Eric Cox, Toby Fletcher and Chad Moore are minor characters in the second, third season and fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. They are Cyrus’ friends.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

The guys joined Tyler (along with Cyrus and Mackenzie) when he was sitting alone in the library and were introduced to him by Cyrus. When Luke Holliday told them to be quiet, they gave him the middle finger.[1]

When Tyler complained to Cyrus that Ryan Shaver made Hannah Baker look bad in court, Chad joined the conversation. He said that Ryan was the “worst kind of gay” as he’s swallow, pretentious and always “dresses gay”. Cyrus explained to Tyler that Chad can say that kind of stuff because he’s also gay. Chad came up with an idea to catfish Ryan, apparently knowing that Ryan was active on a dating app. Later that day, the three of them laughed at Ryan as they watched him wait for his "date" at Monet's.[2]

Eric, Toby and Chad attended a punk show with Cyrus, Mackenzie and Tyler. During the show, Chad and Toby watched Tyler as Mackenzie was talking to him about their date. This made Tyler nervous and made him yell at Mackenzie, shocking Chad and Toby.[3]

When a fight broke out in Liberty High's hallways, they excitedly joined to fight the jocks. They got detention afterwards.[4]

At the Spring Fling dance, Eric, Toby and Chad were present. Eric was with Mackenzie, who he was now dating.[5]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

After Tyler's attempted school shooting, they were among the people who helped getting Tyler better by keeping an eye on him.[6]

Eric, Toby, Chad and Cyrus joined Clay when he was sitting by himself at lunch. Chad claimed that he hates school lunches, so Eric offered to let his mom make him lunch. Toby criticized Eric for eating three sandwiches, but he defended himself by saying that he’s growing. Chad told him that he hopes he’s not, as he’s a giant. Clay asked if they thought he killed Bryce Walker, to which Chad told him “totally” and Cyrus said that they don't hang out with murderers, only the dispossessed. Toby claimed to not know what that means, but that he’s right.[7]

After Tyler revealed that he's a sexual assault survivor, Eric was hanging out with him, Cyrus and Mackenzie.[8] Eric, Toby and Chad were among the people present at Tyler's photo exhibition at Monet's. They were among the photos of everyone who had helped Tyler the past year.[9]

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Eric, Toby, Chad and Cyrus were first seen this season when Clay asked them for help with letting the Find Your Drink Party go through without letting the parents find out. They quickly came up with a plan, which made Clay wonder how they could be punks and geeks at the same time. At the party, they hung out with Clay as he was smoking weed.[10]

After Liberty High School's students all walked out of the school, they were seen outside the school among the other students. They were excited to attack the police and start a riot.[11]

At the end of the season, all three graduated from Liberty High School.[12]

Personality[edit | edit source]

They have a very punk personality along with an edgy and cynical attitude.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

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