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You've arrived at my first house in this shitty town, where I threw my first and only party...and where I met Justin Foley, the subject of our first tape. It was just a party, I didn't know it was the beginning of the end.
Hannah Baker, in "Tape 1, Side A"

The First Baker Residence was the first home to Hannah Baker in Crestmont, California. It was her home before she moved to the second house.


The house was first seen when Hannah and Kat threw a party, which was Kat's going-away party before moving away. Zach, Justin, Tyler, Clay and Bryce were at the house for the party. Here, Hannah met Bryce, Zach and Justin for the first time. Zach and Justin were told by Kat that they couldn't enter Hannah's house because they were soaking wet.




Hannah: "Oh, uh, party at my house tomorrow night. You're invited, it's mandatory. Don't bring the helmet."
Clay: " (looks at his hair) Cool. Where, uh...where do you live?"
―  Hannah inviting Clay to her house party while working at the Crestmont.
Put your finger on "C," your other finger on "4." Bring them together. That's our first red star. I know, right? A map. Old school, again. No Google Maps, no app, no chance for the interwebs to make everything worse, like it does.
— Hannah directing the listener to her first house

Kat: "Sorry, boys, can't have you in Hannah's house soaking wet."
Justin: "Seriously?"
Kat: "(point at them) Oh, my god, look at yourselves."
Justin: "(takes shirt off) Better? "
Kat: "Improvement, for sure, but sorry it's still a no-go."
Zach: "Come on, it's not a party without us. "
Kat: " We'll take our chances. (waves boys away) Go dry off. "
Justin: "(in pretend British accent) Your loss, milady. "
―  Kat refusing to let Zach and Justin in Hannah's home after getting wet by a sprinkler


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