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Making mistakes is part of being a survivor. At first you think you're permanently broken, but then, little by little you start picking up the pieces and you start realising, what you're making is a mirror. And the more of those pieces you put together the more you start to see yourself. But maybe we can start picking up the pieces of that mirror together, and we can finally see the truth. If you think sexual assault doesn't affect your life you're wrong. There are survivors all around us.
— Jessica during her speech about sexual assault in the assembly, in "And Then the Hurricane Hit"

Jessica Davis is one of the main characters of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why". She is the daughter of Greg and Noelle Davis, the older sister of Elijah and Cooper Davis, the ex-girlfriend of Alex Standall and Justin Foley, the ex-lover of Diego Torres, an accessory to Bryce Walker's murder, a member of F.M.L. and H.O., and the former best friend of the late Hannah Baker. She is a former student, cheerleader and the former Student Body President at Liberty High School. She is portrayed by Alisha Boe.

In the first season, she was shown to have been paired up to be friends with Hannah by the school counselor. She becomes good friends with Hannah and then Alex, unfortunately, their friendship ends over a misunderstanding. A few months later, Hannah commits suicide, before her death she recorded thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Jessica receives the tapes, being the second reason. On the tapes, Hannah also revealed that Justin's friend raped a girl while she was unconscious, it is revealed to Jessica that the girl is her and Justin's friend is Bryce Walker. Justin constantly tells her that Hannah lied and they were the ones who had sex. After growing closer to Bryce, Justin becomes mad and reveals that Hannah told the truth, she cuts ties with Bryce and breaks up with Justin. Although she was unaware of it, her behavior midway through the season suggests she slowly started to remember her rape and possibly always knew that it happened (but not who did it) but put it in the back of her mind.

In the second season, Jessica returns to Liberty High after a few months only to find that Bryce has twisted the story behind her rape. Hannah's trial commences and she is the third to testify. Due to this, she receives a series of threatening notes and pictures designed to keep her from testifying. When she does take the stand, she calls out the bullying culture at Liberty, but she is unable to admit the truth about Bryce. Later, she becomes ready and files a rape report against Bryce, with the support of her parents all of her friends

In the third season, Jessica is the student body president, she co-founded H.O. with Casey Ford for sexual assault survivors in the school. Throughout the season, she learns to become comfortable with being in her body by trying out masturbation for the first time and then having sex with both Justin and Alex. After Bryce's murder, she becomes one of the main suspects as he is her rapist and she was seen by Ani confronting him in his house. Bryce recorded and handed her over a tape, admitting to raping her, Hannah, Chlöe Rice, and other girls, which she uses a part of his speech on the tape in her own speech during an assembly for sexual assault survivors. At the end of the season, she reveals her (and Alex's) involvement with Bryce's murder to Ani and with the help of her friends it gets covered up.

In the fourth season, Jessica lets Ani move in with her and continues her activism against misogyny and rape culture. Her mental health starts spiraling as she starts seeing hallucinations of Bryce and Monty out of guilt of the events of the previous season. She strikes up a casual relationship with Diego, the captain of the football team who's determined to prove Monty's innocence, to keep him from the truth but unintentionally ends up catching feelings for him. After fighting the authorities about the presence of SROs taking responsibility for causing the riot, Jessica truly becomes a leader of the school. She gets back together with Justin shortly before he's diagnosed with HIV and tragically passes away. After Justin's death, Jessica tests negative for HIV and considers moving on with Diego. At her graduation, Jessica gives a speech about high school experience, love and patriarchy. She gets into the University of Berkely.

Early Life

Jessica was born in 2001, revealed by Ani Achola in "Nobody's Clean" (Ani is shown unlocking Alex's phone with her birthday, only the year is shown). Jessica is known to move every two years because her dad is in the air force. At her previous school, she had a friend named Amy. She confided in Amy about her weird sexual fantasies about Avenger's characters--including Scarlett Johansson. Before she left, Jessica told Amy not to tell anyone about the dreams, but Amy ended up posting about it anyways. Because of this rumors about her dreams ended up at her new school and people twisted it, making Jessica "that girl."[2]

Throughout the Series

Season 1

It was Jessica's first day of school at Liberty High. There, she sat in the main office, waiting to see the guidance counselor. She wasn't the only one, Hannah Baker had also been called to the office. Mrs. Antilly, the former guidance counselor, paired them up since they were both new at Liberty High. She reasoned that she wanted them to bond and have each other to rely on among the unfamiliar crowd of students. The pair bonded instantly, sharing the same sense of humor and joked about forgetting each other's names.

They began to hang out more, and would always go to their favorite place, Monet's. One day, they spotted a boy, Alex Standall, because Hannah told Jessica that he supposedly looked at them in the coffee shop. Jessica asked her which one of them he had checked out, after they discussed it, they invited him over, one thing led into another and they became a trio. Eventually, Jessica, along with Alex, stopped coming to Monet's and started dating.

Jessica became a cheerleader and dated Justin Foley. When Clay keeps approaching her, Jessica pleads with Clay to not believe everything he hears on the tapes, making him assume that Hannah must've shared something horrible. Jessica then finds Justin, hiding in Bryce's house. She tells him about Clay and the tapes, and how she is worried that he might've told the police. [3]

It is revealed by Hannah on the tapes, that Jessica was raped at her own party by Bryce when she was unconscious.[4] Jessica remembers thin details about having sex with someone, but Justin reassures her that they had sex and she was really into it. After Clay accused him of protecting Bryce, Justin stated that he lied to her to protect her from knowing what really happened to her, because it would break her. However she found out from Justin, when Bryce and Jessica hanging out got too much for him. Jessica believed this because Clay tried to tell her, she has listened to the tapes and she realized that everyone seemed to have kept quiet. She breaks down in her bed after she received a text message from Bryce asking if she was OK, realizing that he doesn't know see what he did as rape.[5] After a talk with Clay, she is finally able to tell her Father.[6]

Season 2

One month has passed, and Jessica has struggled to accept being a rape survivor. Jessica and Alex also became friends again, as they both struggled with their own demons. Jessica had taken a leave of absence from school for the past few weeks and finally decided to return to school with Alex who had recently attempted to commit suicide.

At school, Jessica and Alex meet up with Zach who seems to be helping Alex with his recovery. Zach told Alex that the school had banned students from speaking about suicide and that Bryce had twisted up the story. Bryce told the whole school that it was consensual sex and Jessica had just called it rape because she cheated on Justin with him. Jessica spent the day trying to avoid Bryce and ended up joining the cheerleading team again. It was at cheerleading where Jessica met Chlöe Rice, the new cheerleading captain, who instantly treated Jessica like a friend. Jessica later felt betrayed when she learned that Chlöe was in a relationship with Bryce. Jessica and Bryce share an awkward encounter and Jessica ran away, embarrassed.[7]

Jessica's dad saw his daughter struggle and suggested joining a rape survivor support group. Although she first refused stating that she didn't like the word "survivor" because she was still herself, she ended up going. At the group, Jessica befriended Nina a new girl who was a student at Liberty High. Jessica and Nina bonded over the fact that they were both raped and Nina helped Jessica move on with life. This friendship is sadly cut short when Nina realized that she hasn't fully recovered either.

Jessica and Alex attempted to rekindle their relationship. Chlöe told Jessica that she would help set her up with a new boyfriend but Jessica is became angry that she had even tried to do this, knowing it was a touchy subject and she wasn't ready. Feeling a bit scared she decided to ditch school with Alex. After a day of fun which included a discussion of their previous relationships' effect on their friendship with Hannah, Jessica and Alex share a kiss by the river. During the kiss, Jessica started to freak out and pushed herself away from Alex.[8]

When Jessica heard that Justin was back in town, she originally acted like she didn't care. Justin later showed up at school and confronted Jessica in the cafeteria. He tried to apologize for everything he has done, but Jessica just told him that she wished he was dead. He turned around and started to walk away, but collapsed before he left the cafeteria. Clay and Tony rushed over to help him and there was a flash of Jessica caring for him for a few seconds in the moment. Clay, Tony and Justin left the cafeteria after they wake Justin up. Jessica left the cafeteria and Nina followed close behind after Clay, Tony and Justin left.[9]

Nina took Jessica to hang out with her friends, where a guy named Damon kept looking at her. Jessica went over to him and he started flirting with her, and they shared a kiss. The kiss was interrupted by Jessica's Dad, who honked at them from his car and Jessica left.[10]

When Clay and Justin fond the Polaroids from The Clubhouse, they showed them to Jessica as there were pictures of some of her friends including Chlöe and Nina. The photos of Chlöe were especially disturbing as they showed Bryce raping an unconscious Chlöe. Jessica later confronted Chlöe about the photos and Chlöe said she didn't remember it taking place. After a realization that Bryce had also raped Chlöe, Jessica encouraged her to speak up and be brave, the thing Jessica was unable to do. Chlöe agreed to help Mrs. Baker by testifying that Bryce had raped her, but, as she made eye contact with her boyfriend and rapist, she became scared and lied, and cleared Bryce's name. Everyone was disappointed that once again Bryce had gotten away with his actions.[11]

Jessica's friends came to her house to ask her to report Bryce, and to support her. Jessica and Justin told the police about the rape, and Bryce got arrested later that day. However, Jessica couldn't be happy about it as Justin got arrested too, so Mrs. Baker comforted her and told her to fight.[12]

A month later, Jessica gave a powerful speech at Bryce's sentencing. To everyone's dismay, Bryce got sentenced to only three months probation. Afterwards, Jessica told Clay that she still felt stronger, despite Bryce's low sentence.[13]

Season 3

After Spring Fling, Jessica started helping Tyler by hanging out with him. She told Justin that their hook up was a one time thing, and continued her relationship with Alex. Jessica also got a job at The Crestmont.

