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This article is about the book character. You may be looking for the TV series character.


In a contest of who's-got-the-biggest-balls, all of you listeners should know Jessica wins.
Hannah Baker, describing Jessica after having coffee with her

Jessica Davis is new to town, but she's not your typical wallflower new kid. She's bolder and more aggressive than Hannah. Unfortunately, Jessica is also pretty violent. This is where Hannah's story starts to get all tangled up, soap-opera style.

After Alex Standall's pits the two girls against each other, Jessica accuses Hannah of stealing her man. When Hannah denies it, Jessica says, "'Hannah […], I know the rumors'". Then Jessica hits Hannah, apparently embedding her fingernail in Hannah's forehead and leaving a scar.

This is some pretty hefty symbolism here. Jessica's violence has left a physical scar on Hannah's forehead, which seems to represent the emotional scars that Hannah clearly lives with as well.

This combination of violence, public humiliation, betrayal, and the loss of even a casual friendship with another girl weakens Hannah and contributes to her alienation. But Jessica's story and her importance in Hannah's life don't end here.

The Bedroom Incident[]

"Cassette 5: Side B" is dedicated to Justin Foley, but it also features Jessica. Hannah doesn't mention Jessica by name in this tape; it's Clay, who saw Justin and Jessica together at the party, who gives us her identity. Other than the people involved, the other listeners won't be able to identify Jessica.