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The Foley Residence was a home to Justin Foley, Amber Foley, and Seth Massey as occupants. The first house was part of an apartment complex and the second was a small surburban home. 


Justin's first home appeared to be an small building that was part of some apartment or housing complex. Justin lives with his mother Amber Foley and a drug dealer named Seth Massey. It is implied that his mother had multiple boyfriends. The decor seems to be vibrant but it is messy and run-down as Justin's family appears to be dysfunctional. 

The house was first seen when Jessica Davis asks Justin's mother where he is after he goes missing. She is seen with Seth Massey smoking a cigarette. Jessica leaves soon after Seth tells her that his mother is worried sick, and then leaves. Justin is not fond of Seth Massey so he often stays at Bryce's House as Bryce always looked after him. Amber Foley has violent confrontations with her boyfriends so Justin had always tried to find ways to escape. 

Jessica visited Justin many times while they were dating and had sex in this house. Clay also visited Justin to confront him about his second tape.

When Justin had run away, Amber and Seth moved to the house Seth used to cook meth in until he had to take it out of town. Kevin Porter came here to ask Amber about Justin's whereabouts, and ended up getting in a fight with Seth who told him to get off his property.

While Seth wasn't home, Justin came to the house after not wanting to bother the Jensens anymore. Justin stayed here for two days, until he left for a second time.



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