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Hillcrest High School is a private school and the rival school of Liberty High School. It is implied to be a very competitive school. It was mentioned in "Bye" and it was shown in the third season.


Hillcrest is an all-boys private school located in California. It is implied to be a very competitive and an expensive school with a dress code. The colors are purple. The campus is much larger compared to a typical high school. 


Bryce Walker had transferred to the school from Liberty High in Spring as a junior because not all his credits from Liberty had transferred.[1]

When Bryce was at Hillcrest, a few students called him over and asked what he thought about his new school. Bryce told them he was loving it and different from Liberty. They started talking about girls, and eventually told Bryce "But will you feel her? I mean when she passes out at a party and you fucking rape her.", followed by telling him to get out. Later, Bryce got pushed down the stairs.[2]

Hillcrest played against Liberty High School during the Homecoming Football Game and won. During the game, some Hillcrest students made inappropriate comments and groped Jessica, which sparked a huge fight between the two schools.[3] Hillcrest later attended an assembly at Liberty High to receive an apology for the protest and fight.[4]

Winston Williams was later expelled from the school and enrolled in Liberty High instead until he graduated.





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