At a student council meeting, Jessica argued with other students about the behaviour of jocks. Courtney advised Jessica to run for Student President, which she did. After being made fun of during the election, Jessica claimed to take down the jocks if she gets elected and ended up winning.[14]

Along with Casey Ford, Jessica started the group Hands Off Our Bodies after not being listened to by Principal Bolan during a meeting. The group’s purpose is to support sexual assault victims and take down predators.

Meanwhile, Jessica wasn’t satisfied in her relationship with Alex, as their sex wasn’t good. She started masturbating to find out what she likes, but realized she was thinking about Justin when doing so. She hooked up with him and they got back together.[15]

When Oliva Baker was back in town, Jessica met up with her. They talked about how they’re doing, Jessica’s activism and about Hannah.[16]

Jessica attempted to convince Principal Bolan to cancel the Homecoming football game. When that didn’t work, she worked out a plan to protest at the game with her H.O. group. Shortly before the game, Bryce asked Jessica to come to the Navy Pier later that night because he had something to give her. He also told her to bring someone if she didn’t feel safe. Halfway through the football game, Jessica and her group ran on the field and take off their clothes to protest. The Hillcrest players made inappropriate comments and grope her, which caused a fight between the Hillcrest and Liberty High players.[17]

After the game, Jessica was picked up by her Dad and taken home. She called Alex to come to meet Bryce at the Navy Pier with her after multiple failed attempts to call Justin. Arriving at the pier, they found a heavily injured Bryce due to being beaten up by Zach. Bryce gave her an apology tape and begged her and Alex to help him. Alex went back to help which ended up with him pushing Bryce into the water, causing him to drown.[18]

Jessica kept the murder a secret. She and Alex kept a distant relationship. Meanwhile, Jessica continued being leader of the H.O. group. When the group wanted to protest at Bryce’s funeral, Jessica was strongly against it and got into an argument about it with Casey. She also received a lot of backlash from the group when it came out that she got back together with Justin. After this, Justin and Jessica decided not to care about what other people think about them anymore. Shortly afterwards, Justin broke up with her due to his drug addiction, but claimed that he cheated. Clay told Jessica the actual reason Justin thinks she's better off without him. Jessica reassured she would to be there for him no matter what he’s going through. They got back together.

Principal Bolan told Jessica, much to her dismay, she had to apologize for the Homecoming protest during an assembly that the Hillcrest football team would attend. After Tyler had revealed to Jessica what Monty did to him, she realized her way of standing up for sexual assaults victims is wrong and silenced the ones who hadn’t spoken out yet. Jessica came up with a plan; at the assembly, Jessica encouraged survivors to stand up and reveal their survivor status. In her speech she cited Bryce’s apology tape, which made Ani realize that she was connected to Bryce’s murder.[19]

When Ani revealed to Jessica that she slept with Bryce, Jessica confessed what had happened to Bryce. Jessica was terrified of what would happen next, but with the help of her friends the murder was covered up. She also rekindled her friendship with Alex.[20]

Season 4

Jessica and Ani plan for Justin’s welcome home party. As they're setting up the decorations, Ani and Jessica talk about Ani's move to Oakland. She still hasn't told Clay.

At Justin’s welcome home party, Clay, Jessica, Ani, Zach, Alex, Tyler, Tony, and Charlie gather for the first time since Bryce’s murder case. Zach’s now been drinking heavily, showing up to the party drunk. After the party, the mood shifts as they discuss the guns upon Tyler’s leave. Doubt spreads over the group, the question being, can they trust Tyler? To dampen the mood further, Justin breaks up with Jessica his reasoning being that he needs to prioritize his sobriety.

At home, Jessica invites Ani to live with her since she and her mother are planning to move to Oakland. Her mother agrees to this, as long as the rules are upheld like strict curfews, which Jessica’s dad agrees to. Afterward, Jessica takes Ani into the woods to burn the last copy of Bryce’s tape. Across the burning flames, Jessica sees a hallucination of Bryce which freaks her out.

At Liberty High, the students are in for a surprise. Metal detectors have been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs). Jessica’s far from happy about this, especially when she walks through the metal detector and her bra sets it off making one of the male SROs tell her she needs a pat-down. Jessica refuses and storms off towards the principal’s office, where she lodges a complaint about the lack of consideration for female students. She demands there be female SROs for screenings. Principal Bolan seemingly agrees to this, reassuring her that they should work together to make this school a safer place and that her input as student body president is just as important.

At Future Fair, Liberty students gather to check out the club and institution representatives. Estela de la Cruz approaches Jessica at the H.O. stand and expresses her admiration for her work in H.O. She is revealed to be Monty’s younger sister. She then asks if she can join, to which Jessica accepts, as it’s a safe space for everyone.

Jessica watches from a distance as the football team are forcing Estela to wear “De la Cruz” jersey to honor her brother Monty. Clay confronts them. After Diego Torres claims he’s innocent in Bryce’s death, the two engage in a fistfight.[21]

Jessica's Mistake (Reason #2)

13 Reasons Why
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Jessica is Hannah's second reason of why she committed suicide.

Hannah, Jessica, and Alex regularly met at Monet's after school. Jessica and Alex started to drift away from Hannah, with Hannah finding out they were dating and stating she was fine with it. After Jessica refused to have sex with Alex, they broke up. Jessica, however, didn't know why he chose to end it. However, after a list was spread around the school with a section listing Jessica as having had the worst ass in the school and Hannah branded as having had the best ass. She discovered that Alex was the one who added the section, Jessica thought that the reason why Alex chose to end their relationship was that he cheated on her with Hannah or Hannah had sex with Alex while they were dating. Jessica angrily accused Hannah of this at Monet's and refused to listen to Hannah's claim that Alex made the list on his own (which was true as he made it deliberately to spite Jessica for her refusal to have sex with him). She called Hannah a slut and slapped her on the face after Hannah said "Fuck you". Jessica's words and actions in that moment were what marked the end of their once strong friendship as she started to believe in the rumors of 'Hannah the Slut', which were never true. Jessica completely broke Hannah's heart. Jessica never took Hannah back as a friend after this although she once drunkenly apologized for slapping her. In the second season, it is shown as a flashback that she also abandoned her a second time when Hannah tried to tell her about Jessica being raped at her party as Hannah realized that Jessica didn't remember..


Jessica is shown to be a fierce, kind, and caring person who is a good friend and loving, supportive girlfriend, however she is also somewhat arrogant, selfish, and cruel at times. She was a good friend to Hannah when they first started at Liberty High however after Alex broke up with her, she wrongfully accused Hannah of being responsible for the breakup and arrogantly refused to listen to her about Alex making the list on his own, she slapped her and called her a slut which coldly ended their friendship and completely broke Hannah's heart. However, the real reason they broke up was that Jessica refused to have sex with Alex and so he decided to humiliate her on a hot or not list, Hannah was labeled as 'best ass' and Jessica was labeled as 'worst ass'.

Jessica makes herself known to be aggressive for the first time when she slaps Hannah and calls her a slut, she shows her aggression once again after learning that Justin didn't stop Bryce from raping her, by slapping him. Even though she drunkenly apologized to Hannah once about slapping her, she still did not take Hannah back as a friend and abandoned her, she is shown to be verbally aggressive to Hannah once again when she tells Hannah to not be a bitch, as she thinks she is jealous of her and Justin when Hannah is actually trying to just tell her that she was raped by Bryce (back when she isn't aware and Hannah is alive).

She initially does not appear to show much remorse for what she did to Hannah and does not believe what Hannah says on the tapes to be true, calling her a liar and chooses to believe Justin that she was not raped. She even tells Clay that Hannah is the one who ended their friendship and stopped coming to Monet's, completely ignoring that she is the one who ended it, showing that she is a hypocrite. She is also shown to be in agreement with keeping the tapes a secret and also with the plans to keep Clay from revealing the tapes. However, although she denies Hannah's revelations, Jessica is shown to be mentally and emotionally damaged as a result of being raped by Bryce and even though she denies that it happened she starts to have flashbacks of the rape, so to help with her pain jumps into alcohol.

