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Everyone had their reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night one of them would've followed through. Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. Bryce had threaten to ruin Monty's life. Jessica Davis was on fire with the cause, with anger at Bryce. Justin Foley would've done anything for her. Tony would've loved to get into that fight. Tyler felt under attack all over again. And Zach's dreams were destroyed with one hit.
— Ani, explaining to Deputy Standall everyones reasons for wanting to kill Bryce Walker

Let the Dead Bury the Dead is the thirteenth and final episode of the third season of 13 Reasons Why. It is the thirty-ninth episode of the series overall.

This episode focuses on Montgomery de la Cruz being framed by the group as Bryce's killer, along with the reveal of Bryce's actual killer.


Clay is released on bail, Ani puts a plan to exonerate him into action, and the truth about Bryce's murder finally comes to light.


Monty is in jail, and his dad visits him. His dad is angry at him, not for sexually assaulting someone but for doing it to a guy. Monty's dad asks him if he is gay, and Monty admits that he is. His dad tells him that he can expect to be severely beaten — or worse — by other prisoners, but Monty responds, "At least none of them will be my dad." Monty's dad spits in Monty's face and leaves.

Clay's mom tells Justin and Clay to keep a low profile while they continue to investigate the murder, especially as detectives are tailing them. Justin knows what can save Clay- something that Jessica told Ani a previous night.

Ani gets called into the police station for questioning by Deputy Standall. Ani claims that she has a plan that will fix everything. Ani tells him that many people had motive to kill Bryce - but the key is who would have the guts to "take the gun and pull the trigger". She also explains what really happened at the Spring Fling dance, with Tyler and the potential shooter situation. Then, she tells the Deputy that Monty is the one who threatened and ultimately killed Bryce at the docks.

In a flashback, Monty sees Winston taking photos and approaches him. He says sorry for beating him up. Winston invites Monty to his house to hook up and sleepover. They do. This is the same night that Bryce was killed, which proves Monty's innocence.

In another flashback, we see the actual person who went to the dock was Alex. He went with Jessica to get what Bryce had to give her. Bryce gave Jessica a bloody tape. Jessica takes it and walks away, saying she has nothing else to say to him. He's still wounded and on the ground after Zach beat him up and will likely die if they don't do something to save him, he pleads them for help. Alex goes back to pick up Bryce to help him. Bryce, in pain, threatens to destroy Zach when he gets back. He even says that Jessica set him up to get attacked by Zach and everything is her fault.

Alex, realizing that Bryce will never stop inflicting pain on others, decides to end it all. He walks him down to the edge of the dock and pushes Bryce into the water. Bryce drowns.

Ani tells Deputy Standall this, except she replaces 'Alex and Jessica' by 'Monty'. The group all helped with putting up proof of Monty being the murderer, which they came up with after they found out Monty was dead through Tim Pozzi, a steroid dealer who was in jail at the time of Monty's death. Charlie turns on Monty and plants the tape that Bryce gave Jessica in Monty's locker. Ani hints to Deputy Standall to look there for evidence.

Deputy Standall seemingly already figured out that Alex is guilty. He recognized the tire tracks near the dock, Alex's limping and figured out that Alex bought steroids from Bryce. He wants to protect Alex and is fine with pinning it on Monty.

Deputy Standall tells Ani that Monty died earlier that day. He was awaiting trial for Tyler's sexual assault in jail and someone killed him. Ani tells the deputy, "Let the dead bury the dead." The case is closed. Deputy Standall burns the clothing that Alex wore on the dock.

In a flashforward to Thanksgiving, we see the Jensens, Tony and his boyfriend Caleb, and Justin having dinner together. Tony Skypes with his family in Mexico and Justin asks for help with his drug problem. Meanwhile, Ani and Clay start dating officially. Tyler has a photography exhibition at Monet's of everyone who helped him the past year. Alex and Jessica make up at Monet's. Meanwhile, a fishing boat pulls a bag with Tyler's guns out of the river. Winston shows up outside Monet's and tells Ani that Monty was with him when Bryce was killed and that he didn't deserve to die like that. The season ends with Jessica, Clay and Justin agreeing that they all finally deserve some happiness.



