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The Evergreen County Sheriff's Department was founded in 1898. The sheriff's department is responsible for law enforcement within the county of Evergreen, California.


Justin and Jessica went to the Sheriff's Department to report Bryce for raping Jessica. Ryan, Zach, Alex, Clay, Tony and Courtney came along to support Jessica.[1] Montgomery was brought in to get asked about the recent threads and vandalism, which he denied.[2]

Cops drove out to Liberty High School after getting called over a school shooting. Zach, Justin, Cyrus and Bryce were taken to the station; they all claimed there wasn't a shooter and it was all a prank.[3]

Justin was arrested after getting caught using drugs. Bryce came to the police station to bail him about, as the cops didn't know Justin lives with the Jensens now and he didn't want them to know.[4]

After Bryce's disappearance, Clay is the first person to get interviewed about this. He was confronted about his bike lock, which they found in Bryce's room. After Deputy Standall left, Mrs. Walker came in to confront Clay.[5]

Tony was brought in to get questioned about Bryce. Deputy Standall asked him about his relationship with Bryce and if he's sad about today being Bryce's funeral. Tony told him that he didn’t know Bryce well and won't be sad about Bryce's funeral because he's been through worse.[6]

The police found footage of Clay pointing a gun at Bryce. Clay and Justin got brought in for questioning; Clay and Justin both denied that Clay wanted to do anything to Bryce. Sheriff Diaz showed Clay Ani's underwear they had found in Bryce's room. They later also interviewed Ani about this.[7]

Tyler reported Monty for raping him. Jessica, Justin and Charlie came with him for support. While at the station, Justin and Jessica talked about Justin's sexual assault experience.

Zach reported himself to the police for beating up and murdering Bryce. After revealing what had happened, the cops told him he didn't murder Bryce, as Bryce had died by drowning.[8]

Ani was questioned by the police for a second time. Here, Ani told the whole story of what had happened the months before Bryce's death and how he was murdered. However, she did lie about Monty being the murderer when it was in fact Alex. Deputy Standall closed the case.[9]




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