However, after learning from Justin that Bryce did indeed rape her and that he allowed it, she is shown to be angered, shocked and betrayed and tells Justin that she hates him and ends their relationship. She then turns her back on all those on Hannah's list who tried to convince her that Hannah was lying and shows appreciation to Clay for being the only one who tried to tell her the truth.

After learning of her rape, Jessica is shown to be remorseful for what she did to Hannah and admits during her deposition that she slapped her, however, she still denies the existence of the tapes in order to ensure that no one else finds out about her rape, though she tells Clay not to destroy them either and possibly wants to somehow get revenge against Bryce, even though she isn't yet sure about what that is or how to get it. Even after Justin offers to kill Bryce for what he did, Jessica refuses to take him back and claims that she never wants to see Justin again.

Jessica is now a very emotionally damaged person and completely traumatized, however, she does reveal to her father about what happened to her.

In the second season, Jessica struggles to cope with her rape. After she returns to school, she finds out that people think she is a slut, as Bryce has lied to the student body, convincing them that he and Jessica hooked up one night, and she called it rape because she felt bad about cheating on Justin. She lashes out at Chlöe when she tries to be nice to Jessica but makes it clear she believes Bryce. She finds solace in her friendships with Alex, and Nina Jones, who she later finds out is another rape survivor. Despite this, it appears she is not ready to move on, as she shares a kiss with Alex but becomes frightened when things start to get more intimate, and later has a panic attack while shopping with Nina, also later finding out that Nina, despite being through the worst part of the aftermath of her rape, is still not completely over it, as she was unwilling to talk about what bothered her with her boyfriend and later cheated on him. She is still mad at Justin for what he did and goes against him and Clay when they want to give the polaroids found at the Clubhouse to the police. Later, after Clay, Alex, Justin, Courtney, Ryan, and Zach support her, she agrees to go to the police, along with Justin and tells them the truth. She is very disappointed when Bryce is found guilty, but only given three months probation. She officially gets back together with Alex and attends the Spring Fling with him, but later hooks up with Justin in the locker room, showing that she has forgiven him for his actions.

Physical Appearance

Jessica is a beautiful biracial girl with long curly brown hair, a dark complexion and brown eyes. She is shown to have a very casual but stylish attire.


Alex Standall

Alex is Jessica's ex-boyfriend and best friend. They have a deep bond that is solidified throughout the series. They dated twice and have been friends in between.

Their interactions in the first two seasons are written in chronological order- from before Hannah's death to after Hannah's death.

Jessica, Hannah and Alex at School, in "Tape 1, Side B"

In the first season, Alex and Jessica become friends when Hannah and Jessica decide that he could be in their group, after making him take a test and getting a "good enough" from Hannah. Monet's become their "office" and they would go there when they have anything to talk about, for example, Alex's problems in Math, Jess's Dad being deployed again, and the photo of Hannah that was sent around. The motto of their friendship becomes "F.M.L. Forever". Jess perceives Alex as weird most of the time, especially when he reveals he is going through the drinks section on Monet's menu. Alex tells Jess he is "a searcher", she tells him that him calling himself "a searcher" is also weird.

Alex and Jessica kissing in flashback during a game of 'Never Have I Ever' in "The Drunk Slut"

They also go to Jess's house together and play 'Never Have I Ever', where Alex says that he's never kissed his best friend and Hannah, Alex and Jess end up kissing each other. However, Alex and Jess found out that they were attracted to each other. This group didn't stay so stuck together for long. On the tapes, Hannah says Alex stopped coming first, finding some other friends and trading up and then, a little later, Jess.

Hannah sees Jess and Alex holding hands at lunch, in "Tape 1, Side B"

However, when Clay confronts Jess in Present Day, she says that Hannah was the first one to stop coming. On the tapes, Hannah says that they all went their separate ways, but, in a flashback, during lunch in school one day she sees Alex and Jess laughing and holding hands realizing that they are spending time together without her. Hannah is working at The Crestmont on a Wednesday, which Jess wasn't expecting. While talking to Hannah, Jess is joined by Alex (in the second season, while Jessica is under oath on the witness stand, Jessica saw Hannah working from afar and told Alex that she will go and get a ticket and he will wait a while and then come and get a ticket after she is gone, but he didn't and joined Jessica instead of coming after, "...but of course he didn't wait, he didn't get what it would feel like for a girl" Jessica states.) Hannah realizes that they are on a date.

Jessica and Alex on their first date, in "The Drunk Slut"

Hannah charges Alex after allowing Jessica in for free. In the middle of the movie, Alex went out for popcorn and has an argument with Hannah. To save face, he lies to Jessica and says that Hannah is jealous and they should 'lay low'. Later, we learn that Jessica and Alex are fighting although we don't know what it's about. We later understand that it's about Alex breaking up with Jessica because she refused to have sex with him.

Alex telling Jessica he loves her, in "Tape 3, Side A"

A few weeks later, Alex contributes to a list, that labels girls as having the best or worst body parts. Jessica is listed as having the worst ass by Alex and Hannah is listed as having the best by him. Jessica and Hannah meet at Monet's one last time. Hannah is unaware of her suspicions. Jessica confronts Hannah about the list that was made, with Alex's contributions. Jessica thinks it meant that Alex and Hannah had got together and that she was the reason for their break up and the contribution being made. Alex reveals to Clay in Present Day that the contribution was supposed to make Jessica mad but not at Hannah, he felt a lot of guilt about breaking up a friendship that he didn't mean to. Hannah tries to tell the truth but Jessica was so convinced that she sees it as lying and manipulation. The list destroys both Jessica and Hannah's relationship and Jessica and Alex's relationship. Jess refuses to speak to Alex although, he keeps trying. He tells her at the Winter Formal that he loves her after she tells him not to say it. He tells Clay that he will hang out around Jessica and piss her off until she loves him back again.

Alex and Jessica talking to Justin at the Gym, in "Tape 4, Side A"

After Hannah's suicide, they are seen hanging out again. Even though they were still having disagreements, It's shown that Alex still loves her, and Jessica still cares for him a lot. After he gets beaten up by Monty, Jess is shown to be really upset. She also expresses her concerns to Justin, who gets mad. In the middle of a meeting, Alex gets a bad stomach ache. Jessica gets worked up and helps him sit down. She tries to comfort him, much to Justin's annoyance. She also defends him to Justin, saying, that Alex might be a pain in the ass at times, but he's a decent person who has never lied to her.

Alex standing behind Jessica while she demands answers from Justin, in "Tape 6, Side B"

The night Justin becomes homeless, he goes to Alex's house to take shelter. A drunk Jess calls Justin. Realizing Jess is at Bryce's house, Alex and Justin go to pick her up. There, they find Jess playing poker with Zach, Bryce, Monty and some other guys. Jessica enthusiastically tells Alex to join, but Alex says that he hates poker. Jess doesn't listen and makes him sit in her own seat, sitting on Bryce's lap herself. Jess and Justin end up fighting. Zach tries to stop Justin but Alex tells Justin to tell her the truth, which he does. The next day, Alex tells the group at Monet's that Jess now knows that she was raped.

Alex and Jessica holding hands in the hallways of Liberty, in "The First Polaroid"

By the beginning of the second season, Alex and Jessica have reconciled their once damaged friendship and have supported each other over the five months they were away. When Alex's father tells him it's finally time for him to go back to school, he calls Jess as they had a pact that they'd go back to school together and asks if she's worried about having to see Bryce again. The next day, Jessica and Alex enters the school together, earning looks and whispers from the students. They jokingly argue about who the students are talking about and point out how differently they are affected by their trauma- Jessica is pretty and sad because all her scars are inside, and Alex has got a cane and a scar. Later, Alex asks Zach and Jess about her suicide note, only to learn that talking about suicide is now banned at school. He starts to lose his temper as Bryce welcomes them back, but Jessica stops him and says that it's gonna be a good day.

Alex and Jessica talking about the threatening messages she received, in "Two Girls Kissing"

Jessica tells Alex that she received a threat. They dish on who could be the one sending threats. Jess thinks it's Bryce or Chlöe, but Alex debunks both of the theories. Jess gets mad when he suggests she should tell the truth and tells him how she feels about her rape, but storms off when Alex still doesn't understand. She also changes her hair before going to court, which Alex does not like. Jessica sarcastically tells him that she'd noted it. After Alex receives a threatening note and Clay is run off the road, Alex and Clay talk about Bryce with her. At her testimony, when she's asked who contributed her and Hannah's name in the list, she looks at Alex and answers after he nods in approval. After her testimony, Alex sticks around and asks her how he can help, but Jessica tells him to leave.

Jessica comforting Alex about Hannah in "The Second Polaroid"

After Justin comes back in town and Chlöe invites her to Bryce's party, Jess skips school with Alex. They go to The Crestmont, but Alex starts getting flashbacks of Hannah and starts feeling guilty. Jess comforts him. They also go to see Olivia Baker and talk to her about their recovery and Hannah's case. They go to the docks afterwards. Jessica helps Alex to get in the water. They end up kissing, but Jessica freaks out and pushes him off. Alex starts apologizing but she tells him it's not his fault. She also tells him about Justin being back in town. They sit on a bench at the beach and talk about how Jessica feels after her rape. Later, Alex tells Zach that he couldn't feel anything physically during the kiss because of his paralysis, but he had hoped that kissing a real girl would change this.