Opening intro shows a cassette tape in an evidence bag as the thirteenth and final piece of evidence

  • Object: Bryce's confession tape
  • Explanation: After the group found out who Bryce's killer was, Ani told Clay that she had a plan to exonerate Clay. The group covered for Bryce's killer and framed Montgomery de la Cruz as Bryce's killer. Ani told Deputy Standall that Monty was fueled with rage due to Bryce's betrayal, they had a brotherly relationship that Bryce destroyed by turning on him and threatening him. Monty got into his car and followed the Hillcrest bus that Bryce was on, Monty followed Bryce to the Navy Pier docks, physically fought with him (she told the same story that Zach told, but replaced Zach with Monty). In the story, Monty took Bryce's confession tape and then pushed him into the water, Bryce drowned and Monty walked away. Ani told him that Monty might have the tape in his locker. Before Ani came down the sheriff's department, Monty was arrested and put in jail for sexual assault in the first degree after Tyler filed a rape report against him. The cops believed Ani's story but they couldn't arrest Monty or charge him for murder, as Deputy Standall told Ani that Monty was killed in his jail cell. However she knew about Monty's death before she started the story, which allowed her to be able to tell the story as Monty couldn't contradict her story. The cops had no one to arrest, they found the evidence that Ani told them about, and Ani had told the cops that she was with Clay so they closed the case.



Guest Starring[]


  • The ending generated controversy among viewers with the main group framing Monty and letting Alex getting away with murder.
  • This marks the last appearance of Bryce Walker through flashbacks; he only appeared as a hallucination throughout Season 4.
  • This is also the last appearance of Casey Ford.
  • This is the last episode to credit Brenda Strong as a series regular, as well as Tyler Barnhardt, Deaken Bluman and Mark Pellegrino as guest stars. In Season 4, Strong is demoted to a guest capacity while Barnhardt, Bluman and Pellegrino become series regulars.


