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Inde Navarrette (b. March 3, 2001) is an American actress. She portrays Estela de la Cruz in the Netflix series adaption of Jay Asher's book, 13 Reasons Why.


Navarrette has starred in the short films Cross Words Together (2018) and Cranberry Nights (2020), the TV series Denton's Death Date (2019). She also made an appearance in the movie Wander Darkly (2020). She currently stars in the CW series Superman and Lois (2021).


Season 4[]


To play Monty's sibling was really nerve-wracking in the beginning because he's such a vilified character. I didn't know how the audience was going to react to me. I didn't know if I was going to be playing devil's advocate. Especially for a series like 13 Reasons Why, when new characters get introduced, you kind of have this feeling of 'Can I trust them or not?'
— Inde about playing Estela.

I think that she would have become an activist. Estela would get out of the house of her abusive father and go off to college. She would have a cool job where she was able to be a boss and have kids and live life. If that's with Tyler, then it's with him. She would create a warm family that's able to live in love with everything that they've gone through.
— Inde about Estela's future.


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