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Justin Prentice is an actor and producer. He portrays Bryce Walker in Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.


Justin Prentice is an American actor and producer, known for 13 Reasons Why (2017), Malibu Country (2012) and Awkward. (2011). His first role was as Ryan Krouse in the series Criminal Minds. He voiced the character Jaya on the Nickelodeon series The Legend of Korra.


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I feel like we have put a nice bow on Bryce. Artistically as an actor, we played with the villain-esque side of him early on in the first couple of seasons and in season three we get to dive deeper and make him more human. I feel like we've kind of hit and explored all the different facets of Bryce. Moving on with my career, I feel like we put it all out there and we didn't leave anything behind, which is comforting.
— Justin on leaving Bryce Walker behind[1]

I think it should be ambiguous. Viewers should walk away with different thoughts and that will be exciting to see; the dialogue that sparks from it because everyone is going to have their own opinion. Death is always a harsh punishment, especially when we got to see a glimmer of Bryce starting to change. But then one could argue that he has caused irreparable damage to so many people. We'll leave that up to the viewers to walk away with what they walk away with.
— Justin on whether or not Bryce deserved his fate[1]

You know, I certainly felt more empathetic, not for necessarily Bryce, but for who Bryce could have been had his path been different. We saw Bryce in season two as a little boy looking out for Justin; he was a human once upon a time. And I think seeing moments of Bryce's humanity come through, it's sort of sad in that you see the human that he could have been but can't necessarily be because of the things that he's done, a lot of that being his home life, his interactions with his parents. I felt more empathy towards the person that he could have been as more scripts came out and as more of the unraveling of his past is shown. It's hard. He has done some horrible things, so it's hard to say that you forgive him. I don't know that that's entirely possible.
— Justin on how he feels about Bryce after Season 3[1]

That scene's probably the first time that Bryce has willingly ever cried in front of anybody. You know, talk about toxic masculinity and the culture around it. I think this is the first time he's felt really safe to be embraced by another human being, to really open himself up, and just have a full kind of breakdown.
— Justin about Bryce breaking down during yoga[src]

In terms of changing the culture that we live in of rape and sexual assault and the jock culture and all that, there needs to be some semblance of hope that it can change, and I think, in seeing the humanity in Bryce, and in the characters in this show, you go, "Oh, these are people who may actually feel remorse for their actions. They're not just write-off human beings."
— Justin Prentice about Bryce feeling remorse[src]




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