Justin: "You got one on me, Jensen. I've never had one of those."
Clay: "Yeah, I'm breaking your records all the time."
Lainie: "It's brutal, but it's better than a jail cell."
―  Justin, Clay, and Lainie about Clay's ankle monitor
Jessica: "So, what did you want to give me?"
Bryce: "I made you a tape."
Jessica: "Is that some stupid fucking joke?"
Bryce: "No. No, no, no, no, no. Sorry, it's got... There's some blood on the case. Here, please take it. Take it."
Jessica: "What's on it?"
Bryce: "A confession. And an apology. It owns up to everything I did. You can play it for whoever you want. Or nobody. If you could maybe play it for Mrs. Baker, though. She didn't want to talk to me."
Jessica: "And that came as a surprise to you?"
Bryce: "I'm trying to set things right. I'm trying to be better, but this fucking world won't let me."
―  Bryce before Jessica takes the tape from him
Jessica: "What happens to us now?"
Justin: "You mean, like, all of us? I don't know"
Jessica: "No, me and you."
Justin: "Nothing has to happen. I love you."
Jessica: "How can you?"
Justin: "It's the only way I know."
Jessica: "How can you look at me and not see somebody different?"
Justin: "Can you look at me and not see the boy who let Bryce rape you?"
Jessica: "No."
Justin: "So?"
―  Justin and Jessica wonder where their relationship goes after Justin finds out that Jessica was a part of Bryce's murder.
Clay: "I'm...I'm also very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Walker. I'm sorry that Bryce is gone. I don't think I said that before."
Nora: "You did. But I'm not sure you meant it, then."
Nora: "Ani (prounounced wrong)-- Ani (prounouced right), tells me you're a good young man."
Clay: "I'm trying to be, Mrs. Walker, I'm really trying hard."
―  Clay stopping by the Chatham house to visit Ani
Ani: "Mum? This is Clay Jensen. We're dating."
Amara Josephine: "Amorowat, have you not learned? I know all this already"
―  Ani introducing Clay to her mum
Clay: "Did we do the right thing?"
Ani: "Would the right thing have been for you to go to jail? (or) Alex? All the choices were wrong. We had to choose one."
Clay: "Thank you for saving my life."
Ani: "I saved you from a long trial, maybe."
Clay: "No. Thank you for saving my life."
―  Clay and Ani discussing their actions
Clay: "Nothing can just be easy, can it?"
Justin: "Isn't that kinda of the point?"
Clay: "I mean, how is it the point?"
Justin: "For some people, it's easy. Like Bryce, I always thought...(sigh)..it was easy for him. Life was easy."
Jessica: "Look how that ended up."
Justin: "Yeah, see? It's not supposed to be easy for people like us. We're meant to go through shit and make it out alive."
Clay: "That's the trick, you have to make it out alive."
Jessica: "You know what, I want better than that. We deserve some fucking happiness."
―  Clay, Jessica, and Justin talking about life
Monty: "I'm not fucking gay."
Winston: "Okay. Cool. You can be whatever you want to be."
Monty: "No. I can't."
―  Monty and Winston (Monty feels that he needs to be a specific person in life)
Ani: "Before we begin, if you're expecting that I'm gonna prove Clay Jensen guilty, you'll be disappointed. Because I don't believe he is."
Deputy Standall: "Just so you know, you're facing the reality that most people believe he is guilty. Do you still want to talk?"
Ani: "I do."
Deputy Standall: "Okay. (puts tape recorder on the desk) Do you mind?"
Ani: "(shaking her head "no")"
Deputy Standall: "Okay, begin at the beginning, who you are, and what school you're from. And why you're here."
Ani: "My name is Amorowat Anysia Achola. You can call me "Ani". I'm a senior at Liberty High School... It's an interesting place..."
―  Deputy Standall beginning his interview with Ani.
Ani: "Bryce Walker did hurt a lot of people. Zach and Chloe, certainly. But I soon realized the one he hurt the most, was Jessica Davis."
Deputy Standall: "You wanna talk about Jessica Davis?"
Ani: "You need to understand that everyone had their reasons. And you need to understand what those reasons are."
Deputy Standall: "Everyone had a reason, including you?"
Ani: "Including me."
Deputy Standall: "But this isn't a confession?"
Ani: "Before I tell you who did it and you decide what to do about it, you need to know who could've done it and why."
Deputy Standall: "Okay, why do I need to know that?"
Ani: "'Cause no one's innocent. Violence begets violence, it just doesn't always look the same."
Deputy Standall: "How do you mean?"
―  Ani to Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Everyone had their reasons. The trick was trying to tell who just wanted Bryce dead, and who could actually kill. I mean, what does a killer look like? You know, I'm actually asking, because... we had no idea."
Deputy Standall: "But you had your suspicions?"
Ani: "Who among us would most likely to take a gun...and pull the trigger?"
―  Ani to Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Deputy Standall: "So the false alarm at Spring Fling wasn't a false alarm at all?"
Ani: "(shaking her head)"
Deputy Standall: "Okay, you're going to tell me why I shouldn't go arrest Tyler right now."
Ani: "Well, because this conversation would be over. And in a few minutes I'm going to tell you why you exactly why you can't go and arrest Tyler."
Deputy Standall: "He was the only one who kept a gun?"
Ani: "He thought he needed the power. He thought it made him a man."
Deputy Standall: "Does that really matter to kids these days? Being a man?"
Ani: "I think you know it does."
―  Ani to Deputy Standall after telling him what happened at Spring Fling (conversation continued)
Ani: "Alex was right, nobody's clean."
Deputy Standall: "I knew Alex was using steroids"
Ani: "But not from Bryce. Monty was buying from Bryce. We didn't find anything on Monty"
Ani: "Does it surprise you that he might be a step ahead? Maybe your sheriff should have dug deeper. But you were all briefly convinced that you had your man in Tony Padilla."
Deputy Standall: "Tony had a motive."
Ani: "He did. He had more motive than you know."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall before telling him Tony's motive.
Deputy Standall: "So Tony did have a killer motive that we didn't even know about? And you yourself could believe that Clay could do it, now you don't?"
Ani: "You tried to use Mr. Porter and Mrs. Baker against him, but it worked the other way, didn't it."
Deputy Standall: "I think the sheriff in the end felt the case was helped by their interview."
Ani: "But you don't think so. Otherwise, we wouldn't still be sitting here."
Deputy Standall: "(sighs) So just what I've learned today: Tyler Down was almost a school shooter, Tony Padilla's family was deported because of Bryce Walker's family. And my own son went to a prostitute with Bryce. What else?"
Ani: "Well, of course you know that Justin Foley is a drug addict?"
Deputy Standall: "No, I did not know that"
Ani: "Well, you need to, for where we're going."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)
Ani: "Justin was as good as his word. He would defend Clay until the end. Which was going to get complicated."
Deputy Standall: "Or Clay would defend Justin."
Ani: "Or Tyler Down, and keep his secrets. Or Jessica Davis. Or Zach Dempsey."
Deputy Standall: "Or Alex Standall?"
Ani: "Look it's complicated."
Deputy Standall: "We need to make it simple."
Ani: "I think..I think I would like that glass of water now, if... if you don't mind."
Deputy Standall: "(sigh) Okay. (Deputy Standall leaves the room)"
Ani receives a text message: "Homework done, let me know when we can study."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall (conversation continued)