Alex and Jessica at the beach, in "The Second Polaroid"

After Justin comes to see Jess at school, Alex isn't happy about it but he doesn't say anything at that moment either. Later, he tells Zach "Fuck Justin for coming back for Jessica. And fuck Jessica, too!". After the tapes are leaked, he tells Jess about it and proposes to skip school again. He goes to Clay's house to confront him but finds Justin instead. Justin and Alex talk about how Justin is still in love with Jess. After Clay comes home, he and Justin criticize him for hurting her.

Alex apologizing to Jessica, in "The Third Polaroid"

On Alex's birthday, Jessica, Clay and Zach put a 'Happy Birthday Alex' poster up in the hallway. Alex becomes very happy and thanks him, but Bryce and Scott come and subtly make fun of him, which angers Alex and he lashes out, calling Bryce a 'fucking rapist'. Jess gets mad at him and leaves. Later, Alex comes to know that Jessica hasn't invited Tyler to the Birthday Party even though she was supposed to. At the arcade, Zach notices Jess and waves at her, and Alex gets up. He apologizes to Jess for the morning with a teddy bear and jokes about its cuteness after Jess tells him he didn't need to get her anything. Alex gets mad at Jess when she kicks Tyler out, and later has a full-on breakdown about his attempted suicide. Jessica gets cross at this and calls him out for leaving her behind, alone, when he was the only one she could trust. Alex understands and apologizes.

Alex comforting Jessica in court, in "Bryce and Chloe"

After Bryce lies in Court, Alex tells the group that they can't tell Jess because she'd be hurt but Clay insists on telling her, as they need Chlöe. After Jessica talks Chlöe into testifying and Chlöe lies in Court, Alex reaches out for Jessica's hand and Jessica holds it. After the Polaroids are stolen and the group find that Monty does not have them, Clay and Alex along with the others go to visit her and convince her to report Bryce. Alex assures her that they all believe her and will stand by her, and whenever she is ready, everyone else is too. He also jokes that he told Clay not to be cheesy, which he did not listen to. Jessica smiles with tears in her eyes and agrees.

Jessica hugging Alex in "The Box of Polaroids"

Everyone escorts her to the Police Station and wait outside. After Jessica comes out, Alex tells her that he's really proud of her. She smiles and hugs him tightly. Later, they wait at Monet's together for the verdict. Alex keeps making noises with his spoon, but Jessica grabs his spoon and throws it away, holding his hand herself. They stare at each other and wait. At the time of the verdict, they are seen sitting side by side. They attend Hannah's funeral together as they were both best friends of Hannah. Jessica reaches out for Alex's hand at the funeral.

Jessica and Alex holding hands in Hannah's funeral, in "Bye"

They go to Monet's afterwards and talk about Hannah. Alex tells her that he felt that Jessica and Hannah were fearless and he was intimidated the first time he talked to them. They make their relationship official. Jessica says that Hannah would be happy to see them happy. The next day, they go to the Spring Fling together as a couple. They dance and kiss, and later join the group hug when Clay breaks down in the dance floor. However, she cheats on Alex with Justin afterwards.

Alex and Jessica kissing at Monet's, in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl"

In the third season, Jessica and the others meet up at Monet's, where she tells Justin that whatever happened between them the other night was a one-time thing that will never happen again, making it clear that she's not interested in continuing an affair with him and is staying with Alex. Justin keeps apologizing, which makes Jessica mad and she threatens to cut him. Alex comes up and asks why she is cutting him, to which Jessica awkwardly replies that Justin is evil. She says that Alex looks really cute and kisses him in front of Justin. Later, they both are seen when Clay makes plans to watch Tyler and they agree to carry out his plans.

Alex and Jessica talking in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad"

Jessica starts to talk about misogyny and rape culture in student council meetings, and starts to be vocal against male sports. Alex is supportive towards her. After Jessica wins the election, Alex is very happy and he and Clay are the first ones to congratulate her. Jessica goes to see Bryce after the election, and tells Bryce that she knows Alex cares about her and treats her very well. However, Ani sees Alex and Jessica awkwardly kissing at the hallway and after Alex is out of earshot, Ani points out that there wasn't a lot of passion in their kiss. Jessica informs Ani that they are having awful sex and she thinks it's her fault and feels bad for Alex because he tries hard. Ani teaches her how to masturbate. Jessica figures out that she's attracted to Justin and kisses Justin a few days later, cheating on Alex the second time. When they have sex, Jessica isn't enjoying it and tells Alex that it isn't working for her and it isn't fair towards him. Alex tells Jessica that she isn't draggin him along and he loves her. In reply, Jessica tells him that she doesn't want to hurt him. Alex suggests that she should take a break, but she tells him that she need their relationship to be done because sex and being in a relationship are not working for her. Feeling hurt, Alex politely tells her to go. Lying next to him, Jessica wipes tears from her eyes.

Jessica and Alex talking at The Crestmont in "Angry, Young and Man"

Jessica tells Alex that she doesn't want to watch Tyler because he creeps her out, so Alex decides to watch him instead and tells her that he misses her. Jessica seems annoyed, but Alex insists that they could still be friends. Justin enters the Crestmont. Realizing that Jessica and Justin are seeing each other, Alex gets mad and starts asking questions. Jessica and Justin both lie but Alex isn't sold. Jessica looks hurt as he leaves. Later, Jessica goes to the Monet's to see Justin, but finds Alex asking her to sit with him. He jokingly asks if they can be the kind of friends who drink coffee, to which Jessica agrees. However, the conversation gets heated as Alex asks her why she chose Justin over him. When Jessica replies that she is attracted to Justin and he makes her feel safe, Alex bursts out, asking how a guy who let his best friend rape her makes her feel safe. He also accidentally spills beverage on her and apologizes, but Justin quickly comes and helps her clean up. Alex leaves with a rising temper.

Alex telling Jessica that he loves her, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

At Homecoming, Alex jumps in to fight after Dean grabs Jessica. After the game, she calls Alex to come to meet Bryce at the Navy Pier with her after multiple failed attempts to call Justin. Arriving at the pier, they find a heavily injured Bryce due to being beaten up by Zach. Bryce gives her an apology tape and begs her and Alex to help him. Jessica tells Alex not to help him as he can get Zach in trouble. Alex refuses to listen to her and goes back to help. Bryce starts threatening Zach and Jessica, which angers Alex and reminds him that Bryce has hurt everyone he's ever loved. It ends up with him pushing Bryce into the water, causing him to drown. Jessica and Alex both helplessly watch him drown. When dropping Jessica off at her house, Alex tells Jessica he loves her. Jessica responds by saying he can't ever say that again and they have to stay apart.

Jessica telling Alex that the cops took Clay in, in "Yeah. I'm the New Girl"

The day they come to school after the murder, Jessica approaches Alex and tells him that cops took Clay in. Alex does not show much concern, which disgusts Jessica and she storms off. Zach asks Alex what's up as they broke up months ago, to which Alex replies that they went from "we can be friends" to "don't fucking touch me". After it is announced that Bryce's dead body has been found, Alex reaches out to Jessica, asking how she's doing. She gets mad and tells him that everyone is looking at her like she did something. Alex insists that she didn't do anything, but she tells him not to say anything and walks away.

Jessica and Alex at class in "Angry, Young and Man"

Alex seems upset at Jessica at class over Justin. She sadly asks him that how long he is gonna be mad at her for. Alex replies he'd be mad at her for as long time as he was in love with her. When the gang meets up at the library to discuss Tyler and Jessica suspects him, Alex gets mad at her. Later, Alex tells Jess and Justin that the police are searching the lockers. After it is revealed that he's using steroids, Alex confesses to Ani and Clay that he's insecure of his body as Jessica has left him for a 'muscular' guy. In the meantime, Justin tells Jessica that Alex is using steroids.

Alex and Jessica fighting at class in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen"

After Ani tells Alex that Jessica told him that she was with Justin at the homecoming night, Alex gets mad at her since she's providing an alibi for Justin instead of him. He yells at her in front of the whole class, exposing her and Justin's relationship. Jessica tells him that she's afraid of him, it's the Steroids that have changed him and leaves the class. The next day, Alex apologizes to her for his behavior. He also gets into a fight with Justin over Justin's drug addiction and Jessica. Alex asks Justin if Jessica knows about his addiction. Justin accuses him of trying to cause problems between Jessica and him, but Alex replies that he's been dealing with Justin ruining her life for two years and that she deserves to know the truth.

