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Jensen Residence is the family residence of Matt, Lainie and Clay Jensen. In the second season, it also became the residence of Justin Foley.


Clay has lived in this house with his family possibly his entire life as he mentioned that he's always lived in the same town. His bedroom window overlooks the front porch and the main walkpath and road. Tony Padilla often picks him up to drive him to school, or sometimes, rides his bike. There is a basement with old supplies and a radio with a cassette player that his father considers his "boom box". Clay used the radio to listen to Hannah's Tapes with the radio before his mother interrupted. His mother asked him what he was listening to and Clay lied by saying it was a school project. This caused the radio to fall down and break the "play" button so Clay couldn't use it. Clay went over to Tony's house to get a walkman. Clay used the walkman to listen to the tapes in his bedroom privately.[1] He didn't tell his parents about the tapes or Hannah. He collected some of Hannah's things that Hannah mentioned in the tapes such as a poem published in the school magazine. When Clay was grounded, he tried to sneak out as "directed" in Hannah's tapes. Clay's mother used their home to conduct court cases as she was a lawyer. She worked on the lawsuit against the school since her firm was assigned to represent the school against the lawsuit. 

Clay has had a few friends visit his house such as Sheri Holland and Tony Padilla, and on one occasion Zach Dempsey after keying his car. Since Clay started dating Skye Miller, she picked up and dropped off Clay at his house frequently and visited once until she was institutionalized.

In Season 2, Clay has hallucinations of Hannah in his bedroom. He also uses it to hide Justin in his home in order to use his testimony for Hannah's trial.[2] Sheri and Tony took turns to look after Justin while Clay was at school. Justin has been using drugs so started to vomit on the floor and Clay's bed. Justin used Clay's shower while Clay's parents thought it was Clay.[3] They eventually found out that Clay was hiding Justin in his room after an intruder broke in to steal Justin's gun. Matt Jensen thought that Justin was the intruder, Justin told him that he was accidently locked out and broke back in. Matt and Lainie eventually agreed to house Justin after Justin told them about his home situation.[4] Justin slept on the couch in Clay's bedroom while Clay was seeing hallucinations of Hannah. Clay used his bedroom to post Hannah's tapes on the internet while no one else was aware.[5]

In Season 3, Justin has started living with the Jensens so he and Clay live in an Outhouse that was remodelled for extra room. He and Clay sleep in the outhouse and invite friends over. Clay is not seen sleeping in his old bedroom as a result of this. Justin has hidden his drugs in the outhouse so Clay and his parents wouldn't find out. The boys still go in the main house every morning and when they need to. When Clay was under suspicion for Bryce Walker's Murder, the police did a house search and confiscated any evidence and seized Clay and Justin. Dennis Vasquez met with Lainie to represent Clay in Bryce Walker's murder investigation.


The Outhouse

The Outhouse is a backyard shelter that Clay Jensen and Justin Foley sleep in. It was a workshop converted into a shelter to house Justin and Clay since they were about to become seniors and needed there space.[6] It contains a bathroom, a kitchen, two beds, and a tv with a radio. There is no shower as Clay mentions: "They didn't build us a shower on purpose". It is not known what happened to Clay's old bedroom as a result of Clay sleeping in the outhouse at night. The room is decorated with Clay and Justin's things. Justin and Clay do visit the house to shower and when they talk to his parents. Justin keeps his drugs and oxy prescription to hide from Clay's parents. He also keeps his sport equipment and food that he brings from Monet's as he works there now. Lainie has visited the outhouse when giving the boys news and laundry. 

Clay has invited Ani over to talk about their hobbies, and school projects. Lainie has also met Ani here. Clay and Ani both took each other's measurements for cosplay. This is where Ani stripped and Clay sees the underwear found in Bryce's bedroom. 

Clay notices scratches on Justin's back while he takes off his shirt. Justin says the scratches are from his game when they are actually from him and Jessica having rough sex. When this is brought up, Clay asks Justin if they did it on his bed. Justin responds with a laugh and Clay is disgusted.

Justin and Jessica had some fun at one point while Clay was out. They didn't want Clay to find out so Jessica hid while Justin stayed in his bed. Clay asked why Justin locked the door after he unlocked it. Justin replies "I'm in the middle of something" after he drops the sexual lubricant on the floor. Clay sees the lubricant and looks with exasperation under the belief that Justin was masturbating and leaves. Justin replies, "What? Everyone does it!"[7]

In flashbacks, Zach visited Justin to hang out and to wake him up for the football game.

After getting an indication from Monty, Clay went through Justin's stuff and found a oxy prescription. Clay confronted him about it the next morning, and eventually Justin told him the truth about the drugs.[8]

After Bryce Walker's murder investigation, Tyler, Justin, Clay, Zach, Alex, Jessica, Charlie, Ani, and Tony remain there while they wait for the police to close the case file. They also listen to Bryce Walker's apology tape to Jessica by using a cassette player that Matt installed in the outhouse. Clay remarks "He thought it was funny." Jessica and Justin discuss what will happen next and how Jessica is scared, after which they lie down on the bed.[9]


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  • The scenes at the Jensen residence were filmed at 231 Bayview Street in San Rafael, California.[10]
  • In Season 2, it also became the residence of Justin Foley.



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Clay's Bedroom



Porch / Garden

The Outhouse

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