(Deputy Standall returns with a water bottle)

Deputy Standall: "(Puts water bottle on the table) There you go. So, we've got about a dozen kids who could've done it."
Ani: "It's all about Homecoming night. Everyone was there. Everyone had thier reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night one of them would've followed through. Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. Bryce had threaten to ruin Monty's life. Jessica Davis was on fire with the cause, with anger at Bryce. Justin Foley would've done anything for her. Tony would've loved to get into that fight. Tyler felt under attack all over again. And Zach's dreams were destroyed with one hit. So he tried to destroy Bryce's dreams. As you know, he didn't finish the job."
Deputy Standall: "So who did?"
Ani: "You all know that Clay threatened Bryce on the field."
Deputy Standall: "We did."
Ani: "And you know Justin pulled him off. And sent him running."
Deputy Standall: "Yes."
Ani: "And how'd you know all this? You talked to the other players, correct? So, I imagine they told that Bryce and Monty also had words on the field? Monty spent the whole night literally trying the break Bryce in half. Monty immediately got into his car and followed the Hillcrest bus. Monty followed that bus as soon as it left Liberty."
―  Ani leading up to framing Monty (conversation continued)
Ani: "Monty had a secret. Bryce knew what it was."
Deputy Standall: "The secret being his assault on Tyler?"
Ani: "Yes."
Deputy Standall: "And that would drive Montgomery to kill him?"
Ani: "That, and a betrayal. He thought Bryce was his brother."
Deputy Standall: "No, Monty had an alibi."
Ani: "Talk to Charlie St. George. It won't hold up."
Deputy Standall: "(sighs, drops pen) So, you're telling me... You're telling me Montgomery de la Cruz?"
Ani: "Process of elimination. Jessica was home in bed. Her dad tucked her in. And while she was sleeping, Justin was out getting high. He bought from a dealer named Halls, out on the waterfront by the Whitley Docks. He got blackout high right there."
Deputy Standall: "We can check that. Whitley Dock is covered with security cameras."
―  Ani framing Monty for Bryce's murder.
Ani: "Then you should look for Tony Padilla. He wasn't at home in bed with his boyfriend. He was out waiting for a fixer. A guy who works for a local dealer hooked into a Mexican cartel."
Deputy Standall: "So, you're telling me Tony was laundering drug money?"
Ani: "He was laundering garage money. Sending cash south to his family, because Bryce's lawyer had ruined their lives. But Tony was two miles upriver when Bryce died."
Deputy Standall: "Any idea where my son was?"
Ani: "Alex? Alex went out to meet Tyler, not Jessica. Alex knew Tyler was upset after the fight. He didn't want you to know why. They met at Rosie's Diner."
―  Ani exonerating the other suspects
Deputy Standall: "And Clay Jensen?"
Ani: "Clay Jensen was with me. He never told you because he was protecting me. I saw his car at the Chatham house. I told him we had to get out of there. I got in the car in drove around with him all night. Talking him down."
―  Ani exonerating Clay
Deputy Standall: "And Monty Followed Bryce?"
Ani: "Yes, Monty followed Bryce. But he saw Zach's car so he waited down at the end of the main pier. Monty saw Zach drive out of there, headlights off, Fast. He waited another minute or two. Then he drove down the Pier to confront Bryce."
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall the full story of how Monty killed Bryce
Ani: "Monty's conscience stirred and he went back to help Bryce. But Bryce was in a fury of pain. And in that moment, helping him up, Monty looked into his eyes. Monty realized that the cycle had to be broken somehow. And all those years of being manipulated, all the rage, the hurt burst out of him. Monty drove home alone, knowing he would have to live with what he's done."
Deputy Standall: "So, let's go through how you know what you know. First, Bryce and Monty's interaction during the game and at the team bus."
Ani: "I told you, I pay attention. I listen. I can't tell you my sources but... "
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall the full story of how Monty killed Bryce (continued)
Ani: "If you go back to Zach Dempsey, I'm sure he'll confirm the story. "
Deputy Standall: "And Alex was with Tyler? And Tony Padilla, what happens when I bring him in?"
Ani: "You won't."
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall who to confirm the story with.
Deputy Standall: "We don't have anything to tie Monty to the scene."
Ani: "Bryce had something he wanted to give to Jessica. Did you find anything? On the pier? On his body?"
Deputy Standall: "No."
Ani: "If you search through Monty's things, his room... Perhaps his football locker, I imagine you'll find it. And I imagine Bryce's blood will be on it."
Deputy Standall: "We already searched his locker."
Ani: "For steroids. (Deputy Standall switches off the tape recorder)"
―  Ani telling Deputy Standall where to find the evidence
Deputy Standall: "Okay, I've got footprints. I've got tire treads consistent with my wife's car and she was at home in bed all night."
Ani: "He wouldn't have gone to the pier alone. He wouldn't have been alone, Deputy Standall. I've watched these kids all year, you may think they're divided against each other. They're not. When someone needs them, they'll be there, no question. They take care of each other. So, Alex would've been there for a friend. For a friend who was maybe more injured by Bryce than he was. Or Monty Was. Whose life had been destroyed by Bryce, and who's had to rebuild it piece by piece."
Deputy Standall: "I see. Alex wouldn't have been alone."
Ani: "Montgomery de la Cruz killed Bryce Walker."
―  Ani telling the story
Deputy Standall: "It would be a terrible thing to blame the wrong person for Bryce's murder."
Ani: "And yet you were all ready to blame Clay Jensen."
Deputy Standall: "I don't think you would know this, because the sheriff has us locked down on leaks, but Montgomery de la Cruz was killed in his jail cell. Just hours ago."
Ani: "Dear God. Poor Monty."
Deputy Standall: "Even the dead deserve the truth."
Ani: "I'm sorry that Monty's dead. I am. Justin tells me he could be...loyal...and fearless. And that he stood up for his friends. I'm sorry that Bryce is dead. He was my friend, and I believe he would've shown the world that redemption is possible. But they both caused great pain while they were alive. They caused great pain to a number of people. And it is time for that suffering to end. So let the dead bury the dead, Deputy Standall. Let the dead bury the dead."
―  Ani and Deputy Standall finishing the interview
You've hurt everyone I ever loved.
— Alex's last words to Bryce before murdering him