Jessica and Alex hugging in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

After Clay gets arrested, Ani suspects Jessica is hiding something. Unbeknownst to Alex, Jessica finally confesses her and Alex's involvements in the murder. Ani, Justin, Jessica and the others make a plan to frame Monty. Tyler tells the group that Alex asked him for a gun, suspecting that he's about to attempt suicide again. After putting the plan into action, they send Clay to fill Alex in. Alex comes to the room with Clay but doesn't enter. Seeing him, Jessica gets up and runs for a hug. Alex hugs her back. Jessica looks peaceful finally being able to reach him. Alex looks at Justin and the others over her shoulder, showing that he's finally coming to accept Jessica and Justin's relationship. Later, they both hear to Bryce's tape together.

Jessica and Alex confirming their friendship, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

Jessica joins the Standalls for Thanksgiving dinner to show support for their newly mended friendship. There, Alex and Jessica sit holding hands firmly for a prayer and smile at each other. Later, they go to Monet's together to celebrate Tyler's recovery. Jessica and Alex attend the photo exhibition together. After everyone sat down again, Jessica notices Alex is still at the exhibition and goes to check on him. There she sees him looking at a photo of Justin and Jessica's. Jessica tells him that she will always love him and that he is the best friend she'd ever had. Alex apologizes to her for everything but she told him not to. With tears in his eyes, Alex asks how they are gonna live with this, expressing his guilt about the murder and the cover-up. Jessica tells him that they are survivors. They shake hands saying "FML forever", and smile at each other.

It always has been you and me.
— Alex to Jessica about how they always have been there for each other[src]

Alex, Jessica and Zach looking at the graffiti in "College Tour"

At the beginning of the fourth season, Alex has stopped talking to her but they are still hanging out. They attend Justin's Welcome Back party together and later, discusses about Tyler and the murder cover-up. At their first day of second semester, Jessica asks Clay what Alex said about Tyler (as Alex's dad is the Deputy) but gets distracted before Clay could answer. At the morning of the college tour, Alex and Jessica start to freak out as the whole school find out a graffiti saying "MONTY WAS FRAMED". Alex swears in a low voice and asks her if she has any guess of who did it. Jessica replies that she has no clue. Zach comes up and laughs it off. Jessica and Alex are pissed but convinced that Zach wouldn't do something like this. Alex suspects it is Estela, but Jessica tells her that she joined HO and she knows what her brother was like. Alex insists that he was still her brother. They walk out of there together, looking tense.

Jessica asking Alex to the Love is Love Dance, in "Valentine's Day"

At Valentines's Day, Jessica comes up to Alex at lunch and asks him out for the Love is Love Dance. Alex rejects her offer outright and sarcastically apologizes. Jessica pleads him to go at least as friends, but Alex calls her out for only speaking to him when she needs something. Jessica reminds him that he was the one who stopped talking to her. She also accuses Alex of completely 'dropping' her after Thanksgiving. Alex denies this and explains her that she reminds him of the murder and he freaks out, and that's why he stopped talking to her. Jessica understands this but insists that not talking to her is not the solution, and Alex agrees. However, he still doesn't agree to go to the Dance with her. Surprised, Jessica asks him if he already had a date, earning another snarky comment from him for undermining him. Alex asks her why she wants to go so bad, and she replies that it's because she's the President. He suggests she should go alone, but Jessica says that having their lives back is no good if they can't live. Alex agrees with this. Together, they sit silently for a while.

Jessica and Alex talking about the email, in "Senior Camping Trip"

At the Camping Trip, Jessica approaches Alex to talk about the e-mail of the previous day that said they should comce clean about the murder. Alex says that Clay told him that his e-mail was hacked. Jessica doesn't buy this and tells him that they have to take control of this. Alex doesn't seem fond of this idea, as he thinks that that is exactly what the e-mail sender wants- to make them look crazy or guilty. Jessica reminds him that someone wants a confession and it needs to be made sure that they don't get it. After this conversation, they walk off to the woods together. The next day, they partner up for the treasure hunt and listen to the instructions together.

Alex and Jessica walking through the woods for the treasure hunt, in "Senior Camping Trip"

They hear Clay scream in the woods. Jessica tells Alex that Diego promised her that they wouldn't mess with Clay. Alex is frustrated that she believes everything Diego tells her despite knowing that he was close with Monty. She tells him that she's got him under her hook, but Alex isn't convinced. Jessica insists that she knows what she's doing and asks if Alex only wanted to partner with her to criticize her. Alex denies it. Jessica asks him then why he wasn't with his 'new best friend'. Alex rudely says that she doesn't care. Right then, Jessica gets a lot of maggots in her hand and starts screaming. Alex throws up and leaves despite she tells him not to. Later that night, Zach tells Jessica, Justin and Charlie about Alex and Winston. Jessica looks shocked at this new information that Alex is attracted to guys. At the campfire, she looks tense when Alex gets up to confess something, but later looks relieved as it is just a joke.

Clay, Alex, Tony and Jessica at Monet's, in "House Party"

Alex, Jessica, Clay and Tony meet up at Monet's after the Find Your Drink Party gets cancelled. Jessica points out the group is not as close as it used to be. When the school goes into lockdown, Alex texts Jessica but she does not reply. In Jessica's college interview, she talks about how two of her friends (Hannah and Alex) looked at their world one day and thought that nothing was ever gonna change, and took decisions in that one terrible moment that changed their lives forever, possibly referring to Hannah's suicide and Alex's decision to kill Bryce or Alex's suicide attempt. Later, a picture of Justin, Alex and Jessica are shown in Jessica's room.

Alex and Jessica talking at Monet's, in "Acceptance/Rejection"

Jessica meets up with Alex at Monet's and tells him what Clay told her about the parents' meeting and that both of their parents were there. Alex gets tensed and tells her about what he heard when Sheriff Diaz told his dad that he wanted to reopen the case. Jessica starts to freak out and asks him why he hasn't said anything earlier. Alex suggests that they should call a meeting, but Jessica tells him that she has pissed off everyone in her life so this is the only meeting she can call, as no one except Alex has patience with her anymore. Alex thoughtfully says that it always has been the two of them. He then asks her what they should do. She replies that she doesn't know. Later, they arrive to School together and watch Diego get arrested. After the students become united against the Principal and he threatens that there'll be consequences if they don't go back to class, Jessica tells him that they're not afraid and looks at Alex for support, but Alex backs off to find Zach.

Jessica and Ani greeting Alex, Charlie, Clay, Tony and Caleb, in "Prom"

After the Dean threatens to cancel Prom, the gang have a meeting where they agree to tell their parents the truth. When Alex, Charlie and Clay arrive to prom, Jessica compliments them and says that they should get married and they look adorable. Alex says that she and Ani look amazing and they are going to win Prom Queens, but Jessica lets him know that the Football team decides the Prom Royalty so she's not going to win. After a while, Jessica and Alex sit together at the table before Zach joins them.

Zach, Alex and Jessica talking about Bryce, in "Prom"

Alex asks him about the Escort he brought to Prom. Jessica starts to criticize Zach for his decision to bring her to Prom, but Zach laughs it off and points out that Alex and Jessica are looking like they're attending a funeral instead of Prom. Jessica denies it, but Alex gets depressed and asks if they were ever gonna feel 'normally okay'. She replies that she hasn't felt normally okay in a 'long, long' time, but she's going to find ways to be happy. Alex sighs and replies that he doesn't see that happening for him. Jessica looks at him with concern. Alex says that Bryce should be here, alive. Jessica says that he'd be drunk and choosing his next victim, and would be making him feel 'poor and lame and not a man'. Alex says that he's not a man, which Jessica denies. Alex heatedly says that Bryce did not deserve to die. Zach intervenes and says that Bryce ruined their lives, so even though he didn't deserve to die, they deserve to live. He gets up to dance, leaving Alex and Jessica at the table.

Jessica crowning Alex in "Prom"

Jessica gets onstage to announce the Prom King and Queen. She seems really excited to find out who they are, and announces that Alex and Charlie won the Prom Royalty. When Alex reaches the stage with Charlie, he and Jessica are both astonished. Alex suspects that Jessica did something to make him win, but she denies it and reminds him that the football team decides the Prom Royalty. She asks them that who wants the crown and who wants the tiara. After putting the tiara on Charlie, she crowns Alex and they kiss each other on the cheek. She tells Alex that he deserves to be happy. Alex thanks her in reply before she gets down from the stage. Later, Jess smiles and watches from afar, and is happy for Alex when he and Charlie are having their dance as the Prom Royalty.

Jessica bringing Alex in to see Justin, in "Graduation"

Justin collapses at prom and is diagnosed with HIV, so Alex understands that Jessica is already in a lot of pain. When Winston Williams suspects that it was Jessica who killed Bryce, Alex confesses to him that it was he and he was alone, to protect her from further hurt. Alex and Charlie come to visit Charlie in the hospital. Jessica goes out to receive them and brings Alex in. She and Clay chuckle at Alex and Charlie's jokes about the Panda they brought for Justin that is named "Tiger". When Charlie and Alex comes back after convincing Zach to come see Justin, Alex goes and sits beside an exhausted Jessica.

