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Hansen Foundry is a recurring character in the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why. He is the new Dean of Discipline in Liberty High School. He is portrayed by Reed Diamond.

Early Life[]

In his life, Foundry has lost a number of friends and one very good friend to HIV.[1]

Throughout the Series[]

Season 4[]

Throughout the series, Foundry is seen as a villain. It is understood that he is an enemy for most of the last season. In "Prom", he introduces his husband Josh to Charlie and Alex after they win Prom Kings, revealing he is gay.


Foundry can be stern and harsh against students, especially if they don’t behave or give honest answers. This can notably be seen when he speaks to Zach Dempsey about improving his grades and be able to graduate. Zach showed unwillingness to do so and suggested that he might end up in a fast food restaurant. Foundry retorted that he might as well see him there. However, Foundry has also been shown to be good and kind at heart, really showing that he cares about students and wants to them improve themselves.

Physical Appearance[]

Foundry is a tall man who has a light skin complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a black suit in every episode he appears in.


Season 4[]


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