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Dr. Priya Singh is a minor character in the second and fourth season and a recurring character in the third season of 13 Reasons Why. She is the new counselor at Liberty High School. She is portrayed by Parminder Nagra.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Dr. Priya Singh is the new counsellor at Liberty High and the replacement for Kevin Porter. She was seen counselling Tyler when he came back from the diversion program.[1]

Season 3[]

Dr. Singh is seen talking with Tyler about bad days. She told him that change happens slowly which makes it feel like it doesn't happen, but it does happen.[2]

In another meeting with Tyler, she asked him if he's freaked out over Bryce Walker's Murder. Tyler said that he feels like it's all he'll ever be now. He was thinking about how maybe Bryce would do something terrible again but maybe not. That's something they'll never now, which is sad. Dr. Singh told him that makes him empathetic because he believes Bryce could change. She also said that she believes Tyler can change.[3]

She talked with Monty about his future. He's failing three classes, Dr. Singh warned him that he might not able to play sports if this continues. She told him that she cares for him to do better and asks if he wants to talk about Bryce. Monty told her that he doesn't and left the office.[4]

Dr. Singh talked with Clay about returning to school after getting arrested. Clay mentioned not wanting to return and asked her how she does her job when nothing ever changes. Dr. Singh told him that things do get better and uses Tyler as an example. She explained that she does it by showing up no matter what because that's all they can do.[5]

Dr. Singh is seen at the Future Fair advising Tony to go to community college. Tony told her that he doesn't think he's "college material". Dr. Singh told him this was too bad, as she heard he never runs away from a fight. Tony then decided to take the flyer with him anyways. She also informed Justin Foley about a admission officer who was interested in him.[6]


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Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


Change, especially positive change, happens so slowly it can feel it's not happening at all. That could well be what you're feeling today, but change does happen over time. There'll come a day you'll look back and you'll see it clearly. You don't have to believe it now. I can hold on to the hope for both of us.
— Dr. Singh to Tyler[src]

Clay, you asked me how I do it. It's easy. I show up. Every day, I show up, no matter what. Good days or bad, because that's all we can do. And that's all you can do.
— Dr. Singh about how she does her job[src]



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