego offers Jessica to use him to make Justin jealous. Later, she ditches Charlie and starts dancing and kissing Diego in front of Justin. Being jealous, Justin almost gets into a fight with him.


Jessica and Diego kissing at the camping trip in "Senior Camping Trip".

They start a casual relationship after that, despite Jessica being warned that Diego is investigating Bryce's murder and trying to prove Monty's innocence. Diego keeps trying to mess with Clay, which Jessica tells him not to. At the camping trip, Jess and Alex do the treasure hunt together, and hear Clay scream. Alex tells her to be careful about Diego, but she replies she's keeping an eye on him so he won't get to the truth. However, Alex isn't convinced. Jess and Diego spend a lot of time together at the camping trip. Jessica tries to hook up with him and they sit beside each other at the campfire. When the disturbances start at night and Jessica and Diego along with Justin, Charlie, Beecher and the others get locked up, Jessica is seen hugging him from the behind, terrified.

Alex, Clay, Justin and Ani starts to get concerned about their relationship. However, Jessica insists that she's fine and that Diego isn't using her, he just likes her.


Jessica and Diego talking at the Find Your Drink Party in "House Party".

At the Find Your Drink Party, Jessica plays a drinking game with Diego and his friends. There, Winston tells Jessica that her life would be easier if Bryce was alive even though she doesn't think so. Diego is disgusted by this. Later, Jessica tells him that Monty had beat Winston up, causing an argument between Winston and Diego. Winston confesses that Jessica said the truth, but he's convinced that Jessica is playing Diego. However, Diego thinks that she's just looking out for him.

During the school lockdown, Diego confronts Justin for not being with Jessica; Justin takes the hint and joins her in the HO Base. Unbeknownst to Diego, they kiss. Afterwards, she continues hooking up with both Justin and Diego. When Justin asks her why she's still with Diego, she says she has to keep an eye on him.

Diego asks Jessica if she was with Justin the night before, which Jessica confirms. Diego starts to get mad and asks her why she didn't tell him. He also says that Winston thinks that Jessica is playing him and that Jessica is protecting Justin, which Jessica denies. Diego says that he's worried that Jessica would go down with Justin. Concerned, Jess moves closer to him and promises that she wouldn't. They kiss. At that time, Justin sees them kissing fron outside and thinks that Jessica has started to genuinely care for Diego. When he points out to her that she likes him, she denies it.


Justin seeing Jessica and Diego kiss in the library in "Acceptance/Rejection".

During The Student Riot, Diego overhears Justin telling Jessica that she can't risk getting arrested. He asks Justin about it, and when he doesn't get an immediate answer he starts to believe that Jessica killed Bryce. He confronts Jessica for not texting him for a week and hints at knowing that Jessica was involved in Bryce's death. Jessica laughs, which angers him. He threatens to talk the dean, which Jessica tells him she's fine with.

At prom, Diego approaches Jessica and asks if they can talk. He tells her that he doesn't want anything bad to happen and misses her. Jessica tells him that the feeling isn't mutual and that he'll leave the dance alone. He tells her that he'll protect her besides her secrets, but gets interrupted by Dean Foundry before Jessica can respond.


Diego and Jessica talking about rekindling their relationship in "Graduation"

After Justin passes away from AIDS, Jessica and Diego get STI tests together. Diego apologizes for what he put Jessica through regarding his investigation in Bryce's murder. He asks Jessica if he can ask her out sometime, to which Jessica tells him "maybe in a month".


Season 4[]


Now I know some of you didn't like Monty, but I think we can all agree he deserved to live to see this day. (...) To our friend and brother, Monty de la Cruz. Rest in peace, man.
— Diego pouring out a drink for Monty[src]

I always trust my boys to have my back. And I... I trusted Monty. He was the one that got me to play. Freshman year, I, um, remember telling him, 'Dominicans don't play football.' But he wouldn't take that. He taught me pride, he taught me what it was to trust someone, and I miss him.
— Diego at the campfire[src]


  • Diego is Dominican.
  • Montgomery de la Cruz got him to play football.
  • The fight between Justin and Diego in "Acceptance/Rejection" shed light on Police Brutality people of color have to face in USA, as only Diego was arrested and was subjected to racial slurs when the physical altercation was started by Justin. This incident leads the Clay and Jessica to take matters in their own hands and start a movement with the student body to remove SROs from the school, resulting to a riot. Jessica eventually takes full responsibility for the riot in order to convince the school administration to reinstate Prom and drop the charges on Diego and Justin in "Prom".
  • Diego is the third main character that is Hispanic, the first being Tony, and the second being Monty.
  • The position Diego plays on the football team is defensive back.
  • Although not seen in Season 1, 2, or 3, Diego is implied to have been at Liberty at least during Season 3 as he knows of Monty and Bryce's deaths.


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