Alex, Jessica and their friends before the burial of the tapes, in "Graduation"

They, along with the group, stay at the hospital during Justin's death. They also attend his funeral. After the funeral, Winston and Alex talk about the murder at Monet's. Winston asks Alex if Jessica was with him, but Alex stays silent. However, Winston realized the truth. At the Graduation ceremony, Alex listened to Jessica's speech and supported her. It is revealed that Jessica has gotten into the same college as Alex. Before the burial of the tapes. Clay and Jessica sit beside Alex as he places the box of tapes in the grave. They both take part in the burial, and are among the group when they are discussing that they'll always be there for each other if anyone needs any help.

Justin Foley

Justin was Jessica's boyfriend.

Jessica comforting Justin in "Tape 2, Side A"

Jessica first interacted with Justin at the Winter Formal, where Justin approaches her and they dance. However, they don't begin dating until summer school. Throughout the series, they seem to truly care about and love each other, but at the very end Justin reveals to Jessica that Bryce had raped her, prompting Jessica to slap him and declare that she hates him because he had kept something so big from her. This interaction symbolized their breakup, and Justin tried desperately to win her back for the rest of the season, unsuccessfully. One of the last scenes in Season One is outside of Monet's, where Justin begs Jessica to "tell me what you want" with tears in his eyes. Jessica tells Justin that she never wants to see him or speak to him again and drives off, leaving him standing in the parking lot.

Jessica and Justin kissing in "Bye"

Jessica was sent a postcard by Justin while he was homeless, saying: "Nancy, I will always love you. - Sid", referring to them dressing up as Nancy and Sid for the school's Halloween contest. When Clay reveals he found Justin and he's at his house, Jessica doesn't want to seem him and is upset that he's back. She even tells him she wishes he was dead when they see each other again, but still worries about him when he collapses in the school cafeteria. Jessica seemingly still loves and cares about Justin, besides wanting to hate him because of how much he hurt her. Nina calls her out for still being in love with Justin.

Jessica starts to be fine with having Justin around and they are friendly with each other. Justin goes to the police for Jessica besides risking getting arrested, which he gets. Jessica runs after him, but he tells her it's okay and she cries in Mrs. Baker's arms.

At the Spring Fling, Jessica and Justin lock eyes and then awkwardly greet each other. Jessica notices Justin walking away, seemingly sad, and later looks for him. She finds him in the locker rooms and talks with him. They start kissing and presumably have sex.

Justin and Jessica in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"

The day after Spring Fling, Justin tells Jessica that it's good to see her again. Jessica gets irritated and tells Justin their hook-up was a one-time thing. When Justin meets up with Bryce, he threatens him to stay away from Jessica. Jessica hears about this, and confronts Justin. She kisses him and tells him to never talk to her again.

Jessica finds herself thinking about Justin while trying out masturbating, realizing she's still attracted to him. She breaks up with Alex and hooks up with Justin. They get back together and try out BDSM, as Jessica likes being in control. They keep their relationship a secret.

Alex outs their relationship during an argument with Jessica, and Jessica gets a lot of backlash from her H.O. group. They decide not to care about what others say about them, and make their relationship public.

Justin starts to feel guilty about keeping his drug addiction a secret from Jessica. He breaks up with her, but lies about the reason. Clay tells Jessica the real reason, and Jessica tells Justin she "rejects his breakup request" and will support him no matter what he's going through.

After it's revealed that Jessica was involved in Bryce's murder, she's scared Justin about what happens to their relationship. Jessica asks him how he can still love her and not see somebody different. Justin asks her if she can look at him and not see the boy who let her get raped, which Jessica responds "no" to. This shows that they can love each other besides not forgetting what the other person has done.

Hannah Baker

Hannah was Jessica's best friend.

Jessica and Hannah at Monet's in "Tape 1, Side B"

At the start of their relationship, Hannah, on the tapes, describes it being a "hot chocolate relationship", "good for cold months, but maybe not perfect for all Seasons". Jessica and Hannah developed a really strong friendship and recruited a member into their friendship. They became a perfect duo. However their friendship turned rocky after, as Hannah tells it, Alex and Jessica suddenly stopped coming, she later found out it was because Alex and Jessica were spending more time together, and were dating. Alex then contributed to a list and stated that Jessica's ass was the worst while Hannah's was the best, which caused a rivalry between them, Hannah told Jess she had nothing to do with it, but Jess didn't believe her. However, Hannah seemed to still care for Jessica as she warned her to be careful about Justin Foley, and even drove her home after the Winter Formal.

Hannah and Jessica in a flashback in "The Drunk Slut"

After Hannah's death, Jessica starts to want to do the right thing for Hannah, she wants to stand up for her, her parents and make the school understand what teenage girls go through at Liberty High. Before she testifies, however, she becomes reluctant and is overcome with fear. Jessica sees that Hannah's case is not going the way she thought it would - Sonya, the lawyer for Liberty High, is tearing down the outer image of a kind, innocent girl and revealing her other unlikable characteristics. Moreover, she is affected by the society who think she isn't "the right kind of victim" to come forward about Bryce being a rapist. In the end she doesn't come forward about the rape, but Clay leaks the tapes anonymously online which blows up in all their faces, as the tapes were public knowledge to certain people who listened to the tapes that Hannah sent out, but he published the audio online meaning, the people who didn't know about the tapes, but knew about the case could hear the tapes. Clay leaking the tapes leads to the trial of Jessica vs Bryce, in which he, as disturbing and unfortunate, was realistically not found guilty for, but got three months probation.

Clay Jensen

Clay is Jessica's friend. They started out as acquaintances, Jessica grew to like Clay as he was the only one who tried to tell her that Bryce raped her. Through the second season they become good friends.

Jessica and Clay in Monet's in "Tape 7, Side A".

Clay and Jessica are good friends, they started off as friends who don't talk a lot and have a rocky relationship throughout the first season because of Clay's actions after listening to the tapes. Jessica is led to believe that she wasn't raped by Bryce the night of her party. Justin told Jessica that they were the ones who had sex and she was just too drunk and slightly out of it. Clay tried to tell Jessica than Hannah told the truth but she didn't believe him, she started having flashbacks of her rape, to deal with things she started drinking alcohol. As she had flashbacks she started to sneak alcohol into her bag to go to school. She formed a more solid friendship with Bryce, and flirted with him. Clay urged Justin to tell Jessica the truth, however Justin wouldn't budge. After Justin saw how close Jessica and Bryce were getting he was fueled by jealousy and told her the truth so she would stay away from Bryce, however this also made her cut ties with him as he lied to her the entire time about what happened that night. She became closer with Clay as he was the only person to ever try to tell her the truth. Clay wanted to get justice for Jessica, and made it her decision whether or not to burn the tapes as Hannah described what happened to her on a tape.

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Jessica and Clay sat on a bench outside of the courtroom in "Bye"

In the second season, they are friends and support each other in hard times. Clay pushed her to admit her rape to someone, such as the police or testify about Bryce on the stand; however Jessica just wasn't yet ready. Clay attempted to find Justin so he could testify against Bryce to Jessica wouldn't have to. However in doing this he made Jessica frustrated as she didn't want to be near Justin, not being able to forgive him for letting Bryce rape her and lying to her about it. Later on, with encouragement from her friends, including Clay, she gives details about her rape to the police, identifying her rapist for the first time out loud to the police. Justin also supports her in the police station by giving his statement but adjusts his version of things slightly to support her. Later on during the dance in "Bye" Hannah and Clay's song "The Night We Met" comes on at the Spring Fling, Jessica recognises the song and looks over at Clay, she was the second person after Tony Padilla to come up to Clay and comfort him; she amongst her and Clay's friends hug each other as the song plays and Clay cries. Later, Jessica is warned by Clay about a Tyler's situation: Tyler has become an active school shooter and plans to shoot up the school. Jessica went with Justin to hide but they both come out to see if Clay—who has dangerously gone to risk his life and talk Tyler out of it—is okay they both come out at the wrong time, Tyler holds a gun up to Clay getting ready to shoot him, when Tyler sees Justin and Jessica he moves and raises his gun at them. Clay demands both Jessica and Justin go back inside. After Clay managed to talk Tyler down from an attempt at a school shooting, Jess and Justin run back outside and ask Clay if he is okay, he tells them he isn't and Justin asks "This is fucked up right?" and asks what they are supposed to do now.

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Jessica and Clay talk in the library in "The World Closing In".

In the third season, they are good friends, and they both help Tyler recover after his attempted school shooting. Jessica also defends Clay when she is questioned by the police. Clay is also the one to tell Jessica Justin's real reason for breaking up with her, and also does not appear to have a problem with Jessica after he found out she knew the entire time who killed Bryce and hid it from everyone, even while the police strongly suspected him and arrested him. In fact he helped cover up both Jessica and Bryce's killer's involvement in his death.

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Bryce Walker

Bryce was Jessica's rapist.

