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Justin: "You're a goddamn liar."
Tony: "(to Clay) This does not end well."
Justin: "You never hooked up with Hannah. You would've told me."
Bryce: "Why? Because we were best friends and I told you everything?"
Justin: "I should kill you."
Montgomery: "Hey, chill out.[laughs]"
Justin: "Still gonna hide behind your boys, Bryce?"
Bryce: "I'm not hiding. You wanna go?"
―  Justin confronting Bryce moments before the fight starts[src]

After Bryce Walker's testimony[1]  —and ClayTony, and Justin's return to school —an enraged Justin confronted Bryce for lying on the stand in the hallway. Justin threatened Bryce and Bryce further incited Justin to fight, so Justin started the fight by throwing the first punch.


Justin charged Bryce into the lockers and started punching him. Monty grabbed Justin off of Bryce and restrained him so Bryce could attack Justin. Clay attempted to help but got blocked by Luke, while Tony pulled Monty off of Justin and quickly backed away from Monty as he didn't want to fight him (fearing it could be his third and last strike). Monty walked up to Tony and taunted him by calling him an anti-gay slur, frustrated by this, Tony knocked Monty to the ground. 

Cyrus and his group watched Bryce and the jocks shove Justin into a locker, seeing their opportunity, they shouted a battle cry and joined the fight. Their group freed Clay from the jock's grasp and Clay tried to pull Bryce off of Justin before getting thrown to the floor. Tyler and several students formed a crowd and began circling to observe the conflict. Scott grabbed Clay, restrained him, and pulled him out of the fight. Zach charged at Bryce through the crowd, tackled him to the ground, and started punching him. Alex walked through the crowd and saw Monty tackle Zach to the ground and beat him, which then reminded Alex of the time when Monty beat him. Alex walked through the fight and hit Monty with his cane before he fell to the ground. Monty recovered and slammed Alex into the lockers, while being pinned up against the lockers, Alex remembered himself confronting Monty about them being able to prevent something that happened to Hannah at the party (we later found this out to be Bryce raping Hannah). He remembered Monty denying any of it by telling him "I didn't see anything and neither did you.". Back in the present time, Alex taunted Monty about going to jail, so Monty threw Alex to the floor. Monty then fled the area right as Mr. Porter and Coach Rick arrived and attempted to break up the fight by restraining Bryce and Justin. However, the two teachers then got into a fight with each other. Ryan Shaver and Courtney Crimsen observe the fight, disgusted. The fight ended after Courtney pulled the fire alarm and everyone evacuated the area. Some of the students involved in the fight were caught and served detention with Coach Patrick.


During detention, Clay questions Scott about why he didn't hit him like the other jocks. Scott justifies his actions as a form of pity, to which Clay denies it and further accuses Scott of supporting Bryce. Scott then turns to notice Bryce staring at him, yet explains in his own way that just because he's a jock, that doesn't make him as bad as Bryce.

Later, Bryce's lawyer arrives and pulls him out of detention. Clay gets up to check his phone and informs Justin and Tony that Chlöe is testifying. Using Justin's leverage with Coach Patrick, the three are able to leave detention early.






  • Every Season there is a major school fight, this one being the major fight of Season 2. 
  • Originally, Tyler Down wanted to join the fight, but Cyrus discouraged him.



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