The Student Honor Board is an honor board at Liberty High School. The Student Honor Board has authority to conduct a formal hearing in minor cases of violations of the Honor Code and academic integrity policies, such as cheating and minor theft. The administrative advisors to the Honor Board are vice principal Jane Childs and counselor Kevin Porter. These advisors have a voice but no vote.


According to Mr. Porter, they are smart, good kids and their decisions are not considered a responsibility of the school's directing board. 

According to  Marcus Cole, their role is to "settle disputes among students so that they do not spill out into the hallways".


The Honor Board was granted the power to arbitrate the conflict between Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz. The emergency meeting of the Honor Board for that case had six acting members and was presumably a full quorum (as stated by Marcus). Marcus Cole, acts as meeting president and Courtney Crimsen as recording secretary. Other members included Sheri Holland and Clay Jensen.

Despite Mr. Porter's claim of the Board's autonomy of decision, he and the vice principal were present during the meeting and voiced various concerns and warnings. The decision of three days of suspension was also ambiguously proclaimed by the Board yet enforced by the School with no obvious formal request or confirmation from either side.[1]

Board Members




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