Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Rape Culture has got to go!
— Chant

Hands Off Our Bodies (HO) is an activist group founded by Jessica Davis and Casey Ford, with the purpose of standing up for sexual assault survivors and taking down predators. Their logo says 'HO', which stands for 'Hands Off' , but is also their way of reclaiming the word "Ho", a derogatory word originally used against women for being promiscuous. The group consists of sexual assault survivors and allies.

History Edit

The group was started after Principal Bolan refused to cancel the Powder Puff Flag Football fundraiser, when Jessica and Casey decided that they wanted to "dismantle the patriarchy".[1] When the Homecoming game doesn't get cancelled, Jessica came up with the idea to show the group's message during the game. The group started a protest during the football game. Everyone took off their clothes and painted themselves with red handprints, and chanted "Hey hey! Ho ho! Rape culture got to go!". When cops started trying to remove the girls from the field and a Hillcrest student groped Jessica, a fight broke out.[2]

The group also interrupted Bryce's funeral and stood up in the middle of Nora’s speech because they believe you shouldn't mourn a rapist, but mourn the survivors.[3]

After Tyler Down revealed to Jessica what happened to him, Jessica tells the group that they might've been too loud, which made it harder for other sexual assault survivors to speak up. They decide to stand up during an assembly and mention they're survivors to encourage other survivors.[4]

Jessica and Ani had an HO stand at the Future Fair. Estela de la Cruz asked Jessica if she could join HO as she admired Jessica's activism, but understood that it's complicated as her brother was a rapist. Jessica told her that she can join as HO is a safe space for everyone. When Jessica and Ani graduated, they asked Estela to take over HO, what she was very excited about. Ani donated Bryce Walker's college fund to HO, which she had received from Mrs. Walker.

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