Jessica and Bryce at the Winter Dance in "Tape 3, Side A"

Bryce is Jessica's rapist. Before he raped her, Bryce and Jessica didn't interact much but Jessica doesn't hate him. At a party at Jessica's house, Bryce rapes her after she passes out in her bedroom from being drunk and Justin leaves the room.

As Jessica's relationship with Justin goes downward, Jessica and Bryce get flirty and hang out. After a fight with Justin, Jessica invites Bryce to smoke together and go to her house. They later go to Bryce's house with other friends, and flirts with Bryce presumably to make Justin jealous. When Jessica is back home after Justin gets mad and reveals Bryce raped her, Bryce sends her a text asking if she's okay.

Bryce and Jessica talking in "The First Polaroid"

While Jessica isn't at school, Bryce spreads misinformation around the school, saying Jessica cheated with him on Justin and told Justin he raped her after regretting it. When Jessica returns to school, Bryce talks to her as if nothing happened; he welcomes her back, asks how she is and invites her to grab a drink.

Jessica reports Bryce to the police, and when Bryce gets arrested he tells her she's making a big mistake. Bryce gets off with three months probation, but Jessica still feels stronger. Mrs. Jensen requested a court order to force the school to protect Jessica from Bryce.

Bryce and Jessica meeting up before the football game in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You"

In the third season, Bryce starts trying to make things right between him and the people he hurt. He invites Jessica over to his house and tells her that he knows what he did. Jessica tells Bryce that he has no idea what he did and can still feel him on top of her. He later comes to see Jessica at Monet's to apologize, but Jessica doesn't believe it's genuine.

Bryce records an apology for Jessica on a tape. Before the Homecoming game, he invites her to meet up with him at the pier to give the tape. Jessica brings Alex with her, and wants to leave him behind injured after receiving the tape.

Nina Jones

Nina is Jessica's friend.

Jessica and Nina in "The Smile at the End of the Dock"

When Mr. Porter is talking to Jessica, Nina approaches Jessica to get rid of him, and she introduces herself. Later, when Jessica goes to a support group for rape survivors, she finds out Nina is a rape survivor too who also attends the support group. Nina explains that she wanted to be there for Jessica because she was sure the rumors about Jessica lying about her rape were false. They become friends and support each other.

Diego Torres

Diego is Jessica's former lover and friend. They started out as casual partners who later ended up catching feelings for each other.

Diego and Jessica at the Love is Love Dance, in "Valentine's Day"

They first interact Jessica and her group try to talk to the boys at the locker room but the guys of the football team are rude to her. Diego defends Jessica and tells them to shut up. However, she isn't happy with this. Diego approaches her again at the Love is Love Dance and praises her for her activism. He asks her for a dance, but Jessica replies that she's here with Charlie so she can't dance with him. Diego points out that she's only trying to make Justin jealous and she won't be able to do that with Charlie because he's 'gay or bi'. Jessica gets mad at this, but Diego has a good comeback which she appreciates. Later, Jessica ditches Charlie and accepts Diego's offer to make Justin jealous using him and the two start a casual relationship.

At first, Jessica is trying to keep Diego from the truth as he is investigating Bryce's murder. He is still messing with Clay, which Jess tells him not to do. At the camping trip, Jessica and Diego are getting closer and they sit together at the campfire. Clay, Alex, Ani and Justin all warn Jessica about Diego, but she believes that Diego just likes her and she has got him under her hook. Turns out that her assumptions are right, as Winston (rightfully) warns Diego that she's playing him but Diego is convinced that she is just looking out for him. Meanwhile, Jessica starts hooking up with Justin again and lies to Diego about it. Diego admits to Winston that he loves her. Jessica starts to develop real feelings for Diego, which even Justin understands. Justin and Diego's conflict also seems to lessen after Diego's arrest and the riot. After Diego suspects that she had an involvement with Bryce's murder, they have a huge fight and Diego threatens her, ending their relationship. He tries to reason with her afterwards but Jessica doesn't have it and officially gets back together with Justin.

After Justin's death, Jessica tells Diego that they're both at risk of HIV and they go to take tests together. After getting the result of his test, Diego is surprised to find her waiting for him. He informs her that he's giving up the investigation as it would cause her further hurt. They talk about how they both miss their loved ones (Justin and Monty), and Jessica empathizes with him. Diego tells her that he'll be there if she ever needs anyone to 'miss people with'. He proposes to start a real relationship this time and is willing to give her time if she needs. Jessica tells him that maybe he can ask her out in a month. They are last seen sitting at the waiting room together, smiling at each other.

Ani Achola

Ani is Jessica's best friend.

Ani supporting Jessica at the riot, in "Acceptance/Rejection"

In the third season, Ani and Jessica first met at a Student Council meeting where Ani praises her for her views and suggests that she runs for the President. She also joins HO with Jessica and becomes close to her. Jessica tells her about her sexual problems, to which Ani suggests masturbation to figure things out herself. However, Jessica doesn't always trust her with everything as she lies to her about being with Justin and her involvement in Bryce's murder. Ani grows suspicious of her. After Ani admits to her that she slept with Bryce and that's the worst thing she's ever done, Jessica confesses her involvement in the murder and Ani covers the murder up for her and Alex.

In the fourth season, Ani moved in with her so she can finish her senior year in Evergreen. They mostly have a supportive relationship but have conflicts about Ani sleeping with Bryce and Jessica sleeping with Diego. When the school goes into lockdown, Jessica calls her and tells that she loves her. Later, Ani apologizes to her about Bryce and moves out. They also go to the Prom together and dances wildly. Ani comforts her after Justin's death. She also cheers for Jessica at graduation. They are last seen hugging after the burial of Hannah's tapes.


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We weren't friends. Friends tell the truth, friends don't turn on each other. Hannah's a user and a liar. You can't believe anything that she says. Not a thing. I mean, what she said, on the tapes, about us and Monet's, she's the one who stopped coming, not me. She's the one who ended our friendship, and she knew it. She's a liar—was a liar.
— Jessica to Clay, speaking about Hannah.[src]
Jessica: "Hot chocolate is the cure for all things shitty in life."
Hannah: "I got shit that needs curing too."
―  Hannah and Jessica in a flashback after being paired up to be friends and before going to Monet's.[src]
Justin: "Why the fuck are you here with Bryce?"
Jessica: "Tell me why you fucking care!"
Justin: "Because he fucking raped you!"
―  Jessica and Justin after Justin becomes mad at her hanging out with Bryce.[src]
Justin: "I just want you to understand..."
Jessica: "And I want you to understand what it's like to be raped. But I truly hope you never will."
―  Jessica and Justin when he visits her after telling her Bryce raped her after keeping it a secret and defending Bryce[src]
Justin: "Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll do it. I'll fucking go to the school. I'll talk to the cops. I'll kill Bryce. If you want, I'll kill him with my bare hands and pay the price. Just please tell me what you want."
Jessica: "What I want... is never to see you again in my life."
―  Jessica to Justin[src]
Clay: "Thanks for talking to me about this. And I guess let me know if there's anything... if there's anything."
Jessica: "Clay. Don't burn the tapes."
―  Jessica and Clay in Monet's[src]

Friendship is a complicated thing… especially between girls. And it gets even more complicated when there’s a boy involved. But I can tell you one thing. I blame the boy more than I blame Hannah. There are all different ways boys mess with girls. And some of those ways, well, we let them do it. I think the kind of friends you have say a lot about the kind of person you are. And Hannah, she was a true friend. Better than I deserve. We all want to be strong. We all want to be the kind of people who deserve good friends. But I guess, at the end of the day, none of us are as strong as we want to be.
— Jessica's voice over and during her testimony[src]
The truth doesn’t always make things right.
— Jessica to Clay[src]
Alex: "You look beautiful today"
Jessica: "So do you."
Alex: "I look damaged."
Jessica: "It's a good look on you. See everybody's checking you out."
Alex: "They're checking you out. You're pretty and sad. People love that."
Jessica: "You have a cane and a scar. All my scars are inside."
Alex: "We're definitely going to hell for joking about this."
Jessica: "Alex, my friend, we're in hell already, I plan to look like I'm enjoying it."
―  Alex and Jessica on why people are staring at them, after coming back to Liberty High for the first time.[src]
Alex, stop. I'll see you guys after third. I'm gonna take the long way. It's gonna be a good day.
— Jessica to Alex and Zach after Alex retaliates at Bryce welcoming them back like nothing happened.[src]
It's just... Tyler Down, who testified yesterday, called out a couple kids and they weren't happy. That's all.
— Jessica to her Dad on being nervous to testify in court.[src]
Do boys have it easier? I think so, I don't know.
— Jessica on the difference between boys and girls with labels and rumors.[src]
I don't blame Hannah for anything. That's how it is for girls. People judge you by the way you look, the things they hear about you. They put a label on you. I just feel like boys get to define themselves. They get to choose their identity and they can hide behind it. Well, most boys. I think some know what it's like to be afraid. To feel like the world gave you a certain label that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Most boys don't know what it's like, but, every single girl does.
— Jessica on the difference, socially, between boys and girls[src]
Your Honor, when we leave this courtroom, Bryce Walker gets to leave convinced that he chose the wrong girl to have sex with. I get to leave constantly looking over my shoulder for monsters dressed up as the popular kid, constantly on edge and assuming the worst in every boy. The sentence you decide today can tell Bryce Walker what he did was wrong. It can say that to every boy, every man who behaves like he does. And it can say to victims like me that our story matters.
— Jessica during court for her rape case[src]

