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The future fair. They changed it from college fair because there's this new thing that not all kids should go to college, and they threw in, like, clubs and firemen just so no one felt left out. Look it's all a fucking joke. This planet has no future.
— Clay narrating, in "Winter Break"

Future Fair is a one-day career event providing students from Liberty High to speak to representatives about their choices.


At Future Fair, Liberty students gather to check out the club and institution representatives. Ani sees the newcomer Winston Williams roaming about and immediately gets up to follow him. Meanwhile, Estela de la Cruz approaches Jessica and expresses her admiration for her work in H.O. She is revealed to be Monty’s younger sister. She then asks if she can join, to which Jessica accepts, as it’s a safe space for everyone.

Zach approaches Mr. Davis about a chance to join the military after high school. He recommends that he join the service academies, as it's a waste to miss out on education and enlist straight after high school.

Dr. Singh encourages Tony to consider community college after high school. Reluctant at first, Tony decides to take a brochure and promise to look into it. Justin approaches Clay at the Robotics Club stand. He tells Clay that there's an admission officer at Occidental that's interested in him, according to Dr. Singh. Clay doesn't seem as happy about the news, though he tries to reassure him otherwise.

Meanwhile, Winston shows interest in joining the Yearbook Club. He strikes up a conversation with Tyler, which is soon interrupted by Ani. She pulls him to the side and asks him why he’s in Liberty. Apparently, Winston has been expelled from Hillcrest, therefore transferring to Liberty High. Ani informs Clay about this, causing him to freak out as he could pose as a threat for their coverup.

Later, Clay sees that the football team are forcing Estela to wear “De la Cruz” jersey to honor her brother Monty and confronts them. After Diego Torres claims he’s innocent in Bryce’s death, the two engage in a fistfight. It ends up with only Diego getting detention as SROs think he started it.[1]







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