Poor Monty. I mean, I can't believe I'm saying that, but...
— Alex showing sadness for Monty's death

I think, we should be the kind of friends who can tell each other everything. I mean, maybe not about the hard-ons and the masturbation so much, but...
— Zach talking to Alex about his confession and asking Tyler for a gun

My dad put in a tape deck. I think he thought it was funny.
— Clay before putting on Jessica's copy of Bryce's apology tape

You know, son, when I found you last year on the bathroom floor... I wished that bullet was in my head, not yours.
— Deputy Standall to Alex about his suicide attempt

Uh, I'm thankful to have family at all. And I haven't stayed clean all this time. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for lying to you guys. And I... I probably need more help.
— Justin admitting he's not clean



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Theme Song: "Oh In This World Of Dread, Carry On" by Eskmo
"The New Great Depression" The Moth & The Flame Ruthless Mr. de la Cruz visits Monty in jail.
"Miss U" Charli XCX 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Tony talks with Caleb at the boxing gym.
"All Your Life" Angelo de Augustine 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Tyler shows Alex the photos he took of himself the past months.
"Survive" Chelsea Wolfe Abyss Alex and Jessica drive back home after what they did.
"Still Want to Be Here" Frightened Rabbit 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Painting of a Panic Attack
Deputy Standall burns Alex's clothes.
"Find The River" R.E.M. Automatic for the People Tyler reveals his exhibition at Monet's.
"Ordinary World" Eskmo ft. White Sea 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) End credits.

Original Music[]

Song Artist Album Scene
"Our 13 Reasons" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Monty is brought back to his jail cel.
"Who Killed Bryce Walker" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Bryce and Monty fight on the field.
"The Last Tape" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) The group start to listen to Bryce's tape.
"Justin" Eskmo 13 Reasons Why (Season 3 - Original Series Score) Justin reveals he hasn't stayed clean during the Thanksgiving dinner.


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