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Eisenhower Park. That must mean you're about ready for side two.
Tony Padilla to Clay Jensen, in "Tape 1, Side A"

Eisenhower Park is a park featured on 13 Reasons Why. It is the location where Hannah Baker had her first kiss with Justin Foley, and it is the first area marked on the map included with the tapes. It was also the place where Clay Jensen and Tony Padilla went to listen to Clay's tape. 


When Hannah and Justin were calling each other from their homes, Hannah proposed to meet up at the Eisenhower Park. The two played on the different equipment, and eventually Hannah climbed on the slide. Justin grabbed his phone and took pictures while she was going down the slide. At the end of the slide, Justin caught her and they kissed.



Season 1[]

Season 3[]


  • The scenes at the Eisenhower Park were filmed at Bret Harte Park in San Rafael, California.[1]


Hannah: "I mean, uh, what problem were you having trouble with? The one about the, uh... trains?"
Justin: "The trains?"
Hannah: "Two trains leave at different times, but when do they meet?"
Justin: "Oh! I get it. Um... Train "A" is leaving my house in a few minutes. Train "B" is leaving your house..."
Hannah: "In 30 minutes."
Justin: "Thirty minutes seems like an awfully long time for two trains going full speed, huh?"
Hannah: "Eisenhower Park. Rocket slide."
―  Hannah and Justin deciding to meet up at the park[src]
I dreamed our first kiss would take place in the park. I never told you that. The dream starts with me at the top of the rocket holding on to the steering wheel. It's still a playground rocket, but every time I turn the wheel to the left or the right, the trees lift up like they're taking flight. And I'm scared because I don't know how to fly. But you're there at the bottom of the slide to catch me when I fall.
— Hannah describing her dream kiss in the park[src]



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