You have to find your own way to stop hurting. You have to take back their power to make you hurt.
— Jessica to Tyler in "Angry, Young and Man"
I was raped by the king of the school and I stayed silent. I protected the jock who raped me because... I don't know. Because I thought it would hurt more to speak up... because I thought it would ruin my reputation. But I am no longer staying quiet. No more! So, here's my promise. If you elect me, I will take down the jocks at this school. Put an end to their bullshit. I will not tolerate the ones who protect them, and I will demand that their victims no longer remain silent. Because their silence destroys us all.
— Jessica's speech in "If You're Breathing, You're a Liar"
Jessica Davis: "I have a family who are amazing. My friends are amazing. I have a boyfriend who cares about me and treats me really well."
Bryce Walker: "I'm happy for you, truly. I only want the best for you, Jess."
Jessica Davis: "Yeah... but it's weird, because no matter what I do... you're still on top of me, and I still can't breathe."
―  Jessica and Bryce[src]
I know my speech was... Well, people had different opinions on my speech. And yeah, the administration did talk to me about it, but the thing they were mostly upset about was the profanity. I was like, "Seriously? That's what you heard?" Fuck that! I'm pissed off. I'm gonna be pissed off until things actually change. Until the predators and the rapists are gone for good. Never again.
— Jessica after she was elected as Student Body President, during an assembly in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad"
It's important to make a mess, to make noise, you're right. But I don't know. I worry sometimes that the louder we get, the harder it is for someone to even find their voice. To tell their story. And that's the first thing that needs to happen, right? People need to be able to speak before they can shout.
— Jessica to the other H.O. members in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You"
Monty: "You're a crazy bitch."
Jessica: "Yeah. And you should fear that."
―  Jessica and Monty[src]
Making mistakes is part of being a survivor. At first you think you're permanently broken, but then, little by little you start picking up the pieces and you start realising, what you're making is a mirror. And the more of those pieces you put together the more you start to see yourself. But maybe we can start picking up the pieces of that mirror together, and we can finally see the truth. If you think sexual assault doesn't affect your life you're wrong. There are survivors all around us.
— Jessica during her speech about sexual assault in the assembly in "And Then the Hurricane Hit"
Alex: "How are we going to live with this?"
Jessica: "We're survivors, you and me. F.M.L. forever"
―  Jessica and Alex on being responsible for Bryce's murder[src]

I had two friends. Two very different friends. Two people I love who each had a moment... in their lives when they looked in their world and saw that nothing was ever gonna change. Ever. And they each made a decision... in that one moment. One... terrible, painful decision... that they could never take back. And that's what brought the change. Painful... awful... change.
— Jessica in her college interview about Hannah and Alex[src]
Jessica: "I don't know if I can do any of this anymore. We're all supposed to just... keep waking up and putting on our clothes and carrying on conversations and listening to people while they talk about how God works in mysterious ways, and I just don't fucking know if I can do it anymore!"
Ani: "OK, I think this is the hardest thing... that anyone could ever go through. But I also think you are a lot stronger than you realize."
Jessica: "He made me strong."
Ani: "No! You are. All on your own. Maybe you made each other stronger, but it's in you. I've seen it."
―  Jessica and Ani at Justin’s funeral[src]
Look, here's the thing. There should be more of us here. And lately, I have been thinking about why they're not here. I have a history of causing trouble with my speeches. Principal Bolan actually had to approve my speech just so I wouldn't make trouble. But that was a month ago. And my life has changed since then. But don't worry, I'm not causing any trouble today. Because I just want you to hear me. Some of you circulated a petition this year, demanding I be removed from office. Saying that I was a one-issue president, and I had made my point, and I should just shut up. Well, no girls signed that petition. So, news, boys, our point is far from made. And we're not shutting up. But you are right about one thing: I am a one-issue president. I'm a one-issue person. I spent the last couple of years angry. Hurt. Scared. But I'm not gonna do that anymore. I'm gonna focus on my one issue. Which is love. Oh, what? Does talking about love make you embarrassed? Is it girly? What? Because it's the thing. It's the only thing. It's easy to hate. It's easy to fear. It's goddamn hard to love. But it's not optional. It's essential. It's life or death. I challenge you. Love each other. Do it. Do it better. Now and every day. I love you all. Oh, and fuck the patriarchy.
— Jessica's graduation speech[src]
I was looking around today at graduation, and I was thinking about how Justin was missing, and Hannah. But then I thought, I love these people. Clay Jensen, Zach, and Courtney, Ryan freakin' Shaver, for fuck's sake. In what kind of world do I love all these kinds of people? The world you made. We had to love each other at the end of it all. You did that.
— Jessica to her hallucination of Bryce[src]


  • Jessica's biracial identities shed light to a number of issues women of color have to face.
    • After her rape, she's seen to be terrified to name Bryce as he is a white, wealthy kid and she's a biracial girl and that is one of the reasons why she does not think she's the 'right kind of victim'.
    • She straightens her wavy hair the day she goes to testify in "The Drunk Slut". Alex asks her about it and she replies, "It's Court Hair.", implying that she's feeling that she has to remove her biracial identities from her appearance before going to court as there's a popular racist belief that women of color are more 'impure' (in a sexual meaning) than white women and that can go against her in court.
  • Jessica stated that she'll always love Alex and that he's the best friend she has ever had, in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead".
    • This implies that she considers Alex closer than her other two best friends of the series, Hannah and Ani.
    • She also stated that Alex was the only one she could trust and the only one who understood what she was going through after she was raped and Hannah committed suicide.
  • Before Justin's death, she told him that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her and that he taught him what love was, in "Graduation".
  • She was Hannah's second best friend after Kat.
  • In "Two Girls Kissing", it is revealed that Jessica has been sleeping on the floor of her parents' bedroom, because she can't be where Bryce raped her; in her bed.
    • When she states that she's ready to sleep on her own bed, her dad shares a tender moment with her when he tucks her in and stays with her until she falls asleep.
  • Jessica moved to Evergreen County in 2016; because her Dad is in the air force, she moves nearly every two years.[22]
  • The name of her official Instagram account is 'cheerstojess'.
  • In the third season, she was elected as Student Body President, succeeding Marcus Cole and Courtney Crimsen. Her promise for the election was that she'd 'take down the jocks of the School' and 'put and end to their bullshit'.
    • A petition was circulated by some guys that demanded she should be removed from this position, without result.
  • Jessica is an accessory to Bryce Walker's murder as she was with Alex in the crime scene and lied to protect him afterwards.
    • In "Graduation", when Winston mistakenly assumed that she was the actual murderer, Alex confessed to him that it was he. When asked if Jessica was with him, Alex stayed silent. However, Winston realized the truth.
  • In "Valentine's Day", it is revealed that Alex had stopped talking to Jessica after Thanksgiving as she reminded him of Bryce's murder. However, their friendship have mended by the end of the season.
  • In the fourth season, Ani Achola moved in with her.
  • In "College Interview", Jess talked about how two of her friends painful decisions had changed their life in her interview. Even though she didn't mention any of their names, she was actually referring to Hannah and Alex.
  • In Season 4, Jessica started seeing hallucinations of Bryce and Monty, just like Clay has been seeing hallucinations of several characters throughout the series. In "Graduation", Jessica sees her last hallucination of Bryce after the gang buries the tapes, where Clay and she smile at each other, possibly because they know about each other's hallucinations.
  • In Jessica's Season 4 promotional poster, Alex wrote "You deserve to be happy". In the series, Jessica says this line to Alex after Alex and Charlie are voted Prom Kings in "Prom".
  • Hannah, Jessica and Alex used 'F. M. L. Forever' as an acronym of 'Fuck My Life' whenever they met up or had a tough topic to talk about. Even after Hannah's death, Alex and Jessica continued to use it as a reminder of Hannah and also a motto of their friendship. In "Let the Dead Bury the Dead", after Jessica and Alex confirmed that they were still best friends, they shook hands, saying 'F. M. L. Forever'; and in Season 4, Jessica and Alex wrote it in each other's promotional posters that appeared as their yearbook photographs.
  • Jessica took her SATs two days after Bryce received probation for raping her and after Bryce was murdered.
  • Jessica was tested HIV Negative after Justin's death in "Graduation".
  • Jessica was rejected from the first three Colleges she applied for. However, in "Graduation", it is revealed that she got into Berkeley, the same College Alex (and possibly Tyler) are attending.


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