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Homecoming Football Game was a football game between Liberty High School and Hillcrest High School. The football game was interrupted by Hands Off Our Bodies to protest sexual assault in jock culture. A Hillcrest player grabbed Jessica Davis's breasts, which caused a fight between the football players. Many of the different events at the game led to the Murder of Bryce Walker.


The events at the homecoming game are written in chronical order.

Days before the homecoming game, Jessica tried to convince Principal Bolan to cancel the game. When denied this request, Jessica came up with the idea to start a protest during the game along with her activist group Hands Off Our Bodies.

The day of the game, Bryce arrived at Liberty with the Hillcrest bus and texted Jessica to meet up with him. Bryce told her he wanted to give her something on the field, but Jessica refused to meet somewhere everyone could see. Instead, he proposed to meet up after the game at the Navy Pier docks, she protested this due to the safety issue. He told her to bring someone with her if she did end up coming. H.O. continued making protest signs. Bryce went to look for Montgomery de la Cruz, and confronted him about raping Tyler Down. Charlie St. George witnessed the conversation as Bryce threatened to expose Monty's threats made in season 2 if he didn't stay away from Tyler.

Bryce saw Chlöe Rice, his ex-girlfriend, hugging Zach Dempsey. After Zach left, he went to talk with her, Chlöe revealed that she was pregnant with his baby and Zach helped her get an abortion, this enraged Bryce, believing Zach to have stolen Chlöe.

Clay Jensen attended the game, sat next to Tony Padilla and Caleb. He noticed Ani and after following her, he saw her and Bryce kissing. He confronted her and walked away as the conversation got heated.

The game began and there was a lot of tension between Bryce and Zach as Bryce believed Zach stole Chlöe from him. Additionally, Monty targeted Bryce for threatening him and Clay's anger towards Bryce grew throughout the game. Winston took photos during the game, which caught Monty's eye. During halftime, the team went back to their lockers and Zach gave them an inspiring speech.

Liberty High was leading with 14-10, but just before the beginning of the second half, H.O. ran onto the field and started a protest against rape culture on the sports teams. They took off their clothes and covered their hands in red paint and pressed their hands against their body. Tyler Down was there to take photos but was quickly triggered by the red paint as he had flashbacks from his rape. Bryce saw Ani and warned her about the cops running on the field. Ani let Jessica know, Jessica didn't care as they weren't doing anything illegal, Ani reiterated her point adding that people were going to get hurt, which angered Jessica who told her that people had already gotten hurt "Ask your friend, Bryce." and pushed Ani to leave if she wanted to. Cops started trying to take the girls off of the field, but Jessica kept protesting. Some Hillcrest players laughed and made inappropriate comments about Jessica's body towards her Jessica. Dean Holbrook—a Hillcrest student—walked up to Jessica and groped her breasts. This caused worry for Caleb, Tony and Clay who were in the stands watching the game. And angered Justin, and in turn, stirred up the Liberty Tigers football team, they all ran onto the field, including Clay who was angry at Bryce. They started fighting with the Hillcrest football team. Alex arrived and also joined in, Clay went after Bryce. He jumped on Bryce's back, but Justin stopped him and held him back from attacking Bryce. Clay repeatedly shouting he wanted to kill Bryce. Bryce went to look for Zach, who was oblivious to Bryce as he was fighting another Hillcrest player. Bryce took the opportunity, put back on a helmet and tackled him, breaking Zach's knee. Justin heard Zach in pain and rushed to his side, he called over Charlie and they took him off field and called in the sports teams doctor; Zach was sent to the hospital. After the fight, the involved students had to wait until they got picked up by their parents.


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